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  1. So, I tried submitting my new request thread with tags, but I got some message of sorts saying that I can't create new tags. But how am I supposed to know what the tags are if they aren't available for viewing anywhere? Can't even type something in and get a drop-down menu except for "Libertine Themes." So, while I am asking for help about what these tags are, I am proposing an idea: That in the FAQ, there should be a topic that lists tags, since we can't make up our own.
  2. Here's a Tag List but not sure if it's a master list or not.
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  3. That has a LOT of tags, but is not the master list. The master list is still coming. O__O
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  4. Thank you very much! This helps a lot! =D
  5. This is still not a master list but it hopefully more in depth and easier to search though.
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