Role play about hunters on an alien planet roughly based on Evolve

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  1. My idea goes with the plot of a species on the brink of extinction being sought after by scientist- alive.
    The hunters are tasked with tranquilizing these beings. However, those left alive are alive for a reason-
    They adapted to kill the hunters.
    This results in a semi-intelligent group of 25 foot tall predators attacking hunters who have very non-lethal weapons.
  2. i'v read some reviews over evolve and this interests me tell me more about were this story will go?
  3. This story is based off of evolve as to say that it's man versus large beast.

    The idea of the role play is the on this foreign world, the humans are 'behind enemy lines' and there is major clash between savagery and technology with the hunters and the creature I named "Pandev".
    It takes place in a jungle and mountainous region where there is a balance between the river and jungle environments that the mammalian/amphibian Pandev would be in it's best element.
  4. will we have lethal weapons or weapons to capture the beast or both?
  5. Until around halfway, the characters will have non-lethal weaponry. After a few die or so, lethal weapons will be distributed in some way
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  6. sounds good i would like to rp in this one
  7. Cool! If only we could get some others involved...
  8. yes if only people would come
  9. message me when you have it up ok
  10. Sure! I would just love to get some more people in on this
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