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  1. Junjuri Jungle
    11:55 a.m.

    It was an unusually beautiful morning in the dense jungles outside Banos. Hundreds of first year Rohad Academy students and teachers stood in a cleaning, just in front of the entrance to the jungle. On a makeshift wooden platform placed in front of the jungle, was the acadamy's famous headmaster, Zoan Hadeison. Unfortunately, the supposedly famous man, didn't look so glorious. He was hunched over, his long grey hair reached the small of his back, and his beard was equally as long. He was claded his a black shaw, with matching boots, and hat. Next to him were 2 of the 6 only teachers left in the Rohad Academy, the only Wielders that weren't mobilized and drafted to join the United Armies of Ladria, ready to fight the Surcoth. To Zoan's right was the acadamy's infamous Master Klamath, nicknamed Snake for his constant lisp when he said a word with the letter s in it. But students know not to laugh at this lisp, or they would be given an insult for the ages. To Zoan's left was Gira, a beautiful woman who looked young, but was actually much older than she looked.

    In the jungle heat the first year students still found it easy to make friends with on another, even the new teachers were socializing. Most of them were confused, orientation was supposed to be at the academy, in Ladria. But they were in the jungle, in Banos, most assumed there would be some sort of surprise, maybe a party. They realized that all there questions would be answer when Zoan held his hand up as a signal to quiet down.

    "I assume you are all very confused, why are you miles away from Ladria? Both new teacher and students alike will be testing here in this jungle. You are to make your way out of the jungle, to the find the finish line on the other side. You only have 48 hours to make it out, if you do not, you are not worthy to become a Rohad!" Zoan said with voice stern and loud, much to powerful with the look of the man. Murmurs arose in the crowd, some frantic, angered, or excited. "Zilenxe!" yelled Master Klamath yelled, instantly hushing the crowd. Zoan nodded to Klamath and continued on, "You are allowed to use any means necessary to make it out the jungle." Zoans' face immediately darkened, " Even if it means killing another student to push yourself ahead. Anything goes." The air stood still, and the jungle went silent, "If you still wish to participate, stay were you are, leave if you are feint, of heart." Zoan said despondently.

    Junjuri Jungle
    12:00 p.m.

    Zoan's expression changed once again, a smile formed on his face. "Alright then, we will give to you the famous Rohad Teacher Tournament. Unfortunately, we only have 2 teachers with use, so they will duel on another, at least this will make this Ceremony a bit normal." He said with a little chuckle. Both teachers stepped of the stage and bowed in respect to one another. The crowd stepped back and watched in awe as the teacher readied themselves for battle. Smiling crudely, Klamath took up his stance, Gira took her own stance.

    A few seconds passed before the battle began, Gira brought both her hand together and created two balls of wind. She flung them. A trail of dust left in it's wake as it flew towards Klamath. He simply stomped his feet and an earth wall rose before him. The two balls disintegrated as they slammed into the barrier. Klamaths' brown emblem, which currently rested on the dorsal of his glove, sparked as he pushed his hands forward. The rock wall that at one time stood still, raced towards Gira. She did not even flinch as she shot thin gusts of wind from her hands, they created green ripples as they navigated through the air. It cut the rock into thin slices, the pieces hitting the group with a loud thump. The glow light green glow of Giras' emblem intensified as she wielded wind to boost her speed. She zigzagged past each attacks, closing the distance between her and her foe. Klamath remain calm, in fact, a smile formed on his face. He dug both hands into the ground and cut out a large chuck of rock. The teacher smiled devilishly before he threw them lump of earth at the woman. Gira stood still, but brought her hand up to meet the object. A green water link energy coated her hand, she smashed into the object and it shattered, into hundreds of pieces, all falling around her. Unfortunately, she had to time to think before the hundreds of shards shattered once again, and lightning bolts flew from the debris, right into Gira. She was thrown 10 feet away, crashing to the ground as if she was a rag doll.

    Klamath made a move to attack, but Zoan held his hand up, to signal that the battle was over. "As you may know, Klamath is a Duel Wielder, you will be learning under him if you a gifted enough to gain this ability." He said sternly. "Now that you refreshed with this fight, it is time for use to begin the Orientation. Both teacher and students alike will participate in the event, this was the best we could do to assess all you abilities, so we didn't waste time with the weak. A war is coming, we don't have the time to have the weak hold up back." He said angrily. "It is time, all of you, as I said before, have 48 hours to exit the forest on the other side. Anything goes, wielding, usage of weapons, traps, we don't care, whatever it takes to get to the other side. You may begin whenever you feel like it." the old man said with a sly smile as he walked of the stage. Gira finally picked herself up and limped of after the Headmaster, Klamath in pursuit.

    Junjuri Jungle

    Rohad Orientation, has officially begun


    Junjuri Jungle

    It was a sea of white and blue as far as the eye could see, the colors the Rohad Academy had chosen for first year students, did not exactly accent the green that surrounded them. They were all claded in black combat boots, denim blue jeans, a white-colored button up shirt, that looked great on the girls, and a denim blue jacket that was emblemless if they were not nobles, and his personal gloves, adorned with the red emblem for fire. Most students had emblems on there jacket, the emblem representing there family. There was the most famous, and the most looked at, Himmory, she was the daughter of the emperor. She had the emblem of a lion with a golden crown on its head, symbolizing her royalty.

    Lao was not surprised to see so many nobles in this school, in fact, it was basically a school for nobles. Even if the students were untalented, they may have bought there way in, which angered Lao. Despite mottos that encouraged peasants with talent to enroll, it still was almost impossible to join in. Lao sighed, he was getting worked up over a simple orientation, despite the location, this would be fun.

    The crowd immediately silenced, and an unaware Lao looked around confused. He then noticed that the old man began to talk, he had to admit, the old man looked like crap. All hunched over, all in black as if he came here to moren the death of some close friend, all the teachers did. Lao did not listen to most of the speech, only tuning in when the information sounded important. He couldn't help but smile at the prospect of an all out fight to finish first, even though it did not matter who finished "first. Lao would do it anyway, and in 24 hours, half the time they were given. Soon after the announcement, the Rohad Teacher Tournament begin, a thing that he used to watch a kid. Unfortunately, there were only 2 teachers, both of which only used half of their power, although it was obvious Klamath would win, he had the Duel Wielding advantage. Lao saw this as potential problem in the race, they were Duel wielders in the crowd of first years and new teacher here today. They would defiantly have an advantage, fortunately, Lao already had a plan to deal with the threat.

    With the final reassurance that everything was legal, the race began. Hundreds of student sprinted towards the entrance, blending into the thick jungle. Lao decided to play it smart, wait for the crowd to thin out before heading out himself. It could have proven fatal, but that is what his gut told him. He despondently fingered his Kosher, waiting for the right time to start his own leg of the race.
  2. Meg could not say she agreed with the colour scheme at the academy. She had always been more into earthy tones, preferring green and brown, as they tended to help her camouflage. Of course, there was also the fact that her skin tone was mocha, her hair a dark brown, almost black, and her eyes, green. Even her name was Brown... it was almost as if she was meant to be an earth wielder. White and blue, in her opinion, was only camouflage worthy if someone was hiding against the sky. Of course, she doubted very much that her opinion would matter, she was still surprised she even managed to get accepted in here.

    They must be desperate, she thought to herself, hiding a smirk as she looked around herself. Most of the people here looked like the kind she could easily steal from. Not that she stole anymore, even if she did reminisce about 'the good old days' at times. They all seemed like big shots, uppity folk who would scorn at a street rat before walking off to their high and mighty lives of luxury. It was hard not to get jealous at times, even for Meg. However, she figured it was time to think positively. She was here after all.

    She looked up at the old man, blinking. Even she knew who she was. Zoan did not look as impressive as she had thought, but then again, looks were deceiving. She was not about to underestimate anyone, it never paid. Unlike what many streets rats liked to think, famous people along with rich folk did not necessarily have to be fatties who sat their bottoms on plump cushions, eating all day long; she had met up with enough who could wield and teach a kid a lesson.

    The fight was impressive, in her opinion. She really enjoyed watching Klamath wielding earth, probably because she was biased. It was one thing she actually liked about herself. She looked at her gloved hands and smiled, stroking the brown emblem for earth. She did not think she'd be the best in the world, but she wanted to be one of the better ones, at least. She did not want to end up like her mother, dying in an alleyway while giving birth.

    Soon enough, the fight was finished and the race had begun. Meg was not daunted by all the greenery, she liked it. She did not like how she would be so visible, however. So, once the main body of students seemed to have rushed into the jungle and only stragglers remained, she headed into the jungle as well, heading for a more secluded cluster of trees. Concentrating, she decisively brought her foot down, causing a thin wall of dirt to rise up and hide her from sight . There, she quickly pulled off her clothes and donned her own green tunic and loose brown trousers. She stuffed the rest of her clothes into her rucksack and let the wall of dirt fall. Now she was ready. Time to win a race.
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  3. Sylver looked up at the great heights of the jungle trees. It reminded her of the mountains that stood back at her home. It was quite beautiful and surreal to her, since she haven't left her home for her whole life. Under the massive green jungle trees were hundreds of students who came to this academy like her. They were all element wielders, they were all strong, and dangerous. This thought didn't really scare her, but it did make her think twice about her decision of coming here. One thing that Sylver noticed was that most, if not all of the new students were much older than her, most of them were close, or pass their twenties, while Sylver was not even yet fourteen. Age doesn't matter. Sylver hoped. Younger people always learned faster, although maybe not when you're too young. Many of the students also seemed like that they're from noble or upper class families, or they would seem like that they were travelers who sailed though all of the land under the sky.

    She quickly thrown off the shock from seeing the scene though, it was about what she had suspected. Then she turned to the wooden platform that she ignored for a while, on the platform was Zoan. She had hear of him a few times before, but it was the first time that she had seen the old man in person. He wasn't that bad, at least to Sylver. He gives Sylver a feeling of a true master, one who ignores what one does to their outer appearance, and focuses on the heart. He had said something about getting though the jungle, in two days. Two day is probably enough. Sylver had traveled though the mountains since she was a child, getting though extreme landscapes weren't too difficult for her. Although what made her unsure was the fact that the others are going to be traveling also, it was hard to avoid collision with so many other people, all she can hope is that the person she's going to bump into isn't going to kill her on sight. If that would of happen...Sylver looked down at the dark blue emblem coated with a few glittering silver dots. Fight back isn't impossible.

    The fight between the two new teachers then went on. It was obvious that Klamath was overpowering Gira the whole time. He was a duel wielder, so he was powerful, but so was Sylver, she as also a duel wielder, though she isn't sure of her power's extend. Gifted...Hmm. She did have wind as a second element, Sylver looked down at her glove once more, on the other glove, a tint of light green showed underneath a dark blue clothe. The wind emblem. She didn't want to show it though, that's why it was covered up by something that looked like the surface of a space emblem, her second element was weak and not worth noticing, if she think of herself as duel wielder, it's defiantly going to backfire.

    Shortly after the fight finished, the race across the jungle began. Sylver didn't really follow the wave of people in though, she didn't want to collide with anyone so early on. So she did something that seemed unreasonable to people around, she sat down on the soft grass and pulled out her silver coated telescope, looking though it at the tips of the jungle. What the others watching didn't know was that she was searching for grip spots on the trees, being a child, she had the advantage of traveling in the height of the trees were less can reach. Also, she was a space wielder. Gravity manipulation, it was one of the things that a space wielder could do. Although Sylver can only cover a small bit of area, it was enough to lighten the gravity to make tree scaling easier. Take it to the heights, like back home.
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  4. Veris wasn't exactly happy with the attire of this school. He was used to plain, loose-fitting shirts and shorts he wore on the ship, not this tight-fitting uniform. Still, he had begun to get used to it, although he definitely still hated it. There were more important matters at hand, however. When he arrived at the academy in Ladria, he enrolled in it, and then was quickly ushered onto a carriage, which brought him to this jungle. "Junjuri Jungle," it was called, apparently - he had never heard of it. He and his father had stopped in a few jungle cities in the past, however, so the environment wasn't an entirely new thing for him.

    What was a new environment for him, however, was this gathering of students. There were so many people that created an ocean of uniform colors. Veris did his best to stay away from the middle of the crowd, as he felt uncomfortable surrounded by all those people. In front of the crowd, two teachers stood on a platform, and the supposed headmaster stood on a higher platform. He was clad in all black, which had to be awfully hot in the jungle here. Veris himself was starting to sweat already, although water was a good thing for him. He addressed the crowd, and gave his instructions. The students would only have 48 hours to go through that jungle. Veris flexed his wielder gloves - this wouldn't be too hard. But the catch was that they could use any means necessary - even murder. Veris stopped flexing his gloves when this happened. Murder? That means... I'm in danger, Veris thought. He remembered that fateful night on the high seas... he had killed all of those pirates... and I almost enjoyed it. I'm capable of murder, should anyone attempt to attack me. I'll stay on the defensive. I've got to stay hidden in the jungle, and just focus on getting to the other side. Veris barely noticed the fight between the teachers going on in front of him as he formulated his strategy.

    When the large mass of students rushed into the jungle, Veris followed, but quickly strayed from the group, and hid in some foliage. There was a fairly tall tree near him with some lower branches, so Veris began to climb it, to acquire a good vantage point and assess his surroundings. When he reached the top, he looked around at the entire jungle, and whistled in amazement. It was massive, but Veris could see the clearing he had been in not long before. He noticed some students had stayed behind - Veris figured these were people he needed to be wary of. He couldn't make out their features, so he made his way back down the tree. When he reached the bottom, he continued moving, in the opposite direction of the clearing, as that was where he figured the finish line was. He stayed low and tried to move through tall bushes and foliage when he could, to stay hidden.
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  5. Angel Gregarious
    Angel scowled. The clothing here was simply unnaceptable. However, it was good for her mobility. The weight of her sword hung at her belt, and whenever she shifted her weight to another leg, it bounced comfortingly on her hip. The jungle heat was making the horrendous clothing stick to her body, her long white hair flowing behind her in thick alabaster waves.

    The others around her were shifting, and she could feel their nerves like excited bees pulsing through the air. She was going to be the first, regardless of what anybody said. She would kill for it.

    Bugs were flitting around her head as Angel watched with minute intrest, the fight between the two Academy teachers. They were poor fighters in her opinion. Their movements were sloppy, and they left too many openings for the other to attack. Was this really how they were going to show an example to their students? By horrible fighting? She guessed it was up to her to to prove herself to this lame school.

    She took the blade from its hilt and clicked the small metal lever under the handle of the broadsword. The metal slid and clicked, until it snapped into two seperate bades, much like katanas. She hefted the blades in her hand and smirked. She could easily take down any of these students.

    The battle ended, and soon the race began. One girl decided to sit down in the grass by the starting line, which was a horrible strategy. Even if she could pass through the tops of the trees, many of the students would already have a sure lead. Sometimes the branches ended, leaving you to double back and find a new path. The trees were faster, yes, but only if you could find a sure path. Which was nearly impossible to do with all the greenery around.

    She flexed her hands, feeling the little orbs in her gloves press against the hilt of her katanas. She was the weilder of Mind and Space. A combination that could bring most Empires to their knees. She would show these people what she was, and what she could do.

    Angel used the heel of her boot to kick off the platform, and the left palm of her glove seemed to pulse with a dark light. The gravity around her shifted, and the propelled forward, using her blades to clear the path in front of her. She could barely see on the sides of her, but she knew she had already passed some of the students.

    Before long, her energy in her left hand fizzled, making her feet touch the ground floor. She didnt stop. She kept running, the ground below where her feet touched turning to a burnt black, hopping across the ground unlike a rabbit. She was going pretty fast, but it would soon stop when her energy ran out.

    Her names was going to be remembered. Angel Gregarious.
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  6. Crystal Blanchette

    Crystal giggled as soon as the battle ended and the headmaster officially started the race through the dense jungle. Oh how she loved challenges, especially hard ones. She was born of a noble blood, just like everyone else in the academy but she was much more special than them. She was a duel wielder of wind and poison: a very dangerous combination.

    She looked around the students, their nervousness already filling the air and their fear spreading like wildfire. She know how dangerous this challenge will be, which only made her smile grew even larger. With the students running around like headless monkeys, and students cowering around in fear, she casually walked in the jungle, enjoying the scenery.

    The jungle was an assault on all senses. The virescent hues were the foreground, the background and as high up as she could see. The heat and humidity pressed in on the skin making sweat pointless. The sounds of the insects, the birds and the larger animals created a symphony of nature calling her deeper. The leaves brushed up against her and her feet sprung up with each step. The air tasted both sweet and fresh, like flowers blooming on her tongue. Crystal was at peace, until the students ran past her and knocked her to the ground, leaving her all alone. She hated how stupid the students are acting, as if baboons setting out free in the wild, running forward like a headless chicken and without a plan.

    She stood up and started cutting her way through the dense, suffocating undergrowth, fighting through the very air, which hung heavy, moist and still. Trees tall as cathedrals surrounded her, and a strange green light - almost holy - shimmered through the vast canopy of leaves. The jungle seemed to have an intelligence of it's own. It's voice was the sudden screech of a parrot, the flicker of a monkey swinging through the branches overhead. It knew she were there.

    She knew she can be attacked by leeches and mosquitoes and stinging ants and some stupid traps set up by some crazy students. Especially the snakes and scorpions that could never leave her alone. The rivers she need to cross can be full of piranhas.

    With a heavy sigh, she focused her energy on her feet, the air whipping harshly and the leaves started to rustle. She then jumped as high as she can, landing on a branch of a tall red wood tree. She presumed that it is much way better to stay on top. This way, she can clearly see where everyone is going, and she can see everything within bird's eye view. Of course some students would think the same, not all of them are idiots anyway. But if she ever encountered one of them and tried to hurt her, she'll make sure that she will never show them mercy.

    After all, she never made the first move to kill.
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  7. Galen Morket, "Spirit of Darkness"

    Galen was silent as he drew his twin daggers and began to wield them as machetes, cutting through the thick foliage around him in order to ease his passage through the dense jungle they had been placed in. He had paid close attention to the fight between the two adult wielders, but ignored most of the speech given, except for the part that allowed the use of any means necessary to win. Galen approved. This world was not a place for the weak. Wielders in particular could not afford to be weak. They were the ones made to protect the weak. Shaking his head softly to clear his thoughts away, he instead focused upon his next plan of attack. He was not going to attack another student unless they attacked first, but he still had to be wary of the others. If they ganged up on him, it might end badly for him. Galen doubted he would lose, of course, but all the blood might attract any predators that called this jungle their home...

    That settled it. He wouldn't be sleeping this night. He had gone nights without sleeping before, so this wouldn't be a problem for him. He just hoped the precaution proved unnecessary. His gaze drifting up towards the tree tops, Galen briefly considered climbing the trees to gain both the advantage of surprise and of a vantage point, but discarded the idea. Galen wasn't as young as he used to be, and he might make too much noise if he attempted to take to the trees. Instead he gripped his swords tighter and continued to cut through the thick green, leaving a small notch in trees that he passed, so that he would know if he went in circles. He only had two days to get out of this jungle, and he was not going to fail.
  8. Juke was only half listening to the orientation announcements, busy playing with the hems of his shirt and jacket instead. The outfit felt especially stuffy in the jungle; he'd never been to such a fancy institution and wondered if he would get in trouble for not wearing his entire uniform. Not to mention the fact that he looked like everyone else. Juke was all about standing out and drawing attention to himself. After some mulling over while the teachers were dueling, he decided he would have to make some kind of flag or cape out of the jacket at least.

    Even his wielding gloves looked strange. His wooden "hand" had several knobs sticking out of it for tuning his fiddle, so the glove attempting to cover it had to be secured to his "wrist" with string. And as for the other one, he had tried to get the jewel sewn into the glove he already had for holding his bow, but they wouldn't allow it. So the wielding glove was covering the small leather latch that Juke used to open the narrow pocket. Boy did he feel restricted.

    The 48-hour race managed to lift his spirits a little. He had to admit, he didn't fully understand why it would be necessary to use the dirty tactics that the headmaster spoke of. Sure, he might need to construct a shelter and find some food if the forest was big enough, but why go out of his way to hinder the others? All he had to do was make it to the other side, right? A frown creased his face. Regardless, he set his prosthetic elbow at an angle for balance, and took his position at the starting line with the others.

    Juke couldn't see or hear any kind of signal from the middle of the sea of students, but suddenly everyone was running in one giant mass. Unafraid, Juke rocketed off as well, his frizzy hair whipping back behind his head. The eager romping of the students in front of him trampled the foliage into the dirt, making it easy for those farther back in the crowd -- like Juke -- to navigate the thick jungle.
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  9. Lao
    Junjuri Jungle
    12:33 PM

    Lao stood in the clearing for a few minutes, waiting for the last of the stragglers to leave. Better judgement would have most people running as fast as they could to get a head start, but he didn't need such handicaps. He wanted to be the last person to begin, so that everyone in front of him couldn't make excuses when he beat them up, they were "in his way". Lao looked down at his gloves, a red stone set into both of them, representing fire. He had already master the first level, and he was adept in the second, but the third felt like it would never come. He needed that power, and when he would need it most, he was afraid I would not come.

    Lao shook his head and focused back on the task at hand, he was the last and only person left in the field, perfect. Lao sprinted out of the clearing and into the jungle, jumping over bushes and dodging branches with ease. Despite the situation, Lao was having fun, which was great, he didn't want finishing first to be boring. He did met some students as he ran through the jungle, but a quick ball of blue fire dispatched them quickly enough, at least before they could react. Explosions that shook the ground could be heard throughout the the jungle, no doubt scaring some of the students. Lao smiled and let out a whooping laugh, this was exciting, finally all his anger could be vented here.

    It wasn't long after that when he came upon a stream, he could here voices in the distance. Before he got to the stream he jumped up on a tree to get a better look. He saw 2 girls, one on the bank of the river, and the other not to far away. The one near the embankment seemed to me talking to a snake. But another student immediately disproved that, he was a dark wielder, very dangerous. With the snake, that meant that there was a mind wielder nearby. Lao knew that there were to many people to fight, he couldn't decide who to fight. He simply shrugged and smiled, he didn't have to choose. Lao summoned a series of small blue fire balls, he looked as if the sun was surrounded by moons. Suddenly the fireballs launched themselves at the unsuspecting students bellow.
  10. Meg tightened the rucksack around her back, not wanting it to accidentally fall once she started walking. She didn't have a whole lot of things in there, certainly nothing valuable that anyone would want to steal... but they were her things, and she had little enough of those as it were. Along with her rucksack, she had her pocket filled with pebbles and her slingshot stuck under her belt. It was always good to be prepared, even when in territory you found comfortable.

    She started out at last, keeping close to the foliage, which wasn't too hard seeing it was everywhere. It also wasn't too hard to walk noiselessly. This was one of the reasons being an earth wielder. A person spent most of their time on it, so being able to manipulate it to your wants and needs had definite perks. Meg could easily make the path that wasn't filled with roots to trip her or rocks to hinder her progress. Being quiet also had the advantage that she could hear others more clearly. Leave rustling, footsteps on the forest floor, breathing and cussing-

    She winced when she heard the explosions, a frown coming over her face when she looked in the direction. Which idiot did that? Probably going for the attack rather than just trying to find a peaceful way to the end of the race. She couldn't understand why anyone would want to resort to that sort of thing. She wasn't about to attack anyone, it was the stupid thing to do in her opinion. These people were supposed to be eventual comrades... she didn't think she could trust anyone who would try to attack her.

    She was curious though... and paranoid. It was a weird combination that she couldn't help; it would often help her find trouble in her youngster days. She bit her lip before she started toward the explosion, hearing the laughter. Ugh... why am I doing this?! Sometimes she hated that she couldn't control herself. But in any case, she soon found herself peering through foliage at a stream, which would normally have been a good find in such a situation, if it weren't for the two girls and the fireballs. Her eyes widened but she didn't do anything to help the students; heck they were wielders, they should be able to take care of something like that. Instead, she looked in the direction the fireballs came from. Her sharp eyes caught sight of a boy... no more like a man. Huh. She kept herself hidden, watching, wanting to see what would happen next.
  11. Sylver sat on the grass, she was still there, although most of the students are already gone. An early lead didn't really matter, and not like this was a race or anything. She saw quite a few student leave, some just casually walking, and others dashing straight though. Sylver was young, but she knows that using up all your energy on the first part wasn't a good idea. The silver telescope in her hands shimmered under the noon sun light. She can see most of the students who left for a short while, before they disappeared onto the horizon line. There were many wielders with different elements, most of them didn't use their element straight away, since they probably won't be that much of a help. Except this one girl who is a space wielder, just like her. She used her element to bend the gravity around her and propelled upwards. It wasn't wrong, but it's generally a misconception that the space element's gravity manipulation is used as a source of movement. To Sylver, her gravity manipulation focuses on the changing of weight, to make things heavier or lighter by warping the gravity around it. The girl also seemed like that she was in a little rush, Sylver always thought that space wielders are calm and accepting people like the ones she met in her home town, but she guessed that the outside world do have more of a variant in wielders.

    Finally she stood up and stared at the jungle, there was a young man with black hair who stood across from the clearing, he was probably the only person in sight that Sylver could see. She ignored the young man and headed into the jungle. Gravity manipulation, the changing of weight. Different from what the girl before did, Sylver invested only a small part of her energy in reducing her own body weight, this did make tree scaling easier, it also allowed her to stay on smaller branches than other students. She found a decent sized jungle tree, and hoped up one of its branches. The lighten gravity help a lot, enhancing her jumping height.

    The forest was noisy, no only with the sounds of its natural habitats, but also the sound of people, a lot of people. The area that she was in was peaceful, it was more so like that when she reached the tips of the tree. The branches underneath were not nearly enough to hold up the weight of an adult, but it was plenty for Sylver, who had lightened gravity on top of the fact that she was only a child.

    Woah...She shaken a bit in the tree when an explosion came from near by. There as a few before, but this one was pretty close. Who ever did that must have some anger issues...She hopped from the branch that she was sitting on, towards the explosion. I really want to see what type of person is doing this...As she got closer, a few fire balls can be seen. Woah, and it's an idiot who doesn't even know the meaning of forest fires...Soon she as at a tree top, and the explosions were right underneath. It was a young man, who was wielding fire to attack some students. Oh, he looks familiar...

    It was the young man who was left with her in the clearing after everyone left. Oh, him. Sylver stayed at the tree top, but then lowered herself downwards a bit after she saw a girl in a greenish outfit peeking at the scene. She recognized her as one of the students, now she wished that she could change into her old clothe. Looks like he's getting some audience...After hopping onto the branch above the girl, who seemed engaged in the scene, Sylver also stayed watching. That young man was dangerous, better check out her future rivals when there's a chance.
  12. Galen Morket, "Spirit of Darkness"
    Galen sighed softly and knew that if he were to get out of this jungle safely, he would have to use his powers. He would have to make sure to not lose control, but he would win this, no matter what. Closing his eyes and extending his power into the shadows of the trees, Galen could suddenly sense the jungle around him in a very new way.

    He could 'see' paths through the jungle, he could sense when others walked through his shadows. It was an amazing amount of sensory information that almost overwhelmed him, but he managed to bring it under control without even breaking into a nosebleed like the last time he had done this. Of course, this sense only extended a few yards around him, perhaps only 30 feet or so, but it was enough for him.

    Keeping his eyes closed as he drifted through the shadows, he nevertheless avoided every obstacle in his path as though his eyes were open - courtesy of the shadows currently racing in his mind. It was thanks to the shadows that he was able to sense the girl running towards him before she hit, and he managed to dodge out of the way before her abnormal speed sent her through the soot he had just inhabited.

    A foreign sense of wounded pride filled him and Galen tapped further into his powers, knowing he couldn't use too much without losing control, but knowing that he could use a little more power safely. Now every step he took slid him through the shadows faster than he could move himself, in fact faster than anyone could run, considering the fact that he was able to simply walk through trees as though they weren't there. Finally catching up to the girl who had almost run him over, he identified her power as the power of space, before he materialized in front of her. "You should watch where you're going." He said with a small smirk on his face.
  13. Ange Gregarious

    Angel hissed as a man, dressed in black, materialized. How had she not sensed him coming? Pathetic of her not to notice. She growled and didnt pause as she skidded to a halt, flipping the blades from her waist and slamming them together to create a broadsword, hefting it in both hands before switching it to her left, holding the point torward him.

    "I suggest you move before you get yourself hurt."
    She scowled at him, the little orbs on her gloves pulsing with light. The Space weilded in her left palm. The power of the Mind in her right. She was unstoppable.

    Angel narrowed her eyes and allowed the gravity to bend and shift around her. If he were to attack, her body would move faster and his would move slower. The field would make sure that she had the advantage. She gave him a once over and her heart skipped a single beat. Darkness. This Element... It was only weilded by those who had darkness in her hearts. She would destroy it. Destroy the Darkness.

    She decided that this fight would require more mobilitiy, and twisted the handle of her broadsword. It hissed and clacked, the metal sliding in onto itself and creating two smaller blades, each linking by a thin steel wire.

    "Are you just going to stand there, Pretty boy?"

  14. Galen Market, "Spirit of Darkness"
    Galen couldn't help but laugh softly as the girl threatened him. As if she could actually hurt him. Not when his body could literally become shadows. Still connected to the shadows around him, he steppes forward and suddenly appeared by her side, breath washing over her ear. "I'm not your average pretty boy, little girl. You should do well to be scared of me. Perhaps if you retract your threat, we may discuss this calmly like rational people."

    He stepped back and let the shadows carry him several feet away from her, moving so fast that he appeared to have teleported there. His twin daggers, long as his forearms, reflected the light wickedly as he raised them into an attacking stance, his entire focus on the fight. When he had stood by her side, he had felt gravity affect him more, his movements more sluggish than usual. That would be a problem, but it was one easily solved by the use of his powers. After all, shadows weren't affected by gravity, and they didn't need to be close to hurt.

    However he did not make the first move, sticking with his policy of letting the enemy engage. After all, if he attacked first, he might lose control and end up killing the girl in front of him, and he couldn't let that happen. Not again. Not a woman. It would destroy him. A slight shake of his head cleared his thoughts and he was once more focused on the fight, his deadly expression giving him the appearance of a lethal blade.
  15. Crystal Blanchette

    Crystal grabbed a nearby branch as another explosion shook the ground. The explosions are going on for a while now which is perfectly normal for her. But what she hates is that the next explosion nearly knocked her off of the tree "Kya!" she yelped, hugging the tree branch even tighter, her knuckles starting to turn white. Gaining her composure, she looked down and glared at the culprit, a boy shooting blue flames like a hooligan.

    "That little bug..." she mumbled under her breath. "Why can't they race in peace?" She asked herself and followed where the boy is going. She was hiding up above the trees, jumping from tree to tree thanks to her wind ability.

    The boy suddenly stopped in a stream and jumped up on a tree next to her, sending blue fire balls at the unsuspecting students.

    Now this annoyed her even more. Those two students didn't do anything to him, that's for sure. Focusing her energy in her palms and creating a ball of wind, she threw it to the boy with full force, hoping that she'll knock him over. Before she could even see the result of the mess she made, she quickly flee from the tree and jumped a few feet away from him, hoping that he didn't see her.

    "A little lesson won't hurt him" she snickered as she jumped from tree to tree, fleeing away from the boy. Two students suddenly caught her eye: a man dressed in black and a girl with a broadsword. "Looks like they're about to fight" she mumbled.

    Sighing, Crystal grabbed one of her golden eggs filled with poison. Oh how she love this weapon. She then peered over the two students below "Can't they just race peacefully and not kill each other?" she thought to herself. She just hated how noisy these students are being.

    Dropping an egg to students below she quickly covered herself with her wind, preventing her to inhale the poison she just dropped and quickly flee from the scene once again, heading back to where she blasted the blue flame boy.

    Whenever she uses her eggs, she always feels like its Easter and she's the Easter bunny, dropping the eggs wherever she goes.

  16. The ground seemed to rock underneath Juke's feet, almost as hard as the noises of the explosions rocked his eardrums. He nearly came to a dead stop in surprise, but the flood of students around him pushed him on, forcing him to keep running or be trampled. What was that?! Did someone have bombs? That couldn't be legal! His frown turned to a snarl, and white lights flashed through the black emblems on his gloves, responding to his frustration. He should find whoever did that and give them a piece of his mind!

    The crowd was starting to thin out as the other students spread to seek shelter, food, ideal trap locations, whatever. Slowly it became easier for Juke to navigate on his own, heading towards the source of the explosions. The sound of running water immediately drew his attention as he pushed through some particularly thick foliage. Soon he happened across the source of both sounds: across from a small but clear stream, two girls were being attacked by a fire wielder. By that time, though, Juke's anger had already dried up. No, now he was more interested in the girl kneeling behind some thick bushes, watching the scene.

    "Hey," he said, flashing a grin at the young woman and kneeling down next to her. "My name's Juke, what's yours?"
  17. Gravity is something tiring to control, so no one could really do it for a long time. Sylver is no exception to this. It has been quite a while as she traveled though the jungle, finally stopping on a lower tree branch to watch some fire wielding young man who likely has anger issues trying to burn some students for no reason. She was on a branch that was a bit hard to notice, it was a thick branch with a lot of greenery growing out of it. And ideal hiding spot.

    The girl who was kneeling in front of the tree that Sylver was on also has a decent hiding spot, the plants were thick on the side of the stream. That when another person came. He was a young man with messy black hair. One of his arms limped at his side in a odd way.

    Sylver watched as the newcomer greeted the girl who was hidden. You know if the guy out there knows that we're here, there going to be problems right? She dropped down on to a even lower branch, at the same time withdrew the gravity field around her so no one would feel it. She was prepared to run for it if something was going to happen, but now the only threat is the fire welder out there, the girl and th newcomer didn't look like that they were going to attack. They probably noticed her already, and they didn't really mind, so it probably means that they didn't see Sylver as a threat. Although thinking that, Sylver still slowly concentrated the gravity field on herself, preparing to escape it needed to.
  18. Meg had already been distracted from the scene at the stream. She wasn't superhuman, but a rough early life was instrumental in teaching her to always be on edge. Even before Juke arrived, she had noticed that there was a girl perched up on the tree that she was kneeling beneath. She knew she had been seen, but she didn't make subtle moves, not wanting the girl above to know that she knew. It was always best to have some sort of leverage. Besides, she didn't seem like she was the violent sort.

    She looked back to the stream just a moment before she swerved her head toward the newcomer. Her green eyes widened a little; she couldn't help it as he looked rather odd. It wasn't his appearance, she was used to that sort of thing. His arm however was different. In fact, different was a rather tame word. He didn't seem violent however, though she was still cautious; sometimes you just didn't know.

    "Meg." She didn't say more that that for the moment, her eyes moving up for a split second to show that they weren't alone. They then returned to Juke, once more taking in his sight. "You're odd... most people here would rather hide than greet a potential enemy."

    ((@Moogle-Girl, @Cresion Breezes ))
  19. Juke followed Meg's upward glance to see a shape in the trees, another student watching over them. He nearly jumped in the air in surprise, but managed to control himself for the time being; Meg was clearly trying to be secretive about knowing that other person was there, so Juke figured he'd better follow her lead.

    "I'm not here to make enemies," he said, returning his gaze to Meg and shrugging with his good arm. "I just wanna get through the jungle." Suddenly a smile crossed his face. "If you think I'm odd already, wait until you see what I can really do. Why don't we head somewhere else so I can show you my stuff?" Though he really did have something worth showing off, Juke nodded in the direction of the wielder hiding in the trees. He hoped Meg would catch his hint.
  20. Sylver watched as the newcomer name Juke stared and nodded I her way. It was really obvious that he had seen her, and he isn't hiding the fact that he knows she's there very well. The girl who was beside the river's name was Meg. They seemed friendly, or at least they're not going to try to kill anyone on sight. Sylver stayed up in the tree, but she let the gravitational field around her losses a little. It was a sign that she was a bit more relaxed now, knowing that the two under the tree isn't really dangerous.

    She figured it would be better if she do led find a few allies in this jungle, although she was an advanced element wielder, she was still only a child compared to the rest of the students. Being an easy target wasn't the thing that she wanted.

    After the man named Juke made clear that he wasn't an enemy, the gravity field around Sylver diminished more, only a small lightened feeling remains. He admits that he's odd...perhaps he has some sort of a secret...

    Sylver dropped down to the ground after Juke offered Meg to leave, it wasn't a high chance of meeting friendly people, so she better take the chance when she have it. Although she didn't go unprepared, opening the gravitational field around her to the maximum, Sylver appears to be almost hovering in the air. Plus, her wind element gathered a few breezes around her. She wanted to make sure that the two know that she's a space weilder, and a strong one too, or else her childish appearance might give them the impression that sheets weak and useless.

    "So, hello, I see you noticed me a while ago. I hoped I don't seem too dangerous." Sylver was never really good at connecting with people, but in dire situations calls for dire performance. "I'm Sylver, and I need to get though this jungle too."
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