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  1. Before we begin our brilliant story, the musical accompaniment may help.

    Shall we begin?

    Everyone thought it was the end when the Freaks showed up; people with extraordinary abilities that far surpassed the limits of human capability. Everyone knew it was the end when the world’s governments militarized these individuals to fight on the battlefield, sparking a world war and resulting in an event known as The Fall of the First World.

    Countries fell to pieces, leaving its citizens grasping for some form of order in a now chaotic environment. Most stayed to try and build back up what they had lost, but many others fled their homelands in order to find new beginnings. In the past people would travel across the seas to find refuge; today, they would travel to the seas themselves, building water bound colonies in an area that humanity had yet to ravage.

    Enter Freecoast, a city-state formed around a dilapidated theme park on the high seas of the northern pacific ocean. But remember, there are no laws on the high seas; most of the ocean colonies are hives of crime, and Freecoast is no exception. Over the years a plethora of criminal syndicates have rooted themselves into positions of power, and all of them have resorted to using Freaks to get what they want; which could very well cause a relapse in history and crumble the foundations of these colonies right down to the bottom of the oceans they stand on.

    And so the Agency Against Gangsters and Freaks was formed, an organization dead set on eradicating crime and power inclined humans from the face of the earth; no matter the cost. You are a Freak, and the double A-G-F is knocking down Freecoast’s door, looking to genocide you whether you’re working with or against the gangs.

    In a last ditch effort to stop this, an enigmatic individual has formed the Rogues Gallery, a Freak friendly team intent on proving that they deserve the right to exist despite their past transgressions. It just so happens that you’ve received an invitation to join this movement. So are you gonna just lie there and die, or fight for your right to life?

    What would we do if we were just to leave you not knowing where we are? As interesting as it seems, We would prefer to keep you alive.

    Get to know the city just a bit better (open)

    More you ask? Well then here we go.

    To the Northwest.
    « »
    Bower’s End-
    The only natural piece of land in the greater Freecoast area, this tiny island was the site of a shipwreck in the 1700’s after a pirate ship led by the famous African-American captain, Caspar Freeman, beached itself in the midst of weather that could only be described as “Echoes from Hell itself”. Nobody truly knows what happened to Caspar and his men after they crashed; only one person made it off that island, found half dead on a rather shoddily made raft by a trade ship. This was Freeman’s first mate, who had said that he and the others lived like kings on the landmass before he had been banished from the island for some unnamed crime that was committed. Surely he was only delirious from starvation and dehydration because nothing was found by the crew of the trade ship; no sign of the great Caspar, and nothing that would constitute royal living. The only notion that they had even been there was the husk of Freeman’s ship, the “Sea Shackle”. Today, the Sea Shackle is being maintained by the Freecoast Heritage Society, promoted as a monument and thus becoming a tourist trap where the masses can buy overpriced pirate memorabilia and Caspar Freeman teeshirts. Thusly, the natural beauty of the island is slowly being destroyed as the FHS constructs unnatural concrete trails along the island interior and a boardwalk on the beachfront with tacky carnival games and cheap seafood dining to boot.
    Kane Corp. Construction Grounds-
    Throughout its short existence, the Kane Corp Construction grounds have been trapped in a quagmire; or so they say. While it’s said that this site is to be the spot for a future resort, construction has been going at a snails pace since the very beginning. Of course, excuses have popped up as to why this is, such as shoddy building material and faulty equipment, but nobody truly believes this. Rumors have popped up that it’s simply a dead zone used as a buffer to keep the wildlife living in Bowerland out of West Americana. With a squad of Kane Corp’s security officers standing guard here 24/7, this seems to be the most likely answer.
    Westbank Villas-
    A gated community of large immaculate abodes, the Westbank Villas were the pet project of Darius Kane’s father back when Kane Corp. first set up in Freecoast back in the 2040’s. Its residents include many of the most prominent figures in Freecoast, and inside lie the private home of Mr. Kane himself.
    Little America-
    Little America was intended to mirror the first world lifestyle, and it was only natural for the Freecoast founders to attempt to copy that considering what had been lost in the war. It’s an amalgamation of an urban cityscape, shopping centers, and to the west a suburb. Not only is Little America the home of “The Bottle Note”, Freecoast’s newspaper company, but it also contains a sports stadium that hosts football games, a brawlers league, and car races.
    Ripple Point-
    Ripple Point is a public park built to provide a more naturalistic form of escapism in an otherwise artificial settlement. Filled with swathes of finely pampered grass, a variety of trees, and even a pond, Ripple Point has earned a reputation as the most tranquil spot in Freecoast. Its name comes from the stones that residents skip in the man-made water pools, and it’s said that in Ripple Point, they always sail across the water. In fact, it’s considered very bad luck for a stone to sink immediately.

    Next up, The Southwest.
    « »
    Freecoast was not the first to attempt creating a fully functioning environment on salt water. Before that, there was the amazing locale of Bowerland. Dreamed up by wealthy businessman Ronaldo Gotch in the 2010’s, Bowerland was an early opportunity to bank off the legend surrounding the island of Bower’s End. Billions were poured into this amusement park vacation home hybrid project that saw the rise of the funland itself as well as it’s neighboring district of Fortuna. From thrill-seeking roller coasters to slow and steady dark rides, Bowerland was an amusement zone for all ages tied together in a festive bow by its mascot character “Buccaneer Shackle Beard”, who was a strange cutesy pirate character with shackles adorning his long tuft of chin hair. This child-friendly pillager wasn’t Gotch’s only misstep however. With the addition of a tropical safari section and even a downsized city center filled with apartments for guests to rent out at their leisure, Bowerland had spread itself too thin and closed its doors after only 9 years of operation. It and Fortuna would sit abandoned for the next twenty years, infested by only the exotic wildlife that was once housed in the safari section, rotting into itself until the Free Humanity movement bought the property and commissioned an entire city around it. Today, Bowerland sits empty still, a hive of decay and failure for the homeless and unwanted to inhabit in a child’s dream turned nightmare. The City of Freecoast is desperately working to renovate this area somehow, but they haven’t made much ground.
    Fortuna-|Constructed alongside and very much a part of Bowerland, Fortuna was Ronaldo Gotch’s answer to the call for adult attractions in an otherwise child-friendly park. Separated from the rides by the thick row of apartment suites, Fortuna was a gold lined gambler’s heaven that promised riches and prizes in its neon sky. The casinos were plentiful, and if you got tired of those, you could always hit up one of the nightclubs to dance until you couldn’t anymore. Fortuna ultimately shut down when the island closed but was quick to recover once Freecoast came in around it, also adding a handful of bordellos to spice up the mature rated fun-bag. Overall Fortuna makes serious Bank-Notes, but it still houses some of the wear from its twenty-year foreclosure.
    Mercy Heights-
    This district was once considered one and the same with the Roseau Parish until Kane Corp bought out the property and evicted its residents, creating a steel and glass jungle of towers in its place. Said to be an uplifting of the district, Mercy Heights is but the vanity of humanity showing its ugly face. The area is immaculately clean and filled with works of modern art, and high walls surround the district, a checkpoint at each and every entrance to keep everyone but the worthy out. Kane Corp headquarters lies in this district, and so it’s only natural that it’s rife with their security team to keep everything in its place.
    Prospect Industrial-
    A factory district where the poor from the parish and quarter go to earn a meager wage manufacturing useful items from raw materials brought in at the Freeman Docks to the south. Kane Corp holds a tight grip on these compounds, and it’s shown in the high volume of Mr. Kane’s private security force guarding the facilities.
    Freeman Docks-
    The Freeman Docks, named so after the man that shipwrecked on the nearby island all those years ago, is Freecoast’s sector for importing and exporting goods that keep a fully functioning city-state running. While a majority of the people who can be seen in this district come from either the quarter or the parish, most of the warehouses here are owned by Mercy Heights residents and other wealthy individuals living in Freecoast; an example being Mr. Kane, who keeps the area heavily guarded by his team of highly trained enforcers.
    Roseau Parish-
    A Dominican neighborhood overflowing with housing and small shops, the area is cramped as a result of overpopulation due to the displacement of the poor when Kane Corp purchased and renovated a good chunk of the district into Mercy Heights. It is now considered one of the least wealthy areas of the city, and the residents have formed a heated rivalry with their Aussie neighbors over living space and employment in Prospect Industrial and the Freeman Docks.
    Aussie Quarter-
    Named so for the majority population of Australian immigrants that live here, and while they run a fair bit of business in their district, it’s not uncommon for them to venture into the abandoned Bowerland theme park to scavenge scrap, hunt the wildlife, and fish along the northwestern coastline. In fact, a section of the quarter has been dedicated to operating a year-round flea market to sell these items they come across. In recent years the Aussie’s have had aggravated relations with the Dominican population to the west over housing and employment at the Freeman Docks and Prospect Industrial.
    Saccardi Airport-
    Named after famed Pilot Norma Saccardi who courageously gave her life to sink a number of ships that were on course to attack Freecoast. This airport works in tandem with the Bluela Military Base, and its primary function is the deployment of maritime patrol aircraft that scout the waters around Freecoast in order to spot potential dangers ahead of time. Because of their work, the pilots of Saccardi are highly respected by the majority of the populous in Freecoast, and it’s not uncommon for business owners to provide them special treatment while off duty.

    Off to the Northeast.
    « »
    Las Rocas-
    Literally meaning “The Rocks”, Las Rocas was built over an ancient cavern system filled with gemstones that were discovered by divers shortly after it’s construction. Needless to say, this brought heavy traffic and prosperity to the district. Distinctive by its Spanish architectural style, Las Rocas was the home of the street outfit “Los leones de piedra”, before they conceptualized the Americana Treaty and formed Coalition Americana with the other Little America gangs.
    Cannon Village-
    A somewhat impoverished neighborhood, Cannon Village contains towers that stand on the edges of the district that are equipped with artillery, a defense effort to protect the Greens from an invading force should it arrive from the north. However, with the Fomorian presence in this area, it’s almost certain that the gunman manning the artillery are paid off by Balor herself to keep from shooting at the Fomorian pirate ships that sail the Freecoast waters.
    Keppel Greens-
    Grassland owned and operated by the Keppel family and their many workers; the greens are specifically intended for the purpose of raising crops and animals for consumption by the people of Freecoast. Private property with a guarded chainlink fence, it’s very clear that the wealthy Keppels want to keep their monopoly safe from outside tampering.
    Navajo Square-
    A community of Navajo peoples who tend to keep to themselves, though this community does have a collection of elders that offer mentorship to Freaks, who they prefer to call “Altsoba”, meaning, “All are at war”, in relation to the constant violence that has persisted in Freak history. With this guidance to the Altsoba, the mentors intend to lead them away from lives of crime, hoping to one day lead Freecoast to true peace.
    Keppel Plants-
    Factories, slaughterhouses, and production plants owned predominantly by the Keppel family. Everything that’s grown or bred in the Greens is shipped straight here where it’s turned into consumable merchandise for the city. The overall seclusion of this sector makes it perfect territory for the equally reclusive Shadow Works.
    Hemlock Station-
    A commercial airport serving as a connection to many of the other city-states allied with Freecoast in the pacific.
    Polar Lagoon
    Unbeknownst to the residence of Freecoast, this area is stuck in a constant state of winter. It’s frigid, snowy, and the water in the lagoon lies frozen. It is believed that Shadow Works is behind this phenomenon, but how or why is up in the air.
    The residence of Valentine are as reclusive as the criminals that control the district, so much so that on an average day, you could walk the streets without seeing a soul. They are very superstitious, and fearing that their brethren in the lagoon have been cursed by Shadow Works, allow the gang to do as they please. They are also very distrustful of outsiders. Inside Valentine is a historical graveyard where the founders of Freecoast and some of the original residents of the city are buried.

    And finally, the Southeast.
    « »
    A predominantly Irish neighborhood, the birthplace of the leader of the Fomorians, the demon queen Balor, and home of the Freecoast heritage society. Contains a museum that documents the history of Freecoast and the war that brought about its creation.
    Airbrine Correctional Facility-
    A massive prison meant to hold only the most deplorable individuals that Freecoast had produced that not even the gangs could coerce or control. It’s most notorious prisoner is the freak called “Black Death”, who had attempted to overload the East Airbrine nuclear reactor to destroy eastern Freecoast.
    East Airbrine-
    Fomorian territory and most notably the home of the Freecoast nuclear reactor that powers the city; a structure that has been heavily fortified since the incident that nearly saw the destruction of East Freecoast.
    Libertine Wharf-
    This district is surrounded on all sides by docks for nondescript ships to port at. Named so for the rather immoral sailors that usually engage in acts of debauchery after they dock here. Unlike the Plaza to the north, the wharf is a fairly dirty area and rife with drugs and prostitution. Considering that this is where a high number of foreigners come when they port their ships, the population here is unpredictable. The only constant is the Fomorians that walk the Wharf’s streets.
    Lotus Square-
    An urban center combining modern building styles and old Asian architecture. Contains various temples and a koi garden. The former territory of the Japanese yakuza years ago, before they disbanded after their leading members all started to mysteriously be killed off in a series of murders that are know known to have been caused by Shadow Works. Despite this grizzly past, the area is now exceptionally safe.
    Fort Fuller-
    The only major barracks and armory of the Freecoast militia that lies in Freecoast proper. The restricted property, heavily guarded.

    Now for the gangs, oh what fun they are.
    « »
    Kane Corporation-
    Everything that was wrong with the first world, Kane Corperation takes crime and elivates it into the high class. Profiting off the misfortunes of the weak in order to make exorbant profits, their leader, Darius Kane, would just call it buisness as usual. While not traditionally a street gang, Kane Corp most certainly falls into that bucket, with Mr. Kane’s highly trained private security force armed with the best weapons and technology made to strongarm their targets and keep everyone else in line. Kane Corporation makes their buisness out of gun manufacturing, illegal research practices, and other white collar crimes.
    Coalition Americana-
    Once a multitude of separate street outfits, Coalition Americana chose to unite under one banner in orfer to ensure their survival. Considered one of the largest crime syndicates in Freecoast, their overall diversity is what makes them deadly. Headed by Los leones de piedra from Las Rocas, the coalition is composed of the street racers known as the Skids, the heisting operators and prostitution ringleaders called the Krimson Queens, and the drug and explosive laboratories of the Terror Narcotics Team, or T.N.T. Coalition Americana participates primarily in drug dealing, running prostitution rings, and operating Freecoast’s black market.
    Shadow Works-
    Lurking in the darkness, there is almost nothing known of the enigmatic Shadow Works. Despite their hold on the far east territories of Freecoast, it’s almost unlikely that you’d see these individuals on an average day. The other gangs of the city simply choose to say out of their way, as most parties wandering into Shadow Works territory with hostile intents always go missing. What we do know is, Shadow Works operates with a high level of professionalism in making sure they leave no traces of themselves behind. Bodies will pop up with slash marks and bullet wounds, but no shell casings or fingerprints ever surface. Known enterprises that Shadow Works participates in are as follows; Assassination, thievery, and information brokering.
    The Fomorians-
    Terrors of the sea, The Fomorians clearly jumped on the bandwagon once piracy made its great comeback in the world at large. Occupying a section of east Freecoast, their motives on land amount to little more than getting drunk and getting rowdy. No, their true skills are their sailing prowess; with dozens of ships under their control equipped with very large guns and bloodthirsty crews, you would be very lucky to get away with your life if you happened to cross their path. The group is led by a woman simply known as “Balor”, a Cloverfield native and Freak who’s eyes reap destruction just by opening them. With the resemblance to the demon king Balor from Irish mythos, it only seems natural that the pirate queen would choose her generals and fellow ship captains based on their similarity to the other Fomorian demon figures of legend. Known Fomorian criminal activities include; Piracy, extortion, and slavery.

    Care to join us? Wonderful. Just a short questionnaire, that's all.
    Name: What yourself and others refer to you by in everyday life.
    Alias: What yourself and others refer to you by when you're out using your powers.
    Gender: What do you identify as? Don't worry, we don't judge in Freecoast.
    Age: How old are you?
    Personality: Choose five words to describe how you act.
    History: Describe your life up until this point.
    Powers: Describe what makes you a Freak.
    Appearance: What do you look like? A written description or picture are suitable.

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  2. I'll try to get something up tonight (Eastern Standard Time)

    Just going to ask what are the limits to the Powers, and are there examples of some generic powers?
  3. As far as powers go, I'm open to a lot of things, and I think the only real problem that could arise would be if it's fair and balanced or not. So really, get creative with your powers, just make sure you explain the limits and if it has weaknesses. If you're not sure if you can make something work, PM me and I'll try and help you figure it out.
  4. "Do you MIND? I know that I can't. Isn't that ironic?"

    Stella June McCree
    a.k.a "Mad McCree"

    "Test Subject #0043," "S.J."




    "After awhile, she just became psychotic.. I'm not surprised, though. If enough stress is applied to anything, it'll eventually snap..."

    "So... you want to know my story, huh? Well, I'll tell it to ya as straight as I can. I might've forgotten a few details, so bare with me.

    I was born and raised in Freecoast amongst the other thugs and junk rats. I'm the product of a respected gang member and a prostitute. As much as Pops has told me, I know my parents loved each other, but my mother died shortly after I was born due to some sort of infection. The streets are a nasty place, so I'm not surprised that something like that killed her... I wonder if she was in pain when she died?

    Anyway, my Pops raised me with the gang. The guys liked to call me "Little McCree" because I was like my Pops's little shadow, ya know? My Pops's gang wasn't like the others. It was pretty unofficial and off the beaten trail. They never killed anybody, just thieved so that we could live comfortably without getting into too much trouble. It wasn't a bad situation at all. In fact, it was pretty great. I loved Pops and the gang. They were the only family I had ever known.

    My Pops and I discovered that I had powers when I was about 7 or 8. He and I would often collect old pop cans for me to move with my mind. It wasn't hard... Honestly, my powers came to me like flying comes naturally to a bird. My powers only grew stronger the older I got. The gang and I often used my powers to steal food and pull pranks on other people. It was soo fun. Pops would even train with me when he had time and just accepted my mental abilities as a part of who I was. God, I loved him so much...

    Everything changed when the Kane Corp. came sniffing around looking for me when I was 17. They confronted my Pops, but he denied even knowing of my existence. He always did that when trying to protect those he loved... He was a great man. When the Kane Corp. came back a third time, they tried to arrest my Pops because they knew he was lying. The gang wanted to protect him, so they went after those weird men in white suits. They fought back and started shooting... They ended up shooting my Pops in the fray... right through the heart. I had heard the gunshots from our place and decided to go jump into the fight. When I saw Pops dead on the ground, I felt my heart pounding hard against my chest. I couldn't move... it was like the whole world had frozen. When the people from the Kane Corp. recognized me, they started coming my way. The only other thing I can remember from that moment is that I let out a loud scream. After that, the whole world went black.

    When I woke up, there was blood and headless bodies everywhere... I had killed people from the Kane Corp. and my own gang. I started to bawl like a baby and could barely move because my head hurt so much. I don't remember how long I had been sobbing in that bloody alleyway, but eventually, I felt a hand grab my arm and then the world grew black once more.

    I woke up again in this awfully tiny room with egg white walls, a toilet, sink, and a dinky bed. It didn't take a genius to figure out I had been captured by that Kane Corp. I was their test subject. #0043. They even tattooed it on my right arm for me to always remember it. Wasn't that sweet of those bastards?

    Anyway, they started asking me questions at first, but then started doing experiments on me. It turned into torture. They'd starve me and often put me through certain simulations to give me high levels of mental stress. Somehow, this was suppose to amplify my powers, but I could never remember if it did not or not. This torture went on for about 3 years. At that point, they had scrambled my mind so much that it's pretty much unable to be fixed. They only friends I ever had became the voices in my head... my only friends...

    I was able to escape from the Kane Corp. after a couple of mysterious men came exploding through walls and opening my door to rescue me. They also gave me this bizarre communication device and told me to wait for "the day" to come. And what "day" they meant, I still don't know...

    Now I'm just hanging around Freecoast again. I connected with my old gang even though some of them now see me as an insane monster, calling me "Mad McCree." I know I killed some of them way back when... I don't know how, but maybe I was a little crazy then. Maybe the Kane Corp. just made me crazier, y'know? Anyone would be THIS crazy after something like what I went through. I still carry that odd device in my pocket to fund out what those men meant. And what "day" did they mean? Maybe they're the crazy ones..."


    ~ INSANE ~
    Stella was medically declared insane after her time with the Kane Corp., but has learned to accept it as a part of who she is. She loves to talk to the voices in her head and will often speak out about what her crazy mind is thinking. Her symptoms of insanity may vary from day to day, but some often wonder if she's really crazy or just pretending. When she gets into an extremely manic state, Stella becomes even more unstable. This in-turn causes her to have what she calls a "mental meltdown." These mental meltdowns of hers cause a lot of destruction and have even resulted in the deaths of others. After one of her rare meltdowns, Stella is unable to remember any of it.

    Stella often greets others in an outgoing fashion and is sometimes surprisingly blunt. She also doesn't know the meaning of personal space and will often put her arms around even the most random of strangers. Due to her madness, Stella will also try, suggest, or do odd things for others even if they don't need it.

    Stella loves to tease, joke, and play pranks on others. However, she only means the best and won't take a joke too far. Even as crazy as she is, Stella doesn't strive to hurt others and truly cares how they feel.

    Between her insane tendencies and other personality traits, Stella isn't very good at remembering anything. This causes her to get lost fairly easy and not be able to recall the names of those she has not spent a lot of time with. Her poor memorization is the result of all of the mental experiment done on her when she was taken in by the Kane Corp.

    - Teasing others
    - The voices in her head
    - Hamburgers
    - Comics
    - Her Pops
    - People
    - Coffee

    - Memorizing things
    - Cats (she's allergic)
    - Loud noises
    - Sour foods

    - Thunderstorms
    - Her mental meltdowns

    Many of her abilities centralize around the controlling of her own psychological powers to communicate and manipulate objects and the mind's of others. Stella's abilities take a good amount of concentration of which she has achieved. For the most part, this means she is able to control her powers until she starts to experience extreme headaches. This has lead others to believe that she hasn't even tapped into the full capability of her powers.

    * Psychokinesis -
    Her most prominent and powerful ability, Stella has the power to control and move objects with her mind. She has yet to control the full extent of her psychological powers, but when she gets into an agitated state, the level of her powers skyrocket and bad things happen.

    * Mind Manipulation -
    Stella has many ways of manipulating the minds of others such as controlling their motor skills and behavior. Stella cannot, however, control their free will. When she is not in control of her mental abilities, Stella's ability to control other's minds is heightened yet chaotiv. At times, she has overloaded the minds of others so much that she has literally exploded their heads off. These uncontrollable occurrences, however, are rare.

    * Mental Communication -
    This ability allows Stella to communicate to people through her own thoughts. She can converse with others mentally at quite impressive distances. Chatting with multiple individuals mentally can put a strain on Stella's mind, however, and can cause her to get a bad headache and lose her concentration. She is also able to display her thoughts to others by touching their temples. This can be a useful ability when trying to gather information. Stella's shotty memory and lack of sanity, though, can sometimes disrupt the usefulness of this ability.

    - Long distance combat
    - Street knowledge
    - Easily able to adapt to many situations

    - High-pitched and loud noises
    - Easy for her to lose focus
    - Immobility due to having to focus herself while using her powrs5
    - The chance of chaotic mental instability



    - She dislikes being called by her first name and often tells others to call her "S.J." or her street name "Mad McCree."
    - She gets headaches so often that they've become her new norm.
    - She has a tattoo of the numbers 0043 tattooed on her right forearm.
    - Her favorite meal is cooked rabbit.
    - She has a fear of thunderstorms due to the loud booming of the thunder hurting her head.
    - Stella has recently started to practice reading other peoples' minds.
    - She has only had 3 mental meltdowns after being freed from the Kane Corp. as they don't happen a lot.

    - Theme song(s):

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  5. @Kiwi

    First of all, good job on going above and beyond on what I requested for personality, and I like the little tidbits you included about your character.

    However, there are some things that need addressing.

    You were pretty ambiguous about where your character was raised, so it may be that she’s from some other city, but in Freecoast the AAGF has only recently made their appearance. So if Stella is from Freecoast and she’d been kidnapped by the AAGF 6 years before they even began operating in the city… it doesn’t really work. Now I wouldn’t put it past the AAGF to study and experiment of Freaks, but if Stella is a Freecoast native, might I suggest she instead have been kidnapped by Kane Corp? They’re all about starting up dubious research projects with the wealth they’ve amassed, so that would fit perfectly.

    The next thing is my fault for not really getting into the specifics of Rogues Gallery, but they’re less of a proper organization like the AAGF is, but more of a ragtag group of people operating off of barebones equipment provided by an enematic individual, who at the start of the story, will be completely unknown as to their identity. So I don’t see too much of a problem with Stella getting broken out by one of the founder’s associates, but her interaction with the Gallery would stop there until what we’re getting to in the IC, the formation of the group and them becoming the Rogues Gallery, because before that the RG would have just been an idea. So yeah, Stella getting broken out of captivity is totally acceptable, but what would probably happen would be that she’d be given a contact device, and told that when it goes off, that’s when everything starts. She’d be left to her own devices up to that point, and that point will be the very start of the IC. Sorry for not making that clear from the beginning by the way.

    So, on to powers. The whole mental meltdown thing, with its massive destructive capabilities, honestly seems OP from my perspective, as if you’re giving your character a free pass to be really really strong on a whim. And if you were writing what went down during that mental break, you deciding who and what gets destroyed, it would be. However, I’m going to allow it just so long as when this goes down, I get to decide what gets affected by it. That way it’s completely unbiased. It might help the team, it might put the team in a lot of shit, but this way it’s truly random and chaotic. I also assume this is very rare, the mental break thing? Stella’s not going to be breaking down every encounter?

    Besides that,telepathic communication, lifting objects and controlling how people move and act is fine; but just to be clear, doing these things would take a good bit of concentration, limiting the full abilities of her physical self while she’s focusing on the mental side of things, correct? Like, she wouldn’t be able to commence in close quarters combat while also moving something or controlling somebody right? As for the memory thing, I don’t really understand what the use of moving memories around would be for. You’re gonna have to explain that one to me.

    Overall you’ve got a nice character here, and I think she’ll be good to go after we address some of these issues!
    Sorry to hear this. Get better soon! We'll have a spot for you, whenever.
  6. First of all, thank you for the in-depth reply to my character! It was really helpful and I was able to shape her character even more. I've made the changes you pointed out and requested. Now, Stella seems more rounded.

    I completely got rid of the memory thing as I saw no purpose in it once you pointed it out.

    Also, I love the idea of her mental meltdowns being chosen by you due to the fact that they're unbiased. It'd also make for an interesting plot twist. They don't happen often (and I've made it clear to state that in her profile), but I've never had a character like Stella before, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

  7. Just for reference: How long ago did the First World fall? Would an elderly character have witnessed the change of the world, or has it been long enough to have amassed a population that only knows the current world?
  8. Let's have some mood music, shall we?


    Romee Vasquez


    Agender (Female)


    Romee is a slender woman in her mid-20s, though she looks considerably younger, often being guessed to be in her late teens or early twenties.

    Her disheveled, dark brown hair is often unkempt, and she started to cut it shorter, into frizzy, uneven strands. She has a short, convex nose, high cheekbones and a short chin. Her eyes are slightly narrow, and she often appears to be a little hazy or absent-minded, expression-wise. She's pale and has rather plump limps, which are a significant feature due to the mask she often wears.

    The mix of demon imagery and kawaii culture is a signature element of her appearance, and has gained her a bit of notority during her time with Shadow Works.

    She's about 5'6" and possesses a slender built, with narrow shoulders, a rather flat chest, but wider hips and thighs.

    Chaotic - Romee goes against all accredited associations with Shadow Works. Instead of coldhearted efficency, Romee exudes turbulence. She often ends sentences to articulate unrelated thoughts in a messy string, has poor organizational skills and generally seems incapable of maintaining order as far as her own affairs are concerned. Though she's driven and ambitous when working on a concrete project or missions, Romee struggles to prepare for such tasks, or create reports that are legible. She can also be found listening to extremely loud music almost all the times, particularly heavy metal, punk rock, and electronic dance music, even when she's working or conversing with someone else--usually to the chargin of whoever is in her vicinity.

    Peculiar - Romee disregards social norms, largely due to her anti-social upbringing, during which she was groomed to go against general human convictions. She rarely abides by ideas about what is polite and what is not, and sits, lays, articulates and even eats in unusual manners. She is dismissive of disapproval for her behavior. It is important to note that she understands what she's doing and is capable of empathy, but simply does not care to follow social guidelines if she does not consider them sensible or pleasant by her own definition.

    Ilusive - Monarch is infamous for erasing her traces, and values her freedom, especially since her departure from the syndicate. She dislikes letting others glimpse into her personal space, be it her genuine beliefs, hopes, or even her living spaces.

    Intelliget - Above all, Romee is an intelligent young woman, capable of highly abstract thought. Whereas she didn't receive formal education beyond elementary school, she thirsts for knowledge and amassed a lot of wisdom over life and the world. She is also highly knowledgable on the old world, and likes to share trivia about it whenever she deems it appropiate. She thinks critically about almost everything and holds many views others find unsettling or absurd.

    Playful - Romee presents herself as easy to get along, and is usually up for a bit of fun. Continuing the trend of falling out of the imagined Shadow Works profile, she's often juvenile, giggly and flirtatious. Despite her personal identity as no gender (or rather, role) in society, she dresses distinctly feminine, something that contrasts starkly with her signature headgear.

    Romee was born to a couple of smalltime criminals, one of English, the other of Nicaraguan descend, both of which had fallen into debt with Shadow Works. Her family's attempt to evade punishment or other contact with the illusive syndicate lead the two parents, Romee, and her older brother to flee to the area formerly known as Nicaragua, Romee's father's native country. Their endeavour succeeded for a few years, until S.W. found itself wanting to tie up some loose ends.

    The result was Romee, a nine year old girl, now newly orphaned, swept up by a branch of the organization as a sort of payback. She was told to comply for the safety of her brother, and the threat worked like a charme. The two, now raised apart from another, unknowing of their lifes and struggles, were integrated into Shadow Works. Here, Romee spent a decade during which she developed a variety of tasks, such as extensive knowledge on computers and security systems, precise hand-to-hand defense and the like. Most prominently, however, she went through strenuous session during which her suddenly triggered Freak abilities were researched and refined. Due to her affinity to electricity, virtual terrorism and the like became her speciality. Due to excessive reconditioning, Romee received the codename Monarch, lend by the infamous Project Monarch theory.

    After a few years "in the field", Romee got word that her brother supposedly died while being trained by Shadow Works. The news ticked off the young woman, who used her abilities to escape her base of operation and flee to Freecoast, where crime runs rampant and promised to offer a hiding spot in plain sight, filled to the brim with equaly dubious individuals.

    The God Inside the Cables: Romee's body possesses a hypersensitivity to electricity. This enables her to perform a variety of superhuman tasks, such as amplifying existent lights, manipulating magnetism, and, if proper conditions are met--such as a wired connection or generator outlets being available, or having the proper equipment--she is able to transfer conscious thoughts through networks as well as dematerializing and rematerializing, essentially becoming an autonomous, conscious digital entity.

    The severity of her abilities' impact depends on the circumstances, i.e. using electricity as an offensive tool requires a sufficent amount of energy being close-by.

    Due to her body's sensitivity to electricity, she is more susceptible to suffer from its influence. She is easily blinded by bright lights, and surroundings with high voltage evoke racing throughts and jittery speech, among other symptoms.
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  9. @Kiwi
    At this point Stella is good to go! Welcome to Rogues Gallery!

    I don't have exact dates down, but the fall was most likely sometime in the early 2020's; right now, the RP takes place in the closing years of the 21st century. So yes, people who experienced the fall could still be around, albeit elderly.

    Also, Romee looks great! Her backstory intertwining with Shadow Works is totally possible and powers look interesting. Though, why flee from a Shadow Works base to Freecoast when Shadow Works operates inside the city? Was her brother a Shadow Works operative in Freecoast? Like I said, everything looks great, but this little part at the end kinda stumped me.

  10. Appearance (Drew this myself and it's kind of bad...)

    Full body Art (open)

    Other Picture (open)

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Alias: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Transmitter, Marina Lines[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Female (Disguises as Male, sometimes)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Cheerful and Laid Back[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Oh well, it could be worse"[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Valor is a unbelievably happy person for someone who is literally living in a hell hole ravaged with poverty. She is usually pretty optimistic with all matters, and refrains from using violence lethal attacks against others, but she can shift to a more serious tone if needed. Her face seems to always be in some extend of a smile, whatever she may be doing.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Irresponsible/Somewhat Lazy[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]"I can't do anything about this, you should go."[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Completely opposite her given name, due to her ability, Valor is an extremely irresponsible person. Reacting to out of control situations by leaving the area ASAP.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Observant but Isn't Good at Reading the Mood[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Hmm...why are you so upset?"[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Valor can capture and memorize most details in an environment because she needs the information to utilize her power, but she can be very insensitive when it comes to others and can easily hurt their feelings unintentionally.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Marina Lines was born within Freecoast in a family who resides in a area known as Mercy Heights, although on the outskirts and surrounded by gang activity. However, the events of the outside world did not affect the family as much, because they had power. Or in other words, wealth. Her father had relations within the Kane as a researcher and a figure involved with the marketing of drugs and medications. While her two older brothers both work in security. As a child, Marina was frequently exposed to crime and cruelty on others, even educated to become an assistant involving human experimentation on Freaks. The serious and depressing family atmosphere conflicted with her relaxed and more "casual" outlook on life.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Her Freak abilities came somewhat early in her childhood, but late enough for her to know that it may not be a gift. "Valor" was the name and identity that Marina created for herself, as a free soul who wanders the island with no burden. As time passed on , her ability became a curse as she was illegally hired at a young age into Kane Corp. to be a real research assistant. More specifically, hired to use her power to inflict pain, suffocation and claustrophobia on other Freaks via transporting them into enclosed spaces. Earning her the codename of The Transmitter within researchers. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]After a few years, she slowly became unaffected by the angry or despaired looks of others, and how both subjects and workers alike look at her as if she was the scum of the Earth. A traitor in a Freak's eye and a soulless psychopath in a human's view. She often smiles to make herself feel better, but eventually that smile became a facade. Until when she turned 16.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]That day there was an explosion at the facility, or, many explosions. The attacks were close to an employee area where she was resting, and collapsed a large part of the building and caused deaths and injuries. Marina escaped a certain death by using her powers on the brink of the explosion, relocating to the rooftop of the building. When the events died down she returned home just in time to catch a conversation in the family, she was declared missing during the disaster. Hope raised in her heart, as if it was a path to escape the mental torment of a life in crime. After a couple of weeks of staying away from home, she was presumed dead.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]After that, the identity created just for dreaming became a reality. Marina, who is now named Valor, wandered the shores of Freecoast. Trimming her hair and getting plain lens glasses, and even blurring her gender sometimes, Valor was born. While doing odd jobs, getting into street conflict, and even stealing and committing fraud at certain hard times, Valor did gain enough resources to leave Freecoast, but did not because she wants to do something about the cruel things she once did.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]"I have to say, I've done a lot of wrong things in my life. It's not a small mistake, like failing school, or getting into a street fight, or dealing drugs, or...murder I guess. Nope, my point is, I've done something very bad, so bad that there is probably no way I could redeem myself. But, I'm gonna be trying anyways, because I am still here."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Powers based on the moving of physical matter to different coordinates across no amount of time. To make it simple, it’s teleportation.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Coordinate Change[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The ability to transfer matter to different places. Items must be in a 40 meter range. Items over the weight of 20 kilograms (44 pounds) must be in 10 meter range. Items over 50 kilograms (110 pounds) must come into physical contact. The heavier the object, the longer time it takes to move. The limit is 2.5 tonnes (5500 pounds) that will need 10 minutes to move 1 meter, to move something that heavy 10 meters will take up to a hour of calculating.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Coordinate Travel[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The ability to transfer the user to different areas. Areas are limited to places that the user has seen in detail (usually in person or with high definition captures such as hologram, the media used to represent the place must be 3 dimensional) . Movement within 100 meters (109 yards) can be done with a split second. Others take time, usually 5 seconds for each extra 100 meters (109 yards). The limit for one teleport is 1.5 kilometers (0.9 Mile). Teleportation could be continuous but still restrained by time. There is no cool down for movement within 50 meters. 10 second cooldown required for anything over 200 meters. There is danger of suffocation if stuck in a solid object.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Coordinate Overlap[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The ability to move an object within another object. This has the same restraints as Coordinate Change. Takes 1-2 seconds to aim. It could also be dodged. Valor refuses to use this on living things due to it being extremely painful and cruel.[/BCOLOR]

    The destination of teleportations can be predicted by looking at where her eyes are aimed at, thus Valor wear the glasses to prevent her movements being predicted via where she's looking at.
    A great and sudden change in humidity or temperature can effect the efficiency of teleports.
    Teleportation requires calculation, thus is unable to be activated or is weaken while user is unconscious or in a state unfit for calculating such as under hallucinations or being effected by serious concussions.
    Moving heavy objects can cause fatigue and headaches.

    Extra Info
    -Valor still holds an employee ID/key to the Kane Corp. research facility she worked at, the ID was expelled from the system but the card key is still usable, but since the ID's owner Marina Lines is officially declared dead it would raise too much suspicion if ever used.
    -While transporting other people via teleportation, many experience a type of motion sickness after moving, they'll usually fall over due to not knowing what position they should use in preparation for landing.
    -Valor can't run very fast and can't lift heavy things, she also walks kind of slow due to relying on her Freak ability too much.
    -She doesn't have an actual address, she just breaks via teleporting into anyone's home and stay there until the owner notices. Empty suits that are on sale in Mercy Heights are her favorites.
    -She really likes sweet things, and believes that sugar is the main source of energy for her teleportation ability.
    -She's actually 5"11 or 180 cm in height. The little pouches on her outfit holds "sticks" made from light aluminum pin down people by their clothes and block projectiles when teleported.
    -Valor never wants to Actrally hurt people, but will threaten those she sees deserving of it (usually gangsters who have ties with Kane Corp.). Or she just teleport them out of their clothes and laugh.​
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  11. @Cresion Breezes
    One, that picture looks great; two, there's already an oversaturation of male representation in media that I don't care if our characters turn out to be mostly women. It's all good! Just make what you wanna make, don't try to change your ideas based on some nonexistent gender quota. Basically, you do you.

    Now I'mma look your character over soon because tight now I have to work. I'll probably have it looked over late tonight.
  12. Name: Josué Costa

    Alias: "I'll let everyone else decide. It's too tough to think about."

    Gender: Male.

    Age: 19.

    "Flat." -- He's only ever 100% concerned with staying alive, and as a result acts very distant and apathetic. He's not very good at displaying emotion through anything other than word choice, unless pushed to an extreme.

    "Open." -- He's not bothered a great deal by others entering his personal space or his life. A bird could end up inside his kitchen, and he'd start looking for nest materials for it.

    "A friend to animals. Very specific ones." -- Josué loves pigeons and housecats, and will go out of his way to be cruel to rats or mice.

    History: A longshoreman working the Freeman Docks, of Italian/Puerto Rican origin. His parents entered Freecoast from what remained of New York City, and settled into dock work like their son soon after them. He was generally well liked, even by rowdier and less agreeable people in his neighborhood, and never got caught up in crime.

    Neighborhood kids he knew seemed to have crushing comeuppances frequently. Some "were never seen or heard from again" like a minor Saved By The Bell character, and some had a minor fault of theirs grow so much that it ate them. A frequent substance abuser and cheat was duped and ended up with a bad batch, and a soccer hooligan ended up under a car flipped in the aftermath of his team losing.

    Josué was growing more numb by the day due to these random acts of misfortune hitting people around him, until while unloading a ship, he discovered a small rodent trying to get into the cargo. Rather than call his supervisor over, he grabbed the rat off of the top of the crate. He sighed at having to call pest control, and the potential for his pay being suspended. Trouble with a client is never good. He cast it into the water, and within a second, the rat was twisted in a corkscrew shape and bleeding, and a wave of water quickly threw it back up onto the docks. His supervisor saw the mangled rat fly onto the docks, and assumed they were under attack by a "freak", calling security. There was no sign of their mystery attacker, and Josué left work that day with a smirk on his face, the first since he was a baby.

    Powers: Josué's power lets him maintain a low profile, not in the way you would think.

    Autopilot: If Josué touches someone/something and takes a deep breath, he creates a localized tornado as tall as the target to pursue disrupt and thrash the target, regardless of how far from it he is.

    The weaknesses are that he 1. must touch the target first, 2. creates the tornado (but cannot control it) and 3. it won't work in cold areas. 4. He has no idea what happens to it unless he's watching it. 5. In addition, the tornado can be stopped simply by running it into something dense and inflexible, like the hull of a boat or a brick wall.

    Roundabout: Josué can cause objects to flip or rotate with aerokinesis, with the 'upper limit' being his body weight of 58.967 kg, or 130 lbs. Due to a mental hangup, he only ever uses it to cheat in subtle ways.



    Additional Details:
    Has a tattoo of an anchor across his back.
    Refers to any surviving music from the late 20th/early 21st century as Classical Music and will not back down on this.
  13. The idea was, that she was formerly stationed elsewhere, and that she thought since she knew the inner workings of Shadow Works, she could outsmart them. Freecoast being such a hotspot for their operation, but also a huge gathering of crime and shadowy people, she could essentially go under the radar. Hide in plain sight, so to speak.
  14. @alaska

    Alright, I get that. Even so that wasn't even something that was affecting your acceptance, so Romee is accepted! Welcome to Rogues Gallery!

    @Cresion Breezes
    So I read up on your character and I really dig what you've got going on here. And considering Stella's backstory, you two will def have some interesting interactions accepted, welcome to Rogues Gallery!

    I only have one word to say to you. Yes. Jojo is accepted, welcome to the true man's world.
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  15. Awesome, glad to be part of this. :) I finished her now, too.
  16. Uhh...
    Okay, first: This RP is utterly awesome, and I would like to join it. Second: I'm terrible at memorizing stories (nor am I good at writing them *cough cough*), so is there a way to surpass History part, and reveal separate parts of it IC?
  17. ^^Error |

    Haven't got the chance to read everything yet, the more things I didn't see in the Interest Check, which I will read tomorrow but are we allowed only one character or can I make two characters, have an idea for two peeps, if I can only make one it's cool just asking before I fully develop them.
  18. Okay I added the limits and weakness of my characters ability and some extra info like the others did. Geez, I made a really psychologically complicated character...
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  19. Backstories are required; it's a good way for everyone to familiarize themselves with what kind of character you're playing and it also shows dedication to the game. If you're not willing to put together a backstory now, how will I know you'll be willing to post in the IC when that goes up?
    We're sticking with one character per player.
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