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Collab Post: Team L | Interactions: Leon Elle Joyner Elle Joyner | Location: Orlando HQ

If he was honest, he wasn’t particularly surprised that when he’d been released from the interrogation room the day they’d arrived, Leon had been taken to a room that locked from the outside. He was largely responsible, by first glance, for what happened in Miami, and he wasn’t particularly shocked that the soldier-like commander of the Orlando base didn’t particularly feel trusting and warm towards him.

What did surprise him was how crappy the solitude was. Nick and Francis had both been by to check on him - but ultimately, a blank slate room with a single cot, a screwed-down metal chair, and two wall lamps with plastic bulbs did not give him a comforting vibe. He missed Ket. He needed Ket, and it killed him not to know what was going on… not to know what happened to her. If she was alright. If she was even alive.

Laying on the cot, his eyes bored up into the ceiling as a heavy sigh escaped.

A heavy sigh escaped Luna.

She stood before Leon’s door, frozen, fist held inches away from metal. She had to do this. She needed to. She had overheard from Lucas and his friend Francis that this Leon man had access to significant information. Specifically information pertaining to RIEF and the chip. She might’ve had little motivation to leave her room, let alone talk, for the past few days, but there was no way she was going to sit on her bottom while a solution to saving Vance rested on the other side of this door.

Sucking in one last breath, Luna knocked, just to alert her presence, before unlocking the door and poking her head in. “Um...h-hello? Is Leon in here o-or…?”

Sitting up on his elbows, Leon’s head moved to the door at the knock, a brow lifting at the unfamiliar face that appeared on the other side. For a moment, just a small, brief moment, he thought there was something recognizable about the girl, but brushing that aside, he shrugged, “Sure is… Got nowhere else to be. Don’t think we’ve had the pleasure, Freckles.”

“Um...r-right…” Hesitantly, Luna slipped inside and, quite intentionally, let the door cracked. It was a tiny gap, but that miniscule bit of space managed to ease the tension from her mind, if only a little. She stood before Leon, keeping at least two arms worth of distance between them. “I heard from o-others that you could help me.” Slowly, she held up the tablet she stole from Emmanuel’s desk. “Y-you’re familiar with the ch-chips, right?”

A brow lifted, and he sat up a little straighter, swinging his legs off the cot and letting them fall to the floor. With a soft laugh, he gestured up vaguely to his head, “...Got one of those bastards stuck up here, myself, so… yep.”

“...Good,” she muttered, sitting down in the lonely chair. “I’ve done w-what I could so far, but going u-undercover for a few hours didn’t give me everything I need. I...I need to disable these chips, Leon.” Shakily, she held the tablet out to him. “B-but I don’t think I can hack into th-those things unless I completely d-decode this. That’s where you come in, h-hopefully.”

As she sat, his brow rose again and he laughed with a little more emphasis, “Good, huh? So I’m gonna guess you’re not here to be president of my fan club. Damn.” Elbows on his knees he studied her for a moment, “I have some research… Started it a little ways back, when I figured they weren’t planning on giving us a retirement package. I can show it to you, but I wanna know first… Who got to you? On my team. I can’t imagine it was Manny. Lookin’ at you now, I can see it… the resemblance, but he’s a dick, and somehow I don’t imagine you’re keen to rescue his sorry ass. So who you so eager to fix up?”

Luna bit the inside of her cheek. Of course, she wasn’t eager to talk with this man. She knew that he seemed to be turning a new leaf and that his hands were tied, but then she would see Mac’s face and the resentment burned anew all over again. Either way, she exhaled tiredly, pushing back her curls from her eyes. “F-fair enough, I guess. It’s definitely not E-Emmanuel. I mean...D-don’t get me wrong. He’s family. I’ll always…always love him, n-no matter what, but he doesn’t feel the s-same way.”

She fidgeted nervously, looking past Leon’s head and at the wall behind him. “A-actually, do you know, um...T-Tank? It’s...It’s f-for him.” A hint of warmth filled her cheeks, though the sorrow that followed casted a shadow over it.

Sitting up, Leon itched the side of his cheek with a small grin, “Yeah, I know Tank.” Gesturing to the drawer in the desk a little ways away, he nodded, “In there… Got about a year’s worth of work. Coded… but it’s not a whole hell of a lot of good to you, if we don’t have one of their inputs…”

“Input…” the hacker muttered, her features pinched thoughtfully. Gingerly, she took the tablet back from Leon. “S-sorry, just, sec.” She rummaged through the drawer he mentioned and displayed his work across the desk. Her eyes instantly lit up, raking over the information like it was the gateway to Hack Haven. “This could w-work,” she whispered, turning back to face Leon and holding up the tablet, “This could be our i-input.”

“Unless you pulled that out of RIEF, Freckles, we ain’t gonna have a whole hell of a lot of luck.” He said with a small shrug.

“No, that’s the thing. I-I did get this from RIEF, right out of Emmanuel’s d-desk. With this gold mine of c-coding you’ve got here, we could find s-something incredibly useful on here,” Luna said, a bit of a rush to her tone. Hope. The first time she had experienced the sentiment in what felt like forever, but in reality only a few days.

His countenance shifted as she spoke and sitting up straighter, he swore softly, “Are you serious?” Leaning forward, the same hope reflected in his gaze as he grinned, “Holy Hell, Freckles! Ace moves. We can actually make this work… and what’s more, I can backtrack that signal… and get us a damn map of RIEF’s underground. Storage cache, weaponry… captives. All of it.”

Luna’s eyes widened more and more as Leon listed off all the awards they could reap from this discovery. Holy crap. Holy shit. This...If this wasn’t a miracle being handed to Rogue in a handbasket, she didn’t know what was.

Shakily, she lost energy in her legs and fell back into the chair, dumbfounded. “Th-that’s...that’s...cheezeballs wow,” she whispered breathlessly. “I, we, this--K-Keegan. Keegan. W-we need to report this to him, l-like yesterday.” For a brief moment, her guarded nature dropped, though it didn’t last for long as she added, “M-maybe it’ll help lighten up your p-prison situation.”

Chuckling, Leon shook his head, “I don’t care if I spend the rest of my life in this ugly box, Freckles. I can save her…” Sitting back, he rubbed his hands over his face, and briefly, his eyes turned misty, “...I can save her.”

For a moment, Luna hesitated, but the pure relief rolling off Leon was impossible to fake. In the end, curiosity and gut-instinct seized her senses. “...Save who,” she asked, cautiously, timidly.

Clearing his throat, he sat up again, “Uh…” Rubbing the back of his neck, he smiled sheepishly, “...Ket. She… hell, she’s my Vance.”

“Really? That’s…” Just the slightest hint of a smile pulled at her lips. “Th-that’s weird. And here I thought Vance and I w-were exclusive.” However, her humor wavered a bit as the name clicked into place. Ket...Wasn’t she in the van with her when they had to track down Finn and Keith? “Ket...Quiet? D-dark hair?, err, t-tentacle powers?” She did a tiny little flourish with her arms, a half-attempt at imitating squid-like movement before shyness got the better of her.

Looking up, Leon chuckled, “That’s my girl, yeah. Fear inducement. Ain’t as cool as it sounds, either. She lives with it, Ket. Every damn day. Constant fear… anxiety. It’s a walking nightmare, and having a torture-chip in her head doesn’t exactly help. Vance, he used to help her sleep… Would put her out for me.”

“J-Jesus,” Luna said, her mind failing to imagine how crippling of a experience that could be. The exist constantly in fear and anxiety. She herself wrestled with anxiety and panic attacks, but for someone to endure such a thing without pause, day in and day out, only granted sleep with the help of energy siphoning...A shriver raced down her spine. “I...I-I can’t even imagine how terrible that is. Leon, I...I-I don’t really trust you, but,” she locked eyes with Leon, eyes steeled over with bubbling determination, “W-we’re going to take care of this chip. No matter what. And..a-and we’ll get our loved ones out of there, as long you’re w-willing to work with me?”

Slowly, and still with a hint of trepidation, she held her hand out for a shake. “P-partners?”

“Hell, Freckles.” Taking her hand, he gave it a shake, with a sly smile, “You had me at hello…”

Mobley Eats

Consume. Smother your doubts. Be fulfilled.
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Collab Post: Patching Holes | Interaction: Finn CloudyBlueDay CloudyBlueDay | Location: Orlando HQ

It had been a couple days now since they’d arrived in Orlando. Spending time in the company of his team had been the very thing that made it better; training with Penny, being with Keith and Rose. He’d tried to give Luna space, knowing she’d been through so much. But he knew that eventually… she’d need to stop hiding. He knew all too well, that left alone, Luna could spiral. And that was the last thing he wanted.

“Lu,” Finn said, as cheerfully as he could muster, knocking on her door with a rhythmic pattern they had come up with. Three fast, three slow. “Can I come in?”

Finn’s knock was answered with silence and stretched on for a few long moments. The moments evolved into a solid minute. However, there was finally a beep and the door slid open to reveal Luna on the other side...looking a complete mess. Her curls laid awkwardly against her forehead and bags rested heavily under her glassy eyes, which slowly rolled up to lock gazes with Finn.

She smiled weakly. “H-hey, Finn. Um...what’s up?”

He deflated at the sight of her. She looked, simply put… awful. Finn wanted to just wrap his arms around her and hold her tight. But she looked almost too fragile for that. Producing two Snickers from his pocket, Finn held them up to Luna.

“Been savin’ these for ya,” He hummed. “They were in Harper’s SUV. Among the, er. Beer. I won’t tell if you don’t…” He smiled at her.

Instantly, some life returned to Luna’s demeanor and she giggled, accepting a Snicker gratefully. “M-my knight in shining a-armor. H-how’d you know I’m not me w-when I’m hungry?” Wasn’t her best joke, but it was the first one she cracked in the last 48 hours. “A-and don’t worry, I won’t utter a peep. Um…” She shifted from one foot to the other. “D-did you want to come in or…?”

“Uh, y-yeah,” Finn said. “If you don’t mind, or you’re not busy or anything.” He peered into the room behind her, stepping inside. “D-doesn’t, uh. Quite feel like home, huh? No comics.” Finn swallowed.

“N-not in the slightest,” Luna sighed, stepping aside to let Finn inside and closing the door behind them. She wandered over to a corner of her room, picking up the jar of peanut butter and carelessly chucking it into a drawer. She couldn’t afford to look at it with her best friend around. “No comic books. N-no video games…” the hacker shrugged, “Surprised I h-haven’t hit withdrawal yet. What about you? G-got the twitchy joystick thumb going y-yet?”

Watching Luna shove the peanut butter jar into the drawer, Finn’s jaw tightened. “Yeah…. the ghost of my controller is already well missed.” Finn murmured, sitting down on her bed, hands tangled awkwardly in his lap. “Lu,” He started, looking at her. He wanted to know what she had been through, to know how he could help. He just wanted to see her happy.

“I f-figured out how to do some stuff with my powers,” He said instead. “Me and Deck.. Luna, it was so cool, we like — with our powers together, we crashed a helicopter.”

“N-no way,” she smiled, immediately seating herself next to Finn and facing him fully, legs crossed on the bed. “That’s so awesome! D-did you, like, feel the air in the sky a-and stuff? Did you feel like the Avatar?” She put all the energy she could into her voice for Finn.

“Y-yeah! Yes! That’s exactly what Keith said. It felt… awesome. When I do it, I can like… Feel the air, in my hands. Around me.” He wiggled his finger tips, and putting in a little bit of concentration, tried to swirl the whirl around them, just lightly enough to flutter their hair and clothing.

“Whoa…” Luna whispered in awe, her jaw nearly slacking from the display of power. “Finn, this is...y-you’ve gotten so much better with your c-control.” A hint of pride leaked into her visage as she delivered a weak, semi-awkward jab to his shoulder. “L-look at you go,” she giggled.

Beaming proudly at her and giggling at her jab, Finn smiled. “Thanks,” He adjusted his posture to fully face her. “A-and Penny taught me this way to punch, with air behind it so it becomes like a mega punch… dang it, it’s so cool!” He breathed, and flopped on the bed in triumph. “I missed you so much,” He murmured, tone a little more somber. “It didn’t feel right doing all that… without you.”

“Dang, y-you got a bunch of upgrades. Like, i-if a superhero movie had a sequel or s-something and everybody came back with s-super advanced moves. Or, like, y-you had a training montage a-arc or...You get what I m-mean,” she said, her face growing a tad warm with embarrassment. Either way, she loved having these kind of conversations again. With Finn. She mirrored Finn’s motion and laid down the opposite direction of him, staring up. Her voice grew soft. “...I missed you too, F-Finn. So freaking much. God, it...I-I thought I was going to…”

She fell silent, he throat closing up.

“Y-you know...before I could see a-any of you again.”

“Don’t say that,” Finn whispered, as if speaking it were going to make it true. “We were gonna come look for you… but we got stuck a-at.. Harper’s… and th-then HQ…” Finn shuddered. What if they’d been too late? What if Luna hadn’t made it out before they could get to her, and then…

“I don’t know what I’d do right now if you hadn’t made it back.” He murmured. “I would’ve learned a hundred new moves just to make sure they let me out to go find you.”

“Honestly? I...I-I’d much rather you guys w-wouldn’t come looking for me,” Luna said, gnawing at her bottom lip, “That place, RIEF HQ...i-it’s beyond dangerous, Finn. Christ, I...I’m only here now by a m-massive stroke of luck. If not, I-I’d be chipped. Right now. Vulnerable to their e-every command and...That place is a-awful, Finn."

However, she didn’t mess Finn’s mentioning of Harper and her jaw instinctively clenched with distaste. “H-Harper...God...A-are you okay, Finn? I mean, I know that h-he’s not...the best…” That was putting it lightly and they both knew that.

“I’m fine,” Finn said, tone suddenly filling with anger as he sat up straight. “That’s bullshit, Luna, you can’t say that. If I was stuck in RIEF would you just sit here and wait? I don’t care how dangerous it is. We’re a team. That’s what a team does. A-and we should have, we should have gotten you out earlier. We should have and we could have.”

“W-well, I…” she trailed off, sitting up as well and preparing to protest. However, she couldn’t because Finn had a point. If roles were reversed, she’d be restless and crossing so many lines until he was safe and sound. “I...c-can’t deny that but...Finn, I don’t know h-how many times I’ve said this to everyone else but I-I’ll say it to you too.” She squeezed his shoulder gently. “Th-this whole ugly thing was n-nobody’s fault. No one. RIEF, th-they had all this planned out f-from the very beginning.”

Taking a deep breath, Finn shook his head. “I just…” His stomach was twisted over in knots, thinking about Luna trapped. Making her do what they pleased. Experimented on… had she been experimented on? “All I know… is that I’d do anything to get you back. So don’t let them catch you again.” He gave her a lopsided smile, though he gripped the bed sheets tightly. “At least.. I won’t let them.”

In response, Luna nodded once, firmly. “N-never again,” she said, “And that goes the s-same for you too, Finn. I won’t let anything h-happen to you. I...I can’t bare to lose a-anymore loved ones.” Her voice nearly trembled with pain, but she did well to extinguish the sentiment and push on steadily, “This is...this is s-so real now, Finn. No more j-joking around. We need to get better. S-stronger. Protect each other. F-from now on, we’ll both work harder, okay?”

For Mac. For their family. For Rogue. For all of the metas who didn’t have a chance from the moment they were born.

Nodding firmly, Finn clenched his fists. “Yeah. Protect each other.” Ge echoed, and then he paused. “Anymore loved ones?” He looked up at Luna. “What do you mean… anymore?”

Luna stiffened, internally cursing herself for the slip up. She was almost certain that Finn had overlooked it, but apparently that wasn’t the case. She stared down at her lap. “Uh...y-yeah, anymore. I mean, Rogue, o-our family back at Miami...Mac.” Her hands curled into fists at her sides. “A-and even then, I lost even more and it’s just...I-I can’t handle another loss, Finn. I can’t.”

Finn’s gaze fluttered downwards. He put a hand on top of her clenched fist, face pulled into an aching frown. “I know, Lu. Me neither.” He murmured. “We’ll be okay. We’re not gonna lose anyone else.”

Her fist relaxed somewhat upon feeling the warmth seep from Finn’s touch. Caring. Always caring. She couldn’t imagine what would happen if that warmth vanished one day...she refused to think about it. Exhaling slowly, she nodded, eyes fluttering closed as exhaustion washed over her. “I-I hope so, Finn...God, I hope so.”

He hated to see her like this. Fear overtaking her every waking moment. How could he wash it away? How could he calm her? There was nearly no way to. Luna had seen things that he’d only had nightmares about. How could he tell her it was going to be alright, when he almost didn’t believe it himself?

Wordlessly, Finn tugged her into a hug, resting his chin on her shoulder and holding on tight.

Luna was just as clueless as Finn. She had no idea how to heal nor heal everyone else, but she knew it had to start with this hug. This friendship. This never ending support. Wordlessly, she slumped into him, face hidden in his shoulder and silent sobs shook her back. She tried to respond, a strained and whispered thank you, but it was barely loud enough to reach her own ears.

She didn’t need to thank him, because it was just as healing for him as it was for her. They’d already hugged, back when they’d first found each other again. But this one was more than a ‘you’re-okay’ hug. It was, in Finn’s eyes, a ‘you’re-gonna-be-okay’ hug, and they both needed it more than ever. He didn’t let go for a long time, not until her shivering sobs died down and only after a few of his own tears had fallen. With glistening eyes, Finn pulled away, only to take her hand again.

“We’re strong, Luna.” He whispered, and he knew it was true. For making it this far, for seeing all this suffering. Being strong didn’t save you from pain, it didn’t protect you… it only ensured that you emerged from the fire, burned but renewed. “We’re gonna be okay.”


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Collab with Elle Joyner Elle Joyner

’No good waste of space… The hell your parents waste all that time on fancy lessons and classes when you got crap for brains! Can’t do a damn thing right... Stupid little girl!’

Her cheek stung, where his hand had struck, her mind bringing her back there with such clarity… such definitive clarity that it hurt. It really, genuinely hurt. The dreams had started the first night they’d arrived at Orlando. Despite the happy reunions, despite all that had happened with Finn, she’d expected them to. His arm around her neck, pressing against her windpipe… the bruise he’d left there. Harper had been burned into her memories, and he would haunt her for a good, long while. And like all her pains… Rose would deal with it in silence, because there were bigger hurts, bigger struggles, and she needed to be strong. To be stronger…

But she didn’t feel strong when she closed her eyes. She felt afraid, and so she gave up, shortly after she’d laid down. Somehow, wandering around the facility, she’d found her way back to the cafeteria where she’d found so many pleasant, warming memories… and with a bucket and a cloth and soapy water, she’d started to scrub. One corner to the next and back again, scrubbing every inch of the floor… every last inch, until her hands were raw and red and hurt worse than any phantom pain could.

Frankly, Finn had never known a steady sleeping schedule. From a young age he’d been allowed to do whatever he pleased, and it never quite got smacked out of him, no matter how hard Harper had tried. But now, with the image of Harper’s defeat fresh in his mind, he couldn’t help but wonder if the man wanted revenge. If he was gonna come after him and Rose, gonna say all those terrible things all over again, and hurt him even though he’d tried to forget.

It was hard to forget. Especially when that was all his childhood had been, surrounded by fear and hatred and anger. Even though Yul scared him, he wasn’t half as scared of Yul as he had been Harper. And that was why when the one a.m munchies had hit him, he felt obliged to indulge. Yul couldn’t hurt him like Harper could, especially not if he ran and grabbed Penny.

But coming into the cafeteria he never expected to find Rose, down on the floor scrubbing like her life depended on it. “Rose?” Finn called out, blinking from his spot near the entrance. “Is Yul making you clean this late?”

With a squeak, Rose jumped half out of her skin at the sudden voice echoing behind her. Scrambling upright, she blinked, bleary-eyed, before recognition eased away the fear and she breathed out, “Finn! I… I just couldn't sleep.”

“O-oh.” Finn murmured, making his way over to her. He crouched beside her, squinting at the soapy floors. “You, uh.. You clean, when you can’t sleep?” Finn’s brows furrowed. “I just eat. Or read. But I’ve got nothing to read. Except all the weird ‘War Tactic’ books Yul has… and I don’t really want to read those.” Finn mumbled.

“M...makes me feel useful.” Rose answered, rubbing her arm, “I'm sorry you can't sleep, either. Guess they don't have regulation comic books, here, do they?”

“Nope.” Finn muttered. “Kinda sucks. I miss it.” He swallowed. “..Home, I mean. Miami. The comic books included.” Finn looked at her, eyes softening. He’d never quite felt useful cleaning. “.. You okay, Rose? Bad dream?”

“I'm really sorry, Finn. M...maybe someone here has them. We could ask around… find out.”

At his question, she paused, and looked down at her free hand, raw and pink still, “J...just… I know… I know we're not there anymore, but I forget sometimes. And I can still… I still feel like he's just there. Waiting.” Her eyes filled, and her fingers looped around her arm, tighter, “And if I keep moving...working… he can't be mad.”

Finn swallowed, hand reaching up to pry her tightening fingers away from her arm. “Hey,” He said gently. “I thought about him too.” He admitted. “But he’s not here anymore. He can’t hurt you. And even if he wanted to try, he couldn't.” Finn held her hand tightly. “It took me a while.. to stop thinking about him, once I got to Rogue. I had nightmares every night. But eventually… he fades away. He doesn’t disappear.. but.. it fades. I promise.”

Looking down at her hand in his, Rose shook her head, “Why are people so… wrong, Finn? Why? What did we do that's so bad, that they treat us the way they do?” Stepping closer, she looped her arms around his waist and with sob, crashed against him.

His heart broke as Rose fell unto him, and he hugged her tightly, trying to figure out how to ease her pain. The pain he had felt alone when he first came to Rogue, simply because he’d refused to let anyone in. Rose.. was so vulnerable. And he thought her so strong because of it.

Tentatively, Finn raised his hand to stroke her hair, the other holding her back. “It’s not us. It’s never us. You were never the reason Harper hurt you.” He said softly. “He hurt you because he was hurting, Rose. He let it consume him until there wasn’t anything left but beer and whiskey. When people hurt, they… they hate. But it’s never your fault. You’re perfect, Rose. No matter what Harper or your parents tell you in your head… you’re perfect.”

Sniffling softly, Rose shook her head. It was so hard to believe… to comprehend. His words were sweet and honest, but grasping them, understanding them was hard, when she was so used to hearing the exact opposite said of her. Harper had been hurt. She knew that. She could see it in him, on those few occasions when he was sober enough, or just drunk enough to be a decent human. She could see the pain he held onto… the agony… And she’d felt for him - she had. But what he had done to her, to Finn… It wasn’t right… and it left its mark, too.

“W...would you just… could you stay with me for a little while, Finn? M...maybe I could sleep if… if I’m not alone?”

“Yeah,” Finn said, nodding. “Of course, Rose. You .. don’t even have to ask, okay?” He knew it wasn’t as simple as that, to simply tell someone their worth and they’d finally realize it. But he had plans to remind her, until it finally stuck. Just because Harper had been hurt didn’t mean he was justified, and Finn had thought it true for so long. Now, his vision was finally beginning to clear. “If you ever have a bad dream, you can come wake me up, okay? I’ll probably be awake anyway.”

Her fingers wound through his and a small, weary smile touched her lips as she shook her head, “...You can come to me, too, Finn. You know that, right? I know I’m a mess right now, but… but I’m good with messes. And you… you deserve to know that what he did to you was wrong, too.” Giving his hand a squeeze, she looked up at him, “I’m not perfect, but I’m a whole lot better, now that I’ve got you.”

A fluttering warmth grew in Finn’s chest, as a smile came to his lips. “L-let’s make a pact, then. Anymore bad dreams… we come to each other, okay?” He squeezed her hand. “I’m a whole lot better now too.”

Her smile warmed, and she stepped forward, giving him another hug, this time, without the tears, “...Sounds like a deal to me.”


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Growing Stronger Every Day

Time seemed to pass by painfully slow for Josie since her… talk with Luna. She was doing fairly well, even in spirit, but the discussion, if one could even call it that, had settled more wounds and Josie was determined to let it go. Once her leg had healed up enough, she started off at the gym with a series of boxing exercises that worked her upper body, nothing strenuous on her leg. Once a few more days had passed, she started to add in roundhouse kicks and front kicks to the punching bags on display for her to exhaust every last bit of distress she felt waver.

She yelled at her opponent and as the days wore on, incorporated those top tier kicks she remembered from her Taekwondo days, just as she was transitioning into the advanced stages of her martial artistry before everything went to hell. The best part about her time was that it felt good. It felt really good to get back into the game. Six o’clock each morning was a pain in Orlando, however, Josie seemed to acclimate to the fixed schedule fairly quick with a few healthy habit changes and dove back into reading about what she loved most; the art of biochemistry and molecular biology.

On Josie’s seventh day, she asked around to see if there were any chopping blocks so she could snap them in half as part of her routine. An invigorating process and worth it in the end. By the end of each session, she was drinking water, pouring in sweat, ready for the next day, and it helped. The exercise helped her remove the grief and shame and replace it with more positive emotions. Soon, she finally came to a stand still and realized she did not need Luna’s forgiveness to move on. She had much to accomplish and that started with her.
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Reminiscence and Recruitment, Nick WingWong WingWong

Nick had found a spare unused room, which he sincerely hoped was fine to use. They had to house the Miami branch somewhere, right?

He glanced around the barren room, which was both familiar and alien, as he shut the door. It was Spartan in nature, much like his old room at Miami. In that case, though, he hadn’t let himself settle in. He’d kept on the way he had before, with just a different place to go and different people.

While his room at Miami had been fairly bare, it was still used and comfortable. There had been signs that the room had been his. This...this was a step further removed from that. This was no one’s space, and it was abundantly clear. It gave him an eerie, slightly unsettled feeling. It was something with a purpose, but that purpose wasn’t being fulfilled.

Nick sat his backpack down and sat on the bed. Carefully, he unzipped it and pulled a few items out. Pictures and keepsakes. A shot of his mother, wearing a startled face as snowball hit her from behind, making a wave of white powder fan out behind her. Nick smiled slightly at it, looking over some of his other keepsakes. Pictures of people either long gone or with fates unknown. An old watch, notebooks, a few books, a stuffed raccoon that had been loved to death and then some. Little things, that were all he had left from a life before.

Gaia was growing surprisingly heavy as it forced its owner to carry it down the hall. Two other golems had joined them by the time she had trudged down the hallway, one that she let Ozno name(and of course, it just had to be Dill). The other one she called the Grunt. For now, the nickname Geb worked a little better. Each golem gripped a side of Shiloh’s skirt, leading her down the hall as Gaia snored.

“It’s a good thing I am not wearing white today or I would ground all of you. Get it? Ground. Heh. I amuse myself.” Shiloh rolled her eyes as she plowed down the hall, the golems doing most of the work to drag her along. Finally, they strolled past the door she needed. “Honey! Honey! We went past where we needed to go.” Glancing down, both of her golems shrugged and tugged her back. Only to miss the door again. “ you are just being rude.” Stubbornly, Shiloh trudged to the door of Nick Locklear. Not having much room in her grasp to free her hand, she let little Gaia reach over and pound its muddy fist against the door. “Nick Locklear? Are you here, sweetheart?” She asked gently, putting herself in the mindset of conversing with Drew. She could be the most civil with that child, and civil is what she needed.

Nick’s head snapped up as he heard pounding on the door. Who in the world…? For a moment, he wondered if it was one of the Miami Rogues, but the voice calling through the door definitely didn’t belong to anyone he recognized. There was also a list of people that would call him “sweetheart” here, and there was absolutely no one on it. Well, maybe one, but that definitely didn’t sound like Lucas.

“Yes?” he answered after a moment, sounding more like he was asking a question than answering one. He quickly shoved his things back into the bag, zipping it up once again before setting it aside.

“Could I speak with you, Nick? My name is Shiloh, I am apart of the Orlando Rogue community and I wished to propose an opportunity with you.” Shiloh shifted uncomfortably as Gaia wrapped its stubby, grimy arms around the young woman’s neck. Since when did this little brat want to be carried like a baby for so long? “And give you a much more proper welcome to the community. I don’t have any real welcoming gift on me, but maybe you can give me a few ideas.” Shiloh began to bounce on the soles of her shoes. Her little men were hollow, but damn it all if they weren’t heavy. “Gaia honey just…” The creature rested it’s head upon her chest, snoring softly again. Shiloh grumbled. “Brat.”

Nick pursed his lips, saying nothing as he stood up. He opened the door only to blink in surprise at the small crew of golems encircling the woman before him. That was a new one. Three guesses what her powers dealt with, though.

“Uh, hi?” he greeted after moment, feeling wholly out of his depth. Yup, he was still awkward with new people. Near death experiences and comradery under duress hadn’t changed that, at least. He considered her words, even as he flicked his gaze over the constructs around Shiloh. ‘Propose an opportunity’? If this was what he thought it was, then Yul worked fast.

“Hello! Excuse…” Shiloh’s gaze strayed from her charge down to Geb, whose tug at her skirt was beginning to distract her. “What’s up hun?” Geb stretched out its arms, hopping up and down. Oh, please no. If this is God’s way at laughing at me for making these guys...laugh on big guy. Slowly, and with some difficulty, Shiloh heaved the second creature over her shoulder. There, it snuggled into her neck contently. “Sorry about that, Nick.” Her gaze returned to him, and she offered a warm, friendly smile. “I have come to talk to you about the Orlando base. It is in our community’s best interest, and our boss’s personal belief, that you would make a great candidate to join this base.” She swallowed, if somewhat uncertain.

“Our boss thinks you’d be wonderful in our family.” She nodded, not sure if these words were correct or not. She imagined this man was Drew, and all became still. “I do not expect an answer right away, and I understand that this is sudden. Is there anyway I can make you feel more at home before you make a decision?”

Nick watched with fascination and hint of amusement as she heaved the creature onto her shoulder like a child. He was tempted to offer help, though he wasn’t sure how well that would go over. He raised an eyebrow as she finished, though. Wow, it really was what he thought. No disguising it either. Truthfully, he preferred the blunt honesty to some of the underhanded tactics he’d seen before though.

“Right,” he said after a moment. He was flattered, in a way. He’d done his best over the years to make himself useful and invaluable. That was how he stayed safe. The fact he’d hardly been here at all and Yul wanted to recruit him was flattering. That said, Shiloh wasn’t lying in saying it was sudden. “Uh, there’s not really anything I can think of?”

“Oh.” Shiloh swallowed uncertaintly, shifting between two feet. “I know it is, well, rather soon. We just have reviewed your person, and we realize that you are quite a wonderful candidate...oh my God Dill.” Shiloh bit her lip as her third creation stumbled towards Nick, tugging gently at his pant leg. Not necessarily a request to be picked up, but rather a request of attention. “Sorry about him. He’s a little clingy.” Shiloh managed to poke out her bare foot to tap the golem, but it didn’t seem to do much. She huffed. “Okay, I will admit the sudden inquiry is a bit invasive. I apologize for requesting something so out of the blue. We just think you could be helpful. Besides, Dill seems to like you.”

“Definitely a bit soon,” Nick agreed before biting his lip as he smiled down at the third construct. “He’s fine,” he assured. He was certainly willing to take one for the team here. He bent down lower to Dill’s level, gently lifting him to his shoulder. He’d nearly stumbled forward in the process, muttering an “Oh my God” under his breath because he hadn’t expected Dill to be so heavy. He soon stood back up though, the way he held Dill betraying that he’d definitely held a small kid more than a handful of times. “I’m flattered, really, but please don’t expect a straight answer for quite a while. I’m not exactly familiar with everything here as it is,” he added, gesturing vaguely with his free hand at the hallway. He glanced over at Dill. “Does that mean your opinion holds a lot of weight around here?” he asked the creature, tone bordering on baby talk.

Shiloh blinked at the man’s patience, Dill quite content within the man’s arms. She watched the creature wrap its stubby arms around the man’s own arm, jovial with it’s affection. “I don’t blame you, honeslty I don’t. It’s a very good base, but I am going to be quite frank with you, it took me a while to get comfortable here. Forcing it is going to do you no good.” Watching her creature and hearing him speak were enough to make her slightly less tense about the situation. “And again, if you need to know anything about the base, or just wanna get a quick tour, let me know. I spend most of my time with these goobers anwyay. And my little kiddo. I need some adult time.” She smirked, head tilting as he spoke gently to her creature. “Oh yes it does. Dill pretty much runs the house.” She managed to wobble over and pet its head with her free hand.

Nick looked back over at her in surprise as she mentioned that it had taken a while for even her to get used to it. He could get used to the blunt honesty. The playing games and double meanings with silver-tongued people when others had propositioned him in the past had been exhausting. It was nice, to cut to the chase.

“I mean, if you’re up for it now, I wouldn’t say no. Not like I’ve got much else to be doing,” he smiled, before glancing back to Dill. “I can tell you’re a handful already,” he told it. He then paused, realizing something else that had been said. “Your kid?”
“Awesome!” Shiloh realized excitement had bubbled up in her and she attempted to turn her expression stoney. She made it clear that it was not truly serious, however, and bobbed her head. “I mean...excellent. I can show you the training room and gym first. Plus we have a pool.” Shiloh enjoyed, on the rare occasion, to just float around on the water and relax. Not have to worry about her troubles for the while. “Oh, shoot…” Gaia shifted uncomfortably in Shiloh’s arms and she struggled to keep it hoisted. “I didn’t mean, he, he’s like my little brother. He’s ten. Close in age to understand adult conversation, still a goober.” Shiloh smiled. “Wouldn’t trade him for the world though.”

Nick fought back a grin; it seemed Shiloh was definitely a bit more than the serious face she tried to wear. “Lead the way,” he commented, slipping fully out the door before closing him behind him. It wasn’t as if it really mattered for the sake of the room, but he’d like to keep people from snooping if he could. “Goobers are the best kind of people,” he joked. He didn’t have much experience with actual siblings, though he definitely got some of the sentiment that came with people close enough that they could be his siblings. He was a touch out of practice with that, though, just as he was with holding children, or at least creatures that behaved like them.

“Goobers are the best kind of people. If drew wasn’t a goober we wouldn’t have any fun at all. This base can be a little sombering at times, and I need the gober-ness.” Shiloh hypothesized, glad she got in some of her exercise routine by running around with the small golems. She wondered if she could convince Yul to make it into an exercise regiment. Carry her little creatures for five laps and do push ups with them on her back. She smirked at the thought. “Also if you need me, room is not too far.” She gave him the number and bobbed his head. “Drew might be in there most of the time though. Just don’t startle him.”

“Whelp, I think we are here.” She claimed with a half smile. “Step into a world of muscle burning and physical exertion. And occasional intense yoga.”

“Goober-ness is an essential,” Nick joked before glancing around. “It is a bit...somber here, though, isn’t it?” It gave him a weird feeling over all. It made him feel a bit, as they were walking, like he could expect to see his mother or neighbors turn the corner. He’d honestly even welcome the sight of Jeffrey Jones, if only to punch him in the face the way he didn’t quite have the confidence to do when he was younger. Not like he had it now, either, but he could dream. This place felt like home, and also absolutely nothing like it. “I’ll do my best,” he assured, as he took mental note of her room number.

“Oh no, not the yoga. Anything but the yoga,” he added with a chuckle.

“It’s a little somber. You get used to it though. Loud karaoke at night though with Drew tends to make it all better. If you aren’t embarrassed by bad singing and swaying dirt monsters, you should come join us sometime. And I know about your abilities good sir, you could make us somewhat decent.” She held the door open for him as they entered, Geb letting go of her skirt to go hop into the gym floor. It hobbled until it found its favorite spot(which changed every week or so) then began to stretch its arms as it’s little legs followed. Gaia struggled from Shilohs arms, joining Geb at his spot.

They began to do an identical stretch, their hollow forms clacking playfully against each other. Their hips would occasionally bump into each other as they did odd, synchronized poses. “They watch me too much.” She claimed with a grumble, only to join them a minute later and try to mimic their behavior. She placed her bare foot against the side of her leg, holding her hands in a prayer and balanced. Her golems clumsily joined in the position, bonking into her lower legs.

“Care to join?”

“I’ll have to stop by some time,” Nick chuckled, “though I’m not really in the business of messing with voices, so I’m afraid you’re on your own there.” He watched the other two golems wobble around before looking over at Dill. “Do you want to join them?” he asked before carefully setting it down so that it could join the other two. He smiled as Shiloh joined them, though he shifted his weight from one foot to the other a bit awkwardly.

“I guess it couldn’t hurt to join,” Nick said, though he had admittedly done little yoga in his life.

“Don’t make me put actual, God forbid it, effort into making myself sound good.” She chuckled and welcomed Dill with open arms as it hobbled over to join Geb and Gaia. “Ah come on, it’s good for circulation. And it releases stress.” Shiloh didn’t want to admit it now, but she had done some stretching to relax herself back at Codds. That, and some various forms of exercise to strength up her physique. She had to admit, her non existent biceps made her very impressive.

“Alright...this one I call flailing duck.” She claimed, stretching her arms all the way out before stretching one leg behind her. She was very cautious of her skirt(and yes, she did have leggings underneath in case someone asked her to spar), her concentration poised. She held the position as one arm flew back in the direction of her leg, the left one outstretched before her. Her golems attempted to mimic her, Geb mirroring her nearly perfectly. Dill and Gaia, however, stumbled about jovially. “Come, join the flailing ducks.” She tried not to smile. It felt weird to express some genuineness of her personality, but she knew it came with the job of recruitment. Yet, at the bottom of her heart she knew it wasn’t the job that made her act like this. She wanted to interact, even if it was silly. The job just gave her an outlet to be social while still accomplishing something. Adults around the base wouldn’t normally get her humor(except a few she could pick at off the top of her head) and she’d rather keep it to herself.

Yet she was content with expressing odd yoga poses to this kindly stranger.

“I’m afraid I must,” Nick said goodnaturedly with a small shrug. He continued to watch for a few more moments, though, as the three creatures did yoga with Shiloh. He wasn’t sure what it could really do for his stress, but hey, might as well give it a go.

“I’m pretty sure I’m about to be more ‘flailing’ than ‘duck’,” Nick warned as he padded over to join them. He did his best to mimic Shiloh, though he ended up a little wobbly for a while before finally managing to balance himself. His balance was admittedly less than stellar, which was the cause of a few notable scars from when he was little. It had improved over the years, especially after his life had been turned upside down the first time. However, he didn’t have any plans to balance from high-up places if he could help it, and he wasn’t a terribly steady duck. He did best when he got out of his own head, though, so he glanced around and took in the appearance of the room. He saw how clean and spotless it looked; how unused. No, this place didn’t quite feel like home, but here he was. He’d make the most of it, somehow.

“Excellent form.” Shiloh commented with a bow of her head, beginning to behind the knee she was standing upon. She wobbled briefly, as did one of her creatures as they stumbled into her legs. She remained patient, holding the position. “Now, bend your knee and graciously enter the uncomfortable swan. When no one else is in here, I like to make an interpretive squawk.” She rolled her eyes at her joke, but kept the pose all the same. “Again, I am not going to pressure you, but if you do decide Orlando is the sunshine city for you, you must learn to embrace the uncomfortable swan, the flailing duck, and of course the twisted otter. You don’t even want to know what that includes.” She heard a small thud, Geb having fallen to its face. It let out what Shiloh thought was a snore, before the other two piled on top. She sighed. “You are all an embarrassment to the family.”

Nick grinned as he watched the creatures fall and pile on top of each other to sleep. It might take a bit, but if nothing else, he thought he could at least get used to it here.


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Aspida Research Labs, Miami Branch
The streets were calm outside the thirty-seven story tall building. Aspida’s designation stood proud in a fountain in the courtyard out front, and people going about their own business walked to and fro as though the only cares they had were the same as they were before All Sorrows Day. The birds chirped from their perches in trees across the street in the small park, and squirrels could be seen daring a dart across the street for the snacks on the other side. It really was a perfect day.

Suddenly a caravan of black SUVs pulled up to the Aspida building coming to a screeching hold on the courtyard. The doors flew open and out poured heavily armed soldiers carrying automatic weapons. They moved in perfect harmony, some into the main entrance of the buildings, and others moving to cover the exits. When they were in place, a lone man exited one of the SUVs and entered the building.

Heading for the main desk, he pulled out his badge revealing that he was a RIEF officer, “Michael Fuller.”

The woman swallowed hard and immediately looked to the directory she opened on her computer screen. Swiping with her finger, she went through the list until she found the name they were looking for, “Thirty-second floor, last office on the right.”

“Thank you,” he told her as he folded his badge and slipped it into the pocket of his overcoat. Turning to the dozen soldiers awaiting his orders in the foyer, he nodded, “Thirty-second floor, last office on the right. Bring him in alive.”

As soon as he made an end of speaking, the men split into four teams of three and made for each corner of the building to make their ascent.

Spinning around, he reached back into his jacket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Pulling out one he slipped it between his lips and then searched his pockets for his lighter. His brow knit together until he finally found it and he visibly relaxed. Pulling it out, he brought it up to the cigarette when he noticed the lady behind the desk staring at him, “What?”

“Y-you can’t smoke in here,” she spoke timidly.

“Really?” he pulled the cigarette out. She nodded and pointed to the red sign on the wall, “Well, damn,” he sighed, and, after shoving the lighter into his pocket, he returned the cigarette to its pack, “Helps calm my nerves is all.”

She nodded and pulled a pack of gum nervously from her pocket. Pulling out a piece she placed it on the counter and pushed it to the edge toward the detective before withdrawing, “Helps calm my nerves.”

He smiled warmly as he picked it up, unwrapped it and slid it between his teeth, “Mmmm,” he started, “wintergreen. My favorite,” he nodded, “Thank you.”

Wondering to the center of the room, his phone rang and he pressed the button on the earbud, “Detective Tony Botticelli,” he nodded, “Hello, sir. No worries, the teams should be there by now. I’m expecting him in less than a minute,” the elevator bell rang and Tony looked up, “Speak of the Devil. I gotta go, sir. I’ll have him delivered to where you designated. No worries.”

Pressing the button at his ear, Tony stepped in front of the elevator door just as it opened, “Mr. Fuller,” the man sported a cut on his forehead. Tony winced, “tried to run didn’t you? Well, sir, if you could come with me, there’s someone who’d like to speak with you.”

Two weeks after arriving in Orlando….
One week after Michael’s arrest….

Sitting at a table beside at least a dozen others mutants all specialized in communications, Teddy stared at the monitor in front of him. Across the table lined many others all like his and all manned by someone with a background in communications or an ability that gave them an up in that field...well all manned but one.

Teddy glanced down to the empty chair two seats down. It had been two weeks since anyone had last spoken to Rebecca and even Yul’s best investigators were getting nowhere.

“I’m sure she’ll turn up, Teddy,” spoke Ashley as she caught sight of him from the corner of her eye, “it’s not like her to just disappear like that. She was always a planner, you know that better than anyone. So something really urgent and important must have come up, otherwise she’d be sitting right there,” she turned and offered him a sympathetic look, “But we still have a job to do.”

Teddy nodded wearing a tight-lipped smile, “You’re right,” he turned to the monitor and continued to look on. It was then that something caught his eye...a newsreel. Scrolling at the bottom of the screen was, Lead Aspida Scientist Arrested for Archivism.

“Oh….crrraaaaappp,” Teddy muttered before he clicked the browser and did a quick search. Sure enough, there it was. Michael Fuller arrested for being an Archivist...and a really good one from the stories Teddy had heard. This was a massive loss for them and something that, Mr. Hull needed to hear.

Quickly, he shot to his feet, grabbed a tablet, and started out of the room toward the office set up Mr. Hull. Sliding into the room and clearly out of breath, he started, “Director....phew…” he started, “Director Hull...look!” He extended the tablet to Keegan and waited as Keegan read over it.

A sigh slipped through his lips as he leaned back in his chair, “Verified?” he asked and Teddy nodded, “Thank you, Theodore. Can you have Keith Fuller and Penny sent to me?”
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Smut. Romance as a main plot. Horror. Grimdark.

Penny didn’t wait long when they were dismissed from Keegan's office. Keith’s dad was in trouble, and there was no need to consider what the next step was. Yul, who had taken in upon himself to sit in on the meeting, had made motions to ignore the situation, mentioning that there was too much risk, and that he wasn’t putting his people in the line of fire for an archivist. It had taken all of Penny’s energy not to jump across the table and strangle the man. Instead, she’d announced that she would meet Keith in the garage in twenty minutes, and left the room.

After that, it was back to her quarters to change. Without bothering to close the door behind her, Penny slipped out of her sweatshirt and tank-top, rummaging through the dresser in a flurry.

Walking down the hall with a sweaty, grey beater and a small towel draped over his shoulder had become routine for Deckard. When he wasn’t with Penny, he was at the gym using the equipment that seemed to never be used. This day was no different. He was few steps from the room when he noticed the door was open. Rounding into it, he raised an eyebrow and pushed the door shut, “Mighty Mouse?”

“RIEF has Keith’s dad.” She stated, without turning around. Tugging on a black shirt, she rifled through the lower drawer, shoving jeans out of the way and digging for a pair of pants, “Bastards are baiting us, and Yul won’t throw in for a rescue attempt. Keegan thinks it a trap, too. But I’m not leaving him to get killed because everyone’s too damn scared to do anything about it.” Sliding her jeans off her hips and kicking them across the room, she tugged on her pants, before turning around, “...I’m not asking you to come, Deck. I know it’s a lot...”

Soon as the words started coming out of her mouth, Deckard was throwing the towel in the corner and peeling the sweaty shirt from his body, “Ain’t too much, Penny. Keith walked through hell with us a couple weeks ago. If I can help him get his dad back, then I’ll be the first through the door.”

Looking up at him, Penny shook her head, before she stepped forward and pushing onto her toes, pressed a firm kiss to his mouth, “...Thank you.” Settling back down again, she glanced around the room, “Now, help me find my damn shoes…”

“Where’d you take them off last?” he swivelled his head, “they under the cot?” He asked as he moved to a drawer to pull out a fresh beater and t-shirt.

Ducking down, she found one beneath the cot, the other wedged between the dresser, and as she sat to put them on, she glanced over at him with a small smirk, “...We’re gonna need a better organization system, if we’re gonna make this a more permanent living situation. You can’t be throwin’ my clothes around the room, every time you tear them off.” Rising, shoes on, she breathed out, and the humor fading from her expression, “Deck… Tell me it’s gonna be okay. Keith doesn’t deserve this…”

Deckard shrugged with a mischievous grin on his face, “I’m sure we could come up with a system where you just don’t wear clothes in the room. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about it,” he raised an eyebrow to show his approval before tugging the pair of shirts over his head. At her second question, he stepped to her side and shook his head, “I haven’t lied to you yet, Penny, and I’m not going to start now by telling you it’s going to be okay. Truth is we don’t know. We don’t know what shape he’s in. We don’t know how many obstacles stand between us and Keith’s dad. There’s a lot of unknowns that just make such a guarantee on my part a stupid idea,” he paused and scooped up her hand, “But what I can tell you is something you already know. I have your back, and I will do everything I can to make sure that all of us, including Keith’s dad, make it out of wherever they are keeping him.”

“You know, Deck…” Rising, she gave his hand a squeeze, before releasing it to pull her hair back into a ponytail, “You ain’t supposed to make it so easy for me…”

Pulling his shoes off and slipping out of his shorts, he retrieved a pair of jeans and began to step into them, “Make what so easy for you?” he smiled.

Looking him over, she shook her head, a tease of a smile at her lips, “...Hm. Maybe I’ll tell you later. Come on. We should get down to the garage.”

After his shoes were back on his feet, he nodded and gestured toward the door, “After you.”

They didn’t make it far down the hall when the two of them ran into Keegan, who stopped them immediately, “What’s going on here?” he pointed between the two of them.

“You know what’s going on, Keegan.” Penny stated simply, a frown crossing her features, “I’m not gonna leave him to die, because you’re afraid it’s a trap. Keith doesn’t deserve that, and you know it. Neither does his dad. And unless something’s changed, that’s not how Rogue operates.”

“Temperance,” Keegan started, “I told you and Keith because I knew the two of you would want to do something about it. I know that Yul isn’t willing to put any of his people in harm’s way, but Keith is family. I’m not going to stop you,” he looked to Deckard, “I’m going to stop him.”

Blinking, she looked to Deck, and shaking her head, swore softly, “Keegan. That’s stupid, and you know it! How many times are we gonna go over this before you stop treating him like he’s some Goddamn mole??”

“I’m not going to argue this. He can’t go. That’s an order,” Keegan answered.

“This is bullshit, is what it is!” Deckard replied, his hands balled in fists, “Keith’s just as much a friend of mine as he is yours.”

“...You preach… about solidarity, and sticking together… but you really are full of it, aren’t you?” Penny answered, eyes narrowing on the older man.

“We are sticking together. It was a mole that killed the men, women, and children that were in Miami,” he sighed, “Look, I’m not saying that Deckard is a mole, but in light of everything that’s happened, I’d like to get to know him more before I send him out on missions with the lot of you. You’re my family, and I couldn’t bear it if something happened because I did not properly vet a potential Rogue. You can build your team using anyone else but him.”

“No.” Shaking her head, Penny frowned, “It wasn’t a mole, Keegan. It was your brother… And for all you make it sound like you two are so different, I’m not so completely sure, since you seem pretty ready to condemn people for what you think they are.” Breathing out, she looked at her watch face. Time was moving too swiftly, “If anything happens out there… that Deck could’ve prevented, I’m holding you accountable.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way, Temperance,” Keegan spoke, obviously bothered by her statement, “The answer is still no,” he stepped away without another word.

“Penny,” Deck took her gently by the arm, “This is stupid. I should be out there with you, not sitting in here.”

“He’s never gonna trust you, if you come with me right now, Deck. And no matter how pissed I am at him, he’s probably the closest thing I’ve ever had to a father. I need him to trust you.” Turning to him, she reached up to brush her thumb over his jawline, “I’ll be back before you know it.”

“I don’t like it. Not one bit,” he looked down the hall where Keegan was disappearing around a corner, “Almost like his brother better. He made me feel like I was a part of the team.”

Reaching for his arm, she shook her head, “He’ll come around, Big Guy… Okay? Just you wait. Few weeks, I’m gonna be jealous of all the time you two spend together.” Sliding her hand down his forearm, her fingers laced through his, “Now… tell me you’ll miss me, and gimme a kiss. So I’ve got something good to think about on this drive.”

“Damn right I’ll miss you,” he pulled her closer to him and slipped his free arm around her waist before leaning down to kiss her.

“Hm…” Tipping up into that kiss, she breathed out, “Good… I’ll miss you, too.” With a smirk, she released his hand, stepping back, “It’s alright if you wanna watch me walk away. So uh… you have something good to think about, too.”

“Pretty sure I was going to do that anyway,” he smirked.

“I know.” She grinned, and pointedly, with a wink, turned away from him, giving a small wave of her fingers, “See you soon, Sugar.”

“Come back to me, Mighty Mouse,” he called out, taking a long look as she walked away.

  Sitting at his desk, Yul stared down at the folder in front of him. The only good thing, he supposed, about running a clandestine operation, was when something went wrong, there were far less people to inform. That didn’t make it any easier, however, and something had definitely gone wrong. Rebecca Gimly’s body had been discovered in the new wing only a short while ago, all signs indication foul play… It didn’t take a man with Yul’s credentials to know exactly what had occurred. It had only been two weeks since Miami had infiltrated the Orlando HQ, and already, they’d proven to be insubordinate, overly emotional and, frankly, completely out of control. It would not have surprised him in the slightest to see one of them snap…

Rebecca’s death had been ruled suffocation - but no marks or ligatures suggested she was not strangled… which left few options to him. It had been a mutant with the ability to kill without touch… and that didn’t leave very many options, at all. Ozno’s name was mentioned, but with a fairly solid alibi, and Yul to vouch for him, he’d been ruled out swiftly enough….

It might’ve been a dead end, there, if he hadn’t been informed earlier that week about one of Keegan’s precious deviants bragging about having nearly sucked the air from the lungs of an archivist only a few days prior. Finnegan Westfall was innocent until proven guilty… but that didn’t mean Yul was going to let him wander the halls, uncontained…

He’d sent the guards, and just a few minutes ago had been informed Westfall was in custody… Now, it seemed, it was time to get some answers. And this time, Keegan Hull would not be there to interfere.

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  Arriving in the garage, still seething from Keegan’s powerplay, Penny informed the small brigade of guards waiting there that she needed them to seek out Finn, Lucas, Levi, Nick and Francis. If she was going to formulate a team, she was going to make sure Keith had tanks behind him… No one from the Miami branch could deny that the last two weeks had been pure hell, and she was determined, if it killed her, to bring home a win.

While she waited for the four, and Keith to arrive, she looked up to find a young woman waiting in the doorway, dark eyes studying Penny, before she smiled, “Hey… Sorry. I didn’t mean to do the creep awkward staring thing. Just heard about your friend’s dad, and I wanted to see if I could assist. I’m Danica, by the way.”

“Penny…” A brow lifted, and she crossed her arms, “I thought Yul didn’t want any of his team on this.”

“He did.” She said with a small smirk, “But I’m not too worried about what he thinks. Far as I’m concerned, till you move on, you guys are family here, too… and family doesn’t abandon each other. So… if you could use another warm body…? I think I might be useful, and I’d love to help.”

“...Yeah, sure.” Penny nodded towards the two SUVs reserved for the mission, “Climb on in.”

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Collab: It Only Takes a Taste, Daisy Elle Joyner Elle Joyner

Levi had done as Daisy had asked, returned the day after to check his stitches. Everything appeared to be in order, his ears appeared to be fine, and most importantly of all, he found a shirt that was not torn and bloody. This new found home was difficult to get used to for sure, but he was able to meld in after a while. He knew to say yes to his superiors, do as he was told, stay in line, train if he needed, watch over the younger Rogues(meaning Lucas all the way) and occasionally pop in to say hello to new acquaintances he had met. He had learned fairly well that Daisy appeared to be invested in work, so he did not always drop in to distract her. Sometimes he’d say hello, promise the pie hunt was going along swimmingly, and play some Beethoven goodbye. Other days he would consider just going in and speaking about other health concerns he had, the man who asked him if he had any other fours in his dream starting to become more prevalent in his nightmares.

But, today was the day, and he finally(with some assistance from good old Nick) got his hands on a freshly baked apple pie. Hiding this sucker from Yul was no easy task. He could hide the smell, and then put it in the box it came. He had also taken the time to carve a small daisy for the top of the pie, the middle piece painted a gentle yellow while the others had been slathered in a soft white. Levi took a lot of protective measures when it came to his recreation and carving time, including at some points taking wood from places within his room(he felt bad for his own dresser, but it gave him that damn heart he promised Peter).

Now, he was ready. He had upheld his promise, even if it did take a few days of extra work. He did not even wish to begin on where he found the paint(turns out golem girl had some on her that she snuck in for her little brother. Turns out if you offer that girl a pleasant hug and a genuine smile, she gives out a lot of artistic advice.)

Pie in hand and smell temporarily gone from the world, he sneaked his way to the woman’s office. He glanced down at the door and provided a gentle knock, surprised that he was nervous. He had no reason to be. It was just a sharing of food. Yet his heart threatened to hammer in his chest.

This was odd.

But it was not unpleasant.

It was rare that Daisy had any sort of day off, but she and Thaddeus had drawn straws (something he was eventually going to discover she was totally cheating at) and she’d gotten just that… something that meant more to her, after the exhausting week of Miami refugees streaming in with bumps and bruises and cuts and scrapes. She loved her work, and there was no part of her that would turn anyone away if they needed her, but a few, blesses hours of freedom were desperately needed.

And by God, she wore a dress, because whatever the hell Yul felt about their personal wardrobes, she wasn’t on the clock and she wanted to feel pretty.

She’d come to her office, despite the time off, mainly because it was a little less miserable and depressing than her blank canvas of a room, and she hadn’t anticipated any visitors, so the knock threw her off guard. But freedom aside, she wasn’t going to ignore someone in need, and that was the only reason she could think someone might stop by.

Rising, she made her way to the door, pulling it open, “Oh! Levi…” smiling brightly, she stepped back, leaning on the open door, “My lucky day.”

Levi felt his throat clench up as Daisy opened the door, adorned in a dress that only radiated her alluring features even more. Levi thought for certain that she couldn’t make him blush redder, but he realized he was wrong.

“I think it might be mine, too.” Clearing his throat, he stepped inside and let the aroma facade slide off his shoulders. In a matter of moments, freshly baked apples and cinnamon tainted the air. Levi smiled jovially and propped open the box to reveal his gift to her. “I remembered my promise, by the way. It only took three illegal sales, my left shoe, a quarter of my dresser, and some hugs. But I got what you requested for, sweet flower."

It caught her off guard, just a touch, the sight of the box, and as she reached out to take it, her smile brightened, “...My goodness, Jukebox. A man of your word… I’m impressed.” She moved to lift the box, but paused, looking up at him with a suddenly curious expression, “Hang on… Why just the left shoe?”

“I told you I wouldn't break it. Man of my word I am.” Pridefully, he pressed one fist to his chest and gently patted it. Eyes skimming down to her and the box, a playful smile graced his lips. “So the three illegal sales aren’t the most concerning item on the list?” He shook his head in disappointment. “And if you must know…” His eyes twinkled with mirth, only for the amusement to die down into false seriousness. “I would have to swear you to secrecy.”

“Bah. What’s a little black market action between friends, right?” Biting her lip, she looked up again, as if she were considering the offer, before her free hand extended, the pinky raised, “...You’ve my honor, Juke… not a word will leave this office.”

“I like the way you think, Dais.” He freely took into consideration the offer of her pinky swear. “A valued and honest promise.” Levi strung his pinky cautiously around hers, giving it a gentle shake. He slowly untangled his hand from hers before claiming “So, I met Shiloh, and she helped me get my hands on some creative supplies. Turns out her golems like stealing little trinkets, and at least four of them bombarded me and stole my left shoe. I managed to hobble away with one shoe intact and a lot of paint on my shirt.” He chuckled softly. “So, I hope you enjoy. I think you’ll be happy with it.”

Breathing out a laugh, she nodded, “Oh… I’m very happy. That story… is gonna stay up here,” she tapped her temple, grinning, “For a very long time. Now…” Taking the box, she moved to set it down on her desk, carefully opening it, “Let’s see what we have here, hmm?”

“Ah, the Levi Embarrassment Collection I see. That’s gonna fill up quick, buttercup.” He teased her, strolling behind her as she propped the gift down to the table. He stood next to her, hands in his pocket. He raised one to brush stray hair from his eyes, then scratched his scruff in slight anxiety. His voice almost became lost. “Apple cinnamon pie, specifically what I made you smell. I made sure it was as close as I could get to.” It wasn’t Ibrahim’s, but it was damn close.

“Oh… Jukebox. You… have done well.” Looking at the pie, her smile widened, “Are you…” Pointing to her nose, she wrinkled it just slightly, “Are you hiding that glorious smell, right now?”

“Mission complete.” He congratulated himself in a dramatic, low voice, amplifying the tone with his ability. Having focused on the sound, the aroma came more into sight. He laughed heartily. “I had to because of Yul. I was scared he was going to find me out and kick me out for bringing in appley goodness and joy. That and know, seeing you ‘recreationally’.” He rolled his eyes. “It’s not like I’m gonna distract you while you are knee deep in a surgery.”

“Oh, Levi, honey. You know I wouldn’t let him kick you out. Yul? He’s a big teddy bear, anyway…” She waved a hand, letting her eyes roll closed as the smell flooded in, savoring the incredible scent of cinnamon and warm brown sugar, “That, or he’s scared I’ll leave and he’ll be stuck with grumpy of Thaddeus.” Her eyes opened again and she looked over to him, with a smirk, “Seeing me recreationally, huh? That’s a new one…”

“Oh, you wouldn’t let him, hmm? Have I grown on you that much buttercup?” He bounced his shoulder off hers teasingly, staring down at the pie with a big grin. He took a moment to savor the aroma, crisp apple blended with cinnamon sugar sending a pleasant spark of nostalgia into his chest. “He might be scared. Thaddeus doesn’t seem that grouchy, although I will admit I am very grateful I got you instead of him tending to my shoulder wound.” A hint of rose tinted his cheeks, growing and spiraling until he thought he couldn’t breathe. “ can berate me for that one.”

Laughing, she shook her head, “I am gonna berate you. I am downright terrifying, thank you very much. Just cause I come up to your shoulders, and can’t bench press a grape.” Nudging him back, she shrugged, “True story? We drew straws over who got the stitched up Frankenstein knee… and I may or may not have peeked at which straws were which before I picked.”

“Oh, you’re adorable Daisy. Nowhere near terrifying. You and your cute little noodle arms…” He teased her with a very light voice, withholding a chuckle. He quieted down as she discussed the draw, his jaw slacking open in her surprise. “Mischievous buttercup I see! So, you just didn’t want to handle the knee huh? I imagine, was a hard wound to handle...but I’m still incredibly grateful I got you to assist me with that injury. Owe you lots.” He vowed to her, honesty tainting his voice.

“Oooh!” Feigning a pout, she shook her head, “Adorable?? I’m a beast and you know it…” At his reaction, however, her laugh bubbled up again and she shook her head, “That, or maybe I just heard ahead of time how cute you were, and I really wanted to check you out… Now, stop thanking me. You don’t owe me anything but that pretty smile… and this pie. Speaking of… Tell me you brought forks.”

“A cute beast. Instead of roaring, I bet you purr.” He smirked, but could feel the heat retreating from his cheeks as she admitted honesty about drawing straws. “ took that straw because you thought I was cute?” Levi stared down as she called his smile pretty, realizing his next question was going to be a stupid one. “Am I as cute as you thought I was going to be?”

“Oh, right.” He propped open the box and revealed two forks slid into the side. Plucking them out, he handed one to Daisy. “Madam, we may now gorge ourselves. I do hope you enjoy.”

Laughing, she shook her head, “I bite, too. So watch your fingers.” With a wink, she turned to pull herself up onto the desk surface, ankles hooked together, “And I was totally teasing. It was fully just not wanting to deal with the Frankenstein knee. But you are… definitely adorable.”

He held out a fork and she raised her brows, taking one. Without a word, she dug it into the pie and taking a chunk, bit into it. A soft, satisfied murmur escaped as she closed her eyes again, “Oh dear Lord. I dunno if it’s cause it’s contraband… or what. But this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.”

“Hey don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Levi grimaced jokingly and rubbed his hands together after having handed her the fork. “Oh...right. I know you were teasing me. I totally knew that.” He grumbled, his cheeks red still as she called him adorable. He rubbed the back of his neck, which had also decided to burn mercilessly. “Thanks. You know I thought I was going to blush more than I did when I first saw you. Because hell, you were adorable. And now you’ve got that pretty dress and are eating pie like a champ.” Levi smirked in spite of the red, taking his own fork and plunging it into the pie.

He slowly took a chunk from the pie and shoved it as daintily as possible into his mouth. His eyes fluttered closed and a near replica of her murmur escaped him. “My God. I think heaven has just been proven real. That or the illegal stuff always tastes better. I wouldn’t know.” Levi took another small nibble, eyes fluttering. “I’m glad I upheld that promise Dais.”

“Now, Levi… Don’t you go fallin’ in love with me, just cause I’m pretty.” She wiggled the fork at him with a small grin, “I’ve got substance, damn it… Somewhere in here.” She went in for a second, unhindered bite and breathed in the scent of cinnamon with relish, “...Heaven… Absolutely. Heaven”

“Mm.” Levi claimed with a mouthful, cheeks puffed out dramatically as he shook his head and swallowed. “I ain’t falling because of your looks Dais. Trust me, you’ve got a lot more substances than just the adorable demeanor and wonderful fashion sense.” He teased her, hesitantly bringing his hand up to ruffle her hair. “Hmm, should I bring in pie more often? You seem really deprived of good pastries here, and for every shoe and illegal sale I would have to make, it would be worth it to see you happy.”

Daisy blinked at his response, and biting the inside of her cheek, she looked him over, fingers raking through what was ruffled, “Completely deprived. Yul's a monster who can't be stopped. Listen… Levi. This is fun and all, but… but I need to ask… what's the goal here? For you, specifically. It's just… you're a nice guy and I like spending time with you, but I gotta know, and I'm gonna sound really paranoid here and I hope I can say this as inoffensively as possible, if this is just some really inventive way to score…?”

“Hmm?” Levi questioned, brow furrowed at her inquiry. It set him off balance, wondering if that’s what she thought it was. He didn’t want to say that was his intention, because it wasn’t. He didn’t want to treat her like a conquest for the sole purpose of “scoring.” Nausea built at his tongue, guilt festering in his stomach. “No, no no no. That’s not my intention, at all. I am sorry if I made it seem that way, it’s just that I liked spending time with you when we had first met, and well, I wanted an excuse to talk to you again. It’s not because I want to, well, be a jackass and get someone to sleep with me. I promise I have genuine interest in spending time with you, and I’m sorry if I came off the wrong way.”

“No… Levi, honey.” Smiling faintly, she tucked the hair back behind her ear, “You didn’t… It’s just… I have to ask, cause… well, I like you, and I like spending time with you. I’m not just not… I’m not into fast. And usually when I say I like to take things slow, most guys don’t really grasp it, you know? They think ‘casual trot’, I’m thinking ‘polar ice caps melting’. I went through some stuff, when I was younger… spent half my life trying to preserve something someone thought they could take, just cause they took me in. It’s important to me, and it’s something most men aren’t exactly comfortable with. So, I feel like a fair warning is necessary…”

“I am sorry.” Levi claimed, placing his fork back into the box briefly to give the woman a gentle pat on her shoulder “I never want to put someone in an uncomfortable position. And besides, I feel like a condition in liking another human being is to respect their boundaries. I know what it’s like to be used just for the physical aspect, and it’s not good. I just wish to see you, and if that means just curing your sweet tooth, well, it all would have been worth it. I won’t ask you do something you aren’t comfortable with. I’m a little bit of a dick, but I’m not that much so.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Levi. Honestly…” Reaching up, she gave the hand on her shoulder a squeeze, “Did I mention that on top of cute… and extremely terrifying… I’m also a great big hot mess? Cause um… it’s not too late to run.”

“Running takes too much effort. Besides, I think everyone has a little bit of a mess.” Slowly he took her hand in his, raising it up to his lips to kiss it. His eyes twinkled with a gentle mirth. “Besides, I’ve already sacrificed a shoe and my legal dignity. And...well, from what I’ve seen, you are someone worth spending time with. No matter the baggage. We all have baggage, little flower.”

“...I got a U-haul.” She murmured with a small, ginger smile, “But you do have really great taste in pies… Speaking of which. That I have no intention of taking my time with. Pretty sure I’m gonna finish in the next ten seconds. After that maybe… maybe you wanna talk a walk or something? We could talk? Get to know each other a little…?”

“I’ll be the UPS guy then.” He smirked, letting go of her hand after a moment or two. “Honey you can finish that up as quickly as you want. No shame here. I...I like that idea a lot.” He claimed with a ginger smile pulling at his lips. “I’d like to get to know you better, little flower.”

Grinning, she plucked up her fork again, giving it a little wiggle in his direction, “Just remember. You asked for it, Darlin…”

“And I’m not going to regret it.” Without another word, Levi reached for his fork and stuffed another mouthful of pie into his face. After he swallowed, he grinned cheekily at her. “You sure you are okay with me? dear?”

“Hmm.” Giving him a pointed, comprehensive once-over, she shrugged, “Yeah. I think I can probably be okay with you.” And digging in, she took another bite as well. It wasn’t ten seconds… but the pie was pretty sufficiently and quickly disposed of, and all the evidence that remained of the illegal pursuit was the cardboard box and two forks. Afterwards, Daisy hopped down off the desk and linking her arm through Levi’s, led him from her office with the promise of a ‘getting-to-know-you’ tour.

It was short-lived, however… Halfway down the hallway from the infirmary, a guard approached, and brow quirked, Daisy paused, “Everything alright, Chris?”

The man frowned, gesturing to Levi with a thumb, “He’s needed down in the garage - something about an emergency mission.”

“Hm…” Looking up at Levi, Daisy smiled, “Guess we’ll just have to raincheck, Jukebox. Stay safe, okay?”

“Emergency mission?” Levi inquired, somewhat perplexed. He blinked a few times and gave Daisy’s arm a comforting squeeze. “Rain check it is, buttercup. I’ll be safe.” He winked at her. “I wouldn’t want to miss out on getting to know you, after all.”
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Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Collab with Elle Joyner Elle Joyner

He had been awoken by a crude knocking on the door. Finn blinked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he he picked himself out of bed. The knocking was incessant; angry. Rose was sleeping peacefully beside him, and he prayed to god this didn’t wake her up. He growled under his breath, swinging open the door but only to meet two angrier guards.

Finn shriveled. “Uh, gents..?”

“Finn Westfall? You need to come with us.” One of them reached out, but Finn recoiled. “H-hey — take it e-easy. I’ll come w-with y-you.” He stuttered, stepping out of his room even though he was just in pajamas. The guards pushed him in front, and Finn felt his gut twisting into knots. This seemed a much more dire awakening then to be persecuted for raiding the pantry at midnight.

Finn looked up at the guards, eyes pleading. “W-what’s going o-on?”

“Commander Huang needs a word with you…” One of the guards answered, gesturing down the hallway, “Right this way, please.”

Finn would be led a good distance from the dormitories, to a series of rooms in a long, dark corridor. At the end, he’d be directed to a door marked “I17”, and told to wait inside at the table.

Gulping, Finn gave the guards one last nervous look before heading down the dark corridor of doom. This was bad. This was so bad and he could feel it. The walk down the corridor felt like ages, even if it was just a few yards… his stomach twisting and turning the whole way.

This was definitely an interrogation room. Maybe he should be lucky they weren’t dragging him here. Sitting himself down at the end of the table made him feel like he was offering up his wrists for cuffing. No one to back him up… just him. Finn’s knee bounced under the table. Nothing to do but sweat.

After a minute or two of waiting, the door opened, and Yul Huang stepped inside. He was silent as he made his way to the table, and sitting down, he studied Finn silently for a moment, before he spoke, his voice cool and quiet, “Mr. Westfall. Can I get you anything? Water? Something to eat?”

Squirming as far back as he could in the chair, Finn avoided Yul’s gaze. Something about it felt incriminating, invading. His throat was dry, and of course, as always, he was starving. “No,” Finn whispered, trying to muster up some confidence even though he was as white as a sheet. “I-I’m fine. I just want to know why I’m here.” He said quietly.

Steepling his hands on the table, Yul continued to stare, and there seemed to be a note in his eyes that suggested he knew how discomforting it was, entirely, “...I need you to tell me about your powers, please. In detail.”

Finn shifted in his seat, desperately trying to avoid Yul’s prying gaze. “Uh..” He mumbled. “A-air p-powers. I c-can kind of fly, and m-manipulate the air, l-like gusts of wind and s-stuff,” Finn said slowly, barely finding the energy to make himself sound like hless of a terrified mess.

“...Manipulate air? I did say… in detail, did I not?” He responded, coolly.

“R-right. Yes. Y-yes you did.” He said quickly, trying to save himself from what he feared was a building wrath in Yul. What the hell else was he supposed to say? “It’s n-new, s-sir. I can feel the air… p-pull it to me, or away.. or w-whatever…” Whatever was not in detail. Shit. “I, uh… managed to pull down some… h-helicopters. F-from the s-sky.”

“And this is all you’ve managed to accomplish with these new found talents? You’re not… forgetting anything?”

Finn swallowed. “Penny taught me how to punch…” He whispered.

His lip curved slightly, and he shook his head, “...I’m referring, of course, to the circumstances regarding your former Archivist… Daniel Harper?”

Finn sunk into his seat. “He was hurting my friend.” He mumbled. “He was trying to kill her. I… I had too. I didn’t even know I could.”

“...Are you aware, Finnegan… that one of my team members went missing, two weeks ago?” He asked without insinuation, but there was a fire now, behind his dark gaze.

Finn blinked up at Yul, furiously shaking his head. “N-no — no I only got here two weeks ago. I didn’t know.” He insisted.

“Coincidentally, she went missing the evening you arrived. We’ve found her, this morning.” He paused, studying Finn’s expression, before continuing, “...Dead. Would you like to wager a guess, Mr. Westfall, as to the cause of death?”

Finn’s eyes widened. He held his breath, ironically enough, trying to process what Yul had just said to him. They’d found someone… dead. And they… they were blaming him.

“No, no! I would never. I would never! Please, I wouldn’t ever k… kill…. where’s Keegan? Where’s Keegan, I need to see Keegan!”

“Director Hull is busy.” He said, simply, “Can you verify your location, the night you arrived? Can anyone else…?”

They were gonna pin this on him! They wouldn’t even let Keegan come! “With Luna, and Adelaide, and Rose…” But after they’d all eaten together, they’d separated, Finn going to rest in his new room. “Mr. Huang, I swear. I swear I didn’t hurt anyone. Please, I would never. I don’t even know who you’re talking about!”

“Hm.” Sitting up, Yul nodded, “I imagine we’ll get to the bottom of all of this fairly quickly, Mr. Westfall. For now, however, you understand I can’t have you wandering around this facility. You will be taken to a containment room for now, until we can investigate…”

“Wait - what?!” Finn yelped, looking frantically at Yul. “But I - I d-didn’t do anything, please!”

“Then you’ve got nothing to worry about.” Rising, Yul nodded, “The guards will take you to the holding cell. It would be within your best interests to give them your full cooperation. Good day, Mr. Westfall.”
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Shiloh dragged herself from the training room after an hour or so of attempting exercise. She did fine as she usually did, the one item on her list that was a little bit tricky remained to be sparring. Put her outside with the soft dirt and she was confident she could win any match she was put up to. Inside, however, with her little golems, proved to be more of a stretch. While they didn’t go down without a fight, they tended not to listen to Shiloh. It didn’t matter, Shiloh could handle hand to hand decently, although, she would admit, she had her butt kicked quite a few times. By almost anyone she asked. She did find redemption later on, claiming she lost purposefully in order to gain knowledge about their fighting style.

This of course, was bull stink, and Shiloh didn’t want to admit it. It was alright though, she was fairly efficient when it came to her job, even if she didn’t recruit Nick Locklear off the bat. She was making progress, and she did as she was told. It was enough to keep her and the little guy there, so she figured it wasn’t a problem.

But now she was free of her duties, at least until Yul decided to scold her or peek over her shoulder about the whole Nick situation. It did not matter. She was making progress(and if she did dare say, a friend). Now she was free to at least sit, because she did owe Drew. She hadn’t been attentive to him as much as she used to, although, she was surprised to admit it, he handled himself well. She couldn’t remember being as resilient as he was when she was his age. Just a lot of mud and getting into trouble.

But hey, kids these days were different. That’s at least what some of the older Rogues would tell her.

“Drew, sweetheart?” She called out sleepily as she approached their room, her own eyes drooping. She was hoping he’d be somewhat relaxed, her body sore from running laps and doing God awful pushups(didn’t help that Geb was lying on her the entire time). She knocked two times, paused, then tapped her fingers in a random melody. She clicked her heels together, putting on her signature half smile for the young boy. She didn’t realize how much of a withdrawal this was becoming. Being away from him longer than a few hours felt like a dagger through her heart, and with her mission of recruiting Nick, she felt she was losing time. Then again...naps did sound very nice.

“I’m in my BATCAVE!” The call came from inside, a muffled sound, which only made sense because Drew was, of course, under the cot, blankets hanging over the dresser and desk, tucked around the chair and tied haphazardly to a standing lamp in one corner of the room, “If you wanna come in, Shi, you gotta be Batgirl!”

Shiloh blinked. Then a full out grin broke out upon her features, the young woman letting out a dramatic sigh as she brushed back her hair. She realized that she had her normal clothes still in her small gym bag and quickly began to scramble through them until she pulled out her blouse. Wrapping it around her neck, giving the appearance of a well to do cape, Shiloh gently pushed the door open. “Someone called for Batgirl, good sir?” Hands on her hips, Shiloh posed. Her eyes drifted around the room, only to see that there was a makeshift, miniature bat cave in her room. Drew had managed to slide underneath the cot and concoct all of this within a short period of time. Shiloh hated to admit it, but she was impressed.

And concerned that she allowed for so much freetime where he could manage to execute his miniature batcave so thoroughly.

“Alright, come out Batman. Unless you want me to join you in the cave. I’m here to stay this time.” She vowed, hesitantly approaching the fort. “You pitched this up very well young man. I think we are going to need more pillow forts in the future, just in case the bad guys want to steal all of our blankets.”

“Bah! I can’t come out, Shi… I’m in turmoil… and youuuu have to rescue me!” Drew, rolling over beneath the cot, flopped onto his back, his arm the only thing visible through the folds of the blankets, stretched around the room, “I was overpowered by Killer Croc! And then the Joker stole my unitility belt. Robin got eaten by the ‘gators. Sorry.”

“Oh...but effort.” She teased him, getting to her knees and crawling slowly towards the cot towards the exposed arm. She slowly raised the blanket and peeked underneath the cot to get a brief peek at him. “Alright little guy, just grab on and I’ll save you from Killer Croc. He was always a pain in the old tush...more so than Bane I would dare say. And what would that be, our fifth Robin in a month?” She cooed teasingly, resisting the urge to laugh. “Honestly sweetheart, I should lounge around more often so things like this don’t happen.”

“It’s cause he’s insuborninate! I give orders and he just… woooosh… goes runnin’ off on his own. He’s trouble, Shi. And I can’t help it if the ‘gators like the way his toes taste.” Grabbing her arm with a flair of drama, he sighed deeply, “Why you sweaty? Were you on a mission???”

“Gators just like human toes. They like to nibble and tickle ‘em ~” She cooed playfully before pulling him gently from underneath the cot. She gave him a big(if somewhat embarrassing) hug, tickling his sides before she paused, letting him go and flexing her muscles. “I was out making myself big and strong. I don’t have any important missions just yet, but it's best to be prepared.” She patted her bicep pridefully. “Strong enough to protect us from any baddie,”

Wrinkling his nose, Drew shook his head, “You better keep workin’, Shi… Cause I think I got bigger muscles than you…” Patting his scrawny arms, he pushed up a blob of bicep-skin, grinning a cocky little grin, “How come I can’t train with you? I wanna fight the bad guys, too. I’m Batman, for cryin’ out loud, and all I do is sit in my rooooom.”

“Oh, why yes you do Drew. Humph, it’s going to take hours and miles of training and meditating to reach your muscle strength.” She pressed her hands together and bowed her head to him, stopping short at his question. She brushed stray, obnoxiously curly hair out of her eyes. “Well, Drew. I have no doubt that you can fight the bad guys. In fact, I think when you are older you are going to be one of the strongest there is. But for right now, well, bad guys are scary. I just want to make sure you are safe. But...I don’t like the fact you are stuck here all day. I can go take you exercising one of these days. I don’t think you are quite ready for sparring, but I don’t think swimming or running would be a bad idea at all.” Shiloh was still adjusting to living in such a social setting. She wasn’t sure what was appropriate to let Drew do. She knew fighting was out of the question.

“Pssh.” Waving a hand at her, he made a face, “I’m not scared of the bad guys!” Fidgeting, he chewed on the end of his fingernail, head cocked to the side, “Is… is that stuff fun? Running and swimming? I mean… I know swimming’s fun, but like… training swimming? Is it work Shi Shi??”

“I know you aren’t scared of anything little guy. It’s just my responsibility to look after you. And the bad guys scare me.” She knew being honest with him was better than trying to run past the fact, and she hoped it would get the point across. “Er, well in order to be a great big superhero like me, you’ve got to work a little bit. And we can make it fun. Running is fun if you pace yourself, or chase each other around. And train swimming ain’t too bad, the nice thing about these workouts is that we can adjust to make it nice and fun. We can make a schedule of items or equipment in the gym that you might find fun. Little jogging there, a little stretching there. It’s pretty open.” She smiled cheerily at him. “Besides, it keeps this girl nice and in shape. Gotta keep my muscles tip top if I wanna wrestle Florida’s finest alligators.”

As she spoke, Drew dropped his head back onto the cot, and when she trailed off, he opened his mouth and let out a loud, exaggerated snore, before feigning as though he’d been jolted awake. Sitting up, he blinked, looking at her, “Sorry… Dozed off cause of all the borrrring. Can’t we just play hide and seek? It’s so big here, Shi! I could hide for a month and you’d never, ever find me!”

“Boring? Hmph, I could always have the little golems chase after you. Warning, they aren’t fast.” Shiloh blinked at the suggestion, a passive chuckle escaping her lips. “Hmm, as much as I love a game of hide and seek, the facility is big. And I don’t necessarily want you getting lost.” She thought of Yul and the possible consequences for the shenanigans. She bit back a grimace. “If you want real training, I could show you a few elementary things.” She almost regretted her words, but kept her composure.

“Like shootin’?” His eyes widened, and he grinned, “Can I use a rocket launcher? I’d be so good with a rocket launcher!”

“Mm, I think I can try to talk to Yul about a rocket launcher. Not sure how excited he’d be.” Shiloh smirked and ruffled his hair. “I think I’d start more with how to block. Defense stuff is always useful anyway. And it wouldn’t hurt to start early.”

He beamed, as she mentioned asking Yul, but the smile floated away when she ruffled his hair and he made a face, “Maybe.. Maybe I could just have a snack, instead? I’m kinda hungry.”

“A snack? Sure thing buddy. Anything in particular you are in the mood for?” Shiloh slowly hopped to her feet, offering him a hand to get him up. “I think I still have some apples and a jar of peanut butter around here in the room. You deserve a treat after protecting the Batcave so well, I couldn’t have done a better job myself if I dare say so.”

“Yessss…” Taking her hand, he bounced to his feet, grinning, and giving a wiggly little dance, “Peanut buuttterrr. Wait. It’s not chunky, right? I hate chunky…”

“Honey I’ve known you long enough to know better than that. What do you take me for, a lazy gator?” She grinned at his small dance, the boy bringing a spark of happiness into her stomach. She turned from him and went deeper into their room, returning to the fort soon after with a little plastic bag filled with apple slices. She had a nearly full jar of peanut butter in the other arm and plopped both down in front of her. She sat back down, but not before grabbing a blanket from her own cot and wrapping it around her. “Dig in little guy, plenty to go around.”

“No… if you were a ‘gator, you’d eat my toes. So. Duhh.” Shuffling closer to Shiloh when she sat down, he flopped back against her shoulder and taking an apple out, dug into the peanut butter, “Mmm… Gooey.” He mumbled with a half full mouth.

“Nah, your toes are too stinky.” She teased, happily wrapping the blanket around his shoulders and making sure he was snuggled in. She placed her hand upon his shoulder, eyes closing in content. With her free hand, she got her own slice of apple slathered in peanut butter and happily plopped it into her mouth. “Crunchy.” She countered, mirroring his tone. “Mm, I think I should talk Yul into getting a peanut butter fountain.”

“I think… I should talk him into it…” Drew said with a quirky grin, before tapping her on the nose with an apple slice, “And your toes are stinkier…”

As he munched on the offending apple, there was a knock at the door.

“You devious crusader.” She teased, kissing his temple before hearing the knock at the door. Perhaps it was Nick coming for karaoke? Did Dill and Geb decide it was time to cuddle? Shiloh shook her head. “One minute, sweetheart.” Slowly She unraveled herself from him and made sure the blankets fully encased him. She stood and reached for the door, her heart dropping at the guard on the other side. “Hello dear, what seems to be the issue?

“...Hey, Shiloh…” The guard started, peering briefly over her shoulder, a brow quirked up at the amalgamation of blankets around the room, “Listen… Yul sent me. We got some bad news this morning. Uh… probably better you… come with me?”

“Bad news?” Shiloh asked softly, her head turning back towards Drew. Her heart dropped. What could have happened that Yul needed her to come check up? Her mind went to Nick and the other Miami people, but she wasn’t sure how something bad could come from that. “Before I go, what the hell is going on?”

Drew had peeked out from beneath the blankets, and with a heavier expression, the guard leaned close enough to whisper, as to not be overheard by the child, “...They found Rebecca.”

“Oh...oh my God.” Shiloh placed her hands over her lips, eyes shutting tight as a futile prayer made its way into the open air. She exhaled slowly, and knowing the answer to her question, she inquired. “ she o-o-okay?”

Leaning back, the man shook his head, “...It’s not good, Shi. She…” Rubbing his neck, he shrugged, “She’s gone.”

Shiloh forgot how to speak, the words bouncing around in her head like a swarm of enraged hornets. Rebecca was dead, but Shiloh didn’t see how that could be humanly possible. Young, good health, seemingly strong. Quietly so Drew did not have to hear, she asked, “Killed?”

Nodding, the guard’s gaze dropped momentarily, “They think it was someone from the Miami team. They’re investigating, now…”

“Oh my God. Oh my God.” Shiloh nearly whimpered, the joy that had been festering in her stomach now gone. “I’ll come with you in just a second okay? I need to make sure Drew is okay alone.” She didn’t want to bring Drew to a meeting about a death of a friend. She may not have known everyone personally at the headquarters, but she knew Rebecca was a good person. Who the hell would murder her?

Slowly she turned from the guard and patted down Drew’s hair. “Sweetheart, I’ve got to go to a meeting real quick okay?” Panic suddenly settled into her stomach. Would Drew be safe alone? “Keep the door locked and don’t let anyone in. We’ve got a little problem with the Joker right now, and I just need to make sure our night crusader here is safe and sound. I’m sorry buddy. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

“Watch your toes, Shi Shi…” Drew answered, before moving forward to give her a hug around the middle, “...Love you bunches.”

“Only if you promise me to watch yours.” She responded, wrapping her arms around the boy and giving him a gentle squeeze. “I love you bunches too little guy. I’m very proud that you are handling this like an adult.” She kissed his temple, squeezing him before letting go. “Now, go protect the Batcave, my little Bruce Wayne.”

“Grosssssss… Girl germs.” Rubbing his forehead, he grinned, and nodded, before disappearing with a pronounced ‘WOOOSH’ beneath the blanket fort.

She smiled at the young boys behavior, shaking her head as he disappeared underneath the fort. She turned towards the guard, heading out of the door and directed him to lead. “Don’t you dare tell me he’s not the best Batman there ever was.” She muttered, sorrow building in her chest. She made sure their door was locked before leaving.

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Deckard and Alys
As Deckard retreated toward his room, he recognized that he hadn’t felt this angry toward another human being in a long time. Deckard was no good sitting back in the bunker waiting for Penny and the others to return. He was built for the field, even his ability made him a prime candidate for field work. Yet, Keegan was benching him because the S.O.B. was insecure.

His frustration must have been evident in his body language and on his face because others avoided him as he stormed down the hall. It was nice really. Talking was not something he wanted to do at the moment. All he wanted was to be in the field, next to Keith and Penny, fighting to rescue someone who meant something to someone he valued.

He had made it almost to his room in silent fury when he could have swore he heard his name called. Thinking himself crazy in his anger, he continued on.

“Deckard James.”

The use of his first and middle name sent shivers up his spine and his skin crawl as he came to a halt in the middle of the hallway. He hadn’t even told Penny his middle name, so only one person could have called out to him. Slowly, he turned and when Alys came into his peripheral he winced.

“Deckard,” she spoke again, a hint of a whine in her voice, “I’ll stand here and say your name over and over again until you turn around and listen to what I have to say.”

Turning around, he crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head, “If it’ll get you to shut up, I’ll listen this once.”

“What’s a matter?” she smiled slyly, her cheeks dusting pink as she reached up and tucked a strand of blonde behind her ear, “you used to like to like it when I called out your name.”

Rolling his head, Deckard began to turn away from her, “That was another lifetime ago.”

She groaned, “Deck…”

“No, Alys! Damn it,” he lashed out, “You don’t get to come back into my life and try to pick up where we left off. You burned that shit down five years ago, or did you forget?”

She shrunk back and wrapped her arms around her stomach, “No…” she sighed, “I didn’t forget. I think about it every day. I have nightmares about that day….a-and the mistake I made…,” she took a few steps closer to him, “I was scared, Deck. This,” she gestured to herself, “hadn’t happened yet, and I was afraid.”

He could see the genuineness behind her eyes and Deckard relaxed a little, “Did you ever think that maybe I was to? I didn’t know that I could do that, Alys. I just saw you..and the car..and I just reached out. I didn’t know that would happen.”

“I know,” she said softly and reached out to touch him, but when Deckard took a step back, she lowered her gaze and pulled her hand back in, “I was wrong, Deck. I shouldn’t have done what I did. It’s been the biggest regret of my life.”

“ were wrong,” he reinforced the wall she had managed to ding, “I gave you my life, Alys. I promised to love you forever...and damn me for still loving you now….at least the Alys that I remember. That woman...will always be in my heart.”

His mind’s eye flashed to the day of their wedding. Her hair, and that beautiful white dress, the flowers and the grin she wore on her was the happiest day of his life. He would have burned the world to ash for her.

“Thanks for the chat, Alys,” he told her as he swallowed back the hurt he had fought so desperately to quarantine within his heart. Turning toward his room, he started to walk.

“Deck, wait,” she took another step, “It’s about your friend, Finn.”

Deck stopped and turned back again, “What about Finn?”

“Yul’s got him...he thinks that Finn might have…,” she swallowed and fell silent as she thought about what to say next.

“Thinks he did what?” Deckard asked.

“Thinks he might have killed someone,” she finally said.

Deckard almost laughed out loud, “We talking about the same Finn? Finn Westfall? Cause that kid would consider all other options before hurting a fly.”

She nodded, “I’m telling you because I love you,” Deckard rolled his eyes, “Seriously, Deckard, I made a mistake and I’m willing to do anything to fix it. Won’t you at least give me a chance?!”

She was starting to beg him, “Stop, Alys, you’re making a fool of yourself. It’s over. You saw to that five years ago,” Deckard replied as he moved passed her, recalling where the interrogation rooms were, “I don’t need your help, and I don’t need you.”

“Deckard,” she called but he kept walking, “Deckard!” she called again, and when he didn’t listen, she clenched her jaw and rolled her eyes. He was so stubborn, if she didn’t get to talk to him now, she might not again, but how was she going to get him to stop? Finally it dawned on her. So despite every warning buzzer that went off in her head, she wrapped her arms around her belly again, softened her expression and yelled….

“I was pregnant!”

The words echoed through the hall, reached out and into Deck’s chest, and gripped his heart like nothing before. Though he wished his feet to carry on, they were cemented to the floor and all hope of walking ended. Against his will, he turned to face her, the shock of her words evident on his face, “What?”

She looked down and then hugged herself tighter, “Five years ago, Deck, when you left-”

“When you threw me away,” he corrected her.

She refused to look up at him, “I found out I was pregnant. We had a baby, Deckard.”

It was as though his lungs had forgotten how to work once the air had left them. His body ached, his eyes stung. He’d never been hit harder by anything in his life. It took him a moment to collect himself enough to speak as he walked back to her, “And the baby?” he asked.

This time Alys did look up, and he knew the answer before she gave it to him. Slowly, she shook her head, a single tear sliding down her cheek. Deck was wrong...this...this news hit him harder than anything ever before. It took all his strength to not crumble in front of his ex-wife...the woman that had robbed him of his marriage, of his joy of knowing she was pregnant, of the blessings that came with kicks and movements. She took all of that away and had the gall to let him know now...with everything else that was going wrong. He knew she was making some sort of play by tugging at what he had always cared for most….family.

Shaking his head, Deck let the tears slip from his eyes. Standing straight, he looked down to her. He could see the hope her eyes and it damn near made him sick. His jaw clenched, and he drew in a breath through shaky lips. Leaning in toward her, she tilted her head up, her lips parting slightly. He knew what she wanted, what she thought she was getting…

“Alys…” he whispered, unwilling to test a louder tone.

“Yes?” she asked in an equal tone, her eyes staring up at his, waiting for him to just do it.

“Fuck you.”

He pulled back, spun around, and headed toward the interrogation rooms an angry...but broken-hearted man.

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Collab Post: Extra Terrestrial Maybe? | Interactions: Ozno & Adelaide Elle Joyner Elle Joyner | Location: Orlando HQ

She was lost… again. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. Luna had given her a comprehensive tour, drawn her a map, AND stuck by her side until she had been comfortable enough on her own, and still, somehow, she had managed to find herself in a strange, unknown territory, with absolutely no idea where she was going or how to get back through the maze that was Orlando’s base…

And she was pretty sure she’d found where they kept the aliens. Spending the majority of her life kept in some form of captivity or another, she wasn’t particularly versed in social interactions, but watching the man standing in the courtyard, splashing water on himself in odd increments, she was fairly certain she’d come across something that was just…

Not… normal…

And curiosity got the better of her. Standing in the doorway, she watched, silently… just watched.

“Splash…” Three more seconds. Ozno looked up, eyes filled with longing. It was raining. Outside. But he was inside and, like, that sucked. It sucked a lot. He wanted to be outside. The rain felt good against his skin and clothes. But he was stuck inside and that sucked...Did he say it sucked yet? Probably. He thought so. “...Splash.” He raised the bottle up, tilted his head back, let the water smack him in the face.

Dang. Didn’t feel just like rain drops. But close enough.

“Excusez-moi…” She finally said, because curiosity, after as long as she stood there and watched, just wasn’t enough. If this was an alien… or some sort of wild creature, she needed to know, and asking Luna later wouldn’t do.

“Hm?” Oz drawled, arm still extending over head, water steadily rolling down his face. He held up his free hand. Waved with two fingers. “...Hi.”

“Erhm…” Blinking, Adelaide looked down and cautiously, as though she were afraid of insulting him, she studied which fingers to fold down, before she waved in return, “...H...hello. Are… hm…” She hadn’t had much time in the last few weeks to learn anything in depth, but she’d picked up a few useful phrases, that she managed not mangle with her thickly accented voice, “How are you?”

Oz dropped the bottle, letting it hit the floor. Forgotten. At first, he was going to say something, but he was wet. Pretty wet. So, he wiped at his face like his hands were windshield wipers, accidentally made himself sneeze, paused...then shook himself rapidly like a wet dog. Adelaide wasn’t close enough to get sprayed though, so that was cool.

Then, he pointed up at the glass, expression melting into a somber frown. “It’s raining. Can’t go out. It sucks,” he muttered.

“Oh… I… I am sorry?” More convinced now than ever that he was, in fact, some for of extraterrestrial lifeform, she could only safely assume that water was how he survived on a planet, not of his own, “...There is a pool, no? In the… uh… what is the word… the place with all of the… large men?”

Ozno’s bottom lip poked out. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking...No. The pool was no good. Too much water. He couldn’t swim. Sadly, he shook his head before holding a hand out to Adelaide, fingers splayed like a distant high five. “Large men are posers. Don’t like ‘em.” Then he blinked. She had said sorry. What for? Sorry for the glass in the way? Probably...What was her name again? He forgot. No, wait. He never asked. He pointed at himself with his other hand, “Ozno.” Then the finger switched around to aim at Adelaide. “You?”

“Sorry… P...posers? Like… for drawing?” She asked, and a brow rose. Did his home planet perhaps have artwork, as well? He continued, and Adelaide smiled, because that much, she could understand, at least, Ozno... Alien names were strange.

“I am Adelaide.”

Adelaide. Cool name. “Adel...Ade...Adelai...Ade.” Long name. He made it shorter. That was easier. Wordlessly, he lied down, squelching on top of a small puddle of water. He folded both hands over his stomach and gazed up. Then looked at Ade, raising one foot off the ground slightly. “Pose. Like this? But, like, a cool poser. I’m cool?” He grinned at her, then put his leg down. He was getting tired. Floor was wet, but it wasn’t too cold. Or too hot. Just right--it felt nice. Ade should feel it too. Ozno patted the floor next to him. “Look with me.”

Blinking, Adelaide watched as he laid down, patting the floor beside him. For a moment, she stood still, unsure of what to do, but reason dictated that she ought not dishonor whatever strange code he lived by, and she could only imagine this was some ancient alien exercise in greeting a new person. Moving closer, she hesitated only a little, before crouching down, laying back and letting bronze curls fan out behind her, “...W...what am I looking at?”

Without hesitation, he pointed up at the glass. “Whatever you want,” he whispered, awe already seeping into his tone. Rain was cool. Really cool. Amazing, even. It was like...nature’s therapist. Washed all the nasty stuff from your body, felt weird at first, but got better as you let it all go. He wanted to share that with good ole Ade. “I see chocolate butterflies. You?” he asked, glancing at her.

Blinking once more, Adelaide turned her eyes to the skylights, studying the pattern of rain as it christened the glass, leaving puddles here and there, droplets elsewhere… streams and streaks… glistening in the light of the pale gray sky, “...I… see rain?” She said, almost as if it were a question. She could certainly not see any butterflies.

“Wow…” Ozno breathed, impressed. Dang, she was right. It did look like rain. Like, how did that work in the brain? You stand upright in the rain and it looks like rain. But you lay down inside a building, look through glass, and it still looked like rain. Living things were like, connected to nature. Knew it like a soulmate. They could even hear rain and know it so intimately. Eager to find out what else Ade saw, he urged with a wide smile, “What else?”

“What...else?” Eyes slightly wider, she studied the droplets… the patterns that they made, and suddenly, inexplicably, she felt a weight of sadness pressing down on her. How long had it been, since she’d even seen the rain? How long since she’d felt it… “...Freedom.” She murmured quietly, and her eyes stung a little as she pushed herself upright, hugging her knees, “Is… is here no way to go… how do you say… out...side?”

“Freedom...yeah, I see that.” Ozno’s feet started to swing in and out, toes knocking into one another. He drummed a random beat on his belly. However, he frowned, concerned when Ade sat up and looked...sad? Maybe? He thought so. He sat up too, looking very much like a giant sloth next to the small woman and puffed his cheeks out, thinking.

Yul was gonna put him in the brig again.


Ozno nodded. “Yeah, there is. Gotta sneak.” He stood up, holding his hands out to Ade. “Wanna go outside?”

Looking up, Adelaide determined that even if this man was some sort of alien creature, he was the nobles, most majestic she had ever encountered (though in fairness, she’d encountered all of none thus far in her young life) and she liked him, very much. Taking the hands, she rose, nodding, “Oui… S'il vous plaît.”

“We?” His brow furrowed in confusion. Whoa. Her speaking, what happened? It like...changed. Meh, she was still speaking human, at least. That was good enough for him. “Yeah. We go...seal view plates. Eat after the rain, kay?” Now, if Ozno remembered correctly (which was...shaky with most things), the atrium wasn’t far from here and that staircase lead up to the ceiling. Man, Yul’s goatee was gonna be so mad at him.

Smiling eagerly, he pulled Ade along, moving on stealthy feet. Luckily, there weren’t a lot of guards around; he must’ve caught them on a lazy shift. Heck yeah. When the exit came into view, he pressed his back to the wall, humming the Mission Impossible theme song while looking side to side. Quickly, he pushed the door open and windmilled his hand, urging her to go inside.

“Ah… no, no.” Shaking her head, she chuckled softly, “S'il vous plaît… Is… um… please. In English.” They were off before she’d properly prepared, but she didn’t argue. With his humming, she was fairly certain they couldn’t get into too much trouble, and ultimately, it was a touch exciting… sneaking...

When the door opened, she didn’t hesitate, ducking beneath his arm and into the stairwell.

“Okay,” he whispered at not-so-low volume. It was more like a loud wheeze, but minus the difficulty breathing. Just a horrible attempt at speaking quietly. Either way, Ozno entered after Ade, fighting back giggles of excitement. This was fun. Like, more fun than touching Yul’s facial hair. And that was super freaking fun. Shooting out one last glance...he closed the door and rushed upstairs.

He may or may not have had to take a break halfway up.

But still, besides that, the journey up went smoothly and Ozno jigged the door handle with the “secret motion”. It was kinda jammed, mostly because he went up there so many times and the third time around he had accidentally got melted Jolly Rancher in it...He didn’t remember how that happened. However, once the door clicked, Ozno smiled down at Ade and then swung it open with an excited, “Rain!”

It was thrilling… the adventure - like nothing she had experience before (apart from escaping the terrible facility she had been held in, but that had been… considerably less fun)... and she was laughing by the time he jiggled the door open, the fresh air pouring in, refreshing… wonderful.

Breathing in deeply, she stepped to the door frame, looking to Ozno with a smile, “...Charmant…”

His ears barely registered her words as he stepped out into the open, standing next to her as he stretched out, hands reaching for the sky. He breathed in deeply, eyes fluttering closed as he took it all in. The feel. The smell. The sounds. The familiarity...It was awesome. And Ozno stayed in that pose, even as he replied to Ade in a whisper, “Rain is charming...This is charming.”

Apprehensively, looking up at the sky, listening as the rain patterned down, Adelaide considered for a moment the pros and cons of stepping entirely outside. She wasn’t particularly keen on the idea of getting drenched, and yet… somehow, some part of her thought that maybe, just maybe… it was exactly the thing she needed. Her eyes moved to Ozno, and she blinked, watching at he stood in beneath the torrent, looking so at peace… so relieved…

He would’ve stood there forever and a day, just basking in the graces of nature and the sensation of water running along his skin. He remembered things. How Megan always did this with him, no matter the time of day or night. It was awesome. Cleansing...He couldn’t just enjoy this by himself. That wasn’t cool. It was selfish.

Slowly, he opened his eyes and turned around to face Ade. “You cool? Feel the rain, Ade.” He walked up and held out a gloved hand to her, the leather glistening.

Looking at his hand, Adelaide contemplated for a moment… uncertainty washing over her. But she was the one, wasn’t she? Who had suggested this in the first place. She wasn’t in a cage anymore, a tiny cell with nothing to do, no one to talk to. She was free, and she owed it to herself, and to Vance, to enjoy it…

A smile curved across her lips and she reached, curling her fingers around his, before stepping out of the door frame.

Beneath the curtain, she breathed in and tipping her head back, eyes closed, “Parfait…”

Ozno smiled. He was proud of her. In this moment, Ade had official been promoted to New Buddy; she understood the magic of nature and rain, reaching out to actually hug the skies. Awesome. Purely awesome. Ozno closed his eyes and mimicked her, the pair falling into amicable silence as they let the peace literally wash over them.

“...Jasmine-scented comes raining down,” he whispered, the lightest lilt of a melody to his otherwise sleepy voice.

Eyes blinking, Adelaide tilted her chin back down and looked over to Oz, watching him with a small smile, “This is… a song, you are saying?”

“...Yeah.” He dropped his arms, body relaxing completely. With a sigh, he fell back with a wet thunk and laid down spread eagle. “My fave song.” Gradually, his smile widened so much that one could see his crooked canine. It was just slightly off angle, easy to miss at first glance. “Wanna learn?” he asked.

“Yes!” She said, and it was perhaps more enthusiastic than Adelaide meant, but there was an eagerness in her to learn… the learn anything and everything she could, “Yes, oh, yes. Please! I want to learn!”

Ozno didn’t see the explosive answer coming, so he jumped visibly in surprise, but bounced back quickly with excitement shining in his eyes. There was the distant and faint rumble of thunder, so far away, but he could’ve sworn his heartbeat mimicked the sound like a long lost lover. So in sync. It felt awesome. The man scrambled to his feet again and face Ade, then started mouthing the lyrics slow and...almost goofily. Ridiculous. “Jaaasmine-scenteed ashes!”

The over exaggeration, even to someone who wasn’t entirely familiar with the english language, was so stretched and silly, that Adelaide could not resist the laugh that bubbled up, turning into a silvery giggle she buried beneath her hands. There was a brief flurry of French, and Adelaide shook her head, “You are a very funny man, Ozno.” She mused, “You remind me of my…” Blinking, she paused, and seemed to catch on the words, smile fading a little, “You remind me of my brother.”

Her laughter almost made Ozno giddy with joy. He was a sucker for a good laugh and indulging in that with his new buddy sounded like a hell of an awesome time. However, his features dropped in tandem with Ade’s. Uh oh...what happened? Weren’t they having fun? What was so bad about being like her brother? Either way, Ozno figured he did something wrong without noticing again, so he tilted his head, much like an apologetic puppy. “You cool? Uh…” He held a hand out, capturing droplets. “Getting cold? Wanna go back inside?” He didn’t want to leave the rain’s embrace, but his new buddy was sad. He couldn’t enjoy it if she wasn’t too.

“No… no, no…” Shaking her head, Adelaide fought to hold the smile, “It… It is hard to explain… I am not so very good at English, yet. My brother… Seb… Vance.” Pausing, she swallowed a lump in her throat, and her eyes dropped to the droplets, gathering in his hand, “He… ah, how do you say, I was… prisonnier. My brother and his friend Luna, they rescue… is that the word? They rescue me.” Breathing in sharply, her eyes stinging, she shook her head again, “But Vance, he… he did not make it out with us.”

Ozno blinked, clearly confused. “What? But, like, your English sounds cool to me.” Sure, she had some funky words here and there, but they sounded dope to the ears. Kind of like...what the floaty feeling of smoking a joint would sound like, minus being all hungry and having a hard time keeping count of the clock ticks. He liked it. But then she was talking about her brother again. Sebvance. Whoa...trippy name. However, he didn’t know how to react to the rest of her explanation, but he did listen. Closely. With full attention.

“Yeah...rescue’s the word.” With a glance down, he turned his palm, letting the pool drizzle from his palm and join its brethren on the ground. Moving a step closer, he cupped both hands over Ade, forming a makeshift tent of some sorts. It obviously didn’t help much, but he felt like he needed to do this for some reason. Not really to keep her dry, cuz they were both already soaked, but as, act of care, he guessed. Maybe reassurance. He didn’t know. Probably both or something else. “Sorry about your bro...and prison,” he mumbled, uncertain of what to say next. “He’ll come back.”

“Thanks you… I know he will. In my heart, I know it...” She murmured softly, before in confusion, she glanced up to the hands cupped over her head like the absolute worst umbrella in the world. A smile flickered to her lips again, as she looked to Ozno, “Why do you wear gloves?”

“Yup,” Ozno nodded, “Heart knows” He glanced at his gloves, then back down at Ade. Dang. He always forgot he wore gloves; dealt with them for so long that his skin, like...goes numb to the feeling. Like, the leather was his skin...weird. “ power goes pew pew.” He didn’t want to break the hand umbrella, so he wiggled his pinkies, straining. “Then go numb. Gotta be careful with touching and stuff.”

“Ah…” She nodded, and while the words should not have been quite so simple to understand, somehow, she gathered them entirely, “They do not work on me…” She said with a small shrug, “Powers. They… ah…” With her hands, she gestured back and forth between herself and Ozno, “...Reflect.”

Ozno’s brow arched in surprise and awe. “Whoa...that’s dope,” he whispered. At first, he hesitated to move, then finally lowered his hands to take off a glove. Cautiously, he held up the bare hand, the faintest tremor wracking his nerves, as he held it up in front of Ade. “So,’ll go, like, ping ping back?”

Looking from his hand, back up to him, she nodded, and as unassumptively as possible, raised her own hand just slightly, “...That is my thought, yes.”

...Thought. Okay. Cool. Thoughts were cool. They were, but for the head. And everything else in the world. There’d be nothing today without thoughts, so he figured he could put faith in Ade’s words. And yet, even then, he gave a long pause, gaze switching back and forth between Ade and his hand. The last time he went bare-handed, two men dropped dead. And before that, his dog. Inhaling sharply and screwing his eyes shut, he willed a tiny projectile to eject from the pores of his palm…

And felt something splat against his torso. He cracked his eyes open, instantly looking Ade over with a slight franticness. “You cool? You good? Not tingly or numb?”

Smiling, Adelaide gave a firm, sincere nod, “Bien… I’m good. Uh… cool. Though…” With a small laugh, she wrapped her arms around her slender form, “...A bit cold.”

Ozno heaved a massive sigh of relief. Thank Mary Jane. He didn’t know what he would’ve done if he had accidentally paralyzed her. Like, how would he have explained that to Yul? Probably wouldn’t have a chance before he was punt kicked into the brig. However, his lips pursed upon realizing that Ade was cold. “Mmkay. Let’s go. Want hot cocoa?” he asked, already in the process of walking her back inside.

Nodding, Adelaide allowed him to lead her in, though it wasn’t much better in the stairwell, where the air conditioning hit. Shivering, she gave Oz a look at his question, “What is this? Hot… cocoa?”

Slipping his glove back on and slamming the door shut, Oz looked at Ade, who was shivering from the cold. Guilt bubbled in his gut. Dang. He was used to the cold rain, but he forgot to think about his new buddy and how she would handle it. He was stupid. “Hot cocoa is magic drink. Gives you life and stuff,” he said while wrapping an arm around her shoulders and guiding her downstairs. He was just as wet as her, so he made sure not to touch her too much, but perhaps the extra body heat would help. That’s what he always did with Megan while the clothes dried.

“Oh…” His arm came across her shoulder and Adelaide felt suddenly considerably warmer, as she honed her attention on what he was saying, “...That… that sounds wonderful. Yes, please.”

Ozno nodded. “Cool. You’ll love it, Ade.” Quickly, he lead her back into the corridors and evaded the guards as best as he could, even with a light trail of rain puddles behind them. Because of this, he figured it was a good idea to dry themselves up, at least a little before swan diving into hot chocolate heaven. He stepped into one of the public showers, Ade in tow, and snagged one of the clean towels from the supply closet. “Here,” he muttered while approaching the woman and draping it over her head, drying her hair while humming distractedly. “Sorry you’re cold. I was dumb.”

As he dried her hair, which she had to imagine looked something akin to Medusa after all that, she laughed, her muffled voice coming from beneath the terrycloth, “You are not dumb, Ozno… I liked it, very much. I have not been outside this way in… in a very long time.”

Ozno finished drying, letting the cloth hang around her shoulders before backing off. Again, he believed her, believed every word she said, but he couldn’t help but think he should’ve taken her condition into consideration more. Well, it was whatever. What was done is done and she said she had a rockin’ time. So it was all cool. “Glad you liked it. Yul doesn’t like me out in the rain, but, like, it’s cool. And feels good. And really good with a friend.”

He grabbed another towel for himself and threw it over his head, drying himself...and blinding himself. He didn’t really know what direction he was looking anymore.

Watching him, Adelaide’s smile warmed, and she hugged the towel around her chilled shoulders, “...A friend. I like that, too.” Looking past him to the bathroom mirror, she made a face and with one hand, smoothed out what she could of the mess of curls, “...I am a poodle…”

Instantly, Ozno’s towel-coated head snapped up. “Poodle? Where?” In a fit of excitement, he tried to set off in the direction of Ade’s voice, thinking that the woman knew where the heavenly creature was...only to smack into the wall and fall flat on his ass. “Oof! Ow…” He was thinking...that maybe there wasn’t actually a poodle nearby.

Covering her mouth with her hands Adelaide gave a small squeak, before it devolved into a fit of laughter, and shaking her head, she crossed the room to give his a hand up, “...This,” She said, still laughing, as she gestured to her hair, “...This is what I meant. It is… like a poodle.”

He would’ve remained on the floor pouting for a while if it wasn’t for Ade’s laughing and just like that, his mood lifted. Ozno giggled along with her, shedding the towel free of his head and revealing a mess of gravity-defying red locks, the static doing his hair wonders. He accepted her hand and stood up, taking in her hair with amused amazement. “Dude...your’s crazy wicked,” he laughed, reaching out to pat her hair tentatively.

Wrinkling her nose again, she shook her head, looking up at his hand as he patted her head. Her eyes shifted then to his hair and she grinned, “...We are a pair… A poodle and an alien...” Tucking her hair back behind her ears, she shook her head, “Come along… I am… what is the word… ah… energized… to try this hot cocoa.”

“Oh yeah.” Dang. Ozno almost forgot. However, her reminded pumped excitement through his veins again and jittering like a child on Christmas morning, he wrapped his hand around hers and said in a rushed whisper, “Got the stash in my place!” The alien bit wouldn’t strike his mind until long after they reached his room.

He received no argument, and only another laugh, as he grabbed her hand to tug her along.
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Collab: Flipping Tables and Sipping Tea, Francis CloudyBlueDay CloudyBlueDay , Lucas Mobley Eats Mobley Eats

Levi had been busy focusing on the carving placed delicately in his hands. His eyes narrowed at the details he had almost messed up, the flower designs a brand new world for him not to fuck up. He had already gifted Daisy with at least two, one for the pie, another with a corny(if not downright awful) poem. He didn’t dare to speak of it outside the medical office, but it almost put a smile as he thought what pastry to bring to her next. “Why get a score when you could be making flowers...God, if younger me could see me now I’d get a ball kicking.”

Humming joyfully, Levi began to walk again as he dug the knife into the little wooden petal. He stopped in his tracks as he heard voices, then recalled he was very close to Lucas’ room. The rooms Orlando provided in no way felt like Miami, in no way felt like home. However, it did give him wooden items to carve up. He just prayed Yul never decided to give him and his room a check.

Stopping in his tracks, Levi placed his back to the wall and slid down until he was sitting. He began to scrap at the carving, placing his ear near the door. He made it so that he would appear invisible to those around him and remained silent as he attempted to pick up a conversation. He didn’t want to be rude and interrupt, so he figured he’d be rude and eavesdropped until he figured out what sort of situation he might have been barging into. The young man never knew what to expect behind closed doors. Opening one too many of them, he realized either horrid things could be happening(like arguments at four in the morning) or...well, he would rather not go that train of thought.

True to Levi’s abilities, the man was, for all reasons and purposes, nonexistent and slipped past everyone’s radar. Lucas sat on his cot, legs swinging casually off the edge as he openly stared at Francis, the smile on his lips relaxed and lazy. Perhaps even a tad mischievous. “So, what gives, Fram Wham Bam?” He leaned forward a tad, propping his chin up on the heel of his palm. “You know, I always knew you’d be in my room, but the “fuck me eyes” are a little lacking, sweetness.”

She was already having some major regrets. Her posture tightened, eyes narrowed, Francis tapped her foot. Maybe Francis had been a little foolish to hope that throwing Lucas in a pool would wash away his, er. Aggravating language. “Right,” She muttered, jaw clenched. “Well, I was gonna ask if you maybe wanted to come train with me.” She looked up at him. “But I’m thinking I might be better off on my own now.”

Lucas’ brow arched in pleasant surprise, though his gut twisted a tad. “Ohoho, training? Is that what the kids call it now? Damn, sweetness.” Slowly, he stretched out along the bed, grinning impishly at the woman. “You got lady balls of steel, so where did they go? You can be honest with me. Dying to get a little Lucas action now?”

A flame of anger was struck inside Francis. How could they have gone from such an innocent playful chat to… whatever the fuck this was? Her jaw tightened further. “Training. Nothing else. No code. Just training. With someone who I definitely think could use it,” She hissed, giving him one more chance to buck up and stop acting like a pubescent preteen.

Lucas could see it. The fire burning in Fran’s eyes, the anger building. It sucked. It really fucking sucked, but this was how it had to be. He needed to fix things, immediately. Smile widening, he sat back up and shot to his feet, shoving both hands into his pockets as he sauntered closer. “I don’t knooow,” he cooed, “My speciality is the Horizontal Tango and trust me, sweetness, I don’t need polishing up in that department. Then again,” a quick skim of her up and down, “Maybe I could show you a few lessons sometime?”

“That’s it.” Francis barked. She reached up and grabbed his shirt collar, pulling him down, even if it wasn’t that far. “You think I’m playing some kind of game with you? Really gonna go and pretend we didn’t actually have a nice, decent talk? I actually open up to you and you bullshit me with some Horizontal Tango?” Francis snapped. “Don’t you ever look at me like that again. And don’t ever ask for anything else either, Sharkboy, unless you’re gonna treat me with some actual fucking respect.” She hissed.

Lucas didn’t even fight the yank; he saw it coming, welcomed it, in fact, and forced a chuckle for extra measure as Francis ranted in his face. This was perfect. Horrible. Perfectly horrible. Smiling wide enough to reveal teeth, he prepared himself for the worst and hummed softly, almost disinterested, “Err, whazzit about a decent talk? Not really ringing a bell…” A pause. “I mean, pretty sure I can treat you plenty right, if you give me ten minutes, tops.”

Now there wasn’t only anger in Francis’ eyes, though there was plenty of that. Now.. there was hurt. Actual, genuine hurt, that made her recoil in disgust, letting go of Lucas’ collar before the hurt was pushed away by a fury. You know what? Fuck all that mushy stuff. Feelings were crap. No, she wanted to kick something, hit something, punch something, throw something. Throw something. Hey, that worked.

Without even so much as a grunt Francis grabbed Lucas, his weight barely a sack of potatoes to her as she picked him up and prepared to throw.

Levi’s body froze as the conversation continued to escalate, his internal monologue including nothing but, The hell Lucas?!

He knew the young man to be quite the sharp tongued fiend(he meant that with as much love as he could muster for a brother figure, but according to Peter it could be questionable), and figured that this was just his way of expressing himself to Francis. However, he could hear Francis grow more and more angry. He was very familiar with the sound of angry women, and he knew better. He knew to be fearful. He knew that Lucas was asking for it at this point, and he feared for his well being.

Slowly, he crawled to his feet and placed his carving into his back pocket. He held his carving knife behind his back and slowly reached for the door handle. Opening it up, allowing himself to be visible, he blinked rapidly. Francis stood, Lucas over her shoulder. He knew that position. WWE championship finale right here, and he knew that tiny Francis could easily crack Lucas open. The mental image made him bite his lip, but soon his cheeks turned red.

“Francis...put him down. Right now.” Good God, did pops sound this obnoxious when I was a kid? I...I sort of like it.

Face flushed red with anger, Francis had been entirely prepared to chuck Lucas down the hallway when Levi suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Damnit. Fuck. He’d been listening, hadn’t he! Son of a bitch. Both of ‘em! Sons of bitches. Gritting her teeth, she glared Levi down. Like a bull and a matador, Francis kept eye contact while blowing steam and rearing hooves.

“Fine.” She muttered, and unlawfully dropped Lucas.
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Flipping Tables and Sipping Tea Part II
Collab with KatSea KatSea and Mobley Eats Mobley Eats

Lucas hit the ground with an undignified thud. “Okay...nearly died. It’s cool,” he muttered before standing up, rolling his shoulder. He scooted closer to Levi, pointedly putting as much distance between him and Francis as possible. He then grinned up at the man, grateful (not) for his impeccable timing. “My knight in shining armor! That’s some bomb timing you got there!”

“Frankie that is not at all what I meant.” He claimed, attempting to keep his ground. The absolute fury in her eyes caused fear to shoot up his spine, but he recalled their height difference, and nearly had to contain a muffled laugh at the thought of her tossing him across the room. He knew that she could, but the image made him amused. If somewhat horrified. “Lucas, I love you, shut up.” Levi requested (attempting to be as benevolent as possible) before turning to Francis. “Frankie, I did not mean to intrude, but that sounded ugly. Now, what is the matter?” Lucas always said dumb shit, but he couldn’t imagine what set Francis off the edge. It sounded as if Francis was getting sick of his behavior because of the lack of respect, which he could understand. Levi was just used to it at this point, but he understood Francis’ frustration.

“I know.” She deadpanned. “Don’t know when you decided you were the one who got to tell me what to do, but I’m not feeling like throwing more than one person today.” She retorted, arms crossed. Her jaw was so tight it seemed like it might break off. Her foot tapped angrily. Her gaze landed on Lucas, the ‘I’m-still-gonna-kill-you’ look in her eyes very much present. “This dipshit over here likes to get on my nerves, is all. Really likes to push his luck.”

Lucas openly pouted when Levi told him to shut up, but conceded anyways with both hands held up. He wasn’t really in the mood to push two people in the same night. However, when Francis locked eyes with him and delivered a fiery glare, he couldn’t ignore the way his heart dropped and jumped all at once. He avoided eye contact, crossing his arms and pretending to be suddenly enthralled with the far wall. “Yeup,” he said casually, “Just the normal shit.”

“Please.” Softly Levi decided to add. “Don’t. Don’t throw anyone across the room. I’m going to be blunt, I need to keep my face a little bit pretty. Although…” An injury would give him an excuse to go back to...Levi focus. “The point is, I know Lucas can be a little bit of a pain in the ass. In the best way possible. But I need to know what made you so upset. I don’t want you to strangle your friend, okay? So, can we talk this through?” That was an adult thing to do, right? He felt like he was evolving into his final form, a form he feared all his life.


“It feels like there is a lot more going on than just Lucas getting on your nerves.”

“I seemed to miss the part where this is actually any of your business.” Francis snarled. She was certainly being harsh right now, but the anger swirling in her mind made it easy not to think about repercussions. “Lucas can shove it, alright? Don’t need the company of a twelve year old boy, especially one that can only speak in lewd jokes.”

Seeing an opportunity, Lucas held up a finger and quipped, “Correction. I’m also fluent in Sex-Me-Up-nese, but do go on.”

“Lucas I am wanting to toss you down the hall.” Levi muttered somewhat bitterly. “It is my business. I care about you two and I know you two care about each other. This argument needs to be resolved, because we are a family whether we like it or not. And you are going to have to handle him if you are gonna spend the rest of your time at Rogue. So we might as well make up before Lucas gets shoved out the window. Now, Francis, I don’t mean to be forceful. I don’t. Can you tell me the circumstance of why you are so upset?”

Lucas’ comment was only salt in her wounds, nostrils flaring. Levi was talking down to them both as if they were five, as if he was their father, and the thought only angered her more. She wasn’t the child here; Lucas was. Or at least, she tried to tell herself. But then she realized she’d almost tried to throw Lucas down the hall. “I can handle him while still being upset.” Francis barked. “Lucas hasn’t earned my respect.. So he ain’t gettin’ it. That’s that. Now move outta my way. I said I was gunna train, so I’m gunna.”

“Sooo, is that the only thing I’m not getting or…” Lucas trailed off, his chest downright hammering. He was walking a super thin line here and he knew it--he’d be crazy not to, but he just kept pushing. He could’ve stopped by now, but something persistent and ugly and annoying from within kept egging him on.

“I swear to...oh, wait.” Levi snapped his fingers, making it so that Francis couldn’t hear anything else that Lucas was going to say. Slowly his expression softened, the young man focusing on the words to use. “Francis I don’t want you to be upset for the rest of the day. If training is going to help blow of stream, do it. And I do not wish to talk to you like a child, I just am genuinely concerned, and want to know if I can help.”

Glaring at Lucas one last time even though he’d been muted, Francis turned her attention to Levi. She tried to focus on his words, his obviously very well meaning tone, but it didn’t seem to quell her. Her brows were still angrily furrowed, fingers digging into her own crossed arms. She couldn’t help but think about how much Levi sounded like her dad right now. A calm man, always had the right thing to say. And she always hated him for it, always, until he couldn’t ever say it to her again..

Francis closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “We had a full on conversation without any comments, alright? And now he’s pretending like it didn’t even happen!”

Lucas blinked. Once. Twice. Did...Did Levi just mute him? Seriously? Oh, that was uncool on so many levels, though he could admit that it could be worse. But still, he openly pouted, crossing his arms once more as he watched the pair converse. “Fine, then. I’ll talk to myself. It’s cool. I like the sound of my sexy voice.” He didn’t really know what to do now; nothing he said would reach their ears, especially Fran’s…

But then again, that could be a good thing.

Lucas bit his lip, a rush of anxiety washing over him as he weighed his options. Maybe he should. Maybe he should take this opportunity; he’d never get another one like this for a while, as he had a hunch that Fran wouldn’t be able to stand the sight of him after this. Clenching his jaw, the teen inhaled slow, schooled his features into an expression of nonchalance, and said, “You...are fucking dangerous. Like, really, really dangerous.” Oh fuck. Okay. This was getting extremely difficult out of nowhere. Regardless, he pushed through the awkwardness and continued, “I don’t like...opening up and stuff. That’s not me. It’s not my jam, but there you go being all...freaking you, sweetness. That moment at the pool? As if I could forget that. I can’t even if I tried because…” He stopped himself short. He figured he said enough about that and quickly changed topics. “I’m just...sorry I gotta be like this. It’s better this way, sweetness.”

“Okay, I understand Francis. That is an okay reason to be frustrated. I know it can be difficult to open up about, well, emotions. Tricky little bastards they are, but I think we just need to establish that there needs to be room for respect. For the both of you.” Noticing that Lucas’s mouth was moving as he turned to face him, his brow lifting. “I think you deserve to speak.” With a snap of his fingers, he heard.

Mobley Eats

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Collab Post: Flipping Tables and Sipping Tea, Part III | Interactions: Levi KatSea KatSea & Francis CloudyBlueDay CloudyBlueDay | Location: Orlando HQ

“That moment at the pool? As if I could forget that. I can’t even if I tried because…” Levi blinked, realizing his mistake. Lucas wasn’t making jokes, nor was he attempting to make the situation more squeamish. Levi had accidentally caught him as he was speaking his heart, his face pale. He took a large step back, color tainting his cheeks.

Francis stopped short. She could immediately tell that Lucas’ words weren’t meant to be heard, and something inside of her broke. She didn’t even give a damn whatever calming words Levi had for them. She stared at Lucas, hurt and anger swirling in her eyes.

“You sure as hell ain’t sorry.” She muttered. “I opened up to you… and you want to pretend it didn’t even happen? The fuck did I do to deserve that, Lucas?” Her voice cracked midway. Francis shook her head, fists balled. “You know what… this was a damn good reminder. A reminder I should keep my mouth shut. Fuck the both of you.” She snapped, and moved to stomp off, preparing to push past the both of them.

Instantly, the confusion that had seized Lucas was steamrolled with shocking realization. He paled, jaw slackening. Immediately, he whipped on Levi, “Dude! Seriously?” he hissed, hands clenched into fists at his sides. For fuck’s sake! The one time he decided to feel safe enough to voice his emotions and he was exposed in the worst way possible. However, Francis’ accusation struck a deep chord with Lucas, his insides freezing over. At first, his voice failed to work and he couldn’t say anything in the face of her hurt and fury. It wasn’t until she started moving that it breathed life into his body and without thinking, he attempted to reach out and grab her wrist.

“I-I am! I swear I am,” he insisted, mouth dry. “I just...this shit is weird, Fran! And I don’t know how to…” He struggled to find the right words. This was a mess. A serious fucking mess. This wasn’t how he wanted everything to unfold.

“I am sorry.” Levi whispered, although he wasn’t sure which one he was directing it to. He was not imagining that Lucas was spilling out his woes while he was on mute, and Levi felt genuine guilt for letting it flow out. He promised himself that he would allow Lucas a punch if he so desired. The best way, he found, to get anger over with, was to let the other party exclaim their woes. Then smile, nod, let whatever happen, come what may. “Francits, please. Stay. Just...I don’t think he meant any harm. Hell, I think he’s just confused because he genuinely cares about you. I do not want you to end this with being angry or regretful. Either of you.”

Steam billowed from Francis’ ears and nostrils. She stared at Levi and Lucas, hard, and then her gaze fell to his hand clasped against her wrist.

“No.” She said. “No more. No more chances. I’m done. We’re done.” She locked her gaze with Lucas’, eyes burning. “If you don’t take your hand off me, I’ll break it.”

Lucas swallowed painfully and, at first, he didn’t move. For that brief suspension in time, he realized then and there, this was the true moment that he had royally fucked up. But this was what he wanted, right? This was it. He did it. He drove her away in glorious Lucas Asshole fashion. Inhaling deeply, he let her go. “So what? You hate me now? Is that it, huh?” His voice was small, barely loud enough to be a whisper, but that stubbornness was alive as ever. Nostrils flaring, he spat bitterly, “Good. Hate me then. Keep it that way.”

“Lucas, please.” Levi began to speak, but he found his words lost in his throat. “Francis, go cool off steam. If you need to before you go, I am available to be struck.” He meant that somewhat lightheartedly, but he knew very well how strong she was. “But right now, I think both of you need a moment to cool.” Should have fucking left it as it was. But then again...didn’t need Lucas getting chuckled in a royal Hail Mary football finish.

“So what if I hate you?” Francis spat. “I thought you said it was better this way, sweetness.” She snarled, turning her fury to Levi. “You think we need a minute to cool, do you? Well, shit. I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t here with your valuable opinions.” She was barely restraining herself from knocking both boys off their feet. “I’m perfectly cool. Icy. And if any one of you comes near me, I’ll rip your heads off.” With that, she crudely shoved Levi out of the way, not even glancing behind her at the damage as Francis trudged down the hallway, footsteps harsh.

“Wha...Fine!” Lucas snapped, glaring at Fran’s retrieving form before shoving both hands into his pockets. He was seething. He was hurting. Hell was he hurting, because he hurt Fran, but he couldn’t go back on his word now. This was such a trainwreck; honestly, the argument had reached a level that he could eventually learn to adapt to, but that went south as soon as Levi…


“Well, congrats, sweetness,” he said, voice tight. “Do you feel helpful now? Huh? Cuz you did so fucking great today!” He steadily rose in the volume, hot pink rushing to his face. Eyes stinging with barely restrained tears. “How about next time, you and Fran and everybody fucking else keep your bullshit emotional spiel away from me!” The tears were just starting to roll down his face, but he wiped them away before they could fall far, annoyed with himself. With everything.

Levi did not expect his eyes to burn, the tone of Frankie’s voice sending fear and sorrow down his spine. His throat threatened to close entirely, air clawing against his tissue mercilessly. He did blame himself for allowing this situation to escalate, but he knew he needed to prevent the physical harm of his friend. He thought his method was going to at least be efficient, his recollection following the foolishness of his own arguments with his brother.

You’ve been fucking drinking, again Levi. You look like shit, you lie around all freaking day, and all I hear you do is mumble about how damn awful everything is. Get off your ass, for once. I don’t care how bad you hurt right now, I promise you I am feeling a hell of a lot worse.

Peter’s voice almost felt real in his ears, the swears something he could not recall with clarity. He sounded like him, seethed like him...and yet, turning back, he knew it wasn’t true. His powers decided to mess with him again, and as much as he suspected, stinging started to spark at his shoulders.

“I am sorry Lucas.” He muttered, honest as he scraped his knuckles across his eyes. He kept his voice calm, his fingers reaching back to clutch the wooden flower in his pocket for comfort. “I honestly did not mean for that to happen. And if I could, I would take it back. Go ahead and scream at me, hit me, take it all out on me, because I do not want this to remain for long.” He figured if his anger was taken out now, if all the resentment and prodding of Levi’s foolishness was taken out now.

Slowly Levi turned to face him, reaching out and embracing the young man. He did not know how well it would go over, but he felt it would express his regret. “I am sorry. I am very sorry.”

“No! F-fuck off, Levi,” Lucas muttered, wiping fruitlessly at his eyes. He didn’t want to hear anymore, not a single damn word. He already fucked up with one friend, he wasn’t about to fuck up again and let these damned emotions ruin everything. However, he tensed when he felt arms wrap around him and he instantly wanted to shove and punch and push the man away, frantic, desperate to distance himself from this warmth. There was too much care in it and that was downright fucking terrifying.

“I said fuck off! don’t speak English, you fucking…” His motivation dwindled, quickly and out of nowhere, and his fist beat once against Levi’s chest with the force of an injured kitten. Finally, the teen caved and his head fell to the man’s torso. “Fuck off…” Christ, he was so stupid. Lucas didn’t know how much longer he could go on acting like this, painstaking over such complicated and frustrating shit. But he did anyways. He just kept doing it without an end in sight.

“I sort of have a promise of chastity right now. No can do.” He mumbled in response, not letting go of his friend even as he beat against his chest. The false flaring in his shoulder grew worse, but he did not care, the wellbeing of his friend more concerning than anything else. “I am sorry for what I did, Lucas. It was foolish, and I was wrong to do it. I shouldn’t shut you off when you speak. I need to be better about respect towards you. Towards Frankie.” His eyes threatened to scorch, the defeated slump of his head shattering his heart into two. Levi slowly let go, giving Lucas time to move away if he needed it. “Frankie...Frankie just needs to cool off. She...she will come around.” Levi attempted a promise, knowing how screwed the situation felt now. He felt as if someone shot him through the chest this time.

Lucas just stood there, nothing more than sniffles escaping him as his vision remained glued to his feet. He didn’t listen to much of what Levi said, he could barely hear anything over his own pounding heartbeat. This was too much--he needed to be alone, to recuperate, to recharge and come back fresh-faced to entertain the crowd tomorrow. This was unacceptable on his part and he hated how much his hold on composure slipped today. Just from one argument...He’d gotten weak without realizing it. “I’m tired,” he whispered, taking a step back. “I’m tired so...I’m going to bed.”

“Lucas…” He questioned slowly, placing his hands out in front of him, pleadingly. “If you are going to rest, please, do, you deserve it. But I need to know that I can leave you alone, if you are okay. Because if I don’t know that you can handle being with yourself right now...then I don’t find it in my heart to leave you right now. I know it hurts. I know it’s screwed up. But please...I need to know if you are alright enough for me to let you be.”

Lucas paused, then he looked at Levi and slapped on a weak smile. “Yeup. Never better, sweetness.” Probably the worst act of deception he’d ever played in his entire life, but it was the best he could do in that moment. Without giving the man a chance to protest, he left, a forced pep in his step.
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Devon set down the weights with a heavy ‘thud’, before grabbing a towel from the bench beside him, to dry his face. Nearly forty-five minutes, and he wasn’t feeling particularly energized or any less anxious. In the time they’d spent at Orlando thus far, he’d tried to avoid Danica, but she wasn’t exactly making it easy for him, and he had no doubt in his mind whatsoever that it was intentional.

He deserved it, sure, but the last few days had been hell, and all he really wanted was a good, long nap and a pint. Tossing the towel down, he stretched his neck one way, then the other, before selecting the next set of weights.

Lucas had held off for as long as he could, but his limits were nearing. Rapidly.

Of course, he couldn’t just go talking to anyone about it. Hell, the initial plan was to avoid spilling his thoughts altogether, buck up, and keep it moving with a goofy smile on his face. But that method of living wasn’t cutting it anymore, not after how badly he fucked up with Levi and Francis. He missed them, badly. He missed their old dynamic, before he went and tainted it with stupidity. So, even though Devon wasn’t exactly the greatest social butterfly around...Lucas trusted him. Somewhat. Mostly.

Either way, it was his only option right now. It took a good bit of wandering around before he spotted Mufasa in...lo and behold, the gym. Should’ve known. Couldn’t have all those beautiful rippling muscles from just laying around all day. Waltzing in and up to the colossal man, Lucas put his all into ignoring the pool behind him, the place he and Fran...He shook it off. “Yo, Mufasa! Quick tip? Shed that shirt and you’ll get way better results,” he said.

With a groan, Devon sat up, and setting the weights down, gave Lucas a severe look, “...Unless the next words out of your mouth are ‘something is on fire’ or ‘there’s a bomb’, I may be inclined to chuck one of these at you.”

Not at all perturbed by the threat (really, he never was), Lucas inhaled slowly, steeled his nerves, and forced himself to mutter, “Devon? I need help.” Ew. Ugh. Jesus, those words tasted...wrong on his tongue.

His expression shifted, and grabbing his towel again, he nodded to the bench, wrapping it around his shoulders, “...What’s up, Kid?”

Lucas had picked up the motion, but didn’t seat himself immediately because doing that would equate to locking this situation in place. No going back. Uncomfortable knots were already wounding up in his gut and a massive percentage of his conscience dabbled with the idea of fleeing...but then he looked at the pool again.

He sat down.

Lucas attempted to feign nonchalance in his posture, which would’ve gone off without a hitch if it wasn’t for his fingers fiddling with one another nervously. “So, uh...remember how you mentioned that whole therapy biz?” He cleared his throat. “I think I know someone who’s interested in that. Or. Whatever.”

Nodding, Devon pushed himself fully upright, taking a seat on the opposite bench. He noted the fidgeting, the awkwardness, and a part of him was pretty sure he knew what was coming, but he wasn’t going to push or pry… he’d made it a point not to… not ever, “...Yeah? Who’s that?”

“Uh…” A brief pause. “Confidentiality. Don’t wanna rat them out, you know? I’d be pretty damn sucky for doing that. It’s somebody we know though. Total cutie too. Smart, good looking, the whole package.” He almost smirked, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Ah… Yeah. I got an idea who you mean…” Devon nodded again, willing to play along as long as it was necessary, “What’re they lookin’ to talk about?”

“That’s a damn good question, Mufasa,” Lucas chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. His heels bounced. “Uh...wheeeere to start? Err, well, my friend said they were having like...problems with other Rogue peeps. Like, socializing and all that junk. Got into a big ass fight with them and everything. Juicy stuff.”

“Did they…” Sitting back a little, Devon crossed his arms, “...Well, I know how you like to… what’d ya call it? Spill the tea? Go on.”

“Awww,” Lucas cooed, giving the man a nudge, “Look at you, ole fast learner you! So proud, I could cry dammit.” He made a motion to wipe away a nonexistent tear, grinning teasingly. However, at Devon’s prompting to continue, he sobered up rather quickly. “Uh, right, right. So, uh...point is, they really feel like they fucked up. For like...reasons. They didn’t tell me those reasons, but I feel like I know already. Like, uh, a sixth sense. Cuz I’m awesome and insightful like that, sweetness.” Stalling--that was all he was doing and his annoyance with himself was hard to ignore.

“You know them better than me, Lucas.” Devon said, with a small, nonchalant shrug, “What do you think the reasons are?”

Lucas narrowed his eyes at the hulking man, not missing a single lick of that knowing tone of his. He was...wasting his time with all this tip-toeing, wasn’t he? Was it even worth all the effort anymore? Looking back at all the times he decided to clamp up rather than being honest, none of those instances turned out pretty.

Tossing his head back and sighing in defeat, Lucas covered his face with both hands while mumbling, “The reason is that I’m fucked up, Mufasa...and you know that shit already.” This was crazy. This was fucking crazy. But he was crazy, so what more harm could he do to himself that hasn’t been done?

Sighing softly, Devon leaned forward, steepling his fingers beneath his chin for a moment. When he straightened, there was a measure of wisdom in his gaze, a sense of someone who did, indeed, know a thing or two…

“I know that some dick with a major superiority complex messed up your head so bad you’re stuck with a whole storage facility worth of baggage. I know that you think no one sees the hurt he did… cause you hide it behind senseless flirting and bullcrap mind games. I know you’re afraid what everyone’s gonna think about you, if they ever found out what you went through. Yeah… I’d say I know a thing or two… But I also know that there’s not a damn soul who’s met you, who would think any less of you, if they knew the truth. That you, Lucas… you, who you are, right now, right here… when you’re real, and you let people in… that’s the person they care about. That’s the person that matters to them. That’s who you are.”

Lucas clenched his jaw, listening with numb insides and a flat expression. He was right. Devon seriously knew everything. Everything. And he didn’t know whether that was helpful, horribly invasive, or something else entirely. Either way...he had to admit that it felt nice knowing there was no reason hiding. He dropped his hands to his lap, his nails digging into the fabric over his thighs. “Well damn, I was right...Talk about all-knowing, Mufasa,” he chuckled bitterly. “You know, I wish it was that simple. You make it sound so...goddamn easy. I try to do that, you know. Open up and shit? But then I get...sick. Queasy. Just wrong. It feels so wrong.” He cradled his stomach, a spike of nausea literally skewering him alive. “How do you get by that kind of shit?”

Breathing out, Devon pulled his hair free, and raked his fingers through it, needing a moment as he considered what to say. When he started again, it was softer, “...Lucas, how much do you know… about what Penny went through? Before she came to Rogue…?”

Lucas’ gaze strayed away from Devon as he muttered, “Uh...I know some things. A good bit. She was...involved in a similar situation as me. Living under somebody’s thumb. The clubs. The dancing. The men...all fucked up shit.” Venom nearly coated his throat when “men” escaped his lips, but he kept himself steady.

Nodding, he sat up, “When I vetted her for Miami… it was the hardest damn thing I ever had to watch. Till I vetted you.” Hands rubbing together, he shook his head, his jaw tightening, “...What that bastard did… if I had a chance, there ain’t a damn part of me would feel guilty for shattering his fat head on the concrete. For you to walk away from that, Lucas… tells me you aren’t half as weak as you think you are. And that’s the thing. Penny? I think we both agree, she’s probably the strongest person either of us knowns… In Rogue or otherwise. But that’s cause she made a choice. Not to be a victim. She took her hurt, and she made something of it… And that’s what it is, Lucas. It’s a choice. You gotta figure out if this is who you wanna be. And if it is, okay. We’ve lived with it this long, I don’t think anyone’s gonna be mad at that. But if you’re done… with the games and the hiding? And something tells me maybe you are… You gotta start somewhere. Maybe the reason all this happened is cause you hit that point, but admitting it… that’s scary. So maybe you start small, Lucas. Little truths… little changes.”

“I...really hate it when you get all wise like that,” Lucas said, risking a glance at Devon and attempting to smile cheekily, but ultimately failed. He shook his head, almost in disbelief. “Little truths and little changes, huh?” He tried to think of the smallest truth he could muster, something that wouldn’t practically rip his mind in two if he shared it with...anyone. However, the thing he came up with wasn’t entirely small, but it was honestly the least significant admission from his mile long list. “Uh, okay. Um...shit. Well, I, uh…” His cheeks puffed out with a heavy exhale, brushing his hair back with building frustration. “I don’” His voice dropped in volume with each word that escaped his lips, curling into himself like a protective shell.

A pause. “ that what you meant or…? Shit. I don’t know. This is stupid. That was stupid. Fuck. Ugh, this is...just, yeah.”

“Yeah, Lucas… that’s what I mean.” Hands on his knees, Devon leaned back with a nod, “Sometimes, we’re our own worst enemy. It’s a cliche, but, hell if it ain’t true. One of the best defenses we have against the things we hate… is to pretend we don’t. But I don’t think there’s anyone on our team… who’s gonna think less of you if you eased up on it. It’s a defense mechanism… and that makes sense from where you come from… but you aren’t around people who wanna hurt you. Not the way they did. You don’t need to pretend to be something you aren’t to get under people’s skin… No one here expects you to be that person. No one… Thing is, you’re a pretty decent guy, when your not bein’ an ass… you know?”

“How can you say that? You don’t...Dev you can see the past, not the future,” Lucas whispered, arms wounding tighter around himself. “I...I hear voices. I hear her. And him. Taunting me. Pulling and yanking at me until I swear I’m g-gonna rip in two or something’re saying no one’s gonna think any different about me?” Disgusting, he felt absolutely disgusting. Saying all these things suddenly catapulted him into the cesspool of his broken fragments, nastier and more unsavory than a tar pit. He needed a shower. “That’s a bold ass prediction...and that’s the thing. I know I don’t have to pretend. I know I’m safe now. I know he’s gone--I know, but…”

Something hot and acidic nearly rose up to the back of his tongue. “My body doesn’t. It’s like I’m...f-fucking trained to be like this. Like a goddamn dog, Dev.”

“How do I know? Because I'm the first person to know everybody's secrets, Lucas. No one in this entire operation has an empty closet… And some of them got skeletons bigger than others, but they got 'em.” Shifting, Devon reached out and his hands covered Lucas's briefly, just briefly, before he released him, “And because they care about you. You think anyone would put up with your crap all this time if they didn't? They may be pissed off at you right now, but they don't love you any less. In this family, Lucas… you gotta work harder than that to get people to hate you. And you are not a dog. Not his. And not up here…” He tapped his temple, before sinking back on the bench, “Not if you don't wanna be. I got your back, Lucas. We all do. Anyone thinks anything of you otherwise, screw 'em. Way I see it, they don't deserve you.”

Lucas didn’t respond for a while, his mind scrambling for the right set of words. He had said too much already, even though that was the point of finding Devon. To get all this toxic shit off his chest and figure out how to fix things. None of this felt right, he’d come to accept and overlook that feeling now; it wasn’t a terrible amount of progress, but he hoped it was better than nothing. He started to flinch away from Devon’s touch, completely caught off guard, before forcing himself to relax and mutter, “You,’re definitely not lying to me, Mufasa. I mean, I know you wouldn’t, so...Thank you? I guess? I’m grateful for like…” He waved awkwardly between them. “This talk. You being patient with my bull shiz and just, uh…” Nervousness colored him from head to toe, a question teetering on the tip of his tongue. “Can I...ask for something? Promise you won’t chuck a weight at me?”

Chuckling dryly, Devon shrugged, “Kid… All this time I haven't yet, right? Go for it…”

“...Can you hug me? J-just for a little? Swear I won’t tell anybody or…”

Shifting, Devon dropped onto the bench next to Lucas and looping an arm around him, tugged him in, “You're a pain in the ass, Simba. But hell of you don't grow on a guy.”

Lucas nearly heaved a sigh of relief as the man accepted his request, slumping into the embrace without a single word. It was different, asking normally for a hug rather than manipulating or persuading. It wasn’t exactly bad, just...different. Lucas carefully nuzzled into the touch, trying to envision all the times he couldn’t have this, begged for this, yet always ended up with empty arms. “Simba, huh,” he said, voice fragile, “I think that can grow on a guy...Thanks, Mufasa. S-seriously.”

“Any time, Lucas. I mean that. You can come to me, any time…”

“I’ll hold you to that,” he whispered, giving the man one last squeeze before pulling away. He couldn’t quite lock eyes with him and instead focused on wiping his eyes and face dry.

As Lucas pulled away, Devon sat up, his eyes moving to the door where a pair of guards stepped into the room, “This Lucas?” One of them asked, and Devon gave a nod, “He’s needed down in the garage. There’s a mission…”

“Ah, crud, here we go,” Lucas sighed. However, he stood up and gave a hearty slap to both of his cheeks, effectively forcing away the emotions and regaining composure. “Mmkay, cool. What’s the damage, sweetness?”

The guard who had spoken shrugged, and the other turned to exit, “Not at liberty to discuss the details. You’ll be rolling out ASAP.” And with a nod, he turned and left as well.

“...Joyful people, here. Aren’t they?” Devon asked, with a small smirk, “Good luck, kid. Be careful out there.”

“So much joy I could die,” Lucas chuckled with a roll of his eyes. Regardless he started trailing after the guards and paused only briefly to shoot Devon a smile. “I will. Can’t let anything happen to your woveable Simba, right?” With that, he left, using all his willpower to ignore the nerves stirring deep in his gut.

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One. Two. Three.

Her punches were rhythmic, harsh. Sweat beaded on her forehead as she continued her relentless attack on the punching bag. It was much easier letting off steam like this rather than pouring out feelings and revisiting painful memories. The punching bag didn’t ask questions. Didn’t argue.. Didn’t betray. It stayed quiet. And she liked that, a little too much.

One. Two. Three....

“...That bag steal your lunch money or something, Fran? Goin’ full Xena on it…” Logan leaned against the doorframe, watching as she worked through the aggressive cycle, “You break that, Yul might actually shed some tears…”

Stopping abruptly, Francis turned to face Logan, a weary smirk growing on her face as she wiped the sweat from her brow. “Yeah? I’d like to see that. Think I’d go down in history, no?” She turned back to the bag, giving it a few more jabs, these a little calmer. “It’s not a good workout if you ain’t breakin’ a sweat.”

“Oh, it’d definitely be historical, but I dunno that you enjoy it, cause I’m pretty sure he’d have to kill you and hide the body afterwards.” Moving into the gym, he shrugged and tossing his towel onto a bench, “I’d offer a spar, but… well, I got my ass kicked by you enough when we were kids…”

“Eh. I think I could manage him. Not ready to go yet.” She muttered, finally stopping to face him, taking the towel and dabbing the sweat away. “I mean, dunno. Depends on how tough you think you’ve gotten. Can’t say that I’ve been slackin’, though…”

Laughing, Logan shook his head, hands raised in surrender, “Oh no. Nope. You are definitely tougher than me, Fran. You got all the cool powers in your family… I got…” Looking at his hands, he grinned, “Spideysense.”

Laughing, Francis shook her head. “Hey, Spideysense is pretty useful in my book. Yul obviously sees some use for ya.” She hummed, picking at the wrap on her hands, deciding whether or not to take it off. “Has it gotten better? Wider range? Been a while.” She hummed, curious.

“Depends on how focused I am, but yeah… It’s gotten wider, for sure.” Moving to the bag beside hers, he cracked his knuckles, reaching up for the tape, and winding it around his hands, “Reflexes are still where it’s at, though. I think that’s why Yul keeps me around… The guy likes being able to see ahead, you know? I swear, if there were fortune tellers in Rogue, he’d recruit them all onto our team.”

“The more you talk about Yul, the less I like the sound of him.” Francis said with a shake of her head. “I get that we’re fightin’ a war here, but.. jeez. We’ve got lives to live too.”

“Thing about Yul, Fran… is you gotta understand where the guy is coming from…” Stepping back, he eyed up the bag, giving a few less aggressive swings, before plowing harder into it, “He’s busted up, like all of us. Lost his family… his wife, his kids. He’s focused, cause he’s got nothing left to fight for but this.” Rolling a crick out of his shoulders, he resumed the cycle, “He’s a hardass, but… I’ve never worked for someone who’s got such a clear head, you know? No distractions, no… no drama. Just focus.”

Francis paused, posture falling. She watched Logan land a few punches as she digested his words. Damn. His kids and wife. That… couldn’t be easy. And hell, she knew what it was like. Though the prospect of a hardass didn’t exactly thrill her… Yul’s drive, his clear headedness. It must have been something to work with.

“Miami’s definitely more homey… but I’m not totally opposed to a guy with a clear plan.” She said slowly. “I’d be lyin’ if I said Miami wasn’t a bit.. Chaotic. You feel like… you’re gettin’ a lot done, over here? Doing good?”

“We’ve been bringin’ in Rogues, pretty steady streams since Keegan gave Yul the position. I’m not gonna say it’s perfect, cause I know you, and you got a sense for BS… but it’s definitely got more pros than cons.” Swinging lower on the bag, he glanced over at her, smiling faintly, “And I’m here…”

“Hm.” Francis said, turning her attention back to the bag as she delivered one, harsh punch. At his next words, a little smile fluttered onto her lips. “Yeah,” She echoed. “And you’re here. A definite pro.” She shot him a smirk. “You only here to recruit me, Lo? Whittlin’ away at my defenses?”

Laughing, he stepped back, “Aw, heck, Franny. You know I’d never play you that way. I mean… even if there is a huge bonus in it for me.” With a wink, he dropped back on the bench, grabbing the towel he’d laid there, “No. Fact is, I wouldn’t feel right if you made the decision any other way than what works for you. You’re my best friend… and of course I want you here, but if Miami’s home, it’s home.”

His words were reassuring. His presence, frankly, had always been reassuring to her. Francis had known him since childhood; he’d been by her side for every occasion, for the first loose tooth and the first ripped cabinet door. The loss of the farm.. Had sparked an imbalance in her. Having Logan here was like a piece of home. A piece of her old home.

“I’m still thinking.” Was all she murmured, though she nodded to him appreciatively. “But you’re givin’ me a hell of an argument, Lo.” She returned to the punching bag. “Bag doesn’t tell me what it thinks, so I think I’ll stick in the gym, first. Then I might have to deal with the real world once I’m done.”

“You take your time, Francis.” Logan noted, rising to his feet again, “I’m gonna hit the showers, but if you wanna… stop by later, and we can catch up, more. I missed you.” Tossing the towel over his shoulder, he smirked, “Little bit, anyway.”

I missed you. She’d already said it to him, and he’d already said it back.. But she couldn’t help but feel how dangerous it was. To think about the farm, to get all sappy. To try and think about how she was going to fix that awful fight, if she was even gonna fix it… But hell if she hadn’t missed him too… and would it really be so bad, to just for a moment.. Remember home?

“Yeah, I’ll, uh. I’ll come by.” She said, nodding. “I missed you too… just a little.” She echoed with a wave.


Some time had passed, and while Francis had tried to put everything unto the punching bag, it couldn’t dispel the desire to go sit and talk with Logan. Especially since her catastrophic fight with Lucas and Levi, she’d kept quiet, but letting her rage out in the gym hadn’t been cutting it.

After washing away the sweat of the training session, she’d knocked on his door, shifting on her feet nervously. She’d done everything in her power to leave the past in the past; and now, here she was.. Knocking on his door.

The door opened after a moment, and Logan answered, stepping back with a small smile. He’d showered and dressed, throwing on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, wholly expecting Francis to brush off the offer. He knew she was wary… and he couldn’t blame her. They had been friends, but a lot had happened in the years since the raid, and he understood all too well that she might not fully trust him, anymore.

So he was surprised, really, to see her standing there, and as the corner of his lip turned up, he nodded, “Hey. Err…” Turning back, he looked into his room, grabbing a hooded sweatshirt, before he stepped out into the hall, pulling it shut, “Yul’s not big on us having people in our rooms.” Sliding his hands into his pockets, he bobbed his head down the hall, “Walk with me?”

“Another weird rule..” Francis echoed, nodding. “Yeah… sure.” She fell alongside him, hands bunched up in her sweatpants pockets. “So… catching up.” She smiled weakly. “How exactly do we go about that?”

Chuckling, Logan shrugged, “He’s got this thing about fraternizing. Not big on it… It happens, but he tries to make it a little more difficult to just throw the rules out completely. Though since you lot swung in, he’s been up in arms about it.” Rubbing the back of his neck, he shrugged, “I mean… you could start by telling me what happened to you, after you got out?”

“Rogue found me pretty quickly.” Francis said. “Lucky for it, too. Not sure where I would have gone… if I would have been able to pick myself up after.” Francis cleared her throat. “Been with them ever since. Not much of a story, frankly..”

“If I know you, Fran, I know there’s more to it than that… Tell me about them. Your crew… What are they like?” Giving her a nudge with his forearm, he grinned, “I know you got opinions…”

“My crew…” Francis echoed, mind drifting back to the fight. How she’d exploded at the two, how rage had engulfed her. “They…” How was she supposed to say anything about them when she’d just about broken Lucas in two? She had seen the regret in his eyes, the guilt that had overtaken him. And still, she’d pushed him farther away.

And yet, he’d been so crude to her. So unnecessarily evil, and she felt betrayed by him. She had shared.. a piece of herself with Lucas. And he’d stomped on it. For what? Why? She didn’t even know.

Francis fell silent, brain running a million miles a minute as she tried to find an appropriate answer to Logan’s question.

“Didn’t expect that to be such a tough question…” Logan admitted, watching her ruminate over it for far longer than he’d been anticipating, “You guys just seem close…”

Francis blinked, snapping out of the memory. “We.. kind of.. were.” She rubbed the back of her neck. “Just had a kind of… crew-breaking fight.” She muttered. “Said some things I shouldn’t have.”

A brow lifted, and Logan’s expression shifted to one of surprise, before he frowned in thought, “...Fran… I’ve known you a pretty long time. Crew-breaking sounds pretty serious, even for you. You sure it’s not… You know… I’m not trying to say you’re being dramatic or anything, but… you sure you’re not reading too much into it?”

Francis sighed. “No, I, uh. I definitely think I fucked up, but.. hell. I’m not ready to apologize.” She said it bitterly, like she was bothered by her lack of ability to forgive.There was still a lingering tinge of anger in her voice. “Might have threatened to break their necks or something. And, er. Coming from me that’s.. pretty literal.”

Chuckling dryly, Logan shrugged, “No offense, Fran… but I’m pretty sure you said that to me at least a hundred times since we met, and I’m pretty sure you never actually meant it. You sure it’s you’re not ready to apology… Or more, you feel like you want to, but you don’t know how…? Cause here’s the thing… You had a pretty decent recent to hate me. And you didn’t have to think too hard about forgiving me. Maybe you haven’t known these guys as long, but… but I don’t think you care any less about them. Fact is, Francis… I think you’re puttin’ up a front, cause trusting people, letting them in means you might lose again. And I only know that cause I’ve been there. A whole hell of a lot.”

Francis stared at Logan, wide eyed. “Jesus, Lo.” She said, shaking her head. “You can’t just go all Dr. Phil on me like that…” She glanced away. “It’s… it’s different. It’s you. You’ve been my rock since the day I was born.” More of a brother to her when her brother was anything but. “I… I put my trust in him and he…” Francis swallowed. “Don’t know how he could forgive me when I can’t even forgive myself. Lo.. I’m not ready to trust anyone. I can’t.”

“Sounds like crap to me, Fran.” He continued, without a trace of hesitation, “And before you bite my head off, just listen. You ain’t afraid of anything. I watched you pick up a damn rattlesnake, and hurl it half a football field away from Tommy Morris’s little sister. Didn’t even have to think about it. You just did it. But the one thing that always seemed to get you… was this…” Reaching out, he tapped the space above her chest, above her heart, “And I can’t imagine watching everything you love go up in smoke made that any easier. I don’t think it’s that you can’t... I think it’s that you won’t. But I also think that this is a damn shame… Cause you’re one of the best people I know, Francis… and that crew of yours… they deserve to know how wonderful you are.”

Watching him tap the space above her heart elicited a little gasp from Francis. “Damn it.” She growled, though it was more well meaning than anything. “When did you get so mature? Far as I know you’re still the kid that poked that rattlesnake.” Her cheeks were already flushed red, and Francis playfully pushed him, “I’ll…. Think on it. Okay? You’re a damn good talker.. You always were.”

“Mature? I dunno about that…” He said with a small laugh, rubbing the back of his neck, “Honestly, Fran… I just don’t like seein’ you hurt.”

Francis smiled weakly. “Yeah… you never did. That’s why you were always up in my business.” She rolled her eyes. “I hate… that for how much I’m hating them, right now, I’m still missing them too.” She sighed. “They’re such… dipshits. Yet, so are you. Guess I got a thing for dipshits.”

“We live some pretty crazy lives, Francis… Maybe it’s not so bad to just let go, you know? To just let it all go, and move on.” Smiling dryly, he shrugged, “And that’s probably true… but I’m the cutest one, right? Just… just tell me I at least have the best hair?”

“Hmm…” She said, pretending to think on it. Francis reached up on her tiptoes just to ruffle his hair. “I don’t know. I’ll have to consider my options. You might just be only a close second.” Francis shrugged. “Yeah, letting go sounds nice. In theory. When you actually gotta do it.. It’s not so simple.”

“Hey! This…” Pointing to his hair, he made a face, “Is majestic, alright?? And you know it.” But as she continued, he smiled and looped an arm across her shoulder, “You know what I think? I’m gonna tell ya anyway, cause that’s how I am… but I don’t think it’s as hard as you want it to be. Cause the thing is, the people who make us more mad than anyone else, are the ones we care the most about. And I’m pretty sure you care a whole hell of a lot about those guys.”

“God, would you just stop already with that crap?” Francis said, laughing. “You’re hitting me too hard. I’m not prepared for all you’re spittin’ at me right now.” Even though she was trying to ignore it, Logan’s words were definitely making their mark on Francis. She looked at him, a question on her lips. “You, uh… Yul probably doesn’t let you have a guitar here, huh? I was almost kinda hopin’..”
“Wouldn’t that be nice…” Shaking his head, he gave her a nudge, “You know I never learned when to keep quiet.” But contrary to what he said, he knew when the message sank in, and there was no need to push… not anymore, “No guitar… I’d kill for one, but it’s not exactly an approved passtime. What about you? You still sing?”

Francis’ brows furrowed. She hadn’t thought about singing… in a long time. “I…” She started but trailed off, unsure of how to respond. She missed the touch of her guitar, the ability to express in a different way than punching bags. “Not for a long time. Not since the compound. But I… I miss it… a lot.”

“Yeah…” Chuckling, he nodded, “I miss it, too. I still uh… I still remember the one you were singing, before… you know… Like it’s just ingrained up there. Who knows… maybe we’ll have time again, some day. For those things.”

“You… you do?” Francis murmured, looking up at him. “I.. I remember that one, too. I.. I wrote it.” She held up an arm, as if her guitar was in her lap. “A minor… E minor… G major… not the most creative set, but… I was fifteen.”

“Course I do… It was the last memory I had of you, till now… Wasn’t letting go of that for anything.” With a smile, he nodded, “We uh… we’ll just rewrite the melody, some day…”

Francis took a breath. It was the last memory she had of him, too. She remembered that song clear as day. Remembered sitting atop the hay bales, watching him barge in like he always did. Under her breath, Francis began to hum the melody. “Yeah.. we’ll rewrite it, eventually. But right now, I just want to remember it.”

Pulling her in, he gave her a little squeeze, before his arm dropped from her shoulder, “Me, too, Fran… Me, too.”

“If you don’t find some way to smuggle in a guitar by the end of this week…” Francis threatened as they broke away from the embrace. She was going to continue, but a guard approached them. Francis straightened her posture to greet him.

“Francis Blanchard? You’re needed for an emergency mission.”

Francis swallowed. Logan’s words… they were kind. And they were true. She hadn’t meant it… to make Miami home. To become friends with two of the most irritable people on the planet… to make home in a place that couldn’t last forever. When she looked at Logan… she could only think about how much she had lost. There were so many good memories, so many. But it only reminded her of what she had pushed away. It only made her think.. about how broken she would be if she lost anyone else.

Francis’ brows furrowed, but before anything, she looked back to Logan. “Bye, Lo.” She said. “I mean it about that guitar, eh?”

“Sounds like a deal, Francis. Good luck, alright? Be safe…” With a nod, he gave a small wave.
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Explosion Imminent
Collab with DarinValore DarinValore and Elle Joyner Elle Joyner

Rose woke to a cold, empty bed, and immediately, her heart drove to panic as she bolted upright. For nearly two full weeks now, she and Finn had spent each night together, and in the comfort of his company, she had found rest.. She had found peace. And he woke, each morning, just slightly before she did. She would open her eyes to him watching her, and he would kiss her forehead or her nose… or if he was feeling particularly sweet, she would be peppered by little pecks across her face, until she dissolved into giggles, and was forced to surrender.

This morning, he was gone, and there was no greater fear in her mind, because he would never.. ever leave her without a really, really good reason.

Freeing her feet from the tangled covers, she moved to the door and with eyes still slightly bleary, she pulled it open, stepping out into the dimly lit hallway, “...Finn??” She called, her voice quaking with anxiety.

Fuming and struggling inwardly with everything that had happened so far this morning, Deckard nearly collided with Rose as she searched in the halls. Quickly sidestepping, he snapped, “Damn it!” he spun to yell at the Orlando mutant that was unlucky enough to get in his way, “What are you...blind? Just stepping out in front-” Recognition washed over him and he softened, “Oh, Rose, it’s you,” he looked down at her with a knitted brow, “Rose, you okay?”

Eyes widening, Rose stepped away from the snarl, and for a moment, only a brief, fleeting moment, fear struck in her eyes. When she recognized him, however, the fear melted away to concern, and her gaze softened, “D...deck? Are you alright? I… I was looking for Finn… He… he wasn’t there when I woke up.”

“You didn’t see him leave? He didn’t tell you anything?” Deck returned.

Shaking her head, Rose frowned, and her eyes stung a little, “...I was asleep. He… he’s never left before I woke up. He promised he wouldn’t… unless it was an emergency or something.”

“Or something,” Deckard muttered under his breath, “Rose, Yul had Finn arrested,” he put his hands up, “But don’t panic, I’m on my way to take care of it right now.”

“He...he what??” Rose blanched at the thought, and stepping closer, shook her head, “For what?? What does he think… Oh my God. I’m… I’m coming with you…”

“I have an idea, but if it’s what I think it is, it won’t stick. Finn couldn’t do it,” He jerked his head down the hall, “Let’s get there before they move him.”

Nodding, Rose didn’t argue, moving after the man with a frown, “He couldn’t do it. He didn’t do it…”

It was a short walk from where he’d bumped into Rose to the interrogation room, not because of proximity, but because Deckard was determined and walked with purpose that reflected that. Without a knock, without a question, Deckard charged through the door to find Finn surrounded in both sides by guards.

“Sir, you can’t be in here!” the first spoke.

Deckard put a hand up ignoring the man before he spoke, “Finn, you okay?”

Rose kept up, but Deck was a big man with a wide stride and she was half winded by the time she caught up. That didn't stop her, however, from squishing past the tattooed Goliath and without waiting for permission from the guards, running to throw her arms around Finn's middle.

Pulling his arm free from one of the guard’s hold with a grunt, relief washed over Finn’s face at the arrival of his rescuers. “Deck… Rose! Th-they think t-that I killed s-someone!” He let out a shocked oof at Rose’s sudden attack, wrapping his arms around her. “Yul says h-he’s locking me up,” Finn choked out. “I’m sorry I left, Rose…”

Burrowing into his chest, Rose shook her head, “They're wrong, Finn! And we're gonna prove it! Don't apologize… it wasn't your fault.” Stepping back, she looked to Deck, “What do we do?”

Swelling to his full height, Deckard balled his fists, “we take Finn with us, that’s what we do. They don’t have anything to hold him on.”

Finn glanced from the guards to Deck warily, wondering how much more trouble an impromptu prison break would land him in. Finally, his gaze settled on Rose, a pit in his stomach. “I-I don’t k-know about t--that, Deck,” Finn whispered, even though he was terrified.

The guards shifted, uncomfortably, and one reached for Finn's arm again, but was halted by his partner with a shake of his head. Rose looked to Finn with a frown, before turning to Deck.

“If we make it worse…”

“Worse?” Deckard asked. His day was already worse, and to be honest, a brawl would help him relieve some of the stress, but he looked at Rose and Finn, two people who would be caught up in his whirlwind of a mess should he go down that road. Deck relaxed, letting his hands open, “He doesn’t need to be in a cell,” Deckard told them, “Look at him for God’s sake.”

Throat dry, Finn shook his head wearily. “Deck… just find Keegan.” He whispered. “I-I can s-sweat it out a bit. Rose, d-don’t leave his side, okay?”

Looking to Deck, Rose nodded, “We'll find him, Finn. Just… just sit tight. We'll find him, quick as we can.”

The guards, satisfied that they weren't about to be turned into pulp-free OJ, took Finn's arms again, “Can we get by, now. Please?”

Lingering in the doorway, still unwilling to leave Finn to the likes of Yul’s machinations, Deckard shook his head, “You sure about this, Finn? Penny’s gonna be mad at me if I let you walk out this door with these guys.”

Finn would have loved to watch Deck clobber the two guards and then Yul, but that would be causing real trouble, real trouble he couldn’t be exonerated for, and he’d read enough comics to know Deck going full Hulk would make his situation worse than it already was.

“Just tell her that you tried and lost,” He muttered. “She’ll believe it a little while. Tell her I used my super sweet new air punch,” He eyed the guards, puffing his chest out, “That I totally used on these fellas.”

He smirked and shook his head, “She won’t believe any of that,” he sobered up and looked to the men, “I’ll move, but if anything happens to him, a single hair falls from his head because you pushed him into his cell, I’ll find you, and I won’t use my power.”

“And I won't fix you up, after.” Rose added, still frowning.

Finn grinned up at Rose, and then moved his gaze to Deck, shrugging, “Hopefully you’ll have proven my innocence by then. Else, Penny’s your problem.” Finn sighed. “I don’t even know who I’m supposed to have killed..”

Stepping aside, Deckard nodded, “We’ll figure this out, Finn. I’ll get all the others that didn’t go on mission with Penny, and we will figure this out.”

Voice quieting, Finn nodded, fear glistening in his eyes. “I know you will.” He cleared his throat, trying not to think about what Yul what do to him if Deck and Rose couldn’t find a way to stop him. “Take me away, boys.”
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Collab: Alone Time, Finn CloudyBlueDay CloudyBlueDay

I can do this.

It shouldn’t be that terrifying. It was just a room. It was just a room, with four walls, one floor, one ceiling. It was simple. It was plain. Why was it so scary? Maybe it was because he’d been thrown in here, forcefully, against his will for something he hadn’t done. Maybe it was because he was separated from the rest of his friends; trapped. What if something happened, and he was stuck here? What if this HQ blew up too, and they left him? Left him to be buried under the rubble of the walls that were tightening, closing in on him…

”Just stay there until I say so.”

“But I don’t want to play hide and seek anymore…”

“Don’t fuckin’ move, alright? If you do, you lose.”

The click of the door sealed his fate, and Finn was locked in the darkness.

Finn’s breathing quickened. He placed himself in the corner of the room, trying to calm himself. In. Out. In. Out. Deck and Rose were coming. They were trying. He was fine. This was just a room. He shouldn’t freak out about being in a room. A room that they’d locked him in and left him in. It was like.. A little.. Vacation! Some peace and quiet. Some alone time. People liked alone time.

He didn’t like alone time.

No Rose. No Luna. No Keith. No Penny. No Deck. No one to save him. No one to quench his fears, to tell him he was being stupid, or to hug him or hold him or tell him that a room with four walls couldn’t hurt him.

For a while, Finn yelled. But the yelling received no response from Harper, who had fallen into an alcohol induced stupor. He gave up, after a little while, and tried to pass the minutes that turned into hours.

“Let me out,” He croaked, banging on the door. The walls felt suffocatingly close. “Let me out, I didn’t hurt anybody, please. I swear I didn’t.”

”Let me out! Let me out! Please, Harper! Please!”

“Let me out!”

”Let me out…”

He slid against the wall, burying his face in his hands, defeated. Alone.

“Geb! Dill!” Hobble hobble The voice boomed louder from behind the two, lumbering golems. Their faces turned to meet each other’s hollow eyes, a shrug bestowing itself upon Geb’s shoulder.

“Mama...Mean.” Geb managed to whistle through it’s lips, the narrow slit releasing more growls than actual words. Dill’s head tilted, although it was very apparent that it did not understand its brother. Their mother was particularly worried today, sending shockwaves of anxiety down the two hollow bodies. She had been running around the facility, collecting the rest of the family and reporting to Yul about a woman. Dill couldn’t remember her name, as most names flew out of its empty skull, but it concerned mama. He didn’t like it when mama was worried.

Normally, Dill and Geb would have simply clung to her and held her back from possibly strangling someone(or getting herself strangled). Yet she was grumpy, crabby, and all in all panicked. Dill needed a break. Even if it meant dragging Geb along.

“Let me out!” A faint voice called from down the hall they were escaping, Dill’s feet bouncing against the floor. Is that mama’s little child? Sounds like something he would plead. Mama doesn’t like it when the little one is upset Dill mused internally, although it came out more in feelings than it did in particular words. Simply he knew two things. Child. Uncomfort. Hobbling forward, Dill grasped Geb’s stubby hand and dragged him forward. Geb, being the somewhat smaller of the two, refused to protest as they scrambled down the hallway with the grace of drunken women in high heeled shoes(as far as Dill was concerned, he was rocking the look).

Hearing the call again, Dill paused and glanced at the door where the screams were coming from. He brought his grimy fist to the door, bonking against it for permission to come in. The handle was just too far for Dill to reach, so Geb slowly and without request hopped onto Dill’s shoulders.

“Geb? Dill!”

Dill, cursing his luck in as man emotions as a hollow man could muster, tapped Geb’s foot. Geb stubbornly worked on the knob, its mouth slit widening in success. Creak

Tears had welled in Finn’s eyes as he slumped in the corner of the room, thinking that his desperate cries had failed to reach anyone’s ears. But there came a strange scratching at the door, and suddenly some knocking. Finn scrambled upright, his breath escaping him and struggling to find the words.

The door clicked and opened a sliver, and Finn shoved it open desperately, determined to be anywhere but the closet Harper had locked him in… except shoving open the door reminded him this wasn’t the small cabin on a hill, but Orlando HQ and the room he’d been locked in.

With blurry eyes Finn stared down at the two… creatures that greeted him, hiccuping with a hand over his mouth to try and slow his breathing. “Th-thanks,” He whispered.

Geb gave Dill the thumbs up as a man emerged, the two golems peeking up at him and waving merrily. Words fluttered from the man’s mouth, and although neither of them could quite pick together what it all meant. The sounds blasting against their hollow ears were something that reminded them of mama, when she was gracious. The nodded their pleasure towards this, Geb tripping over Dill’s shoulders and landing straight onto his back with a thud. Dill didn’t both to look back at its companion, the fallen golem hopping back without a worry in the world. They both bowed, before Dill gently pulled on the man’s pant leg.

“Dill? Geb! Oh God, get back here!” Mama. Worried. Mama very worried. Mama...upset. If he could, Dill would have swallowed. He turned to Geb as the noises grew louder. Again, he tugged on the man’s hem. Go go, before he needed help again.

Geb hobbled out in the direction of its mother's voice, although planted his feet into the floor as he waited patiently. Dill’s head tilted. He had a feeling he did something that would have put disappointment into his mother, but he couldn’t tell what it was. They did what the little one would have wanted if he was in the same situation, right? Mama wouldn’t be too mad.

The strange movements of the little earth creatures brought a weary smile to Finn’s face, breathing finally calming to a normal rate. They were endearing, silly almost, and they had just rescued him from a spiraling panic attack, so he was extremely grateful. But the voice that seemed to catch the attention of the two golems startled Finn, and he didn’t instantly recognize it, which meant it was an Orlando operative. And that meant bad news. But he couldn’t bring himself to step back inside that room…

Looks like he’d be begging this person not to rat him out… maybe to just let him hang out in the hallway? That was all he needed… would that get him murdered by Yul?

Shiloh’s breath had caught in her throat, the sudden wandering of hr two little golems sending her on edge. Yul had informed her of Rebecca’s death. Panic spiked in her system at the thought of her and Drew no longer being in a safe facility. Losing Dill and Geb(of all the freaking golems she could have asked for to get lost and cause trouble) was something that added a gleaming cherry to a sundae of crap and unnecessary panic.

Scuttling past the hall, she could hear the gentle footsteps of her creatures. And something much heavier. Being very quiet, Shiloh made her way down to the hall to see Geb, standing between her and a young, blonde man. Shiloh’s heart jumped to her throat, realizing that her creatures had released the man suspected of Rebecca’s murder. Fear flashed in her eyes before anger took over her. Clenching her fists, she made her way towards the man, only to be caught by the hand of her creation. Her shoulders began to quiver, remembering how Rebecca died. Suffocation. If he could do what they said he could do, he could easily suffocated her where she stood. She paused, inspecting him.

“You look a lot more fucking fraile then I thought you would.” She growled, noticing that Geb flinched. Her hand hovered above his head, prepared to shift him into a weapon if need be. She could do it, she didn’t like doing it, nor did she like the mere idea, but she knew very well that she could.

This girl was angry. And Finn did not do well with anger. Letting out a squeak, he brought his arms protectively up over him as she stomped over, and Finn thought for sure he was either getting beat up or thrown right back into the cell. At her words, however, Finn looked up at her fearfully.

“I-I didn’t d-do a-a-anything,” He whispered. “I-I’m sorry about your f-friend, i-if she was -- but I-I dont… I-I don’t even k-know wh-who d-died,” Finn stuttered.

Shilohs head would have tilted at a one eighty degree angle if given the chance. Was...was this accused murderer curling on the floor, attempting to defend himself from her?. With a demeanor as cool as stone, she stepped past Geb and kneeled next to the boy. Grabbing him by the collar, she pulled him up, forcing his eyes to meet hers. She tried to hide any fear that lurked within her. “You don’t even know?” She growled, but her eyes softened. “Don’t pull that bullshit on me, blondie. Give me one good reason I shouldn’t break your skull.” Her eyes narrowed, the hems of her skirt being pulled on desperately by Geb and Dill. She glanced back at them and mouthed

“Mama is working now.” Flickering her head back, she kept a tight grip, hiding the terror underneath. She suspected he could kill her, if he truly wanted.

Letting out a yelp as Shiloh pulled him up, Finn whimpered through her words, barely able to keep eye contact with her for more than a moment before squeezing them shut in fear. He felt absolutely helpless, and this girl terrified him. At her threat to break his skull, Finn let out another pitiful wail, and instinctively his hands reached up, a gust of wind pushing Shiloh off of him.

Finn realized this had to look so much worse than it already did now. Yul could probably throw him to the gators just for air blasting the girl. Finn raised his hands in surrender, babbling apologies. “S-sorry! Sorry! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean too! P-please, p-please! I didn’t hurt anyone!”

Shiloh’s chest trembled as the young man whelped, his demeanor managing to carve an ever present image of Drew into her skull. She couldn’t believe a man like this could have murdered a woman, his emotional outburst uncharacteristic. Then again, she based the cruelty off of one man she knew, and she wasn’t sure if other personalities could have applied.

In one moment, Shiloh grasped him, and in the next, a gust of air forced her off him. She was surprised to feel a soft landing as her back threatened to land against the wall. Dill had managed to reform, thining itself on the wall before Shiloh slumped. The creature reformed in a matter of seconds, its hand upon its owners arm. Shiloh breathed heavily, fear struck in her heart. “O-okay...okay…” Shiloh nearly wheezed, hand pressed over her chest nervously. She slowly put her hands up, attempting to offer peace. She began to pray under her breath that she would see Drew again after this encounter, both of her creatures at either arm. “ do I believe that you didn’t kill...kill Rebecca?”

Swallowing, trying to regain his composure, Finn glanced at the creatures that stood guard of this girl. He shuddered. Rebecca. So that was who had died…. He’d never even met her. “I don’t know,” Finn whispered. “I don’t know how to p-prove it. Please, I just.. I-I c-can’t…” He was desperate not to go back into the room, but he was really not looking forward to being clobbered by her or the little earth men. “If you have to… just… just lock the door again… d-don’t tell Yul, please…” He mumbled, looking back at the room he had just come out of.

“Why would I let you go?” Shiloh questioned, eyes narrowed. “I am not foolish.” She placed her hands upon the creatures, watching their mud travel around her fingers. They remained still, but she was prepared to retaliate. “I do not know whether or not you killed Rebecca, in fact I think it is almost foolish to assume you could even take someone’s breath away...but you and I both know the trouble that is going to happen if you leave.”

Deflating, Finn nodded weakly. He wasn’t sure whether or not to be thankful for the fact that she thought he couldn’t even take someone’s breath away, but hell, after this, he was determined to never do it again. “I-I’ll go back. Just don’t… don’t tell anyone.” Finn shakily stepped towards the room. “Y-your… golems a-are… v-very c-cute.”

At the term cute, the two golems brightened. They hobbled away from their mother, stumbling to the man and clinging to his jeans. They glanced at their mother, pleading. “You are siding with this fucker?” Shiloh inquired, eyes narrowed and filled with disappointment. Geb poked the man’s knee, staring at his mother. “I am not letting him go.”

A moment of silence. “No.”

Another moment. “No

Geb and Dill stared at each other, nodding. Geb hobbled over to its mother, seeming very apologetic before it leaped onto her, knocking her from her sitting position down to the ground. “You little brat!” She proclaimed, beginning to push him off of her.

Finn watched the two golems communicate with Shiloh in shock. They had to be products of her powers, but Finn had never seen anyone create such adorable living creatures like this. They looked like little Pokemon. He laughed weakly at their tugging at his knees, even though it seemed to anger the girl ten fold. However much he wanted not to be in that room, even if the little Pokemon golems could convince this girl to stage a prison break…. He’d never be a free man. Yul would kick his ass straight out of Rogue before Keegan could even stop him.

“I-it’s o-okay,” He murmured, trying to tell the golem that remained at his feet. “I-I.. wouldn’t let me go either. L-listen to your… uh… her. Okay?” He told Dill.

Shiloh managed to shrug the creature off of her face. Propping herself on her elbows, her brow raised sharply as the man told her that he was going to...go back in. Willingly. For the golems to listen to her. “The hell?” She questioned, hopping to her feet. She was almost damn near convinced that he was innocent, but she didn’t seem to have much proof. She crossed her arms. “Alright. I...I have no fucking clue how Yul plucked you from a line of suspects and said j’accuse.” She scoffed. “Come on, let’s get you back in.” She paused, turning to one of her creatures, then back to him. “I have a feeling you are claustrophobic, aren’t you blondie?”

Finn blinked up at Shiloh, trying to resist the panic attack that was resurfacing within him. Claustrophobic? He hadn’t ever quite, uh… named the fear, but that.. Made sense. “A.. a l-little.” Finn whispered. No, a lot.

Shiloh felt an emotion stinging at her chest, and with an annoyed groan, she reached up to massage her brow. Her eyes fluttered in irritation. “Would you like to have a companion in there to keep you company?”

A hopefulness growing in Finn’s eyes, he looked up at Shiloh in schock. “Y-you… you would do that?” He murmured, gaze travelling to the two golems that stood at her side.

She waved her hand dissmissively, if somewhat crabbily. “Yeah yeah yeah. Just...if Yul asks questions on why they were there, just tell him they locked themselves up for some quiet time. They do it, believe it or not.” Shiloh mumbled, inspecting him. “What’s your name anyway, blondie?”

A shaky smile crept onto Finn’s face, and his slouch straightened out. His eyes were wide, as he couldn’t imagine why this girl was doing this for him. “F-Finn,” He stuttered. “What’s yours? A-and what’s… theirs?” He gestured to the golems.

“Finn. Fishy suspect.” She claimed with a smirk. “The name is Shiloh. This is Dill.” She pressed her foot gently to the golem’s back, his crown slightly more crooked than Geb’s. “And this is Geb.” She patted the creature’s head. “They are cuddlers though, so if you are really space senstive, I recommend you reconsider.” She didn’t quite know why she was doing this, but she had to admit it. She felt awful for this stuttering, fragile, bizarre murder suspect.

“Shiloh,” Finn echoed. “Thank you… thank you so much.” He murmured gratefully. “I.. I’m a cuddler too, s-so… I th-think we’ll be just fine.” He said, nodding towards Shiloh.

“It’s...not a problem.” She claimed, almost defensively. Her cheeks threatened to turn rosey. She let herself go soft on a man who could have(but mostly not) murdered her friend. She exhaled very slowly, eyes directed to the door. “Take care of my babies in there, capiche?”

“Y-yeah, yes. Y-yes I will.” He said, the firmest he’d sounded this entire conversation. Putting on a brave face, Finn stepped back towards the small cell. He took a deep breath, as if he were about to dive underwater, and walked back inside.

If there was one thing Shiloh could admire about the stranger, it was his willingness to plunge back into an unknown. She didn’t find peace in her heart, but she knew it was the right thing. She patted both golems on the head before they staggered in behind. Closing the door, Shiloh noticed that Dill had already grasped the man’s leg, attempting to be comforting. Chest quivering, she shut the door and locked it behind her, sliding against it as she pressed her hand to her heart. She prayed that wasn’t the wrong decision.

Back to Drew. Back now…
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Location: Orlando Base


Nick had done his best in the past two weeks to blend in. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So he followed schedules and obeyed orders and did his best to avoid causing too much trouble. The key words there were definitely “too much.”

In any case, when Levi had come to him with a dilemma about contraband pies and baked goods, he could hardly say no.

After all, what were friends for if they couldn’t give you a hand in illegally purchasing and smuggling contraband into a militaristic base?

It had taken him mending bridges and repairing partnerships and connections that had been altered after fleeing Miami with no warning. It had taken bartering and negotiation and a convoluted path of favors that were a story in themselves, but in the end, during that week or so, he’d gotten what had been needed.

Ultimately, the pie fiasco wasn’t the biggest thing on his mind, despite the amount of time he’d devoted to it. Orlando was a completely different playing field than Miami, and he hadn’t devoted the time he should have to learning about Miami. He didn’t intend on making the same mistake again. He tried to do better, meeting and talking with other Miami refugees as well as acquainting himself with Orlando operatives. If he spent a lot of time with Shiloh in particular, he’d chalk it up to enjoying her company. Her attempts at recruiting him aside, he considered her a friend on some level.

The other thing he devoted his time to was training. It had been entirely too long since he’d done drills and practiced the way he had for the first 18 years of his life.

So he hit the gym. He did drills and maneuvers and refreshed his memory on all the techniques he’d been taught. He’d noticed, that in between his own visits, the equipment became a little more used. The punching bag became, slowly, a touch softer. It made him feel a little more at ease, as he suspected it was at least one other Miami operative that had similar ideas to him.

There were other things he’d wanted to practice beyond his fighting ability, but he sincerely doubted he could get Yul to sign off on him taking a trip to scream in the woods, for therapeutic reasons or otherwise. He made do, even without that.

It was after a while of hanging out with Shiloh and a training session that he heard a knock on the door. Having just managed to change at the time, he opened the door to find a guard standing before him.

“You’re needed in the garage. Something about an emergency mission,” he said.

Nick pursed his lips, pulling on his boots, before making his way to meet up with the rest of the team called for the mission.