Rogue & Remy LeBeau: The Queen of Gambit's Heart

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    Rogue & Remy LeBeau: The Queen of Gambit's Heart

    From the moment his unusual coloured eyes caught the perfect shape of the southern belle, Gambit knew she was the one. Sure, he had thought he had found ‘the one’ on numerous occasions before, but this time it was different (something which he had also say in the past). There was something about her that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Was it her face? The way the white strands of hair were like a frame surrounding a beautiful picture? Or the soft sound of her accent that made his knees melt. Whatever it was, Gambit had wasted no time in walking over to her with his usual swagger. Unfortunately, tonight was not a success story for the Cajun.

    His charm had failed, and while she had thankfully stopped short of slapping him, his ego had definitely been bruised. At least his friend Thierry was not here with him, or he would have had to suffer a night of taunting and teasing at his failure of sweet-talking his latest pursuit. No—he was not giving up just yet. Gambit had his ways, whether it was with words or his knack for charming gestures. Some girls were just a little more difficult to please... and those tended to be the ones that were worth it.

    He followed her out to the balcony of the bar, leaning against the railing, his elbow having found a dry part that had not been soaked from the evening’s heavy rain. “Well chere, people always come down to New Orleans for a good time... an’ if you spend a night wit’ Gambit, then you definitely will...” A sly smirk formed at the side of his mouth. “So what do ya say? Am I buyin’ two drinks... or more?” He winked, using the twitch of his eyelid as a distraction to shuffle closer to the girl.

    The source of the city's nightlife rumbled from the establishments down the road, the sounds of live bands of clashed in the street, opposing genres collecting in to a cocktail of noise that created a backdrop for their meeting on the balcony. This wasn't the kind of bar that a woman like Rogue walked in to. The customers were few, with most of them hidden away behind a closed door that wasn't advertised to the tourists and law-abiders. The hidden door revealed a basement of secrets that Gambit was all-too-familiar with. A wise man would have ran away from here hours ago; Remy stayed after finally being dealt his Queen of Hearts.
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    Twenty Minutes, Kitty had 'promised' to get them refills on their drinks twenty minutes ago, but she had also claimed to see 'the love of her life' in that same breath so she hadn't known why she was so surprised about Kitty ditching her comeplete. A soft sigh passed through her lips as she looked around the rustic bar filled with memorabilia from what she assumed was the sixties. Why had Kitty even want to come here, she hadn't even known her to be a huge drinker so why a bar? Rogue bit on her tongue before she stood up from the table that she had shared with Kitty, before she was happily ditched, and moved over to the bar to sit and refill the drink she should have had in her hand fifteen minutes ago.

    "Ah'll take a...whiskey on the rocks please" the bartender had looked at her with a smirk before he began to make her drink. Hopefully the drink would put her back in a good mood, but of course the first mistake was actually believing that. He had this swagger about him as he moved over to her with his wild brown locks perfectly framing his strong features. She wasn't going to lie, he was attractive and only a girl as blind as a bat would try to deny that fact. But once he began to speak to her she remembered that she wasn't mormal and she didn't want to potentially kill the guy because she wanted to be selfish.

    So she did what she did best. "Sorry sugah but I don't fall victim to pretty boy's charm like most girls" she turned to him down. She watched as he walked away and rolled her eyes before taking her drink from the flirty bartender. She hadn't even given him a second look before she moved out to the balcony to get a break from the bar. The air still smelled like rain and the sky had still been a bit cloudy, at least it hadn't smelled like drunks and vomit out here like it had in there. She breathed in the fresh air then breathed out before she turned to see what sudden presence had joined her. Of course that sudden presence had to be the guy that she had already told to get lost.

    She listened to him with an amused look on her face before she moved closer to him a small smirk gracing her features. "An' what is this Gambit gonna do with little ol' me? How is he gonna show me a good time tonight?" She moved in closer reaching her lips up to his ear making sure that none of her uncovered skin brushed against his. "Ah mean ah would hate to disappoint, but ah don't do swamp rat's" she whispered blowing against his ear softly before pulling away from him, her smirk never fading. "Plus you might think your persistance is cute, but it's's actually pretty annoying sugah" she said rolling her eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest and began to make her way back into the bar. She needed to get lover boy off her tail, so first she had find Kitty and then get as far away from this bar as possible. But of course, that thought had been mistake number two of the night.
  3. Gambit was no stranger to rejections, though he was able to wear them down with his unique Cajun charm. In this case, he was starting to think that it just wasn’t good enough. An aroma of alcohol and perfume whistled through her words as her lips teased contact, but the short distance between them felt like a million miles. For once, Gambit struggled with words—a moment that many people that knew him had always wished to witness. His tongue tripped over itself as he tried to reply, his eyes catching the shape of her denim-clad rear gently swaying from side-to-side. However, his attention was yanked to the sight of a burly man blocking the doorway back in to the bar. The dark suit seemed to strain over muscles, his arms folded, joined to shoulders that seemed to go on forever. He looked like the kind of man that didn’t need to worry about working up a sweat in a fight—he’d only need to throw one punch.

    Remy went to speak again, to warn the woman of the impending trouble, but a clip-clop of expensive shoes seemed to tell her for him. Two men appeared to his left, appearing from where the balcony wrapped round the other side of the building. He recognised them both—one of them from his face, the other from his fist. The less-imposing of the pair stroked something that glimmered beneath the neon lights, while his partner repeated the same pose as the man guarding the door.

    “Mr. LeBeau...” The leader of the trio smiled, his weapon-free hand running through the strands of blonde hair that had been combed back with too much product. Compared to the other two, his thin, youthful face was free from the scars of battle—and though his eyes had seen plenty of violence, they always watched from a distance. “...out for a little fresh air?”

    “Somethin’ like dat...” Gambit replied, his eyebrows burrowing deep.

    “Celebrating wit’ your winnings?” His Cajun accent seemed to slip out for the occasional word. “Or should I say... my winnings. Does your girlfriend know how much trouble you are in?” For those who knew Remy Etienne LeBeau... every one knew he was always in trouble. And unfortunately for them, that meant they were always in trouble too.
  4. Rogue hadn't even noticed the large man standing in front of her until she finally reached the doorway and the wall of China was blocking it off. "Ah'm sorry but I think you need to move out of the way" her voice was stern as she looked up at the man her stance never faultering. He might have been huge, but she wasn't some fragile flower petal that was going to back away from some 'big, strong' man. The man in the suit, with a face that had been riddled with scars, looked down at her with a glare that screamed he had been ready to pound her into the ground. But she hadn't taken her eyes off of the intimidating wall of a man until she heard the clicking of shoes against the floor of the balcony and heard a voice follow soon after that.

    She turned to see the young, blonde haired man that completely differed from the bulky men that seemed to follow his every movement. Rogue had looked between lover boy and baby face and knew that she had to get out of here because whatever was going on had nothing to do with her. But it seemed like baby face wanted to include her in their issues. "Wait wait hold on....Ah have nothing to do with this man so you callin' me his girlfriend deeply offends me baby face...look ah don't know what's goin' on but if you could call off your guard dogs then ah will be on my way..."

    Blondie must not have appreciated the nickname because he seemed to be fuming at her words. "Didn't know you could get such a feisty one Mr. LeBeau"

    "Ah'm sorry what? Did you not just hear me or is that obsessive amount of hair gel seeping into your brain making you dumber...Ah have nothing to do with this you better call off your guard dogs or I'll call them off for you" Rogue moved closer to baby face, but felt a firm grip on her arm that stopped her from getting too close. "Didn't your mama teach you how to treat a lady, get the hell off of me!" She felt her gaze shift to Cajun lover boy and begged him to set them straight with her eyes.

    God, at this moment she was trying to figure out if it was a good or bad thing that she decided to cover up her arms today. "Look leave me outta your lovers' quarrel, you let me go an' I'll keep quiet considering I could care less about what you two are goin' at it for" Rogue kept struggling against the bulky man's death grip on her arm as she thought about every action that led her up to this point. Lover boy just had to come up to her.
  5. There was no such thing as a quiet, peaceful night for Remy LeBeau. No matter how hard he tried, trouble seemed to have a bad habit of creeping up on him—though usually it was because he had went looking for it first. The trio of men who had cornered them on the balcony were members of a criminal gang that Gambit had wrongly crossed a few days ago. Now he could have done what he had been told, earned a decent little paycheck and went on his way. But the Cajun couldn’t help himself—he saw the opportunity to earn a little more money and piss a few people off, something which he had a talent for.

    The blonde man went by the name of Vinnie Rougeau—a lowlife determined to make a name for himself in the Big Easy. His attempts at building his own empire would have been impressive if it hadn’t been done hiding behind the towering henchmen that followed him like dogs on a leash. However, what he lacked in brawn, he compensated with his connections around the city. Other criminals seemed to like him. Except for Remy. He hated the asshole.

    Remy leaned his elbows back against the cold railing and watched as white-fringed woman became more and more riled up by the henchman’s actions. His hands were huge, wrapping around her arm with ease. A second set of fingers curled about her bicep, muting the woman’s struggles. “If you don’t stop moving, I’ll hold you over the balcony by your ankle.” The brute gnarled through a half-set of teeth.

    “Isn’t dis funny, Remy?” Sniggered Rougeau. “She’s tryin’ to be cute.” He walked over to Rogue, keeping the distance between them so that not a single flailing limb could reach him. “Poor Remy... it’s always the same... he gets in to a little bit of trouble and suddenly the girl says ‘I’ve never met him before’... his women are about as loyal as he is...”

    The Cajun’s eyes were caught in the trance of the as-of-yet-unnamed-woman’s worried gaze, keeping him on the quieter side of things. If he had been a proper southern gentleman, he would have corrected Rougeau and confirmed that she was telling the truth, but somehow he knew that it wouldn’t matter. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t going anywhere. If she was as smart as she was beautiful, she’d have already figured that out.

    “What do ya want, Rougeau? Our business is done.” The Cajun finally untied his tongue.

    “Our business is not done. Our business is done when you do what you were paid to do. I swear, you mess this up again and this is the last time you’re physically able to chat up a pretty girl... and this one is definitely pretty...” His hand slowly approached her face, the sparkle of the blade cutting through the humid air of the night. The point motioned closer to her chin as the sudden sound of movement stopped the knife a few inches from contact. Remy had pushed himself from the balcony, but found his path blocked as the second goon wedged himself between the Cajun and Rougeau.

    “You t’ink you’re a big man, huh?” Gambit growled as his neck tilted back to look up at the size of the beast in front of him. “All I see is two idiots, a lil’ daddy’s boy an’ a pissed off broad dat looks like she’s about to kick all of our asses...”
  6. Okay, she had finally made up her mind. Covering up her arms for the night was most definitely a bad idea and that crossed her mind the second the the other bulky man came up to her and wrapped his hand around her arm keeping her in place. She hated Kitty, all that hyperactive girl had to do was get her a drink and then come back. She could have flirted with her conquest for the night after Rogue had gotten her drink. "Yeah Ah dare ya tough puppy" she sneered at the guy who hadn't seemed to happy with her response what so ever. He had actually been to heave her over his shoulders and toss her off the balcony until Blondie had come up to her leaving a safe distance. Boy should he have been lucky that she couldn't get her bare hands on him because he was pushing it.

    "Ah'm trying to be cute....says the little man who can't handle me without his little guard puppies keeping him safe....why don't you come over here, let me go, and let me teach you how to be a real man..." She spat at him nothing but venom coating her dangerous words. Her mouth was going to be the death of her if swamp not hadn't gotten her killed first.

    She hated how he wouldn't say anything to get her out of his shitty situation. Now she had been roped in unwillingly like a hog getting chased down by a cowboy. But she knew that there was no getting out of this because she was already in it, she had already seen too much. But she still hadn't stopped fighting and trashing against the large arms that had easily been bigger than her head, defiance was on her nature. What could she say? But as she looked into lover boy's devilish eyes, both in nature and in color, she knew that it was already too late. So she breathed out softly and stopped fighting against the towers of Pisa that were holding her back. He better have known just how to get them out of this, or he was dead and she didn't need Blondie's help.

    Rogue hadn't moved an inch once they began speaking. Business? She was getting pulled into this man's problems because he couldn't sit still and listen to directions. Her eyes trailed up to Blondie as his hand moved closer to her causing her to buck away from him with the fear that he was about to brush his fingers against her face. Of course that fear intensified once she realized that it wasn't just his fingers, but there was a blade in his hand that he was about to press against her skin until there was a shuffle of movement from lover boy who seemed ready to step up for something. Took him long enough.

    A soft chuckle passed through her lips and she looked over at the charming Cajun with a soft smirk. "Funny lover boy...Ah see the same thing...except ah don't see a daddy's boy..Ah see a little fella who got these big boys to compensate for sumthin..." She teased as her emerald green eyes trailed over to Blondie who still had the blade pretty close to her chin. "How 'bout you call your big puppies off and we handle this little scuffle like adults then once you've come to your sense an' realize that you're bein' an idiot you'll let me go"
  7. The corner of Rougeau’s mouth twitched upwards, his lips molding in to a half-smile which seemed to appear from twisted thoughts. “Cute, indeed.” He murmured, more to himself though loud enough for her to hear. The sharp piece of metal licked her soft skin, tickling her chin with the slightest of scrapes. Whenever she spoke, she would feel the pinch of the cool point. “Non...” He licked his lips. “...I’ve got a better idea.”
    He finally pulled the weapon back and stepped back, his brows lowering while the fingers of one hand massaged his hairless jawline. “Remy lost us a lot of money.” His eyes flashed over to Gambit, before returning to the beauty before him. “He was supposed to lose a game of cards... but clearly, the plan was too complicated for him. Because the fucker goes an’ wins the game, don’t he?”

    Contrary to his story, Gambit fully understood what was supposed to happen during the card game earlier tonight. There were six of them playing—Remy had been recruited due to the fact he was actually good when it came to gambling. Rougeau’s associate was at the table, as well as a few of their business competitors. The Cajun was supposed to play well, knock out a few of the players but then lose everything to Rougeau’s man. However, Remy liked the idea of winning and taking all of the money instead. Rougeau definitely did not like that.

    “Hey—I just play wit’ de cards I’m dealt. It’s not Gambit’s fault if he gets a good hand.”

    “Shut it.” Snapped Thug #2.

    Rougeau trailed the tip of his tongue across his lips again and continued. “Well Gambit has one last chance to make things right. Because we’re about to sit down for another game, and this time... he’s gonna lose. And he’s gonna lose big. I want every one in this city to know that he got humiliated at the poker table.” Though he could not see it, due to the towering goon standing between them, Gambit rolled his eyes. “And his little cheerleader is gonna make sure he does his job right. Because if she don’t, then I’m gonna teach this disrespectful bitch a lesson and cut that tongue out of her mouth...”
  8. His 'better idea' dragged her deeper and deeper into this shit show. Well at least now she had known what he had done to piss this people off so much. Rogue had remained quiet as she listened to Blondie and deeply fought the urge to roll her eyes at his words. "Honestly, Ah don't even like cards so why would you want me of all people to be swamp rat's cheerleader" she tried to cross her arms over her chest but remembered that she had Buffy the block man holding onto her arm for dear life. "Okay okay! Just let me go an' talk to him...Ah promise if ah give him a few words you'll win all your money back and more" there was a soft glint in her eye as she smiled softly at baby face knowing exactly what he wanted to hear, and the sound of more money must have pulled at his compassionate heart strings.

    Blonde smirked softly before staring her down once more and quickly waving his hand. The strong grips on her arm had instantly disappeared and blondie moved closer so that he could whisper to her without lover boy hearing a word that he was saying. "You try anything doll and I make sure you and that lying swine get it" she pulled away from him and rolled her eyes before staring at the Great Wall telling him to move out of the way with her eyes. The guy had stood there for a second before grumbling something under his breath and moving out of the way so that she could get her hands on Remy, as blondie called him.

    She looked up at him and moved closer before stopping when her body had been pressed flush against his. "This your idea of showin' a girl a good time...cuz if it is ah need you to develop a new method Sugah..." she said her green orbs boring into his blood red ones. " gotta loose this game Remy..." her voice had softened a bit hoping that maybe she would cause the humanity he had in him to flare up. Well the humanity she hoped he had in him. "You drag me into this bullshit because your ego can't take rejection so the least you can do is get me out of it alive right..." her voice was low so that the goons and baby face wouldn't hear what she saying to her last hope for living.

    "Christ....look it's just a stupid game of cards....Ah'm pretty sure that if you loose this one time it won't hurt you too much..." she mumbled crossing her arms over her chest with a soft sigh. She turned back to see what blondie was doing and when he had made eye contact with her he tapped a big shiny watch on his wrist beconking her to speed it up. "Come on Remy...maybe if we get out of this alive ah'll let you show me that good time" she purred softlytrailing her leather bound finger down his chest with a flirty smile.
  9. She told him it was only a card game, and somewhere through his ego and unique way of thinking, Remy knew she was right. But he had a reputation, one which was in danger of being torn apart from this little geek who was running around, playing the tough guy. But if there was one thing that Gambit hated even more than losing at a game of cards, was a woman getting hurt—especially because of him. She was right—if he hadn’t followed her out on to the balcony like a little puppy crying for attention, then she wouldn’t be in this mess right now. Vinnie wouldn’t have assumed they were together, his henchmen wouldn’t have grabbed her and she wouldn’t have had a blade scraping against her neck. Of course, she didn’t do herself any favours by opening her mouth every few seconds, but he was wise enough not to bring that up.

    “Well it’s definitely gonna be a night you’ll remember, chere.” Remy smiled, keeping his voice down to a hushed tone that travelled no further than her ears. Any words that drifted towards the trio of men would be lost amongst the rumblings of nearby speakers.
    Then the bombshell dropped. If he did as he was asked, and played along with the plan, then there was the chance that his persistance would finally pay off with the unnamed woman. Sure, she may have just been saying that in order for him to agree to losing the card game, but in Remy’s mind, that’s all he had wanted to hear since the moment he laid his eyes upon her.

    “Hmm...” He muttered, catching a whiff of her female fragrance, though it may have also been the stench of too much cologne. “It’s not often Gambit says non t' a woman.” His hand gently wrapped around hers, the curiosity of her gloves was a question he had wanted to ask, but there was another one that took priority. “Does my lil’ cheerleader 'ave a name?”
  10. His little cheerleader, if he hadn't been so handsome she would have strangled him for calling her that. But instead of wrapping her small hands around his throat, she smiled at the question and shrugged her shoulders. "Aw come on, you can't except me to release all my secrets can you swamp boy? If ah tell you my name then I lose that mysterious thing ah had going..." She teased before something caught her eye. He was holding her hand. She wondered if his hands were soft or if they were rugged like his features. Her teeth had latched onto her lower lip as she slid her hand from his moving it back to her side. A soft chuckle bubbled from her lips as she looked up at him staring deep into his devilish eyes. "Rogue... your lil' cheerleader's name is don't make me regret telling you swamp boy" she couldn't help but smile as she turned on her heels to look back at Blondie and his devoted followers.

    She was lying to him and even though her mind told her he deserved it she still felt bad. She wasn't going to leave with him and after this card game she was going to find Kitty and leave this bad omen of a bar. He wouldn't want her and that's what she had to tell herself. She was a freak who couldn't even touch him, he may have been eluded right now but he was going to come to his senses sooner or later. She was doing a favor for him, but she needed to make him think that she would because she needed to get out of this alive. That still hadn't stopped her from feeling bad though. "Alright come on lover boy....let's get this over with" her voice had raised slightly so that Blondie had known that her little 'pep talk' was over with.

    "Well are you big boys ready to win your money back....Ah'm sure my little lover boy is going to be on his best behavior now" she said and then looked back at him her emerald eyes asking him if he was going to follow along and keep them out of trouble. "Isn't tha' right Remy?" she asked with a tone that had been more questioning than certain.
  11. Rogue.

    She called herself Rogue. It may not have been her real name, but it was as unique as the woman’s stunning looks and the way her sassy exterior seemed to hide a mousy girl desperate to fall in love with Gambit. Well, he wouldn’t say that part out loud to her. But at least he had something to call her now. The woman’s pep talk had worked, with Gambit looking like he was going to play his part, albeit reluctantly.
    Vinnie released a sigh and rubbed his hands together. “At last. Someone has talked some sense in to him. Now we’re going to go downstairs, and if any of you try anythin’ funny...” Three pairs of eyes darted towards Rogue. “...then Remy LeBeau’s reputation isn’t de only thing dat’s gonna be torn apart.”

    The hulking sentinel guarding the door shifted to the side, allowing Vinnie, Remy and Rogue to walk back in to quiet bar. The goons kept themselves uncomfortably close to the pair, especially Rogue, who was an unpredictable addition to the equation. Their ape-like hands were inches away from her arms at all times, swinging like pendulams with every step, ready to grab at the first sign of trouble.
    Vinnie opened the door and stepped away to let Rogue and Remy inside first, followed by his ever-present bodyguards. The staircase was dark, though a dim light at the bottom of the steps shined the path at their feet. Gambit’s slow descent delayed the arrival at the card table, though a gentle nudge in his back made sure he kept on going.

    The foul stench of nicotine invaded his lungs, a taste familiar to his own throat, though one that he had distanced himself from in recent weeks. The smoke hovered around the table, the lone lamp above the green velvet reflecting through the smog with swirling patterns. Four men were already seated, with two seats reserved for Gambit and his lovely lady. The players were not the most handsome of sights, with bulging bellies, balding peaks and sweating skin a sight that was found on all of them.

    Remy circled the table until he reached their seats, grabbing the back of Rogue’s chair and pulling it out. “Ladies first.” He motioned, glaring at the cast of characters that he was expected to lose to. This was going to hurt like hell.
  12. It was horrible. The dimly lit room reeked of stale alcohol, burned out cigarettes, and desperation. Her eyes were glued to the older men at the table that looked like they had just walked right of their mother's basement into this one. She couldn't even tell if they had showered in the last 24 hours. Her attention was pulled to Remy and she rolled her eyes before catching a slight glimpse at one of the middle aged men taking in the sight of her. A nasty grin lay plastered on his face and she almost had the nerve to say something to tubby until she remembered Vinnie's words. She didn't think that he would be too happy with her killing the confidence of his players in the three seconds of her arrival. Rogue looked over at Remy with a small smirk before she pulled herself closer to him wrapping her arms around his neck.

    She leaned her lips close to his ear as she looked at tubby number one through the corner of her eye. "I don't wanna rush ya...but could you lose a little quick like...these guys are given me the creeps" she whispered loud enough for only his ears to hear before pulling away with a smile. "Good luck baby" she said loudly before smoothing his large trench coat down, then took her seat. Maybe if the creeps had the idea of her being with Remy then they wouldn't have messed with her, and she may or may not have wanted to give Remy a little extra push to butcher the game. She sat down crossing one leg over the other and let her eyes sweep over the sad scene once more. The least that baby face could do was find men that hadn't looked so...depressing.

    "Is de lil' fille playin' wit' us Remy?" A man right across the table with the largest beer gut of them all and bright blue eyes asked her handsome companion as he looked back and forth between the two. The same man with all the questions had taken a stack of cards that sat in the middle of the table and shuffled them with a gaze that never left.

    "Oh no ah'm not playin'....any game that revolves around cards is not my strong suit" she answered and the man just shrugged his shoulders as he began to deal the cards across the table. She watched as the cards glided across the table like ducks in the pond to their temporary owners and placed her hands in the lap already getting bored. "May ah use the little girl's room...I need to go powder my nose" she asked Vinnie and his boys with a hand raised like she had been in grade school. One of ever so submissive henchmen growled under his breath as he brushed his coat back revealing the gleam of the small pistol he had tucked away in his pants which happily let her know that she wasn't going to the bathroom anytime soon. She slowly lowered her hand back into her lap with a soft sigh and a low mumble under her breath. This was going to be a long night.
  13. She leaned in as if moving in slow motion, and her mouth came so close to touching his ear that he could almost feel the mark of paint left from her lips. He was about to ask for a kiss for an extra special bit of good luck, but he was rudely interrupted by the player from across the table.
    Vinnie stayed in the corner of the room, away from the light, observing in silence. Groomed nails were chewed rapidly, his teeth working their way through the fingers that moved sideways like a typewriter shuddering in a frenzy. He never spoke, never gloated and seemed almost nervous at the inevitable danger of Remy LeBeau not going along with the plan.

    The Cajun placed his hands on top of his cards and pulled them towards him, lifting the corners up by no more than an inch to allow him to see their identity. It was a pair of good cards—too good to throw away, actually. Even with his orders drilled in to his head through the threat of violence and serious consequences, he couldn’t bring himself to dispose of them.

    Her request to go to the toilet was unsurprisingly turned down, with Remy raising an eyebrow at her question. He half-expected one of the henchmen to kick a bucket towards her and tell her to use it—he was almost certain that only a woman like Rogue could make even that a pretty sight. It was Gambit’s turn to lean in close to her ear. “Ah, de ol’ escape out de bathroom window’ trick. I’m sorry, mon chere, but I don’t think dat ass of yours would fit through it...” He grinned, using their situation to his advantage. As he tossed in a handful of chips—instead of his chips—his words seemed to challenge her to give him a slap, even though they had been warned to work together unless they wanted to start losing body parts.
  14. Great, now she had to use the bathroom and that jerk wouldn't let her. She watched as the men looked at their cards then looked at each other sideways before focusing back down at their cards. Jesus she hated this boring game, the rules were too confusing and they were getting their panties in a bunch over little pieces of plastic. She was trying to shut out her bladder and the dullness of the game going on around her but found that a bit too hard with the Cajun leaned over whispering into her ear. She breathed in deeply and looked over at the annoying swamp rat with rage in her eyes. "Are you calling me fat swamp rat because if we're going there ah can think of a few things ah can call your ass" she mumbled hoping that Vinnie hadn't heard them because they were supposed to be 'getting along' with each other.

    "Ah wasn't even goin' to sneak out...that's a stupid idea and ah'll be dead before ah even get far enough from this good for nothing bar...ah actually had to use the bathroom and ah still do" she huffed out pretty upset with the circumstances. She didn't even have her drink with her anymore to tune her out easier. Guess she would have to actually use what she had. She looked over at the swamp rat just letting her eyes take him in. He really was handsome and looked like sex served on a platter next tocthese sad excuses of men. His body looked strong and his eyes. God his eyes were so hypnotic, captivating, and tantalizing. It was almost as if he could completely undress a girl with his eyes and she'd be completely okay with it because...well it was him. Her teeth caught onto her lower lip again as her mind went all over the place, if only she was normal right?

    After what seemed like forever of them playing she had placed her chin in her hand and tried to block out the older men that were clearly undressing her with their eyes. With them it hadn't been was just flat out weird. "Are you wearin' colored contacts or are those your real eyes? You look good with them, they make you seem even more devilish than you are...." she said with a slight pause wondering why she had even said that. God the boredom must have been getting to her already. But it was true. He wasn't a bad sight and she never craved to touch someone so bad, which could be taken in a good or bad way.
  15. As expected, the slap did not come. Perhaps she was already starting to warm towards Remy’s playful charm. “Relax mon ami, I think you ‘ave a lovely ass...” He whispered in reply, refusing to be drawn in to the old ‘are you calling me fat’ argument that no man in the history of this world had won.

    As the game went on, the piles of colourful chips in front of Remy began to grow, forming a skyline of money that would not be his by the end of the game. Two of the men had crashed out of the game, their collection of poker chips distributed between the three remaining players. Rather than walk away in away in disgust, they remained at the table—something which did not sit right with Gambit. When a man lost his money, and his pride took a mild beating, he’d grab his jacket and storm up the stairs. Paranoid ramblings began to run through Remy’s thoughts as he scraped another collection of chips towards him. Were they still here because of Rogue... or was it all a big conspiracy to bring him down? Had he really pissed off this many people in his life?

    Then out of the blue, just as the third player tossed down his cards to leave only Remy and Vinnie’s man in the game, came a line from Rogue that he never expected. In fact, he had to do a double take to make sure he wasn’t just hearing things. “Everythin’ here is one ‘undred percent Gambit.” He winked, as a sudden sound came from one of the henchman, clearing his throat and placing a finger on his lips as if to hush the pair.
  16. Her eyebrow perked up at his 'compliment' and she found herself rolling her eyes, again for the thousandth time tonight. If she kept going like this her eyes would freeze in place, buy how could she not with the way he decided to flatter her. Your ass looks great, wow someone give him the gentleman of the year award because he sure deserved it.

    The card game had seemed to go on forever as the men huffed out in frustration or threw their chips down angrily because their cards couldn't compare to that of their opponents. Before she knew it the only two people standing were Remy and one of the other men that had been on the quieter side. Both of them had a huge pile of colorful plastic chips sitting between them and something deep within her said that Remy wouldn't be too happy with this loss. If this massive amount of plastic actually became money then there was a hefty amount of money sitting between the both of them. Rogue looked around the table once more seeing that the number of people hadn't depleted what so ever, it was almost as if they had still in playing in their minds. "Looks like ah'm not the only cheerleader here..." She mumbled under her breath catching one of the larger, hairier men staring at her with lust glinting in his eye and a beer glass pressed against his chapped lips. God she needed needed Remy to hurry it up with this losing thing.

    His words caused a small, genuine, smile to grace her features. "One hundred my ass..." She teased chuckling softly as she rolled her eyes, something that seemed to be common when she was around the mischief causing Cajun. There was some weird air swirling around Remy and you would have to be completely blind not to realize it. But his weird air had been some what compelling while hers was just peculiar.

    'No Rogue....he wouldn't want you, you're just some freak who can't touch people...remember what happened when you tried...his life was ruined and it was your fault'

    Her teeth rubbed against each other slightly and she sighed softly knowing that she would be doing the right thing by ditching him after this crazy card game. "Look let's just hurry this up alright...ah need to drink myself into oblivion afta' this stressful night" she said softly to him as she crossed her arms over her chest. She was toxic and she had to remember that, it hadn't mattered how attractive or charming lover boy was.
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  17. They were down to two, and Remy knew this was the part of the plan that he had not been looking forward to. A pair of cards were slid in front of him and he drummed a tune on top of them, his unique eyes never leaving those of the man across the table. He knew he was a better card player than this guy and that’s why it pained him so much to throw the game and admit defeat. All he had to do was go all in with this hand, throw away his cards and he’d be safe. Rogue wouldn’t have her tongue cut off and more importantly, his dick would still be attached to his body. So why was Remy having such a hard time playing along?

    He pressed down with his finger tips and dragged the two rectangles to the edge of the table, where he gently lifted them up to reveal what had been dealt. A ten and a queen. Not bad, not bad. As expected, the other player raised the stakes and Remy followed, watching the pile of chips slowly decrease while the pile in the middle grew larger by the minute. Before long, a multi-coloured mountain had formed between the pair, a rainbow of temptation that taunted the Cajun.

    Vinnie had began to pace nervously in the distance, his fingers scrambled over the buttons of his phone and he brought it to his ear, a worried stare shooting at Remy behind droplets of sweat that trickled from his brows. His voice mumbled in to the speaker, words tripping over the next. Gambit had attempted to listen, though his attention kept returning to the landscape of chips before him.
    The dealer laid out the three cards. Ten of clubs. Ten of diamonds. Jack of diamonds. Not bad. He was on to a full house. All he needed was a... queen of hearts. There it was. In another game on another day, Gambit would have been dancing in his chair but tonight he had a feeling that whether he won or not, he wasn’t walking out that door with these chips in his arms.
    More money was tossed in to the centre until neither man had anything left and the final card was laid out for the room to see. “Mon chere...” He began, leaning over towards his cheerleader. “...Dis is it. Whatever happens next, Gambit is sorry that you didn’t get de good night dat he promised you...” He said with a grin, as their cards were turned and his turned out to be the winning hand. “You might want t’ get down... an’ close your eyes real tight...”
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  18. She hadn't known what he was planning but that devilish glint in his eyes had her even more worried. Her heart pounded against her rib cage as she watched him peak at the cards, and she almost felt herself go into hyperventilation as both men turbed over their cards to reveal the true victor. He wouldn't risk her life because he was some hotshot who couldn't take a beating to his ego...right? Wrong. She looked at what he had flipped over and even though poker hadn't been her game she knew what cards ruled over each other, and she was afraid to say that Remy got the ruling cards.

    He was just joking right? Wrong, again. He looked over at her with his award winning grin and told her that he was sorry. He was about to get her killed and all he had to do was say sorry?! Rogue was fuming as she looked over at him trying to control her breathing. "You son of a bit-" she was cut off by her own fear as she tried to drop to the ground but was stopped when Vinnie, and his lovely back up dancers, pulled their guns out and pointed them clearly at Remy and herself. Jesus, it was always her. It was almost as big she attracted trouble like a female attracted a male during mating seaon. It never went away and it bugged the hell out of her. Now she was going to die in some dingy bar in a dingy part of town with an asshole and three other asshole's holding guns.

    "Get up off the ground fille...make this a bit' easier on us will you" Vinne said with a tone that clearly came across as pissed.

    Rogue slowly stood up and sat back down in her chair looking over at Remy with a glare. "Ah can't believe you....One game, it was one stupid game you had to loose and once again your pride swoops in and screws not only you, but me fucking too!" She couldn't even believe that she had been attracted to this egotistical swamp rat who was basically the cause of her death. "Ah swear to god Remy you better get us outta this thing alive so that ah can murder you wit' my bare hands" and bare she will do it. She wouldn't mind sucking the life force out of this asshole now. Asshole. She was so pissed that she couldn't even think of a better name to call him other than asshole. Asshole.

    "All you had to do was loose' you couldn't even do that I'm going to have to ge' rid of you and your
    petite beauté. Well Mr.LeBeau do you want to go first or do you to watch as I teach that lil' bitch a lesson on manners"

    If she hadn't been raised right then she would have made some smart aleck comment about how he was the one that needed to be taught manners. But he was the one with the gun so she wasn't going to be the dumb and get herself killed because of her fat mouth.
  19. He had been warned by Vinnie to throw the game. Rogue had begged him to throw the game. Even his own head told him to throw it. So what did Gambit go and do? He listened to none of them, and now he was in a position where a couple of guys were pointing their pistols at them, as well as a few more who were there to ensure that nothing funny happened. Remy was no stranger to situations like this, and although he would always promise himself to learn from his own mistakes and never let it happen again, time-and-time again he would be thrown in to a mess that was almost entirely created by himself.

    His eyes flicked to Rogue by his side, who was unsurprisingly unhappy with the way the game had went. She was obviously annoyed that he had put her in to some danger, though he wanted to tell her that it would be all right. He wouldn’t blame her for not believing him, considering they were outnumbered and outgunned.
    Remy leaned forward and slid a few playing cards towards him, slowly shuffling them as he watched Vinnie and his thugs switch their aim back and forth. The younger man’s hand shook under the weight of the pistol, the slight convulsion did not go unnoticed by Remy. He could tell that Vinnie did not want things to end up like this, not only because of the money situation but because he would have to actually step up and actually follow through with his promise of violence and death.

    “Dat’s no way to speak to a lady, Vinnie.” Remy shook his head, dipping his heads as the shuffling grew quicker. How many cards did he have—six? Seven? That should be enough. The Cajun looked back up at the trio, while the men across the table had pushed their chairs back a little, no doubt to avoid being painted red. His foot began to shuffle silently across the floor, searching blindly for the leg of Rogue’s chair. “But I guess if I get t’ pick... den I’ll go first...” He sighed, just as the sole of his shoe found the weak piece of wood he had been after.

    With a hard kick, the leg snapped and the rest of the chair crumbled beneath the woman. The handguns swung round, their noses pointing to the scene of commotion as Remy used the distraction to his advantage. A splash of purple glowed in his hand, and with practiced accuracy, the playing cards were thrown—just as Remy threw up the table and ducked for cover. Some of the rectangles missed, but four of them hit something, lighting up the room in an display of pinks and purples to the soundtrack of bangs and screams. The handguns discharged, their bullets wild—a stray shot took out one of the players—and very soon, the men were down. Vinnie was still alive, for now, though he rolled about the floor, a whimpered cry escaping his lips, as his hands clutched his eyes.

    Remy, still shielding himself and Rogue with the table, turned to her. “I t’ink Gambit deserves a kiss for dat...!”
  20. Everything had gone off with a bang. Literally. One second she was praying for her life and thinking up a way that she could butter up this hog so that she could walk out of here alive. Then in the next second she was falling slowly as everything around her seemed to go into chaos. The table flew up in front of her and Remy had thrown something before ducking down beside her as the room lit up in hues of pink and purple and the sound of terror was on the other side of their makeshift shield. Just what the hell had he thrown to cause so much collateral damage? Her mind was trying to piece everything together as her body went into shock, then the swamp rat just had to open his freaking mouth to throw her even more off her game.

    "Are you kiddin' me!? A kiss? You're lucky that ah'm not killing you right now!" She whispered and yelled at him because she still heard Vinnie moaning, crying, and groaning on the otherside of their 'wall'. "What the hell did you even throw! You keepin' tiny bombs up that sleeve of yours?" There was only one other possibility for the damage caused in that short amount of time and if there weren't bombs then he must have been what she was. A mutant. She looked over at him with wide eyes and a shocked look on her face. Well that would explain his weird eyes, she had just thought he was lying about them. So he was really born with those eyes that looked like they had been kissed by the devil himself. "You''re a m-" she was instantly cut off by a string of curses that flowed from Vinnie's mouth causing her to peak over the table to see what the extent of the damage really had been.

    The little room only known to the few people who had come down to bet away their life savings and more to get rich quick, was demolished. A few men might have gone down from the explosions going off, but she has heard a gun shot so it was only safe to assume that the man with a bullet wound in his chest must have been tagged on accident. It had looked like WWIII gone off in this little room, but there had still been one person to survive and of course it just had to be the ring leader. Her eyes narrowed and she looked over at Remy breathing out before she stood up, with the help of the table, and made her way over to Vinnie staring down at his shivering and frightened frame that mirrored the frame of an abandoned baby. It was honestly hilarious.

    "Look at this...funny isn't it...first you were talking about how you were going to teach me some manners, but now I get to teach you the manners" she smiled softly as her teeth latched onto the fingertips of her gloves on her right hand and she pulled them off. She bent down and stared at him like a lioness staring down her prey and cupped his cheek in her bare hand just smiling mischievously at his bug-eyed reaction. He stared up at her and she stared back down at him before whispering a few words of 'encourgement' in his ear and removing her hand from his cheek causing his eyes fall closed and his body to hit the wooden floor of the unknown room with a soft thud. The last body with closed eyes, except he wasn't dead. She just wasn't sure about when he would actually return back to the world of the living.

    Her eyes moved back over to Remy with a look of utter disgust as she moved her glove back on her hand where it has belonged. "Ah hope the money was worth it Remy...maybe it'll keep that cinder block you call a brain just a little full for the short while..." Her voice was filled with venom as she bent down and picked up the bright and colorful piece of plastic that caused so much trouble for her. "Happy spending swamp rat...oh yeah and when a girl says leave me alone ah want nothing to do with you....then ah'm pretty damn sure that's what she means so get that through your thick skull" with those words she threw the colorful chip at him and turned on her feet to head upstairs before he could even respond. She had to get out of this shitty bar with or without Kitty.
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