Rocky Love

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  1. As Lilly McCoy got off the bus she looked around. A smile crossed her face as that old familiar truck pulled up. The woman that jumped out ran up to her and wrapped her in a big bear hug. "LILLY BUG! WELCOME HOME!" Lilly smiled as Jenny, her baby sister let her go. "You are so big girl, last time I saw you, you were knee high to a grass hopper." Jenny only shook her head. "I was seventeen when you last saw me. I'm eighteen now! Jenny was a younger version of Lilly herself. Lilly a brunette with a fiery attitude and looks to match. Yet her grey eyes set her apart from her sister. Who had green eyes. "Still a kid." Jenny only made a face at her.

    As the girls headed to the truck Lilly's stomach gurgled. "Damn I'm hungry. Let's go get some grub!" Jenny's face lit up. "I know the perfect place. There is a new bar in town they make the best burgers." Lilly's stomach growled in response and after throwing her luggage in the back of the truck they headed out.

    Once they pulled into the parking lot of the bar Lilly smiled. "Damn this place has grown. I've only been gone a year." Jenny laughed. "You sure that big ol' city ain't turned ya?" Lilly slapped her sister on the back and jumped out of the truck. Once inside she sat down at the bar, her sister in the stool beside her. The bar around her was very lively for a small country bar. The jukebox played an old western song and people filled it. Jenny winked at her sister. "This place is amazing right?" The bartender walked up and took their orders. After She walked away Lilly began to catch up with Jenny about the recent changes of the town.
  2. The bar was riddled with other workers, the chefs and waitresses were among other people, either off form work or on lunch, the smell of searing meat and coffee filled their lungs as they chatted, ate and enjoyed the atmosphere. It was lively and calming, even though the smell was intoxicating. Many rugged folks in overalls, jeans and boots ate there frequently, the only diner close to town and near the farmlands as well. Texas, the great frontier.

    As the girls sat down, a lone man sat down in a booth, looking over the menu, his hat tucked down to hide his eyes as they wandered over the sheet to pick his meal. His beard was trimmed but stretched on his face, but never crossed under her jawline. He was clean yet scrawled with beard. His red checkerboard shirt was clean over dirteid jeans, padded with clay and dust that browned the denim, his boots tanned out with sand and worn down with age. He was built well, years of living on the farm does that and he was seated near a window, a black and brown spotted mare looking in on him as he waited for Honey, the eldest waitress to take his order. But as instinct he would look up to every passerby, and his gaze wandered longer on the girls as he stood up

    "..Lilly McCoy?"
    His gruff yet tender voice pierced the halls to the girls to get their attention, removing his hat so she could see the raven hair and blue eyes that she recognized form their youth.
  3. Lilly turned at the sound of her name being called. She smiled as she looked up at the handsome stranger. But that smile soon faded as the hat came off. Her face turned cold and she remembered all the times in high school how he had terrorized her. Once they had been best friends, but that changed once high school hit, and he made her life a living hell all through high school. The last time she saw him she had punched him right in the groin. She had had enough of his terrorizing her. He had snuck into the girls locker room and grabbed her underwear and ran them up the flag pole. She never thought she would live it down. It was after that, that they graduated and she went off to college. She stood up and slapped him across the face.

    "Mark Bolter you son of a bitch! I told you if I ever seen hide or hair of you again I'd shoot you in the dick with my daddies twelve gage! I ain't playin'! Jenny is it out in the truck? Go get it." She charged at him when Jenny grabbed her arm. "Lilly calm down. Mark here is a changed man. A member of society. Well that and he's the sheriff." Lilly's jaw dropped and she looked at Mark. "Are you serious?"
  4. He flashed the badge after running his hands on his cheek. Yeah he deserved that but he hoped that iot never happened. It was high school were men and women become idiots to try to impress people. He missed the good old times during their young days when they were care free and childish, playing around, like could should. Though when she left for college that's when the torment set in for him as well. He ridiculed her, made fun of her and terrorized her for the wrong attention. He lost a best friend to be top of the class back in school. And he missed her. He wanted to apologize to her before she left, but he never had the chance. He realized how stupid he was when he turned 20 and 6 years passed without her. he never got to say goodbye, and he wanted to take advantage of this time.

    "Lilly...I deserve that...but I wanted to say I'm sorry for everything I did to you. I was a jerk, an ass and yes a son of a bitch but let's leave Anne out of this. She was a saint and I was the tainted seed. I never wanted to hurt you, but peer pressure made me...I hope you can forgive me..Tell you what, let's talk over lunch, I heard you're here form a long trip from the city..My treat..?"
    He was genuinely apologetic for their past and wanted to make her feel welcome. Besides he wanted his best friend back, and in the back of his mind, he couldn't help but note how well the years have treated her as much as they did him.
  5. Lilly stared in disbelief at him then smiled. "I forgive you. But I'm not having lunch with you." With that she turned and walked back to the bar. "Jenny time to go." After grabbing some to go bags she fished out a twenty and threw it on the bar. "Buy the gentleman a drink will you? I don't want a stray puppy following me home." She nodded towards Mark grabbed her food and walked out the door. Once she was home, she sat in her room unpacking, replaying the whole event in her head. Maybe he was sorry. He kept saying was in reference to his mother. Horror struck her face. This the woman who had baked her cookies just because she got chicken pox from him at six years old, the woman who carried her home because she wanted her mother when she fell and skinned her knee at his house, was gone? She was like a second mom to her through her child hood. That was horrible.

    Before she could feel sorry for herself for saying such horrible things to him, Jenny burst into the room. "Lilly, get dressed up nice, we are going to a barn dance out at Smith's farm." Lilly nodded and Jenny left. As Lilly dressed she couldn't help but smile, as the thought of a certain cowboy being at the barn dance might give her a little bit more of a chance to forgive him.
  6. The music was loud as the lights were bright within the barn, the songs very honky tonk as couples lined the floor, dancing along to the music, spurs clanging to the wooden base boards as boots stamped dust off as well. It was a cool evening though the inside was heated due to the amount of people dancing away, the hay around the room didn't help to cool the air down, though the night was too lively for anyone to care. The atmosphere and the air of the time was carefree. Though outside on the wall of the barn, many of the older gentlemen sat along, beers and lawnchairs enjoying stories of their days, the latest game score and rooting their team on form the radio. Everywhere along the barn, it was a good time, even the children, not ones to dance, found the outside to be suitable as they played.

    Though MArk wasn't there yet as the girls tried to find him. He decided to lay off for a bit, still a bit torn about the rejection earlier. He didn't mind she had other things, just he felt she blowed him off too readily to hear him out, but he needed to go anyway to help Walter fix up his truck. So off he went, riding along on Autmn, his painted mare and headed to the barn, the sight of the truck form earlier made him smile a bit, knowing Lily was probably still there, so as he popped in his head to look, he saw her, but decided against trying to speak to her again, walking outside with the other gentlemen.

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  7. Lilly looked around the barn. Nodding and gently turning down people she knew that asked her to dance. They were people that hadn't seen her since high school. She made polite conversation, but still seen no sign of Mark. This barn had so many memories. One of the places she had played growing up. A smile crossed her face. It was good to be in her home town. After a few more requests to dance, she decided it was time to escape outside for some air. Jenny was occupied dancing with someone Lilly didn't recognize. She seemed pretty interested in the dance, so Lilly would not be missed. With a sigh of relief she slipped out the back door.

    Once outside in the cool summer night breeze, she felt herself relax. Her eyes scanned the area. Her eyes falling to rest on an old log that sat by a pond that she used to swim in as a child. A perfect place to sit and have a moment to herself. She walked over and sat down. She let a memory play in her mind. An 8 year old Mark, and a 7 year old Lilly running into the water buck naked, not worrying about each other just wanting to cool off. They played for hours before they got caught. Nobody at that time told them that skinny dipping was wrong, not that they knew about why boys and girls could not be naked together at that time anyway. Then a newer image flashed into her mind, a nice naked cowboy coming up out of the water, a familiar face. Lilly jumped as she realized the hot cowboy in this fantasy was Mark. She could feel heat creeping up in her mind as she tried to brush her over detailed imagined image of the man out of her mind.
  8. Mark was helping his neighbors mend an old car, the owner too weak and frail to do it himself, and with his eye sight, he could end up doing more damage than good, so it was left to Mark to give it a go. Just a few old tubing and a worn out belt. And with that the truck purred like a rusty kitten again, driving off to the town once more as he waved it off. But Mark stayed put for a bit, looking around and through the barn saw Jenny but sadly no Lilly with her. He walked up and asked where she went and Jenny pointed off

    Ahh the creak, where they were still innocent. He was curious how she looked but she was young that time and as was he, but that didn't stop them from having fun. It was his mither that caught them and scolded them over cookies, but she was still furious. They didn't know, they thought it was just a bath they shared nothing too serious. And they were kids, what could they do. But soon the image of Lilly from a child to how she is now took over, her chest bare, her breasts wet form the water, shimmering and glistening, her tight curves all the way down her...HE shook the thoughts, no need to get flustered at this time, but he did spot her on the log as he walked over
  9. No matter how much she tried, the image could not be wiped from her mind. She could almost see the water dripping down on his stomach, his nice toned stomach. While the time that she had seen him earlier he was wearing a shirt, but he wore it well too. She smiled as she sat there imagining the water dripping down to his hard, well sized...She heard a noise behind her and looked back, she was so shocked to see him there that she jumped and said, "Mark!" In a husky yet surprised voice. She coughed to try to cover it up and felt her face get very hot. One thing she was never good at was hiding a blush.

    She softly fanned herself with her hand and said, "Hoo wee. It's hotter than blazes in there. I had to get out here and get some air." She coughed and smiled. She was never good at lying either. Even as kids she couldn't lie. She never had to though when it came to Mark. That was before high school though. She pushed the images from her mind that were now becoming clearer as she seen him face to face. She knew not to go there, she may forgive him, but she wasn't going to forget what he did either. She would play nice however and be civil. If not for him, if not for the fact that he was the sheriff, for his momma. The sweet woman. "You make it in there yet?" She gasped as the words left her mouth. That was a sign that she was in there looking for you. So she started to explain why she asked, "You know it's so crowded in there, that you never know who's there and who's not. You know, you could come to one of these and run into someone the next day and not know that they were here as...well." She caught herself as she realized she was rambling. One thing she did when she was trying to hide something growing up. She could only hope that Marks memory was not as good as hers was.
  10. He smiled as he sat down beside her, glad the calm between them erupted form the diner. His face was still sore as her palm was fierce and strong. That was one thing he liked about her growing up as a child, she was able to take and dish what he threw at her. They could wrestle in the grass and sand, but she was still fragile and the sight of blood made her cry, that's when she scraped her knee and his mother came to help her out, nowadays she is still strong, tomboyish, but still a vixen. God he never knew that growing up she would become this. In highschool she was cute, but as an adult she was donwnright jaw dropping. He couldn't help but smile at the mature lady, he remembered her little flaws, but that's why he liked her younger. Now, it's just damn adorable

    "..Still uttering after all this time Lily?"
    As a sheriff he had to be on a last name basis with everyone in town, but he respected Lily now. He just wish she knew how bad he felt at highschool. He only teased her to be popular, highschool was hell for him too. She didn't know but he was bullied as well, and well he wanted the pain to go away. She was easy only because all the girls were jealous and started rumors. He never believed them, he knew better. He wished that she didn't run home crying because he wanted to explain, hopefully over lunch, but she never looked him in the eye. He wanted to right the wrongs he never could. And he sat beside her

    "..Memories huh...Swimming iun the bank, cookies...warm fire, things have changed Lily, never was the same since you left..."
    He looked straight ahead, not at her, knowing she was still a bit peeved at him, but making head ground.
  11. She smiled at him. "Yeah. I know. It was so long ago." She wanted to ask about his mother. But she wanted to be better friends before she did. So instead she stood and held out a hand towards the water.. "Shall we swim?" Her eyes glistened. She dropped her arm. "Just control yourself, I have no swimsuit, but underwear is just like a swimsuit and we have been swimming in less." She grinned and stepped back. Pulling her shirt over her head, and pushing her jeans down. She kicked her boots off and kicked off her jeans. Then used his shoulder for support and took off her socks. She stepped back, wearing only a bra and panties. Then she started to walk away, not waiting for his response. Walking over to the tree and grabbing the rope.

    She took a couple steps back and let out a yell as she ran forward and swung off the rope. It had been so long since she was here with him to swim. The smile on her face was genuine. Her scream stopping as she hit the water. After letting herself sink for a few seconds, she opened her eyes and began to propel herself upward. Finally as she reached the surface, she took a deep breath, and flipped her hair back over her head. With a grin she turned to look around for Mark, wondering if he would take a moonlight swim with her.
  12. He skipped the rope, stripped to his jeans and jumped over the creek, knees up to his chest as he cannonballed into the river, a splash careened towards her as the wave slapped her hair back, and he resurfaced quickly to grin at her. He missed these innocent times but now it was more of nostalgia, swimming along, but he had a tough time hiding his blush and other things amongst her hot body, her lacy underwear was driving him wild too as she dried her hair off, even her scowl when he splashed her was adorable, her brow furrowed in the cutest way. He swam up to her and dove under, swimming away towards the deeper part of the river nbut he could still reach the footing, with his whole neck up, but walked back to more shallow waters

    His skin was wet and the water trickled down his well toned chest, his jeans were soaked, luckily everything was put away before he dived in, his hat off to show his tussled hair coated in cool water as he shook it dry, then his peircing blue eyes met hers and he grinned. It was like old times.
  13. She couldn't help but let her anger fade from being splashed as she watched him emerge from the water and swim to the deep end. She kicked her legs and swam after him. Then ducked under the water. She stayed out of sight for a few seconds until she surfaced right before him. Not inches from him. She could feel the heat from his body as she stared into his face. A grin crossed her face as she swam closer to him. "You know what cowboy?" She grinned knowing her breath was tickling his face. "I forgive you." With that she splashed a big wave of water into his face and swam away as fast as she could, eagerly trying to escape another splash. She knew he would chase her, but in a way she wanted him to. Then catch her, and feel his hands upon her body, let her hands slide down his magnificently ripped stomach, lower until...

    She could feel the blush rising in her cheeks as she realized she had stopped swimming. She remembered swimming here many times with him. Slowly the memories of high school faded away and for a moment ... she had her best friend back. She could almost see her splashing and playing with him. She could remember her grandmother telling her. "Girl, you and that boy are gonna wind up married you spend too much time with him." She remembered going eww gross to this every time it was said. But now she could see herself wrapped up in this cowboys arms. His lips upon her skin...She looked around for him and gasped. Where had he gone? She looked around more, the water was still and he was no where to be found. "Mark?"
  14. Her dream came true as he emerged and wrapped his hands around her, but in a loving way as he helped her to the bank, smirking as they walk to the bank, but he lets her go and grabs a towel form the trunk and toses her one too, smiling as his head was the first to get dried. Wrestling his hair with the fabirc and lowering it to look at her dry off. So many thoughts raced in his head, his lips on her shoulders, neck and chest, kissing lower to her sweet crevice, taking her in and enjoying her full taste. he wanted her, his adult hormones kicking in. But dammit this was his childhood friend, not sweetheart, why was he going like this?

    But he walked up when they were dressed, and the hug went tender and slow as his big strong hands ran up and down her back
    "..That was all I ask Lily...I'm truly sorry for all the torment I gave you......I never wanted to hurt you..."
  15. As they moved towards the edge of the water, she couldn't help but love the way his hands felt around her. She wasn't ready for him to let go when he did. But she quickly moved on and started to dry off when the towel was presented. Quickly she began to dry off. She watched as water dripped off of his body and his hair already began to dry. She simply threw her hair up into a pony tail and continued to dry off, stopping to bend over and grab her clothing, putting it back on over her now wet under garnets. She smiled as he moved into hug her, she herself melting into the warm hug happy to have it. As his sincere apology slipped past his lips yet again she couldn't help but want to taste those lips so she did. Wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing a soft and sweet kiss to his lips. But yet she ended it as quickly as it began and stepped back. "Look I told you, I forgive you. That is kids stuff, we are adults now. It's time to move past high school. I have my best friend back as a friend at least and I couldn't be happier."

    She smiled and shook her wet ponytail as she slipped her socks and shoes back on. Her eyes moving back to his. "I'm not ready to go back inside. Is there any way we could sit out here and catch up? I know I was back last year, but you didn't get to see me then and I had no interest in any thing about you. But now I have a question and I don't know how to ask."
  16. The kiss was heart poundingly passionate for how soft ift was. Ever since he laid eyes on her in the diner he wanted this to happen, the friendship form their youth to blossom, but he fucked it up in highschool and kicked himself in the ass many times for ruining this, but this kiss she laid on his lips he would not soon forger as she pulled away, benind over to put her other garments on, but her ass was presented in a flirty way as she looked back, as if knowing what to do.He had a feeling what the question was but gave her the benefit, nodding and sitting on the suspended log and patted for her to seat herself next to him, awaiting her words
  17. She began to shiver as she sat down next to him, so she curled her body against his drawing his body heat into her. She was unsure how to ask the question she wanted to. "How did it happen...When? Your mom I mean? I haven't been able to get it out of my mind all day. I didn't know how to ask though. I, would have went to the funeral if I had known. I may not have been fond of you at the time, but I loved that woman you know? She was a big part of my childhood." She smiled as she felt his arm wrap around him, but it faded when she saw the look on his face.
  18. he sighed as his hands ran up and down her arm
    ".It was just her time..She was frail and ever since dad left she lost the will to live more and was sudden for me too, cause she never let me know what was going on when I left..but she gave me her house, the ranch, everything. After that, the old Sheriff offered me a job as his replacement, and I agreed to stay in town again. I'm sorry for not letting you know but I knew you didn't want hid or tail of me anmore so I let you slip away. Wish I didn't so easily..."
  19. She couldn't fight it anymore. She did what she had been dying to now. She pressed her lips to his and didn't draw back instead she turned towards him, slinking her arms around him and pressing her body against him. Melting into the kiss letting herself enjoy it. Finally after she draws back for breath she lets out a sigh..." God I've missed you. Even in school. But I thought you hated me for some reason. I thought I did something wrong. It was right when I started to feel for you as more than a friend you changed...It was so hard, but it's not now. High schools over and there is nobody to impress anymore It's just you and me. I have my best friend back and I couldn't be any happier. I'm going to miss your mother, but I will never forget her. I will never let you go again. I have the one who was meant to be my best friend all along back."
  20. He grasped her, wrapping his arms around her hips to hold her close as the kiss commenced. Their lips fit perfectly as they embraced in the moonlight, holding her closer to him as they went. The calming river made them lose their tension between them as he broke the passion and pressed his forehead to hers
    "..Lily I was a fool for letting you go, letting you run off without saying I'm sorry...I wanted much more I was a dumbass for making fun of my best friend, cause when you left I felt empty, I wanted those nights, at my house watching tv and next to the fireplace..It's different without momma but I want you back by my side...Please Lily McCoy..stay.."