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  1. I am going to recruit you into playing a 50s styled roleplay with me, my newest friend!

    That's right, I feel like playing with that era, that it may be the real deal or the Dieselpunk genre, where everything stayed 50s as the world fell to pieces, either in a distopia or an apocalypse! What I am looking for is someone who love the Rockabilly genre, the Dieselpunk settings or even just want to play out a cheesy lover's lane romance that will, unless you are over eighteen years old like me, stay purely innocent. We can play rivals, family members, strangers, enemies, friends or lovers, I'm up for it all as long as I get some fun with jukeboxes and late night radio shows along with pretty clothes and classic cars.

    Here are a few boys and girls I could play opposite your own characters, and know that I'm a big fan of having a good supporting cast played by us both;

    An All American boy going to start his military career at the end of summer.

    A Greaser with a taste for sweet girls and big motorbikes.

    A bored and gossipy housewife.

    A cheerleader with the goal of becoming the first female American President.

    Those are what I can think of for now, but are by no mean the only role I would consider playing, just suggest and I'll probably be yours!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.