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  1. I've tried this idea on another rp site and it didn't go for long, it died. And I really liked the idea. Well as the title suggests we would be playing characters that are rockstars. And well the rp would basically be realistic (sort of) where the rp will be through the eyes of rock stars and how their daily lives are...from being on tour and interacting with fans all the way to being off tour with their families and such. And if anyone is interested I guess we will have to discuss further with the plot and other things.
    Singer: Mz. Hyde
    Lead Guitar: OverCast
    Bass: Nightwing
    Drums: Nightwing
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  2. sounds interesting but I don't know if I'll be able to keep up, I've got like eighteen other role-plays. I'll keep my eye on this though.
  3. Ok, I hope someone else to two joins so that we can have a full rock band.
  4. Interested. I'd like to play the instrument I play in real life, however; guitar!
  5. Ok! Alright since you called dibs your character will play (lead) guitar.
  6. Omfg are you the lead singer? If ot can i call dibs? Id loveto be if not possible for .e to be lead singer ill be drummer or if its got a screamer i wa t it. O,O
  7. I was going to play as the singer. So since you said it will be alright to play drums then you have drums.
  8. Bad ass just tell me when i need a CS! Im excited af since im in a band myself as the singer and screamer lol
  9. lol well we need a bassist and a rhythm guitarist before we can start the CS. If you want you are welcome to play either one besides the drummer. xD
  10. Lol ill play the bassist also haha
  11. Alrighty then :D That means we have to have one more person though.
  12. Why dont you play guitar and sing?
  13. good idea! Why didn't I think of that xD So do you have any more suggestions? Or should we do a CS?
  14. You might wanna post an actually OOC thread
  15. I agree with Overcast lol but nope no more ideas just gonna sit and wait
  16. Alrighty, should I post it under misc rps then?
  17. Yea
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