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  1. The signups for this roleplay are closed.
    (If you wanna join super bad, tell me. If not, it's too late for you! *Mexican music plays* )
    Who are you?
    You are a teenager that lives in Seoul, South Korea. But you aren't just a regular person, you are an outcast!

    One day, you get sick of the people treating you as an outcast. You grab your closet group of friends, and decide to go to Japan!

    This is a coming-of-age roleplay, meaning your character matures (or changes) throughout the events that occur.

    To join, fill out the information below.
    -Name (Are you Korean? Did you move from Australia, therefore you have an Australian name?)
    -3 Character Traits
    -Sexual Orientation
    -Reasons for Being an Outcast
    -[This one is totally optional] Any other info you find important about your character (mental disorders? family background? etc.)
    -Photo [Include a real photo! I apologize to all you anime and manga lovers, we can't have a picture of your waifu as the character photo. The struggle is real! If your having trouble finding one, I'll be more than glad to find one for you!]

    Post the info in this thread. Once there are more participants, the roleplay will begin for real in the modern roleplay forum.

    Ask questions!

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  2. Do you mind if I reserve a spot...? I'll get my CS up tomorrow after school. :3
  3. Yes, you can totally reserve a spot. Fill out the character sheet whenever you have a chance! :huge:
  4. ( will edit this later... )​

    { Last name , First name }
    Shin Eun Ae
    { Prefers being called Eun }


    3 Character Traits
    -- Observant
    -- Intelligent
    -- Past classmates described her as a wallflower

    Sexual Orientation

    Reasons for Being an Outcast
    When Eun Ae was in middle school, she started getting interested into rock music, something the girls in her school wasn't into at that time. Excited, she wanted to share her favourite music to her classmates, thinking that everyone will like it. In result, she got shunned, some called it the 'Devil's music'. Since then, she made online friends from around the world who have the same interest as her. Despite having online friends, she doesn't have much offline. As she got older, she distanced herself from her classmates slightly, only observing them from her seat. Of course, she'll talk to them occasionally to ask for the homework for the day.

    -- She works part time in a music shop.
    -- She has three piercings on her right ear, one on her left.

    -- Has an older brother who studies overseas.
    -- She can play the bass guitar. She was taught by the manager at the music shop she is working at.
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  5. Reserved,
    Doing an upcoming model / ulzzang as my character matures..
    FC : Lee Do Hyeong.
    As time progresses and this RP he will change appearances while he matures,
  6. [​IMG]
    Bambi Seung

    Touchy Feely

    Bambi was born in Korea, but, her parents moved to Italy after she was born, because of her father's job. They stayed in the country for twelve years, but when her father got high enough on the business ladder to opt for working from his old hometown, they moved back to Korea. Moving to a completely different country with different cultural norms and social customs was very awkward for Bambi. She often slipped up and offended somebody when she interacted with them they way Italians would act with each other. In Italy, it was normal to kiss friends and even acquaintances, so when name met new people she would kiss them on the cheek. At first her classmates thought the way she acted was exotic and interesting, but when she started greeting boys in the same way, they labeled her as a slut and shunned her.

    Bambi's birth name was Dae Hyun Seung, but her parents changed it to Bambi Seung when they moved to Italy.
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  7. Alright, your spot had been reserved.
  8. Alright, you get a spot in this roleplay.
  9. Awesome! You get a spot.
  10. Update: Alright, I'm just seeing if anyone else wishes to join. If not, I'll make the thread as soon as possible!
    (I will also play a character. ^-^)
  11. nzaBzpsXFQ.png Name: Choi Hyong Kim, nickname: "Agi," which means baby

    Age: 16

    Sexual orientation: Homosexual

    Personality: Annoying, Cheerful, Fighter

    Reasons for being an outcast: Choi Hyong Kim is, well, he's queer. It's obvious -- from the way he acts, to the way he dresses. It all started when he entered high school, him wanting to express his identity. Of course, most of the students at his school couldn't accept it, because their parents have taught them to not accept homosexuality. Of course, he gets bullied, and he knows it. But he doesn't mind, because he'll always have some sort of comeback.

    Other Facts:
    -He was born in Korea, but his mother is Japanese. Ever since he was 7, he has been learning Japanese. He is fluent in both language.
    -He is currently in his first year of high school.

    -He often skips his tenth grade classes, and blends into the twelfth grade classes.
    -He often dresses up in "feminine" clothes. He's not a transgender, but likes girl clothes.
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  12. Ah, okay.

    Anyways, just a random question, do you think there are enough people to create the roleplay thread?
  13. Nah, maybe you should wait until the weekend, and if it doesn't get anymore hits after that, then you should start. It's your call though. :3
  14. I edited my cs a bit..
  15. Important:
    The roleplay thread will be made on Sunday (eastern America time). You can edit your character sheet all you want. ^.^
  16. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


    Liona Soleil Armani


    Lioness, or Sol


    Just turned 16 a few weeks ago.

    Sexual orientation:



    Liona seems like a meek young girl who never speaks her mind when it's quite the opposite, she's fierce and has the silently strong yet wise spirt of a Lion. She has many characteristics of a lion as well such as strength, boldness, and playfulness. She isn't afraid to tell people what she thinks and she is strong in numerous ways, she often reveals her playfully childish side when she is surrounded by her closest friends. Thus she was name Liona for her fierce spirit.


    Liona was young born into the fast paced, ever-changing world of fashion midist the cruel streets that wait for no one. New York the city of dreams, hardships, failure, success, death, life, drugs, gangs, courage, and will. That is where the girl grew up most of her life. She lived in a little place by the name of Harlem. Her parents had money but wanted to live simple lives. Although they want to lead simple lives they often neglected Liona and left her to fend for herself. Since the day she started going to school she was on her own. The weekend was the only time she got to spend any real time with her family, and she savored every moment. Every Saturday was her daddy and me day, her father would rent a convertible and the two would drive down to Manhattan beach and play until sunset. She vividly remembers sitting next her father a hearing his soft low voice speaking the words of a Native American or a French person, or most of the time the words of an Italiano. Sunday, her father would still have the convertible and the family would pile up into the car and take a long drive down to Jones Beach State Park out in Long Island where they would spend the day flying kites. When they would go home Liona's mother would sit in the back seat of the car as her long wavy black hair cascaded down her back as she sang to young Liona the soft sweet gentle words of Japanese or Indonesian to help her fall asleep. The girl would learn how to speak the variety of languages over time and learned to love the feel of how the words simply left few mouth. Monday everything was back to normal. By the time the girl awakens her mother and father are no where to be seen, she would remove herself from bed in the small apartment and dress herself for the day. After getting dressed the girl would make herself some breakfast and take the money her parents left for her then leave. Only to enter the bitter world of Harlem.

    Reasons for being an outcast:

    The small girl simply doesn't wish to be categorized or grouped with others. She hates when people try to "fit in" and talk about others behind their backs. So she separates herself from the others.

    Other Facts:
    -Liona is mixed with several bloodlines, she is Italian, French, Japanese, Indonesian, British, Seminole Indian, and she to her being born in New York she is American.

    -Due to her mother being 1/4 Japanese, 1/4 Indonesian, and half British, Liona is fluent in all of her mothers races languages. She learned Tribal Seminole Indian, Italian, and French from her father.

    -She left New York to live with her grandmother in Japan. Her grandfather is deceased. Her grandfather was a childish man, the older he grew, the more child-like he became. Her grandmother is a old gentle soul filled with wisdom and strength. The woman had to fight against her traditional family and elope with the British man. She was a reject as it is, being the love-child of a Indonesian man and a high-class Japanese woman.

    -She is suppose to be a freshman but skipped 3 (not counting the grade she's in) grades and is currently in the 12th grade

    -Stands at a mere 4'8" with long straight black hair.

    -She has natural baby blue eyes and rarely wears makeup.

    -Liona's mother was a magazine model, her father a photographer, Liona is aiming to become the fashion designer of her creative family.

    -Liona always wears fashionable clothes that she herself, design.

    (Still editing.)
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  17. xxxxxxxxxWHEN YOU LEAVE ME :
    t h exxb e dxxisxxemptyxx.xxa n dxxixxf e e lxxc r a z yxx.xx' c u zxxixxd i d n ' txxs a yxxa n y t h i n g!
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    ███▐ ━━ : SHINOHARA, &&dae hyun 。↓
    () 17 () 5'11" () 164 lbs () jet black hair () dark eyes
    ░░:█ »❶ AGE. 17 y.o., born February 4th.

    ░░:█ »❶ PERSONALITY.
    Dae Hyun, though not for his entire life but most of it, has always been known as the abnormally quiet kid who hardly ever speaks up unless conversation is initiated by someone else. It's not that he doesn't like conversation, in fact he quite enjoys the company of others, but due to his introverted nature he's easily tired by the energies of others, especially when in large groups. He finds that he needs time to recuperate and cannot be the social butterfly he's always idealized in his head, so most social interactions require some patience as he is more hesitant than most to open up. To his select, close friends, Dae Hyun is known to be very opinionated when it comes to political topics and is often difficult to sway. His silence does not necessarily mean he's completely submissive; he's easily intimidated by strangers, thus why he displays a different side of himself towards the public than towards those Dae Hyun is comfortable around. Because of this, he is sometimes mistaken as abrasive or aloof, which, suffice to say, is far from the truth. Nevertheless, he proves to be much wiser than what he initially lets on, offering sound advice to those who ask for it. The boy is considerably more rational when it comes to decision making and is known for being able to keep a level-head when under heavy amounts of pressure. Thus, he is a likeable and dependable person, but if not for his family background, then perhaps people would give him more of a chance than they do today.
    ░░:█ »❶ ORIENTATION. Demisexual.

    ░░:█ »❶ BACKGROUND.
    The prejudice towards one another between the Koreans and the Japanese is one that is somewhat infamous mostly for their rocky relationship towards one another, both personally and politically. For a Korean citizen to marry a Japanese citizen is a topic that was, and still is, heavily considered taboo by others, and is just as discouraged. Nevertheless, Dae Hyun's mother, Hae Woo, ended up falling in love with Isao Shinohara, the first born son to a wealthy family, while in Japan to continue the pursuit of her cultural studies. Knowing that their love was one that was frowned upon, they decided that their best choice was to move to Korea if they wanted to remain together. They settled in a small apartment had had Dae Hyun. Most of his childhood was spent in ignorance; he was too young to understand why the neighbors gave his parents dirty looks while they were out in public together or why the other children had begun to abandon him around the start of second grade, but it eventually became painfully evident that the reason for his isolation was solely due to the fact that he was Korean-Japanese, and it still remains the reason to this day.

    When Dae Hyun was 14, his mother grew ill and passed away December 3rd, leaving only him and his father left. They did their best to carry on and remain strong, but it was clear that her death had left heavy marks upon the mentality of his father. His face aged and he grew paranoid about the health of Dae Hyun, often fretting over the well-being of his son. So when Isao heard about the bullying that was going on at school towards Dae Hyun, he was swift to send him to live in Japan with Isao's sister, Naomi.
    ░░:█ »❶ OTHERS.
    - Both of his ears are gauged.
    - His phone is only filled with two numbers; his aunt Naomi's, and his father Isao's. Most of his call/text message history is filled with conversations with his father-- Dae Hyun is very close to Isao and they talk whenever they can.
    - His favorite food is Hooroorook, which he practically lived off of while still living in Korea. Since he can't get it in Japan, Dae Hyun often receives "care packages" from his father, containing lots of packets of Hooroorook. He's very stingy when it comes to sharing food.
    - Is something of a light sleeper. Likes rain and most of his best nights of sleep are when he falls asleep listening to it's sound.
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  18. Awesome, you're accepted. :D
  19. Great, you're accepted.
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