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  1. Keira let out a wistful sigh, happy to be back at school for her senior year. As she stood in front of the main building- two stories tall and wide with a beautiful roundabout in front of the entrance. On the roundabout, an asphalt walkway went all the way around, as well as a decent amount of white bricks that rounded the oak tree and small garden filled with different flowers from magnolias to daisies inside. This was her high school, this was home. And this, this year was the last chance she would be using to get closer to a guy she had a crush on- Michael Beckham, a guy who was the vocalist for her school's top band, Crossfire.

    Every year, Leafgreen Senior High School held a "Battle Of Bands" contest during the night of homecoming. Keira was quite excited to hear from last year that the opportunity to join "Battle Of Bands" would be available this year. She quickly addressed the situation to her small group of friends including Chelsea, Abigail, and Riley, thinking it was a great idea to get closer to Michael- but of course, she kept that part a secret. Although it took a few days to around a week, Keira finally got her friends to form a band with her, so that they could participate in the "Battle Of Bands" contest.

    Right now, Keira stood on the sidewalk of the roundabout in front of the school, waiting for her friends to come along. She was uber-excited to start the year, and couldn't wait until the day for signing-up, a few weeks into the first semester, would take place. She knew Michael would be playing- his friend Zayn told her they always participated in extra-curricular activities like these, especially if it had to do with music. Keira wanted to give it a shot, along with the side wish of getting her dream boy.
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  2. Riley walked up the sidewalk towards Leafgreen Senior High and sighed, thank god it was her last year FINALLY. Riley had been waiting for this day for well...years. She spotted Keira and ran up to her waving her hand. "Hey Keira! What's up?" Riley was wearing a pair of jean shorts, with a black 5FDP tank top, her black chucks were coming untied and once she caught up to Keira she stooped and promptly tied them, her OCD mannerism kicking in. "How was the part of your summer break I wasn't involved in?" Riley smiled, the group of them had spent most of their summer together, but there was the month that Riley and Chelsea had been gone on a family trip. She ran her fingers through her bright red/orange hair and yawned, "Man I got up way to early this morning, but I was excited to get here today since you had mentioned something about signing up for Battle Of The Bands, time to finally show what I can do with a set of drums!" Riley had kept her drumming a secret from almost everyone that knew her, the only person who had known was of course her sister. Chelsea had helped Riley buy the drum set, and put it in their basement. Thoughts of Chelsea ran through Riley's mind, and she looked around for her wondering where her little sister had gotten off to now.
  3. As she waited, Keira found herself grinning as she heard one of her friend's voices travel through the air, watching Riley appear in her line of sight as she turned around to face. Keira watched with interest as the red/orange-haired girl stepped up onto the walkway of the roundabout and bent down to tie her shoes. A small giggle escaped her thin, rose-colored lips. "Oh, you know. Same ole, same ole. I finished up my biology project and writing project, but it wasn't near as fun with you guys, practicing daily and going to the movies, etcetera." Keira left the part about having dreams with Michael in them out. The mere idea of him just being there without touch made her shiver in pleasure and some of the dreams were clearly visual. "How about you?" she asked. "Did you and Chelsea have a good time with your family?"
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  4. The alarm clock rang. Hazel eyes shot open, staring at the blank ceiling as the buzzing sound form the clock kept going off. Glaring at the clock, Chelsea reached her hand towards her bed side table and pressed the snooze button. She sat up on her bed, combing her fingers through her messy bed hair as she stifled a yawn. "Why am I up so early...? Isn't it still-" Her eyes flew to the date on her calender. Her hazel eyes widened as she finally realized what day it is. "School!"

    She jumped out of bed, opening her closet and grabbed a random shirt and a pair of jeans before making her way to the toilet to take a quick shower and to brush her teeth. Even though she dislike school with a passion, she knew she couldn't get in trouble on the first day. She wore a black and white striped long sleeve shirt, a pair of dark skinny jeans and a pair of grey sneakers. She quickly combed her shoulder length hair. It was slightly damp but it'll dry later, making her tips curl. She ran back to her room to take her school bag. It was empty though, except for the few notebooks and her pencil case. Other than that, there weren't any heavy textbooks. It was the first day of school, the teachers will be lenient, right?

    Going down the stairs of her house, she realized her sister left without her. Her parents went off to work already. "Great..." she muttered to herself. As she went into the kitchen to grab a granola bar before leaving the house. The whole way to school, she brisk walked as she ate the bar. The whole of the Summer break, Chelsea and Riley hanged out mostly with Abigail and Keira. But there was a month when Riley and her went on a family trip since their parents insisted on taking the sisters out of the country. She kind of envy both Keira and her sister since it was their Senior year in school. Chelsea had to wait another year before she could graduate. She sulked slightly at that thought of being alone.

    A few minutes later, she was walking towards Leafgreen Senior High School. As she approached the school, she saw Keira and her sister at the roundabout. She quickened her pace as she waved, "Hey guys!!"

    She stopped next to them, smiling gleefully at them.
  5. [Ha! Found it! Sorry about that!]

    Getting ready in the morning was always a hassle for Derek Kieser, who if he had his way would stay in bed all day doing nothing but strumming whatever musical tones he had dreamed about the night before on his guitar. Because Derek lived on his own and relied solely on money his dad got him, he always tried to get to school early to get the free breakfast they served. Although the selection wasn't always the best, it was better than nothing. A goal this year was to get a part-time job tied down; he knew it would be a challenge to balance it, school, and the band, but he was determined to be independent from his father.

    When Derek could finally get himself out of bed, he got dressed quickly after showering into a grey band shirt, black hoodie, and jeans. This was pretty much his daily outfit: convenient, simple, and comfortable. Throwing on some high-tops, grabbing his backpack and guitar, he hit the streets headed north towards school. He put in his iPod so that no one would disturb him, listening to a collection of random, underground musicians that he had met at a club downtown.

    When he finally got to school he saw three girls out front. He quickly diverted his eye attention, hoping they wouldn't notice him. He liked to spend his mornings in quiet. He headed towards the cafeteria for breakfast after adjusting his guitar over his shoulder.
  6. Abigail sat on her king sized bed, legs crossed underneath her. An ashtray sat next to her, a blunt sitting in the middle with smoke rising into the air. Last night, she had been unable to sleep. The thought of starting school again filled her with both excitement and dread. This was the year they were supposed to do Battle of the Bands, and she would be known as something other than a troublemaker. Instead of getting rest, she had stayed awake and smoked, trying to relax her frayed nerves. Rays of light streamed in through the crimson curtains, illuminating the room in a soft glow. She glanced at her phone, taking a peak at the time. It seemed it was about time to go to school. Her parents were at a conference this week, so they were unable to be there for her first day, but she didn't let it bother her. They would most likely send her multiple texts throughout the day, as they did whenever they were gone. She let out a small yawn, raising her arms above her head and arching her back in a stretching motion.

    She stood up, clad only in a large white tee, and flicked what was left of the blunt out the cracked window. She made her way to the bathroom, turning the shower on to warm. She shimmied out of her tee, and stepped under the warm cascading droplets, letting out a relieved sigh. The water made her feel more alert and ready for the day. Her hand reached out and grabbed the loofah, squeezing a honey scented soap onto it and scrubbing the grime from the previous day off her body. Afterwards, she rinsed off and wet her hair, running her slim fingers through the long blond locks. Once she felt clean enough to go about the day, she shut the water off and reached for her towel, drying off her body.

    Wrapping the towel around her slim figure, she padded back into her bedroom and headed for the wooden dresser that sat next to her bed. She dropped the towel onto the carpet, grabbing the jasmine scented lotion atop the dresser and squeezing some unto her palm, rubbing it over her skin in a brisk motion. When that was finished, she dug through her drawers, pulling out a pair of lace underwear, a black tank top, and a pair of tight ripped dark jeans. She pulled on her underwear, then wiggled into the tight fitting jeans. After putting on some last minute Old Spice deodorant, she tugged the tank top over her head, feeling how it clung to her curves and brought attention to her large bosom. Walking over to the large mirror in the corner of her room, she began to put on her eyeliner and mascara, and brushed through the tangles in her hair. Once she had finished, she grinned at her reflection, giving herself a thumbs up.

    It seemed it was time to start the day. She slung her backpack over one shoulder and purse around the other, spraying herself with a final aroma of honey and spice. Slipping her feet into her sandals, she made her way out of the house, locking the door behind her. Since she lived so close to her school, she was able to walk there as she did last year. The harsh sunlight danced across her porcelain skin, bringing attention to how creamy and pale her complexion was. She passed by a few people who looked familiar, though everyone gave her a wide berth. Her bow shaped lips formed in a small smirk, and her steps became more purposeful. Peoples fear of her was always quite amusing. Once she made it to the roundabout, her emerald eyes scanned everybody who passed by. She caught sight of Keira, Chelsea and Riley standing around, talking to one another. She jogged over to them, skidding to a stop once she stood in front of them. " 'Ey! Wut's up, guys?" Her expression was one of excitement, and she flashed them a wide smile. "Guess 'o practiced their guitar last night? This bitch 'ight 'ere." She boasted, giving a playful wink and pointing at herself with both thumbs.
  7. After grabbing his free breakfast, Derek made his way out of the cafeteria (who eats there anyways?) and sat outside at a picnic bench which was located under a tree. He poked his blueberry muffin disdainfully. However, he had not had much in the way of dinner last night, so he ate half of it with one bite and proceed to take out his guitar. He had a song stuck in his head from the night before which was haunting him. It was beautiful combination of chords which he couldn't quite make out on the guitar just yet, but he was coming close. He wanted to incorporate it into a song with his band eventually. He took out his iPod headphones, and caught wind of the girl's conversation in the distance, although he couldn't make out what they were saying. He closed his eyes and focused on the other senses around him. How the cool air felt on his face and the sound of birds somewhere in the distance. He heard some kids yelling at each other in the distance and smelled the freshly cut grass of the football field.

    With that he began strumming his guitar quietly, feeling the energy flow to his fingertips, as they moved in ways which were so intricate he doubt he could replicate them again, but he somehow always did. He was happiest in this moment of creation.
  8. Riley smiled and laughed at Keira and hugged her, "I am glad that everything went good and that you got things done without us around, we must make it hard to get work done!" She winked at Keira, and saw Chelsea walking up, Riley hugged her sister, "Hey sis, sorry about leaving you but I didn't know you were still in bed! I was excited to get here." Riley actually liked school, she liked almost all of her teachers, and it made the prospect of school even better that this was her last year as a high school student. "Hey Abagail! You don't need to practice, you got you some wicked fingers on that guitar! I practice every night too though, there is always room for improvement. What did you do while Chelsea and I were out of the country?? Besides practice your bad ass guitar skills!"
  9. Keira giggled, hugging Riley back. As soon as she let go, Keira's hazel eyes floated around the campus out front once more. It felt good to be back. Her eyes landed on a young guy sitting on a picnic bench and she squinted, trying to remember why he looked so familiar. She talked to herself as soon as she thought of it. "So that's who he was!" she exclaimed under her breath, bonking the side of her forehead with the palm of her hand. "How could I have missed that?" It was Derek Kieser, playing his guitar. She turned to Abigail who had suddenly appeared on scene. "Hey, Abigail." She sent a light-hearted grin her way. "It's great that you've been practicing." She turned to Chelsea. "And that is definitely the way to go," she responded to her statement. Her eyes landed on Abigail once again. "Alright, you can spit it out now!" she exclaimed, a toothy smile on her face.
  10. Abigail ran her slim fingers through her long blonde hair, and her lips curled into a cocky smile. "Wut else 'ave I been up to ya' ask? Well, I d'nt kiss 'n tell, but I might 'a been in a few fights or two, and I may have broke up Samuel and Tammy." She told them, mentioning one of the most well known and popular couples in the school. " 'E might of 'eard 'ow she was sleeping with 'is best friend, and she might 'a 'eard that 'e was also sleepin' wit' 'is best friend. They also both might 'a 'eard it from me." She stuck her tongue out, and winked. "Oops, my bad." She said sweetly. Her ears picked up the sound of a guitar playing in the distance, and her emerald eyes narrowed, scanning the people around her. A few feet from them, she caught sight of Derek Kieser, strumming on his guitar.

    He looked as if he was absorbed into the music he was playing. She threw one arm over Riley's shoulder, and flashed a smile at Keira and Chelsea. "Maybe we should say 'ello to the man over there." She pointed a finger in Derek's direction. " 'Ey, Derek!" She shouted, waving her free arm in the air. "Get ya' cute little ass ova' 'ere." She glanced at the others. "Keep ya' friends close and ya' enemies closer, am I 'ight?" She whispered, a mischievous light in her eyes. She wasn't quite sure what she was doing, but she went with her gut like she always did. At the moment, her gut said call over Derek, and that's what she did. He wasn't that bad of a guy from what she had seen, but they hadn't really spoken much, and he could turn out to be quite an asshole. She wanted to get a better read on him, and this was a perfect way. Plus, she had been meaning to talk more to the guy about guitar. He was part of Michael Beckham's band, and therefore could be a threat to their whole battle of the bands idea. She couldn't allow that.
  11. "Abigail-!" Keira exclaimed through gritted teeth, clutching her books to her chest. She closed her eyes, setting weight on one hip and tilting her head back. "Oh, god," she spoke exhaustingly. "Now I don't know how we're going to even strike a conversation. Listen guys," she began. "Abigail." Her eyes zeroed in on her, then back to her friends as a whole. "Don't bring up anything about the band. That's zipped up for now until sign-ups come around and we officially meet the band members from Crossfire as a whole, okay?" She whisked away a light brown hair strand and watched Derek, waiting for a move.
  12. As he was playing, he thought he heard his name from afar. Stopping, he scanned the scene until he saw one of the three girls from earlier calling him over. He inwardly groaned, knowing he would inevitably do something awkward without his cousin or a bandmate there to steal the attention from him while he just did what he was good at, play the guitar.

    Not bothering to grab his things, Derek slung his guitar, the only possession he really cared about, behind him and approached the girls.

    "I don't believe we've met," he said extending his calloused hand forward, smirking slightly.
  13. Riley laughed at what Abigail had done, they could always count on her to start or end some drama. "Well its about time someone put that shit to an end, it was sad to sit here and watch them pretend they liked each other for the sake of the other one. Pitiful." Riley about had a heart attack when Abigail yelled out at a random boy sitting on the bench playing a guitar. She didn't recognize him right off, but then when he got closer she did. She thought he was the cute one of the band Crossfire and he always set her heart to pumping liquid fire. Riley kept her cool and just avoided looking into his eyes, "I'm Riley White. So no we have not met...." She didn't take his hand to shake it, because he had extended it out to Abigail, she had just blurted out word vomit before she could stop it.
  14. Abigail felt her lips curl in a smirk. Keira's reaction was so entertaining. She just loved messing with her friends. She knew better than to mention they were in a band to the boy, he was their competition. She just wanted to get some information, maybe lure the guy into a false sense of security. " 'A course it's about time. I ne'er do anythin' for selfish reasons." She teased. "It would be ba' if I did that fo' my own entertainment." A soft laugh escaped her lips. She glanced back over at Keira. "Don't worry, I would never say anythin'. I have a plan, ya' should know tha' by now." When the boy approached them, she schooled her expression into one of friendliness.

    He stuck his hand out and she grabbed it, giving it a firm shake then quickly dropping it. She noticed an infatuated look cover Riley's face for a few seconds, and began to think of a plan. It seemed Riley had a little crush on Derek, that was adorable. She hadn't expected that. It was weird that Riley had never mentioned it before, but she pushed the thought aside. She slung an arm over Riley's shoulder, waiting until she finished speaking to say something as well. "We heard ya' playin' the guitar, 'n it sounded so good we had ta' call ya' ova'. We are all big fans 'a guitar playas, and was hoping ya' could let us watch ya' play sometime." If they got in good enough, they could probably watch the whole band play, and see how far along their competition was. Plus, Riley might get some along time with him. Abigail loved match-making her friends as much as she loved tearing apart her enemies.
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  15. Chelsea snapped out of her daydream mode, noticing a boy coming their way. She recognized him as one of the guitarists for Crossfire. She didn't know his name though. She didn't really pay attention to guitarists. As her sister introduced herself, Chelsea couldn't help but grin at her sister's reactions. She admit, it was cute to see people in love. Chelsea has never really felt that way before.

    "... We are all big fans 'a guitar playas, and was hoping ya' could let us watch ya' play sometime." She heard Abigail say. Chelsea bit the inside of her cheek lightly before saying aloud, without thinking,[BCOLOR=#000000] "Though I'm more into bassists as well..."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]As soon as she said that, Chelsea quickly covered her mouth and looked away.[/BCOLOR]
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  16. Zayn woke up feeling his head throbbing. Only when he finally opened his eyes did he noticed the mess in the apartment. Red cups, food for some reason and some guys and girls from his workshop. '' Fuck... What happened yesterday?'' Zayn almost shouted with his pretty soft voice. It made him look 5 years younger minimum. It wasn't squeaky tho. He immediately stood up and kicked the side of his roommate Michael. The lead vocalist of Crossfire groaned loudly as his alarm trigger. '' What the fuck man?'' he said quietly with a croaky voice. Zayn shrugged, '' I dunno man. But school starts in 30mins and the apartment is filthy!'' he whined as he tried picking around him even if his head was pounding loudly. Michael rolled his eyes, '' So... Let's skip school..'' he simply said turning to his side. Zayn flashed him a deadly glare, '' Oh no you don't.'' he mumbled.
    *45 mins later*

    Both guys were running down the streets of their neighborhood in a pretty slow pace since they were far from being runners. Both of them were sweaty at this point despite the very quick shower they took. '' We are never going to make it!'' Zayn shouted as he stopped. Michael was pretty far and only managed to catch him after a few minutes, '' *huffs* You *huffs*.. fucking dumb shit *huffs* There is 30mins left!'' he said wanting to kill Zayn right this instant. It's been 10mins he was running after him but Zayn's long legs propels him way more. Zayn was wide eyes feeling instantly bad since he had pretty much pressured Michael all morning... and he knew how bad he wa with hangovers. The rest of the walk to school was basically Michael giving Zayn the silent treatment and Zayn just apologizing.
  17. (@Jazz: No text talk or chat roleplay- i.e. "tho" and asteriks "*huffs* your sentence *huffs*", please. Thanks! (:)

    Keira let a small smile protrude from her lips. "That would be great," she butted in, her eyes having turned to the clock on her phone. "But it's getting close to when our classes start. We should probably head over to the main office and get our schedules, Abigail, Riley, Chelsea. Perhaps we can hear Derek later on during lunch or something like that, yeah?" Her hands wrapped around Riley and Abigail's arms, tugging a little to get them to come on. She looked at Chelsea, finding her current demeanor cute. Her words made Keira wonder whether she had a crush on Crossfire's bassist, Alexander. "Come on, Chelsea," she murmured, then let Abigail and Riley's arms go, turned on her heel, and began to walk towards the front office.
  18. Eric was leaning against the front office with his sunglasses on and his earphones in playing the newest Imagine Dragons music on a low volume as he people watched. It was one of his favourite pastimes when he was actually on time for anything, and today seemed to be one of the exceptions. This had only been because his alarm had gone off an hour earlier than it should have but there was no use complaining about the extra sleep he could have gotten now.

    He watched as a girl walked by and he watched her go with a charming smile. "Morning," he said as he looked at her face, his expression turning playful, as he lent back against the brick wall beside the door with ease. Like most of the girls here he knew of her but he'd never exactly met her. He was also well aware that she probably had a crush on a member of the band he was in, Crossfire, especially by the way she blushed at his greeting. Although she could have just been shy, and he wouldn't have known.

    Naturally being in a band they all had a variety of admirers but none of them seemed particularly interested in the fan girls. Eric knew why of course, or at least he knew his reasons. In his opinion fan girls were really only interested in dating a member of the band and less interested in who they were actually dating. Eric always found it odd that they'd be even remotely interested in anyone from Crossfire mainly because they weren't even famous, but he supposed that it didn't really matter. They were supposed to conform to a stereotype that attracted women, but most of them didn't. It was what he loved about spending time with his friends from the band, they were just regular guys who all loved to play music as much as he did.

    Eric ran a hand through his hair, pushing it back into the styled quiff that he usually wore. His dark button up hooded jacket fit him perfectly, hiding the Fe Irony t-shirt he was wearing with his favourite pair of dark wash jeans and black converse. He crossed his arms over his chest, watching the girl carefully as one of his earbuds popped out of his ear. He smirked at her, the left side of his smile raising higher than the other as he waited patiently despite a few seconds having passed. His eyes scanned her body, looking up up and down briefly to try and predict her mood but he got nothing as she continued to walk on by.
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  19. Chelsea walked with her group towards the office, to retrieve their schedules for the Semester. She started humming along the way. Slinging an arm over Abigail's shoulder, "I hope we'll be in the same classes this year~"

    And she really hoped she wouldn't get one of those hardcore 'Fitness-Is-Everything' PE teacher like she did last year. Heck, she tried skipping most of her PE classes, only to get found out and pulled back into his class. As they neared the office, Chelsea noticed one of Crossfire's band members standing nearby. She ignored him and continued walking to the office. At the front desk, sat the usual woman, whose name she had forgotten. She walked to the counter, smiling, "Mornin'. We came to get our schedules~"