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  1. Title: Rock God

    Genre: Romance/Drama

    Summary: It's a new day back at Leafgreen High and Keira is absolutely excited to be starting a new year as a senior! The last year is her only chance to get close to Michael Beckham, the singer of her school's top band, so she joins a contest to get closer to her crush. However, when she meets her crush, he isn't who she thought he was. Quickly, the contest becomes a rivalry between two.

    Pre-Made Characters:

    (Here you can take pre-made characters and make them your own.)

    Michael Beckham- Vocalist- 19 (TAKEN by Jazz)
    Eric Harley- Keyboardist- 17 (TAKEN by Vaila)
    Derek Kieser- Guitarist- 18 (TAKEN by Amahla)
    Zayn Adams- Drummer- 19 (TAKEN by Jazz)
    Alexander Whitmore- Bassist- 19

    Keira Hawkins- Vocalist/Guitarist- 18 (Played By Me)
    Abigail Summers- Guitarist- 17 (TAKEN by Valentina)
    Chelsea White- Bassist- 17 (TAKEN by PhatasmogoricStoner)
    Riley White- Drummer- 18 (TAKEN by DarkStarLove90)


    Set in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Zayn and Derek are cousins.

    Michael and his buddies band name is Crossfire. Composed of a lead vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer.

    Keira and her buddies band name is Serenity. Composed of a lead vocalist, two guitarists, bassist, and drummer.

    Riley and Chelsea are sisters.





    Occupation: (If not a band member, put down something else like student or waitress, etc.)

    Appearance: (Picture that isn't a celebrity or at least a paragraph of five sentences or more.)

    Personality: (At least three negative and positive traits.)

    History: (At least five sentences or more.)

    Other: (Anything else? If not, put N/A.)
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  2. In the CS, what kind of pictures do we put in (Real life , Anime etc ) or do we describe..?
  3. Real life pictures are okay, but at least a paragraph description is preferred. You may do either or.
  4. Hmm okay.. I'll get my CS up tomorrow after school. May I reserve the spot for Chelsea?
  5. Sure thing! ^^


    Name: Keira Hawkins (pronounced Key-rah)

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Lead Vocalist, Guitarist


    Personality: Keira is an open-minded, honest, and considerate person. She has good intentions, is respectable and disciplined around others, but not overly sympathetic or empathetic, especially if a person has done her wrong. She can be snide and dull, especially if she doesn't take a situation within her own interest. Keira can also be a little nosy, being curious about those around her, but maybe a little too much. She procrastinates, is bossy and demanding sometimes, but has a soft and kind heart.

    History: Keira was born in Colorado on September 16th. Her mother and father meant well to her early passions in music, allowing her to get a headstart on being taught how to play the piano, cello, and acoustic guitar. She went to public school in her community, only transferring to a private charter school in a city once. However, she soon moved back to the suburban area where she was raised with her father only, because of a recent divorce dealing with inflexible financial issues between her mother and father. During high school, she met and formed a friendly relationship with a small group of girls- two sisters, Riley and Chelsea, and their friend, Abigail. She's currently rounding up a band together with her friends, planning on joining a contest to get closer to a boy she's had a crush on since her sophmore year.

    Other: She loves high school parties and swimming, as well as playing her instruments in free time and hanging out with her small group of friends.
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  6. Name: Derek Kieser

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Guitarist



    Personality: While Derek is an introvert, he likes to observe people and how they act. He wants to pursue Psychology after high school and therefore has a great interest in people. However, this can oftentimes come off as creepy or nosy, and the backlash he has received has made him hesitant to engage in much social activity. Derek is kind and generous person, and will always stick up for someone who is being picked on. However, he is angered fairly easily and is impatient.

    History: Derek grew up as a guy who always enjoyed working with his hands. He would oftentimes spend long hours with his Dad working on cars or with his brothers taking things apart and putting them back together. At an early age, he learned his affinity for the guitar and this quickly translated into a passion. However, as his affinity for the guitar grew, he withdrew inside of himself. If it weren't for his cousin, he may not have met the guys in his band, Crossfire. His mother left him at an early age, causing his father to become irresponsible. Derek basically raised himself, and the day he turned 18 he moved into his own apartment within walking distance of school.

    Other: Derek enjoys playing baseball for the high school as well as drinking (a little bit excessively).

    [First time I have RP'd in awhile, let me know if something should be changed! Looking forward to it!]
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  7. Oooh!! Sexy- I like him already, haha! Derek is approved~ (;
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  8. I would like to play Riley. And do you oppose people playing two characters? I wouldn't mind playing a dude in the other band?
  9. If you can handle it hon, I am completely fine with that. The sooner we get every character from the bands made, the sooner we can begin. Just one each for the sake of having more members within this group roleplay. ^^
  10. I think I could, but if you want I will make one for now, and see if others join. If they don't then I will make another. I will make Riley White for now.
  11. Okay. Your call. (:
  12. Name: Riley White

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Drummer for Serenity

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Is fun, friendly, and extremely carefree. She is OCD, has a problem trusting people, and is easily mislead.

    History: She has been drumming, for as long as she an remember, she picked up a wooden spoon and started banging on pots and pans, even the walls and she never stopped. She has been getting her tattoos since she was 16 years old, and she faked her mother signature on the paperwork, after that her mother just gave in and signed them herself. She has had a crush on a member from Crossfire for a while but refuses to tell anyone who it is, even her sister Chelsea. She normally doesn't get along with females, but she loves her band, and she loves each of its members almost as much as she loves Chelsea.

    Other: N/A at the moment
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  13. HAWT. Riley is approved~ (;
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  14. Every time I play a female, she has to have tats, because I do. And female's with tats...are sexy....LOL :D
  15. They can be, yes~ (;
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  16. Name: Chelsea White

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Bassist of Serenity


    Chelsea is a cheerful person, who is sometimes known as the band's "Joker". She seems like an innocent person at first glance but tends to get in trouble in school. When it comes to music, she tends to be serious and not fool around. When it comes to school work, she tends to procrastinate and really lazy as well. Occasionally dozing off during classes.

    Mostly influenced by her sister when it comes to playing an instrument. She grew up listening to rock bands such as Three Days Grace, Asking Alexandria, Motionless in White and more. She started playing the bass after her sister started learning the drums. Since then, she's been dedicated to playing the bass. In school, she gets average grades and she doesn't really think much of her future. She has big dreams of being famous in a band. Once her teacher called her to stay back after class so he could talk to her about her grades. He claims that she won't get anywhere with her music but she's determine to show him that she can.

    She enjoys watching bassists play, whether they're from a rival band or not. She admires other bassists as well too. Sometimes, her admiration can be mistaken for infatuation.
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  17. Cute~ Chelsea is approved (:
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  18. Hey, so if Keira and Riley are in Senior year... which year is Chelsea in? I'm not familiar with the Canadian school system. :/
  19. I'm not either. I just go by the American school system but even then, age doesn't matter.

    I just looked it up- Canadian and American school system is the same. It doesn't matter. If you want Chelsea to be in junior year, she can be a junior. If you want her to be a senior, she can be a senior.
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  20. Hmm... okay thanks~
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