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  1. Abele Abate was a busy man. He had paperwork to do. He worked a job at a coffee shop, even going for extra hours. He had people to meet with, and things to cook and clean. So, having a ounce of free time was unusual, unlikely, and overall, unexpected. So, that is why he really, REALLY did not have time to spend with a bunch of nut jobs, in a patch of woods, at a unreasonable time of night. He was guessing it was around 10 or 11, and either one would still be horrible, because it really messed up his sleep schedule.

    So, one might question why he was dealing with this bullshit in the first place, and that was a mighty good question. Maybe it was because he was curious. Maybe it was because he figured that since there was no God, and he wasn't a magic man, that it would get done quickly with no results. That was all quickly proven wrong.

    It had happened after the group had sacrificed a squirrel- something he had been totally against -and set it in the middle of the circle. They told him to read some words, and so he did, in a bored tone of voice, not really expecting much. Regret washed in almost as soon as the circle....thing....began to glow. Glowing wasn't a good sign. He knew that from all the books he had read. To say he bolted up quickly was an understatement, because by this point, his curiosity was out the window, and replaced with more of a 'what the fuck' feeling, which generally meant bad things. However, he was still glued to the spot, staring at the ritual circle the crazies had created.

    In the back of his head, he wondered where he had gone wrong in his life. He honestly didn't know. Maybe it was breaking contact with his parents? Moving to entire other city? Was karma out to get him? All were possibilities.
  2. In truth, Struan's day had been as far as contrastive to Abele's as it could get. In contrast, the relatively young God had done nothing but lounge around. Stress and pressure was something he avoided at all costs. While others around him panicked over their roles and whether they were upholding them sufficiently, his particular role didn't attach itself to any degree of franticness. He didn't have to be concerned with anything or anyone, and could simply sit back with eyes closed - one of his favourite hobbies, aside from the obvious destructive tendencies.

    And then it hit him.

    A deep-rooted, odd twisting in his gut, and a ringing, chanting noise in his head. Usually, he never got sick (hell, he was a God - wasn't he above all that common illnesses?), but this did feel decidedly... weird. Clutching his stomach with a desperate pout pulled on his face, it swiftly disappeared upon realising that nobody was around to garner his attention, replaced with an irritated frown. Typical. The one time he could have done with someone's company...

    It wasn't pain, per se, but more uneasiness; a feeling of an indescribable nature that grew and grew in quantity until becoming too much to possibly deal with, leading the rather handsome God to get lethargically to his feet and attempt to quash the growing ambiguous state of his pain.

    Before he even blinked, the man was torn from his rather and typically godly surroundings. Before he had even blinked, he was suddenly in the middle of a forest that he deemed instinctively to be in the human realm. Well, the circle of humans gave the most evidence to base his opinion on. Cracking his shoulders back in confusion, arching a brow almost comically at the hooded figures, it didn't take too much to make him realise what was going on. He had heard one or two tales of groups who sacrificed and chanted for a God they believed in from people in his realm, and how none truly succeeded. Yet here he was, stood in the middle of the cult and incredulously eyeing them all.

    He did realise that they probably wanted this, and being a God -a God they worshipped-, he didn't want to appear anything less than amazing. And he definitely wanted to come across as the brutish figure they probably expected of him.

    "...I want to know where I am. I want to know that in the next five seconds before I behead you all." Struan finally declared, the otherwise innocent and rather human looking God standing tall and intimidatingly in the face of the cult members, eyes straying across each and every one until falling on Abele. "You," he sneered, judging him to be someone who could give a valid answer. "Would you like to tell me? I suppose I'm not asking; I'm demanding."​
  3. Abele faltered a bit, still looking surprised, before he scowled and looked around at the group, who looked EXCITED of all things. "Really? REALLY? You know, I kind of expected this to be fake, but no, this just had to be real, didn't it? I hate you all." He ranted, throwing his hands up, before turning to this so-called God- he wasn't buying it, to be completely honest.

    "And I don't CARE whether you're demanding or not. I've had enough of demanding. But whatever, why not? I'm already in a cult, my life is already down hill, so who cares? Welcome to the middle of a damn forest! It's 2016, and apparently cults aren't modern enough to find someplace decent to summon random people to." Maybe he shouldn't have been saying all this, but he was annoyed. He didn't sign up for this. Well, he didn't sign up for the cult at all, technically, but this was still something he wasn't expecting. His natural reaction was to get annoyed over it, because it covered the fact that this was a BIT terrifying.
  4. Okay, so that was hardly the reaction the man expected.

    He wanted to be feared. His main aim in life, the one thing he worked constantly towards without a loss of energy was the overall desire to have him and his motives deemed dangerous, psychotic, bloodthirsty... and yet, being summoned and brought to the human realm by a cult who apparently worshipped him still wasn't enough to have his fear recognised. If they worshipped him, they ought to realise the sheer ferocity he held. Being summoned so abruptly itself caused ferociousness (especially when he realised he had no idea how to get back home), but to then be met with such resistance and blatant nonchalance by some petty little human? Oh, it pissed him off.

    Apparently, several others in the cult recognised that. This was a man they had researched endlessly, taught others about and prayed to every night without fail, so understanding his fury was easily graspable. If it wasn't, the growing pressure in the forest was. The air grew unbearably thick, made worse by the bitter wind that had been brought up, coinciding with the signature smirk of the renowned and feared God.

    "I don't quite appreciate the attitude," he admitted coolly, tapping his finger against his leg to keep himself calm - yeah, like that would continue. Eventually, he did lose the last presence of calmness in his system, the resulting outburst reaping a consequence in the sudden and unseen attack on a nearby cult member. Unseen, because Struan didn't physically lay a finger on him - a simple glare at the man had him down on his knees in apparent agony. "Now, you're going to show me a hell of a lot more respect, aren't you? I thought you lot worshipped me. You clearly don't, not enough... So, this is the human realm? It's... sort of shit, isn't it?"​
  5. Okay, so, that was definitely not the right move. Abele would have to be more polite. Or, well, at least for now. He didn't plan to stick around much longer after this, especially after seeing what this man- if you could call him that -could do. So, he decided he'd answer the questions, then go. Get out of there. Forget this all happened, and get on with his life. He ground his teeth a bit, before sighing. Time to see if he could get through this.

    "Yes, this is the human realm." He said slowly, reminding himself to just answer the questions, and not add anything else to them, since that held the best chance of not offending the supposed god "And yes, it's shitty."
  6. Before the other could respond, at least given the human's attitude-lacking reply, the barrage of excitable questions and influx of murmured prayers by members on their knees with clasped hands did distract him. It didn't horrify him, though. The deafening and rather pathetic displays of adoration from them only pandered to his burgeoning ego. All he had intended in life, really, was others to know him and adore him - and all of a sudden, he was dragged to this realm and witnessing a group all clamming to get his attention. Was there anything better to comfort his self-righteousness?

    "You don't seem that bothered, I must admit," he drawled finally, leaning on a nearby tree with smug smiles aimed at the group around him, though eyes focused mostly on the one member he could truly say didn't care to try and get his attention. It was ironic then, in some sense, that he and the God had been incorrectly linked together as a result of the faulty summoning. Not that either of them knew it yet, of course. "Do you not believe that your little spell worked? I do find that rather disrespectful. Do you know what I do to disrespectful people? I tend to slice their throats."​
  7. "This may surprise you," Abele began dryly, pushing up his glasses "I'm not a nutcase that randomly decided to worship some deity. I got dragged into this, so excuse me for being a bit skeptic that you actually are a God. I'm not really buying it all that much.

    Though, he was buying it more then he was before. The worshiping by the members was a bit annoying, granted, but the guy had power. That was clear. God? Maybe not. Something that could kill him? Probably. But he wasn't going to be forced to worship the man just because he wanted a fucking ego boost.
  8. "You're not buying into it?" He snapped suddenly, any desire of a composed exterior disappearing the more and more the irritating human got under his skin. What more did he have to show to prove to him-- why did he feel a desire to prove to him in the first place? He was just a lowly little human who didn't mean a thing to him. Perhaps it was simply the farcical nature of it all. He had just tortured a man with a simple look, had him writhing in agony with blood gushing from his nose and mouth, and yet he was still doubted as a God.

    "Is it because I'm not all sweet and godly and dressed in white robes with some huge beard?" He criticised as he wandered over from the middle to the periphery, a taunting smirk continuing to play on handsome features-- until shoving the boy into a tree and practically holding him up by the collar of his shirt. All with a single hand. "I don't need to prove myself to you. I don't need to spend my entirety hoping you believe me. You're nothing. I'm everything."

    And then, in a simple motion, he moved to snap his neck with the obvious intention of killing the human. In fact, so confident in that was he that he stood back with a chuckle, until realising that nothing had happened. The human was ruffled from being pushed, but wasn't dead on the floor as he hoped. Deciding to test the waters by at least hurting him a bit, he easily set his eyes on him, though no such torture continued. However hard he tried, it was seemingly impossible for him to harm him physically. All as a result of being linked to him, as was the inability to really leave his side - he would learn that when attempting to head away from him. Walking angrily to the other side of the circle to kick a tree, the innocent bystander subsequently crashing to the ground, the instantaneous feeling he had experienced in his realm hit again. That nauseating pulsations in his gut and head that only disappeared when spinning around to face Abele again.

    That's when it all fell into place for the second time that day.

    "You idiots couldn't even summon me properly," he boomed vehemently, scathingly glaring at the surrounding members, and cracking his knuckles in preparation for punching someone who came out with a measly excuse for the fuck-up. "You think I want to rely on a filthy human until I find a way to get back home? Huh? Like hell I do, but oh, that's my reality now, huh?!"​
  9. Abele paused a moment. And then another. Then, he realized what was going on, and it only made him regret this all even more, because he was not bringing this so-called GOD into his HOME. He wasn't. He couldn't! That was just.....just....something. Something bad, which he really couldn't come up with a word for at the moment, because this was just too much. They fucked up, and they didn't even know it.

    "What?" he demanded, livid with the situation "What? You all messed up? You gave me a SCRIPT. A script! So obviously you put effort into this." He continued to seethe, crossing his arms "I've been putting up with this for a year and a half. A year and a half! I am not bringing him back to where I live!"
  10. "What, in all honesty, makes you believe I even want to come to your pitiful, pathetic excuse of a home? I'm a God. I deserve riches and wealth; not to be led to some two-bedroomed apartment with a human who I apparently can't even kill because your little cult fucked up big time," he retorted understandably and typically viciously. Hell, the members of pleading and prying their eyes to him for his forgiveness had already been dealt the consequences - hit viciously, one so much so that the young God was pretty sure he had killed him.

    He hardly cared though. It was what he enjoyed most - power and a little bit of sadistic delight. There was nothing better than that.

    "I want to wipe that pretentious look off your face. I can't, though, and nor can I apparently leave your side, so you're going to take me back and we're going to find a way to end this. I need to return back. You lot can worship me all you want. Just my luck to get followers who can't even perform a spell properly and get me linked to a disgusting jerk," he seethed, rubbing his temples in a show of his exasperation. "Ugh, just... I want to burn you all alive right now."​
  11. "You're not a patch of sunshine yourself." Abele shot back, irritated, before noticing the fact that oh, he might've just killed that guy. His confidence faltered a bit, but then he realized that the God- he had accepted the term, for now -couldn't seem to hurt him. He could try to use that to his advantage, and, either way, until the other found a way around it, he could say whatever he liked. So, deciding to ignore the body(which, though he wouldn't admit it, made him a bit horrified and disgusted), he continued on, glaring daggers at the man in front of him.

    "Stop doing the magic hitting thing, for christ's sake! I'm not going to help you get out of this if you continue being a complete ass." He threatened, though he didn't think it would do much good. He could hope, though.
  12. "...You really have an attitude. I'm a God. I could ruin your pathetic little world in one second if I wished, and yet you continue to snap at me? I swear, the moment I'm free of being linked to you, I'll gladly snap your neck," he admitted with a dark smile - it was now the new target in mind. Now, he never usually had plans. He usually just did exactly what he wanted to, at any time of day and with as much energy as he could sacrifice. However, currently, every space in his head was full from calculations and plans to simply wipe that idiotic smile from the human's face. How dare he display such confidence! In front of a God no less! He wasn't invincible. When the link was broken and they could wander away from one another, Struan wanted nothing more than to run him into the ground. Hard.

    "Oh, don't you think you'll be in danger regardless of whether I can hurt you or not?" He countered suddenly, leaning back in in his usually intimidating way, grabbing the collar of his shirt again to tug him closer. "I'm sure all your little friends are going to get awfully jealous of you. Maybe they'll try hurting you to get to me because, not to be big headed or anything, I'm sort of a big deal in their miserable little lives."​
  13. That was a good point. A really good point. One that Abele actually hadn't considered within the time he had to think about all of this. And, considering that everyone in this cult was absolutely bonkers, he wouldn't be surprised if the god were right. He couldn't exactly admit defeat, though, as that would just be a coward thing to do. Also, if he had to live with this man for who knows how long, he wasn't going to be taking this type of attitude the whole time. So, while he probably should have backed down a bit, he didn't, due to the fact he had his pride and ego to maintain.

    "And how far do you think this link goes?" He replied, scowling as he leaned away from the man "Because it could possibly injure you, too. After all, you can't hurt me, and you can't leave where I am, so who knows?"

    The horrid realization that he would have to go to work with this God nearby also dawned on him. He had no doubt that it would be a painful experience, mentally and emotionally, and maybe physically for the people around them. He could try to avoid it, but he doubted it would work out well, as his boss might get suspicious. For once in his life, though, he was glad that no one besides him lived in his apartment.
  14. "For a measly little human who's sole existence will be forgotten and disregarded only a few years after you inevitably succumb to death, you really enjoy testing my patience. I can still make your little utter hell. If we're going to apparently going to be 'hanging out', I could ruin your life. I could make you look like a fool," he reminded pleasingly, mostly because it meant he ha the upperhand, and if there was thing he enjoyed, it was having all the power in the situation.

    Not being able to hurt the other because of the mishaps of the summoning already had subjected him to feelings of inner anguish. He couldn't do what he loved in hurting someone who annoyed the hell out of him, and his words didn't really seem to have the effect he desired. At least he could still threaten him, however little the other took notice of it.

    "I don't want to spend my time in this wood a second longer. I want to go to sleep at, I assume, your home, huh? Let me remind you: I live in a luxuriously huge castle of a home in my realm. Your home, I imagine, is nothing like that," he taunted flatly - he was childishly drawn to insults now nothing else seemed to work. "And hopefully nobody will come murder you in your sleep to get to me-- wait, what am I saying? That's exactly what I hope will happen~!"​
  15. Abele shot a glare at the remaining members of the cult, because he entirely blamed them. He also knew that this man was right about almost everything he was saying. Which was awful. However, if the God wanted to make HIS life, no matter how short it might be now, a living hell, he was going to try his hardest to do vice versa.

    He turned on his heels, beginning to walk and not caring if the other was following right away or not, because he knew the man would eventually. He was also going to try to get him to sleep on the couch. That was a maybe; the boundary thing, as much as a curse to him as the God, might come in the way of that. Either way, Abele wasn't taking the floor.
  16. Deciding to at least test out just how far the distance had to be, Struan stubbornly stood where he was as the nauseating pulsations hit his gut, hard and agonising. By the time the other was only a few feet away, the pulsing had hit full strength, causing the usually omnipotent God to double over with hands rested on his cramped stomach. Worse than that was the amount of blood suddenly beginning to pour from his nose, and only ceasing when he reluctantly trudged over to the human obligingly to cause any remnants of pain to clear up.

    So, he had learnt that apparently being increasingly close to the man was the only way he wasn't going to hurt. Brilliant, just... fantastic.

    "Shut up," he snapped before any wise comment could be made, wiping the blood with the back of his hand and shooting a death glare to his side. "Just... let's get to this pathetic home of yours. I don't imagine you'll be kneeling and worshipping me as I hope, though. If I were a God of Luck or Love, you'd adore me. Even though I am undoubtedly far more attractive than the other Gods, just saying."​
  17. "I'm a atheist." Abele replied dryly, glancing over "I don't worship or believe in Gods. Sorry to disappoint. I'll grudgingly- grudgingly -admit that yea, you're attractive, but don't expect much else from me.'' He paused, before going on to say "Also, you'll be sleeping on the floor if you keep insulting my house. It's the only place for you to stay at the moment."

    Which was still making him a bit uneasy, considering the circumstances. He hoped Gods didn't have to eat. He didn't have money for two people. Well, he did, but it'd be a bit tight, considering his job was pretty bad, money wise. He supposed he'd ask later. For now, he should probably ask other questions, though.

    "What's your name, even? I never really paid attention." Abele said, squinting a bit at the man. Not the most important question, but he needed to call him other then 'man' and 'god'.
  18. "You don't even know my name?!" He thundered, easily ignoring the rest of the conversation - his focus went entirely to the other's apparent lack of interest in him. For someone was egotistical as he was, and who had ideas of grandeur, hearing that he wasn't even known properly by him did cause a stir of irritation. Sure, he didn't have to be liked (he much preferred being hated), but to not even have his name recognised?

    "What an ass... it's Struan. Just Struan," he eventually answered, fighting back the urge to punch him. He was pretty sure that would at least work. It just seemed like serious damage was impossible. "Honestly, are you seriously going to continue with the atheism, even when I'm right fucking here in front of you?"​
  19. "I don't want to believe that someone like you is a God." Abele replied, rolling his eyes as he neared his car. He fished his keys out of his pocket, and unlocked the door as they approached "Besides. It annoys you, right? I think I'll just continue not believing you're a god. It's funny." He opened the passenger door, gesturing to it with a mocking "Your Majesty", before continuing "And anyway, I'm not really compelled to give you any respect if you won't give me any. It's just a human thing I do, I guess."
  20. "Humans suck," he petulantly responded as grumpily as he could manage, just to reiterate his total and utter annoyance at the situation at hand. He was a God, whether the other wanted to believe it or not, and yet here he was, going to be walking about with this pitiful excuse of a life and seen by other humans as just 'one of them'. He knew this wasn't his fault, but he couldn't help but feel like this was a punishment of sorts; that the Gods were laughing at him right now at his (albeit temporary) fall from grace.

    "What on earth is this device?" He muttered instantly at the sight of the car. Hell, he had technology in his realm, but cars? They didn't exactly have a need for them when he could transport himself anywhere he needed to be. "Are you trying to kill me with this? I can't die; I'm immutable. I never change, hence I never die-- rookie error there, mate."​
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