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  1. Pretty much as the name implies. I'm looking for some people to start a rock band thread. Starting out at small venues and we move on to bigger gigs. Perhaps outside characters could get in the mix and fame could go to their heads. So will any rockers rise to the occasion. I'm open to additional ideas.
  2. Great we have one down. Two or three more to go
  3. I'm interested.
  4. I'm interested as well :)
  5. Great I think that may be enough. Though all I ask is for at least one post a day
  6. Man, oh man, I love this. I'd like to see this!
  7. Cool then I'll post an OOC and IC thread.

    When making a character feel free to make their style unique. It wouldn't be fun to have just a bunch of broody people. They can look like they're into punk, pop, country, glam, even rap. Kinda like in the game rock band if you have ever played it. Everyone in the band's looks like they're from different genres.

    Instrument: (if vocalist then just a Mic stand)
    Music style:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.