Rock~And~Roll high school. ((A Friendship and Romance story))

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  1. Chi was in frount of the school waiting for the students to come. she was going to welcome them. but she never been a welcom type of girl who says hello but whatever. "welcome to Rock~and~Roll High" she said with her best smile wich was very bad. she hated smiling. "just follow me to your class rooms"
  2. Zena made her way to the school. She noticed Chi and walked over to her. "You don't have to smile if you don't want to, who cares anyway." Zena said to her with a big smile herself.
  3. thank god" she said then stop smiling and looks at her. "are you new here" she asked with a wonder. she can't remaber peoples faces. not like she wants to anyways.
  4. "Yup. Just came today." Zena said. "When did you first come to this school?"
  5. three years ago." she said not looking at the girl anymore. "you should get to class. Teacher hate it when people are late. give me your name and Ill give you your classes or do you already have it?" she asked with wonder in her voice. maybe.
  6. "Zena is the name." She said and gave her a wink, whether she was looking or not. "And nope, no one has given me my schedule yet."
  7. Chi smirked and looked over to her and said "follow" with that said she moved fast inside to the school. with a sigh she walk into the frount office then looked behind her to see if the girl was still following.
  8. Zora gave a salute to Chi when she looked back. "Still here." She gave her a big smile.
  9. Damn it" she said as a joke. she asked the office for her classes and then waited.
  10. Zena pulled her arm around Chi. "I think this is the start of a great friendship." She looked out into the distance as if imagining it.
  11. she laughed darkly then turned around. "and maybe more" she said softly to her self with a smile. "By the way your schedule ready" she said and the teacher came back and hand them her schedule. "now get to class" the teacher said rudely but Chi did care really.
  12. "Okay, okay." Zena said to the lady and walked out of the office. "Well, better get to class. I see you later." She quickly flipped away from Chi and ran away. She looked back and gave her a wave.
  13. she looks at her as she walks away. then when she waved she waved back. she need to get to English class and fast. she ran up the stairs and into her class with out making a sound but the teacher knew she was late and yelled at her. but she stayed silent.
  14. Zena sat in her class. It was history and they were learning something about someone doing something. Zena always had a hard time focusing on the first day of classes. It would get better after a short time. She was looking out the window through most of it, thinking about song lyrics in her head. She was always coming up with new ones. They would just come to her out of nowhere. She did feel like looking out the window at the blue sky was sparking her creativity at that moment.
  15. later on class was over and Chi walked out of the class room. with no smile. she hated this school. she really wished her mother didn't put her here. she walked to Zena's history class. she took a peak at it when she and the teacher was not looking and waited for her to come out.
  16. Once the class was over Zena headed out. She noticed Chi. "I thought you said or not." She said to her jokingly.
  17. she gived a small smile "I want to try and have a friend" she said with a sad smile. "so umm whats your next class?" she asked even thought she knew what her next class was.
  18. Zena gave her a smile. "I would love to be your friend." She said then looked at her schedule. "Looks like math."
  19. She smiled. "lets get going then" she said and grabbed her hand and took her to her class. she started to ran to the math class room. she had math with her. "here we are" she said then walked into the class.
  20. "Looks like we have a class together. That's good for a friendship." She said with a giggle. "Shall we sit next to each other too?" She said as she walked in and looked around at the seats.
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