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  1. San Paulo, Brazil, 2062 16 years after the Nuclear attacks on What is now The Free States of America.

    Here, Brazil is the Robotics production capital of the world, and with the advent of Hybrid Bioelectronics Corporation, IMB's Watson MK-IV Artificial Intelligence firmware, and The quantum processing foundation put forth by google in 2020, The future is now. High-end, professional and consumer robotics are being produced at an all time high, from Intelligent kitchen appliances to automated car service androids, Robots are being used all over the world, shipped from here in Brazil.

    The newest and most advanced systems being employed, however, are Fully Autonomous Units, or F.A.U.s: Bioelectric Robots that can think, act, and speak for themselves. Although through intentional design, they are easily distinguishable from humans, they are incredibly capable, already showing promise in hazardous fields such as nuclear energy projects and off-world research within NASA.
    One thing, however, has slowed progress with these new androids, self-awareness. They do indeed, possess this capability to perceive and understand both the world and themselves, on a level far exceeding human intelligence. Though bound by the Laws, these androids are becoming controversial insofar as many of them are beginning to desire normal lives, human lives. homes, rights, freedom from HBC, and more importantly, status.


    This roleplay is a rehash of a few many ideas, ones that are present in a lot of science fiction, though it's an idea I haven't seen played out within a roleplay setting, and one that I personally would love to do.

    Players would be posing some unique roles, however. Far from the typical sidestories and minor city dwellers. Characters in the roleplay would be comprised mostly of high-impact individuals in society. government figures, Special Intrest coordinators, High-status F.A.U.s, and media advocates on both sides.

    I'm hoping to launch this roleplay, with a bit of help and enough pledged interest, by the end of September.

    Interest, ideas, suggestions, criticism, and everything else can be posted below.
  2. I'm up for this and if you need somebody to haphazardly throw ideas around I volunteer as tribute.

    I just have one question, apart from the 'important' roles that the RPer's have to take on will this be a sandbox RP?
  3. start up a convo if anything hits you and ill do the same then.

    as for concrete vs freeform plot. I'm doing a largely GM driven plotline currently, and it's tiring and im very busy.

    So i may go back to a system I'd used before for a similarly set roleplay wherein the game is largely sandbox, but moved along by plot triggers written up by the GM.

    that way I can avoid the eventual stagnation that sometimes accompanies sandbox rps while also allowing for more freedom of plot development by the players.
  4. definitely interesting, almost reminds me of I, Robot and overwatch
  5. Sounds interesting! Would be up for it.
  6. definitely inspirations. I'd like to make some more changes to make it more me, but still. the general concept im going for is very much inspired by those. as well as a few other sources.
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