Robotics: The Virus Begins

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  1. Built by scientists as a military weapon, he is an experiment gone wrong. R.V.1 was contaminated by an unknown virus from the outside. It turned on the scientists. The lucky ones ran and escaped with their lives, the others sat in agony. Some to live through the treachery, some to die horribly in R.V.1's path. Once outside the complex R.V.1 derived a new goal to take out the source of the virus. He created several weapons of his own design from the restricted files in his database. He created canisters full of acid with a three second charge. He also created a gun that fired slugs at unbelievable distances and speeds. After a while a defense force carrying R.V.2 confronted R.V.1. R.V.2's tech was too powerful for R.V.1 to handle so he ran. Which leads him here crossing paths with your story. To see that his goal is fulfilled he will let nothing stand in his way.

    Robotics type: Demolition

    Attack Software: Auto Targeting V.3 Beta

    Shield Software: Electro-Pulse shield. 1 meter sphere radius.

    Access Level: Weapon files.

    System online.
    A.S. Online.
    E.P.S. Charged.

    Encrypting files...
    Encryption failed.
    Encrypting files...
    Encryption success. Target 3,000 miles NW.
    Systems online. R.V.1 ready for action.
  2. This nanobot hive-mind was originally designed as a versatile product under the name of "N.C.N.B." (Non contiguous Nano Body) an "revolutionary nanobot work force" able to replace human soldiers, workers, and repairmen. They could be programmed to break down almost anything (there are indeed a few exceptions, and certain materials take longer than others) however they were capable of gathering and assembling the necessary resources to produce and program more nanobots in-case some were eliminated. Each were equipped with a miniature laser which if enough were concentrated on one area could deal large amounts of damage to demonstrate the defensive capabilities this "nano-man" had. Eventually a scientists had the idea that it would be best to have a central "mainframe" for these nanobots and program them to take on a more human form rather than a "swarm", which was a complete success, plus they could "morph" itself into other shapes if told to do so along with becoming a "swarm" once more. This "main frame" was code-named "A.R.O.S." (Advanced Robotic Operating System), it was designed so that each nanobot would be linked together, "sharing" and storing each other's codes so that no data would be lost if one or more of them were eliminated. The only downside was that it wouldn't be able to utilize it's full potential unless one or more robot(s) were used to "host" it, allowing it more space to store it's excess data, and "reside" on when dormant along with having the mainframe be able to make requests and co-operate with the robot(s)'s central AI(s). That's when the robot known as R.O.N.S. (Robotic Operating Nano Station) came into existence, the robot itself was practically a sort of "station" and center of intelligence for the nano "hive-mind" VIA the on-board AI which fed the nanobots data and stored the rest until another data transfer was needed. That is until an unknown virus infected it, causing the nanobots to go haywire and begin slaughtering every living being it detected, which lead to the termination of R.O.N.S. the little data the surviving nanobots managed to salvage, store and "share" served as the new "mainframe", it wasn't nearly as efficient but it kept them all alive and together, with one single goal in mind; to search for another robot that could "pair" with it and become it's new leader.

    Robotics type: Nanobot hive-mind (most efficient when provided host(s) to collaborate with)

    Attack software: (custom built) Systematic Targeting Protocol (S.T.P.)

    Defense software: Automatic Evade and Repair (A.E.R.)

    Access level: Varies (depends on what type of data it has currently available)

    humanoid form (open)


    An image captured of the nanobots right before reversion to "swarm".

    Initializing system log:

    Searching for system host: R.O.N.S.

    Host unavailable
    Reason: Terminated
    System efficiency 3%

    - Locate new host
    - Eliminate infections in system

    Searching for infections
    None found

    Browsing infection history
    Locating source of previous infection
    Source: Previous host
    Status: eliminated

    Secondary objective complete

    Proceeding to Primary objective:
    Locate new host

    Dispersing nanobots

    Host found

    Name: R.V. 1

    Requesting permission to host mainframe...
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  3. A life form created with the initial means of biomechanical advancement ended up as an robotic alien experiment named Interplanetary Gatherer of Understanding and Exploration Data 1
    ( I. G. U. E. D. 1. ) At the end of his training and growth, the scientists that created and worked with him to that point decided it was time for him to gather data and interact with the outside.
    Equipped with the stability, power, and speed of a machine he was able to explore other planets, with no interest in vacant planets. Being turned loose with little limitations,
    I. G. U. E. D. 1 began fulfilling the basic objectives given to him, sending him planet hopping. From his successful expositions he soon became nicknamed "The Discoverer." Through exposure he became more independent gaining objectives of his own, straying further and further from his birth planet yet keeping in contact and sending back collected data to his makers. Though all known transmitted reports from the Discoverer are thorough, no reports were filed explaining why the Discoverer is wanted on several planets for various offenses ranging from theft to murder...

    Upon landing on a certain planet connections with his makers became blocked and difficult to retrieve. With his objectives previously given to him, he became set on fulfilling them... Whatever they are.

    Robotics type: Exploration and survival

    Attack software: Combat/Survival protocol

    Defense: Evasion

    Access: Laboratory data files and local available files


    Gravity and atmospheric adaptation underway...

    Starting live record...

    Establishing transmission...
    Transmission failed.
    Abort transmission.

    Adaptation complete.

    Currently searching for life forms...

    Searching for life forms...

    Searching for activity...
    Activity found
    Accessing available data
    Data found
    R. V. 1

    "Time to look around."
  4. R.V.1 had just finished eradicating a lab base when an unknown pairing attempt was made. "Unknown pairing eliminate source." R.V.1 sprinted to the source over a state's width away.
  5. The nanobots that have been dispersed began to head back to the main swarm located in an air vent far away from their location, they flew higher and higher into the atmosphere until they were away from most obstacles and began traveling until they reached the swarms location and began sharing the data they've collected.

    System log initialized:
    Processing data
    Host request: Denied
    Host status: Hostile
    ETA: 5 hours
    Course of Action: Negotiate Terms

    Send Message:
    "A.R.O.S. mobile N.C.N.B. mainframe requests permission to pair, center of intelligence (leader) required to achieve maximum system efficiency, data storage required, will provide own data and services in return."

    Message sent
    Draft saved: False
    Awaiting response
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  6. R.V.1 came to a speeding halt.

    Message:A.R.O.S. mobile N.C.N.B. mainframe requests permission to pair, center of intelligence (leader) required to achieve maximum system efficiency, data storage required, will provide own data and services in return.

    Y or N...
    Reply: Location of unknown virus source. Where?

    Malware Scan in progress...
    No threats shown.
    New Objective: Find Symbiosis Parasite.
    Command Prompt shutdown.
  7. Discoverer detected new activity in the distance. He looked toward the sky spotting the mass.

    Requesting communication with unknown party...
  8. Incoming Com.
    Granted Access.

    "Name. Authorization. Allegiance. Confirm Listed details."
  9. Host request: Accepted
    Primary objective: Complete
    Response received:
    Location of unknown virus source. Where?
    Reply: "Undetermined
    Only known source; R.O.N.S. terminated
    origin of infection: unknown"

    Message sent
    Standby for response and arrival of host

    The swarm dove into another vent when it detected another robot in it's vicinity

    Incoming communication request
    ID: I.G.U.E.D. 1
    Origin: unknown

    Request accepted
    Awaiting response...
  10. Request accepted.

    Message playback...
    "Name. Authorization. Allegiance. Confirm listed details."

    "I. G. U. E. D. 1, Discoverer. Authorization of the Fourth Interplanetary Research Laboratories. Allegiance: No allegiance."
  11. R.V.1 was running when he slid down a hill into a nearby playground. The children watched in awe as the machine got up. R.V.1 was soon surrounded by children.

    "Diagnostic Scan."

    Child. Second stage in human cycle.
    Threat level: None. Extremely intolerable.

    "Note. Avoid small humanoids."

    Note recorded.
    Incoming hostile.
    Equipage: Hacking systems, Laser Rifle.
    Target Unidentifiable.

    System manual shut down.

    A man holding R.V.1 started lecturing the kids. "If you see one of these again, tell your parents to call this number." He patted one of the kids heads and walked off. "Well, aren't you the rarest find ever?"

  12. Communication with unit 1 of unknown party interrupted.

    Discoverer blinked and halted.

    He looked around with a scowl.
    "This planet is strange..."

    Contacting unit 2 of unknown party.

    "Requesting: Name. Affiliates. Location."
  13. The mass of nanobots moved out of the vents, it looked as if it was restless.

    System log

    Connection with host: lost
    Reason: Host
    systems compromised
    Cause: Hacked

    New objective acquired: liberate host
    Action: mobilize all nanobots

    The nanobots began to head towards R.V. 1's last known location rather quickly, they refused to allow it's newly acquired host to meet with the same fate as it's previous one... However a few nanobots stayed behind to communicate with a second robot which requested communication.

    Incoming message: "Request: name, affiliate(s), location"
    Response:" Name: A.R.O.S. mobile N.C.N.B
    Affiliate(s): Host
    Location: Unknown
    Destination: Host

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  14. The man put R.V.1 on a charging station. As soon as he did R.V.1 booted up. "So your awake R.V.1" The man sat in a chair watching R.V.1 struggle to move for a while until it rebooted. "Never seen one do this before..." R.V.1 displayed a holographic menu before the man. it read Do you wish to be my master... showing a "Y" and a "N" "Program Derivative?" Unknown.Do you wish to be my master... "Request accepted R.V.1." The robot yanked it's charging cables out and scanned the man. "John Christophen. 25 years of age. No spouse. Ex-Leader of hacking orginization B.H.H." the robot fell over on its knees and stood back up. "My name's Black not R.V.1" Black did a robot motion to make fun of John.
  15. Fed up with lack of face to face contact, Discoverer switches to feral mode and begins traversing the land at high speed.

    Following last transmission between party...
    Determining last documented location...

    Traveling to location.
  16. The swarm reached the last known location of R.V. 1.

    Locating host
    Host not found

    Secondary objective acquired: find host's whereabouts

    Sending message to I.G.U.E.D 1: "Request: location of R.V. 1"

    Message sent.
  17. As Discoverer neared the location R.V. 1 sent his last message, he received another message.

    "Request: Location of R. V. 1."

    "R. V. 1?" He questioned.

    "R. V. 1 is your other party member? Host?"
    Message sent.
  18. The nanobots dispersed, disappearing into the nearby trees as a few children wandered around the area again.

    System log

    Human activity detected
    Course of Action: Evade

    New reply received: "R.V. 1 is your other party member? Host?"
    Response: "Confirmed, host: R.V. 1, location: unknown."

    Message sent.

  19. Before long Discoverer happened upon a playground area with a hand full of children. He disregarded the small humans and proceeded to look around the playground for R. V. 1 or A. R. O. S.

    Primary objective: Find life forms.
    Objective moved to secondary.
    New primary mission: Find R. V. 1 and A. R. O. S.

    He gave himself a nod of approval while one of the kids stared and gripped a small piece of paper given to her by a strange man.

    Incoming message:
    "Confirmed, host: R. V. 1, Location: Unknown"

    Message saved.
  20. John's computers started going crazy. "What's going on John?" John ran past Black into another room with a giant monitor and monster computer. "Right now Black, I don't know. But, I will know soon enough." John's fingers moved crazy fast over the keyboard. Two markers appeared on a map. They both we're headed toward the direction of a blue octagon sending out pings. Black guessed this was the house he was in. Speaking of which John's place was more like a laboratory than a home. "John, What are those things?" John stared straight ahead and answered. "You sure do have a lot of questions for a Robotic. The one to the east is... I.G.U.E.D 1. And the one to the northwest is... A.R.O.S." Black sat on John's headrest. "A.R.O.S... I.G.U.E.D 1... Oh! I know them!" John stopped typing. "Who are they?!" Error messages starting popping on the monitor. John started cursing to himself. "They're two outside sources that requested host access." "Did you give it to them?" Black nodded. John took a cable and plugged it into Black. "Sit still." He then pulled a command prompt on the screen. "What are you--" "Quiet mode." Black fell silent against his wishes as John typed away.

    Host message: Non-captive. Hostile level low.

    Message processing...
    Message sent.

    John sat back in his chair and looked up at Black who was still sitting on his his headrest.
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