Robotics (bio and jump-in)

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    Back story/summary:
    As you can imagine everything is high tech. To the robots called 'persocons', Robots that look exactly like humans only thy're basically a walking phone with the ability to search things on the interwebs, check your emails/messages, answer phone calls, and even have navigation systems built in, but depending on which software you install you just might forget the persocon was a robot as they learn jobs, do chores and shopping, babysit children, and even play video games with.
    any whore, long story short, eventually persocons basically run the city at this point and humans are now genetically modified to have the "perfect health and body" where these hybrid humans have stronger lung power, strength, faster movement, and so forth.. But like any other syfi robot thing the persocons get infected with an unknown virus and start to kill off normal humans as they are deemed unnecessary and weak.
    Welcome to the war between humans and robotics, oh! did i mention the hybrid humans are backing up the robots so humans get the ass end of the ordeal

    character A and character B end up meeting each other after both conveniently choosing to hide behind the same dumpster away from, off in the distance, robotics. Eventually having no choice but to team up to escape the bots character A leads character B into their "safe spot" where they rest for the night until a sudden awaking in the morning.. (roleplay picks up as characters' A and B wake up in the morning moments before the sudden awakening)




    Name: Ryu

    Type: Human

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    -hero type
    -triggers are big noses or whatever scares her into an attack
    -surviving from a dark past but tends to hide it as much as possible
    -there for others more than herself

    -smokes weed and cigarettes
    -drinks when she hits rock bottom
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.