Robotech: Trials of the SDF-1



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In 1999 when an massive alien spaceship over 1,200 meters in length crash landed on Macross Island in the South Pacific. Throughout the 1990s, the Global War raged across Earth, with entire countries being devastated. The War was fought with conventional weapons for the most part, but by 1999, it appeared that a global nuclear exchange was inevitable. However, the crash of the spaceship and the realization that the threat of an alien invasion was a distinct possibility caused the nations of the world to declare a ceasefire. A supranational entity, the United Earth Government (UEG) was formed and acted quickly to unify the warring factions and rebuild the spacecraft. The United Earth Government took precedence among many facets of life, mainly economic and military, and operations pertaining to military preparation and technological advancement of humanity and new military branches were formed, most notably the Robotech Defense Force (RDF). During the next 10 years, an entire city sprang up on Macross Island as intense efforts were made to rebuild the spaceship. In 2009, the rebuilding effort was finished and the ship was ready for launch and given the designation SDF-1. Unknown to mankind at the time, the Zentraedi had been searching for the ship for some time and its arrival on Earth would be followed by the arrival of the Zentraedi on the day of the SDF-1's launch...


Plot Outline

So the main idea behind of this RP is simiply to follow the orignal season but from another point of view than those of the main characters. Eligable characters can be either RDF or Human Civilians that either live or are visiting the island for the SDF-1's launch ceramony. As for cannon characters, this is meant more to focus on those thosands of others on board ship and so I am working for minimal apearance from them. However a few might get more screen time. An example of this might be Lisa directing you to take off if you are a Veritech Pilot.​

If you chose to play a civillian than its pretty simple. RDF only complicates things a bit more. For the most part you can chose your own position, however I am trying to keep this more or less off screen. The majority of high ranking officer positions are out but something like Brown Squadron Leader just after the attack on Macross Island is not nesscarily. Veritechs are new so there is only one model not to mention in the series there was only ever one model, just multiple armorment packages. However if you chose to be a Destdroid operator. Alternativly you could be one of the flight deck crew, gunners, or many other jobs onboard ship.​


Character Sheets

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well color me interested!

Gonna see if I can't work out a romance with someone. Going for the girl pilot.