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  1. Hi there! I'm Lady Sweeds!


    Things to know about me:

    ~I am 21 years old
    ~I am a woman
    ~When it comes to storylines I enjoy having a romantic element, it's one of my weaknesses and cravings with writing as well as having a bit of smut thrown in but not enough to overshadow the plot!
    ~I am a casual to low advance writer and tend to write more based on how much my opposite is giving back to me. A sentence or two are unacceptable but writers block can be understandable so if you feel the story needs to be changed or is getting dry please communicate this to me and we can make changes :)
    ~I will try my best to reply as soon as possible!
    ~If we start a story or roleplaying together and you feel at any time that you are no longer interested please communicate this with me.

    In a partner, I'm looking for someone that can post regularly, be friendly, help to drive the plot, and throw me some curve balls from time to time. I love spontaneity in my partners, so never be afraid to surprise me. 18+ is a must, as mature themes may arise.


    (NP-008 on the right ----> just an loose example of how human they look)

    Basically this story would take place in the future, in 2124. Robots had been created long before as simple tools, growing transitioning into household helpers or aid for whomever desired them. Along the way robots were made in the vision of humanity, becoming more and more human like for their once skeletal features.

    In 2119 the NP-008, the eighth series of a highly advanced build of robot was designed and created by Recon Robotics. More lifelike than any other model with the ability to read emotion and respond appropriately. In 2120 thousands of humans were killed in an attack by rogue NP-008 units, thought to have retaliated against human kind. In the end it was stopped and all robots were destroyed... Or so they thought.

    The female protagonist worked for the recently deceased corporation that created the top line robots. In turn the story will follow the relationship between this woman and robot as they fall in love. Now, whatever their current situation is, is totally up for debate. The aim is to explore the journey and its pitfalls and there will be some drama with the corporation, suspicion and a lot of turmoil to follow. This is a very fresh in my mind idea so the kinks will be worked out. I would love any ideas as well!​
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  2. This sounds really interesting. I'd like to explore it with you if you would have me.
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  3. Absolutely, I'll shoot you a PM :)
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