Robin Hood: Forest of Secrets

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  1. Plot
    The year is 2234, and the world has gone to hell after a third world war. This time, a dictator has taken over the whole world, and is exterminating people left and right that he doesn't like. That includes other races, sexual identities, gays, just anything that he could judge someone on, he did, and got the world to side with him. Because he promised to stop the nuclear wars. He promised to stop hunger. But slowly, through the years, he began to control everything. He taxed the people left left and right, until the world fell into poverty, except the high class of that world.

    But there was a group that stood up to him, that still do. Robin Hood and his Merry men have taken refuge inside the thick forest next to most of the camps set up for the 'Undesirables'. From there, he's raided and saved plenty of men, women and children from their dooms.

    Only Robin Hood is not just one man; he is multiple men, taking on a name to protect their identities. And what makes it even more of a kicker, these are the children of the rich. Together, they fight to save the world from destroying itself completely. A safe haven, where all kinds of the persecuted are safe, they all tread on thin ice.


    -Don't try to kill off people's characters without asking
    -Don't leave ANYBODY out of the roleplay. Meaning, if you see another character not being interacted with, interact with them. Or message me and I'll do it, but nobody should be left out. On that note, if you have an issue with someone, try to talk it out instead of up and quitting, I'll even act as mediator.
    -2 Characters per person
    -You have to apply to be a Robin Hood, but you are free to be a Merry Man (which you can be elected as a Robin Hood), or a civilian

    Roles of the Merry Men

    Yes, there is a difference between those who are Merry Men and the Robin Hoods of this realm. While the Robin Hoods are like officers in the military, the Merry Men act as the knights. They are the warriors, while they take orders from the Robin Hoods, they make the cause what it is. They protect the civilians, the refugees that come to this place to live their lives without judgement.

    Roles of the Robin Hoods

    These are your leaders of the Merry Men, and the civilians. They lead the different groups (they are spread out throughout the forest, nobody is sure how many tribes there are, not even them, only that the real Robin Hood, Robin Goodfellow knew how many there were. But these are the leaders, those who have to make the decisions.

    Loxly Tribe

    Robin Hood

    Scott Bradford

    Merry Men


    Lyla Montalbano
    Leon "Leo" Crusnix



    Robin Hood

    Merry Men

    Victor Santos

    Rowan Mckeideth

    Nathaniel Loman

    Skyla Rubin


    You may come up with different tribes on your own, but for now until we have enough people, only three tribes to start out with.

    Character Sheet

    Sexual Orientation:

    5 Good Traits:
    5 Bad Traits:

    Damn it why isn't there a 'to rp thread' here?! Roleplay:
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  2. This looks interesting. I have a question though, can a Merry Men-Man be a woman?
  3. Character Sheet

    Name: Rowan Mckeideth
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sex: Female?
    Sexual Orientation: Hetero
    Race: Scottish
    Role: Merry man (Woman)
    Tribe: Gryholt
    5 Good Traits: Witty, fast reflex, compassionate, loyal, forth right
    5 Bad Traits: Stubborn, barbed tongue, often is controlled by emotions, loud, clumsy
    History: Around the age of Seven, Rowan was taken in by Robin hood and his marry men. Her parents were killed the the tryrant. She was suppose to die as well but managed to escape before the could catch her. Wondering around the forest for days and finally collapsing she woke up in a camp, only to find she was taken in by the Merry Men. After she has grown up and trained with them.
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  4. Name
    Scott Bradford
    Cisgender, Male
    Sexual Orientation
    Robin Hood of Loxley
    Loxley Tribe
    5 Good Traits
    Has great leadership skills
    5 Bad Traits
    Sometimes doesn't think things through
    Has PTSD
    A little less understanding of the enemy's plight
    Dare Devil
    His parents were two of the many who were gassed in an extermination camp for being gay. They were targeted because they were two males raising a child. Scott would have been killed, but he was told to run by his parents. He ran into the forest and was taken in by the Robin Hood of Loxley. Being raised as a Merry Man, he became the next Robin Hood of that tribe when he turned twelve. Unlike many of the other tribes, he outwardly attacks guard posts, and liberates camps.​
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  5. Name: Victor Santos
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Race: Salvadorian
    Role: Merry Man
    Tribe: Gryholt
    5 Good Traits: Brave, Outgoing, Swift/Stealthy, Honest, Independent
    5 Bad Traits: Brazen, Uncouth, Emotionally shut off, Impulsive, Angry

    Victor is the lone survivor of family that was executed for being from a third world country. He was able to sneak away and hide after his mother told him to. When he grew up, he started stealing food and supplies on his own in the camps. He was good at being stealthy that no one was really sure who was stealing. He eventually joined up with the forces that hid out in the forest. His anger for what happened to his family boiled up and he wanted to fight as many of the tyrant's men.
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  6. Nathaniel Loman


    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Race: British
    Role: Merry Man
    Tribe: Gryholt Tribe
    5 Good Traits: Valiant, loyal, intelligent, logical, empathetic
    5 Bad Traits: Stubborn, conceited, sometimes ruthless, blunt, assertive
    History: Born into a large family, he was the only survivor after an invasion on his childhood home. Thought to be defiant of the dictator and his wishes, Nathaniel's parents and elder siblings were murdered in cold blood. Only eight at the time, Nathaniel hid in a small crevice of their home, escaping to the forest hours later when it was clear the killers had gone. There, he was found by the Robin Hood of Gryholt, raised by their tribe and learning their habits. He was later trained to be a Merry Man. Though he tries to have peaceful intentions, Nathaniel can be ruthless at times, as he often remembers how his world was stripped away from him at a young age.

    Lyla Montalbano


    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Race: Italian
    Role: Civilian
    Tribe: Loxley Tribe
    5 Good Traits: Steadfast, passionate, perceptive, nimble, courageous
    5 Bad Traits: Out-spoken, cheeky, pessimistic, easily bored, sentimental
    History: Growing up with her father and mother, Lyla lived a childhood in fear of tyranny. Residing in poor conditions, it did not help that her father gambled on a regular basis. This worried the two women in his life, as his loses only contributed to the family's impoverished lifestyle. When she was seventeen years old, Lyla ran away from her home to avoid an arrangement made by her father. This agreement included a trade of her hand in marriage to a vile man to pay off her father's debts. Escaping into the forest, the young woman was rescued by the Merry Men of the Loxley Tribe. Brought to a safe haven, she earned her keep by preparing food and teaching young children.​
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  7. So I have to ask, is she Loxley or Gryholt? It says in her past that she was in the Gryholt but on tribe it says Loxley.
  8. That might have been a mix-up on my part because my characters are in different tribes. My male character is Gryholt, but my female character is Loxley. Sorry for the confusion!
  9. b15f0d7e0930d70d40c885112e2bd1fb.jpg
    Name: Skyla "Sky" Rubin
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Race: Irish
    Role: Merry Woman
    Tribe: Gryholt Tribe
    5 Good Traits: Unable to feel pain, compassionate, brave, master swordsmen, unpredictable.
    5 Bad Traits: Stubborn, protective, afraid of bugs, loyal to a fault, unable to feel pain.
    History: Can I rp this?​
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  10. No problem ^.^

    Also to everyone, I'm going to see if I can wait for another person to join and be on the Loxley tribe before we start so we could even things out a little. Any takers for the Robin Hood position on the Gryholt tribe?
  11. 655405.jpg
    Leon "Leo" Crusnix
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Gay
    Race: White Caucasian
    Role: Civilian
    Tribe: Loxley Tribe
    5 Good Traits: Sweet, compassionate, fast/agile, funny, good archer.
    5 Bad Traits: Physically weak, stubborn, untrusting, afraid of the dark, rage.

    History: Leon is from a higher class family, the youngest of 2 brothers that constantly picked on/disrespected him. His parents were always cold to him so he spent most of his free time in the wilds, often sneaking out from his home to do so. At age 13 his parents learned Leo was gay when they caught him giving a Valentines Day card to a older boy. They beat him severely for it and called the soldiers to take him into slavery essentially disowning him. Since then Leo has been a slave, but yesterday he managed to escape his shackles running into the forest nearby. Now hes evading his pursuers best he can but his weakened state will soon be his undoing. (The forest is where the Loxley Tribe resides)​
  12. Ty =) I was actually gonna have Skyla go for the Robin Hood position soon into the rp
  13. So put a reservation? Sounds pretty good ^.^
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  14. Sure that works =) so my characters are accepted?
  15. Yep ^.^
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  16. Working on the post now guys
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  17. Oh, also, I forgot to mention I'll be putting up another character sheet for a major character in the Loxley tribe but I'll also have some NPCs running around
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