Robbed Of My Money

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Okay, long story. My brother wanted some soccer uniforms for his birthday, and so my mother allowed him to use her debit card in order to buy some. The whole cost of the items he purchased was around two hundred dollars. While it was a little costly, we were happy since my brother got something that he really wanted for his birthday.

He placed the order when I was in school so I was not able to help him with his purchase. This was sometime during March, so it has been around three months that he had placed the order. Let's just say that the order never arrived. We emailed them once explaining the issue and they stated that they would be able to give him other shirts. We replied that we didn't want any other shirts and simply wanted our money back. They haven't emailed us since.

I sent an email about five days ago, stating that we wanted our money back and that we would take legal action if they did not give us the money back. They still have not emailed us and continue to ignore us. Apparently, my brother says that they are stationed in China, which is a HUGE warning flag that points the finger towards a scam.

This is the site by the way.

I was wondering if anyone would help me find a way to get our money back. Is there any way to take them to court, or for them to get shut down? Thanks.
Well, to take them to court or to get the shut down would mean actually figuring out where in China they're situated o-o if you have lawyers, perhaps they can help you... But, I wouldn't put all my bets on that sorta thing; do a little research maybe, as scam sites like these tend to have methods to keep themselves from being discovered, as it would mean the end of their business. To note though; that site does seem well made, which probably would fool one at first glance, so... Perhaps they may have more tricks up their sleeves if you're going to try and take legal action against them. However, this is just speculation, but, perhaps you could ask the bank for help? Undo the transaction maybe? Though, it may require more work than it seems.
From what I can tell, there seem to be a lot of complaints about the site. Mistakes, orders left unfulfilled, a lack of responses. It seems like that while they are a legit site, they're not a very good one and their being based in China should have stopped your brother from ordering in the first place. I really don't think I'd trust someone so "far away" with low-scale transactions like this. Maybe from a Europe/American/Canadian-based site, wherein language barriers aren't so thick, but China... you get the picture.

You're certainly not the only one having problems with them, however.
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I have already gone to the bank and they stated that they cannot help us. In order to undo the transaction, we would have had to gone to them within a forty-five day time period, but we waited too long in doing so. Also, my brother found out they were based in China when he actually called them to complain.

Is there really nothing else we can do to get our money back?
Well, unfortunately there's not much to do, however... You could at least try and figure out their location, and, either request that the products be delivered though, I get the feeling they may not be what you'd expect them to be or potentially take them to court for it... But, then again, I'm not sure how that will be carried out since it's a cross-country thing.
If they're a legit site, and they're just cruddy with customer service, then I've heard you can possibly try to resolve it in a local court. If half their business is based in scams, you're tough out of luck. Other than that, I can only think of contacting them as a means of getting your money back, or the product. Though I'd be aware that the product may not be what was ordered, if the complaints of other customers are to be taken into account.

Here's hoping someone else will have more information about this. Sorry about the problem, I know what it feels like to lose money to a black hole.
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The site isn't even loading for me.

That might say something about their legitimacy if all some people get from them is a blank white page.
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