Roast 4: Digitally Remastered Edition

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  1. Told you I would use and abuse this @Diana mwahahahaha!

    As with last roast New Roast SUNDAY 28th. Starting at Noon Mountain Time. (2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. 7:00 PM UK Time.) If you want to be there, mention it over Skype, leave a message in the thread here and add me on Skype (brovo196), or send me a PM with your Skype so I can add you.

    As always, all for good fun, hope to see y'all there!

    Roast Info (open)
    For those who aren't aware of what a roast is yet: A roast is when I and a bunch of others get together on Skype, read some role plays, and dissect their plots and characters for the purpose of entertainment and learning. People can suggest RP's to be roasted, and so on. There's a few hard rules, such as never making personal attacks against other people, never publicly criticizing the role plays (especially in the OOC's of said role plays), et cetera. Basically: While satire, sarcasm, and dry wit, are fully acceptable, personal attacks and the like are not.

    A couple of additional rules have been added.

    #1: No matter how humorous it might be, do not harass members of the site no matter how inflammatory their content might be. If you find it really concerning and think it breaks the rules of the site, report it, don't harass the member in question. Let the staff do their jobs. I've been fairly lenient on this because it hasn't resulted in any really negative reactions so far, but I can't keep being lenient because publicly gathering to read role plays for comedy and education shouldn't end with public shaming. That's disgraceful and I'm ending that. If you get caught doing this repeatedly, you'll be permanently barred from the roasts.

    Now if you get curious about an RP or a character and want to talk to an author about it, that's fine. Just no harassment. Anyone who feels like they have been harassed, feel free to send me a PM. I'll deal with it personally and anonymously for you should that be a problem, though I would like to add one positive note, that it hasn't been a problem yet. Which is pretty good for mass gatherings of people, but we've had a close call or two, so I'm putting this rule down preemptively for everyone's sake. I cannot stress this enough: No public shaming.

    #2: If you're in the Skype call, keep in mind your environment. If you're surrounded by noisy objects, please mute your microphone. The text chat is still available for you to use and you won't deafen everyone with headsets (such as myself). This is more of a courtesy thing than a hard rule.

    That aside, I would like to note with pride that the roasts have not only been greatly entertaining (CHARMANDER!) but that the vast majority of the time, everyone new and old has been doing exceptionally well treating role plays and role players with respect and kindness, and apparently a lot of people have been learning all sorts of stuff from the roasts. So congratulations everyone in the past couple of roasts, pat yourselves on the back, you've been doing good work being decent human beings.

    Now, shall we get started, and find out who can climb the criminal ladder like a person who's really good at climbing ladders?

    Oh, and to quickly clear this up: Yes, you can invite your friends, you don't need my permission to invite others into the Skype call. A couple people asked me this so may as well clear it up here.
  3. Pretty much sure yeah.
  4. I'll try to join. :K
  5. I'm 90% sure I'll be able to join it again this time. xD
  6. Gosh, you just had to do it on the day I shall meet my friend for the first time in a month... I might be a bit late, but I'll try to be home early for it. I don't want to miss this roast. I'm in so few group roleplays, I will probably never get the chance to roast something I've been a part of again xD
  7. I'm in. Someone in there should have my Skype name already. My Skype's been behaving recently so hopefully I can get it to work for this. I miss you guise ;-;
  8. Every time I saw these threads I thought it was about @Brovo cooking food..

    I loved watching those celebrity roasts and stuff. Doubt I could do much more than be an obnoxious ass-hat in one though. I'm sure it'd be fun.
  9. Wohoo, I'll be there all night long :D My friend could only see me during the day cause she had to leave in the evening. So I'll get home just in time for the roast :3 <3
  10. If my computer is fixed by tomorrow, I'll be there.
  11. I might be around for this one! We'll see.
  12. Damn it. I got the time wrong. I thought it would be seven PM for me, but it was eight PM xD So I could have stayed with my friend for one extra hour and actually finished the horror movie we were watching haha. Oh well. Better early than late :3 Half an hour left to the ROAST! If Brovo isn't late.
  13. Roast is over! A little on the short side but I think the point was made.

    Lesson: Read previous character sheets submitted so you don't end up submitting something identical to those around you.
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