Roads (TWD)

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  1. ROADS -
    • a series of events or a course of action that will lead to a particular outcome.
    • a particular course or direction taken or followed.

    The world has gone to hell. Just a moments ago Earth was in it's conventional, money-powered, and retaining state. People walking in the park, holding hands, driving to work, playing with their kids, making love, everything under the sun. The birds chirping away at the complexity of the day with not a care in the world. And then it happened. Everything was turned upside down, and now hell on Earth has happened. The dead walk among the living. The Walking Dead. And now, the things that made us different, that made us separate from one another must bring us together to survive. To band together as a unit. As a family. Or die on the road to life.

    ch0sen x @Jesse Knight

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  2. -------MY CHARACTER---------
    Name: Faith Olivia Rucker
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Blood Type: O+
    Occupation/job: Engineering Student at Gerogia Tech University;
    GT Women's Track and Field

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Ethnicity: Italian & Caucasian

    Hobbies/Interests: Tech and Electronics, Computers, Sports, exercise, comic books, acting, modeling, video games, fashion, LOVES to eat/cook, stunts, combat/martial training, nightlife, horror movies.

    Traits(5): Loyal/Honest/Intelligent/Strong-Willed/Adaptable
    Flaws(5): Stubborn/Melodramatic/Sensitive/Domineering/Aloof

    Faith9.jpg Faith5.jpg

    Bio: Faith was originally born in Kansas City, Missouri. After her father, Micheal Rucker retired from the U.S. Special Forces, he was offered a prime job at Fort Benning. He moved there with Faith and her mother (his wife), Cassandra Rucker. Her mother Cassandra works at Doctors Specialty Hospital as a virologist and biochemical field manager. Faith moved when she was 16 and graduated from Columbus High School in the top 20% of her class of 800+ students. She ran track all four years of high school and went on to win a state title her junior and senior year, granting her a scholarship to Georgia Tech. She started her freshman year and went to the NCAA finals making it to the finals. She has an older brother Mike Rucker (21) that joined the Air Force out of high school, working in Colorado as an aviation resource manager. She's enjoying her summer in Atlanta taking classes and aspiring to become a track star, and potentially an actress. When the outbreak hit, she desparately attempted to leave Atlanta in search of her parents, only to be trapped in the city and rescued by Shane's group evacuating the city.

    ...but of course none of this will matter for what she's about to face...

    Secondary Characters (open)

    NPC's involving Faith


    Major Michael Rucker
    Age: 41
    Job: Post Command Sarge Major at Fort Benning.
    Notes: Has the stare of the Devil and the will of a god. Anyone that crosses him loses.
    Status: Alive
    Mike Rucker (open)


    Mike "Mikey" Rucker
    Age: 21
    Job: Aviation Resource Manager (Air Force)
    Notes: Faith's twin mentally and very protective and noble.
    Status: Unknown

    Mikey (open)


    Cassandra "Sandy" Rucker
    Age: 40
    Job: Virology/Biochemical Field Manager at Columbus Regional Health
    Notes: Extremely intelligent and crafty, composed nature.
    Status: Unknown.

    Sandy (open)



    Redd Hart
    Age: 19
    Job: Psych Student at Georgia University
    Notes: Faith's first love, broke up after high school. Really sweet and caring.
    Status: Unknown.
    Redd (open)


    Scarlet Cunningham
    Age: 19
    Job: Pharmaceutical Sciences Student at Georgia Tech; GT Track and Field (800m)
    Notes: Faith's roommate. Really country. Mostly keeps to herself unless around good friends.
    Scar (open)


  3. image.jpg
    Name: Jesse Lord
    Age: 19
    Hight: 6'1
    Weight: 140
    Blood type: AB+
    Occupation: movie theater staff
    Sexuality: bi
    Notes: Unknowing what to do with his life after high school Jesse started working at a movie theatre in Georgia.
    Personality: laid back, kind of a joker, bit of a flirt, arrogant.
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