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  1. It is the year 2148. Government have become insanely harsh and violent. Rules have become extremely strict, and the entire world is caught up. Two "dangerous" teenagers escape from a court-ordered, long term, corrupt Juvenile Confinement Facility during the distraction of a fire. They are being hunted down by the authorities. Their faces are plastered on everything; posters, newspapers, flyers, television, etc. How will they avoid being caught? How will they evade going back to the lying, abusive facility? What will they discover about each other, the world, and even themselves? Their journey is ready to begin.

    1. No one liners, please. I'd like at least one good, detailed paragraph.
    2. No insanely futuristic technology or knowledge. In this role play, it is limited by the government. Plus, you've been in 'jail' for a very long time, you wouldn't have that gadgetry.
    3. I'm okay with f x f or m x f. I'm going to be a female. (m x f can be romantic, if wanted)
    4. No Mary Sue's or Gary Stu's!

    PM or comment if you're interested!
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