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Road Trip!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by MaskedMyth, Oct 4, 2014.

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  1. Six friends go on a road trip together just before everybody heads off to College or University, but when you give teenagers a mini van and enough alcohol and drugs, things can either go wrong or right. Friendships can turn into something more or anger can tear it apart, you'll only find out when you drive from Los Angeles to Miami Beach.
  2. Boy dumped his bags inside the minivan and got into the driver's seat before driving towards a small parking lot in front of the park where he would meet his friends. Getting out of the van, Boy lid a cigarette and leaned against the door waiting for them. He had drawn out a map for them, taking them from California to Miami and back again. The trip was going to be great, drugs, alcohol and freedom. Life couldn't get any better. Blowing out a ring of smoke, Boy waited for the others to arrive.
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  3. Onxy pulled into the parking lot, his 69 Fastback purring. He pulled up beside Boy and revved the engine at him, laughing. He killed the car as he let the Fastback idle down. Onxy stepped out, tossing a bag over his shoulder and walking to the trunk. "Boy you ready?" Onxy asked while getting a big bag out of the trunk of the car. He set his bags by the minivan. Moving back to his car grabbing his
    Bong (open)
    , a gallon bag of
    white russian (open)
    , and two bottles of Bacardi. "I know I am." He laughed as he shut the door with everything in his arms.

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  4. Jayson sat in the back of his
    car (open)
    Smoking a joint, His legs on the dashboard, and his arms behind his head, all of a sudden, he hears sirens from behind him, the car was full of smoke, he can barely see through the back window, but a person walking to the vehicle, He tried to hide, well he wouldn't see him through the smoke, so when the officer came, he knocked on the window, jayson silently opens the door and crawls out, than runs for it, while the officer doesn't notice
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  5. Trying to show up on time for the trip, Kayla finally pulls into the parking lot in her 2004 Black Volkswagen Jetta and parks in one of the open spaces nearby.
    Looking a little nervous about the trip, she quickly puts on her sunglasses, puts on her earbuds to her music, and grabs her bags from the trunk. Carrying two full bags, a big purse and her soccer bag, she rummages through them to make sure she had everything she needed and then locked up her car. She walks up to the minivan and sets her bags gently onto the concrete. She sees that two of her classmates were already there and she waved "Hello" but didn't make an attempt to speak.
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  6. Onxy went ahead and put his big bag in the back of the minivan, sliding his bong and the bottles of Bacardi into his bag he had over his shoulder and the gallon of weed in his big bag. "Hey," He said as Kayla walks up, "Want me to get your bags?" he asked smiling.

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  7. As Onxy asked her for her bags, Caroline crossed the corner. Taking a drag from a long-since-lighted cigarette, she spoke while smoke flowed from her mouth, a talent she learned to perform a few months ago, "Am I late? The bus driver dropped me off like ten blocks away. Basted didn't want to go out of the way even though I was the only one on the fucking bus." Rubbing her eyes and taking off her sunglasses she put her purse next to Onxy's bag in the car.

    Caroline didn't own a car, her parents wouldn't buy her one, and she didn't have any money saved to buy one herself. Whenever anyone asked, she would say that she didn't even want to drive in the first place. Caroline often lies when things don't go her way. As if she is trying to maintain this persona or appearance. It's something only her close friends would notice.

    No make up, no earrings, and no fake eyelashes, Caroline looked beautiful looked beautiful, but of course, her face seemed glum, almost depressed. Most people who knew her were used to the dullness. She put the cigarette out and rubbed into the ground with her ash-ridden-soles sneakers.

    Caroline took from out her purse a rather large bag of what appeared to be weed and a bottle of thirty-year old whiskey. Caroline set them inside the car. "Anyone want to go with me to the corner store? It said 'Apothecary', and I think we might need some rolling papers incase something happens to the bong. And maybe pick up some soda and vodka."
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  8. "Um, thanks Onyx but I think I got it" she said giving him a little smile pulling her bags up into the middle section of the minivan. She never really had a guy treat her like this before nor did she ever expect such kindness from Onyx. She always seemed like the nerd compared to everyone else. So, in a way, she always felt as if she was the awkward one. I looked out the window of the bus and saw Caroline walking up the street. "Well... at least I'm not the only girl. " I said under my breath as the music played.
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  9. (WTF?! I only got one alert -.- Stupid site)

    "Ready as I'll ever be." Boy smirked at Onxy and puffed out a cloud of smoke. Soon enough Kayla and Caroline appeared dumping their things in the van. For some weird reason everybody had gotten here two out of three persons already there had gotten here with a car. "Dudes, you know were all going in there, right?" He asked with a cigaret between his lips and pointed at the van. "You're cars are going to get toad, seriously, I thought I had told you guys this stuff." He huffed and rolled his eyes before taking another drag from the cancer stick. "The we're only missing the last two. If they aren't here in half an hour, then I'm leaving them alone."

    The van
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  10. "My folks are coming to pick my car up after work, so it's cool." Onxy fixed his beanie and smiled, "Let me tag along to the store. I'm thirsty." He said to Caroline as he lit a cowboy killer. He played with the smoke as he exhaled the first drag, blowing a ring withing a ring.
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  11. Sitting there alone in the van, Kayla pulls out her sketchbook and begins to sketch the inside of the van. The windshield, the aisle, and the seats. New adventures of a whole new life, a new set of friends and a time to find herself. She looks outside to see Boy gathering the bags, checking the van and smoking a cigarette.
  12. Jayson walked down the sidewalk, After stopping at his house grabbing his two bags, He saw in the distance his friends, Once he approached his friends, He sat his bags on the concrete "Who's ready to party" He picked his bags up and puts them in the hippy van "If you don't mind i'm riding with you guys"
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  13. Kayla looks up from her sketchbook and waves "Hi" to Jayson and proceeded to keep sketching until the van started to move. "Umm, are we going to be leaving soon?" she asked calmly looking at Boy in the driver's seat, pulling one of her ear buds out of her ear. "Oh snap... I forgot to tell my brother to come get my car... dammit.." she said nervously and rummaged through her purse for her cellphone, to text her brother. "Come get my car plz!!!! Thx ♡ you!" she texted quickly waiting for a response. Her brother lived 10 minutes away, so it wouldn't have taken him long.
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  14. Boy noticed Jayson walking up, dropping his bags in the van. "You're late, stupid." He smirked and went to punch his friend in the shoulder. Boy turned to Kayla when she asked him a question. "We'll leave as soon as the others are back from the store. We're still waiting for some others, but we'll leave without them if they aren't here within an hour… What you drawing?" He asked, exhaling the smoke through his nose and leaned over her to check her sketchbook.
  15. Looking at Onyx, Caroline sized him up. Onyx was chill, and friendly? Caroline wasn't quite sure yet. Beginning to walk Caroline contemplates asking a question. It was about college, duh, everyone was going to one. I wouldn't doubt if this fool is going to Berkeley. Smart, and a hippie... Perfect place.

    Still debating the question in her head when they turned the store. Caroline asked Onyx, she sounded almost unconfident in her speech, "So... Uh... What college did you choose to attend?" Fumbling around in her short-shorts pocket she withdrew a twenty dollar bill.

    Entering the store, it smelled it like weed. There were drinks, sodas, snacks, pretzels, beer, funyons, more beer, weed, kick-ass pipes, and you name it. The red-eyed clerk was staring at the TV, it was the Washington Capitals versus the Detroit Red Wings.

    It seemed he was cheering for both sides at various points in the game, cheering when the Capitals got a goal, and cheering when one of the Red Wings got away with a penalty. Caroline was reminded of a quote. 'Sometime's, more than anything, it's the distractions that are important.'

    Caroline grabbed and put on the counter a couple of packs of rolling paper, a carton of beer, a gatorade, and two huge bags of funyons. Noticing a funnily shaped bottle, Caroline grabbed the bottle of Absinthe. This might be fun.
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  16. A wheezing, coughing engine sounds over the street, shortly followed by the riff of an electric guitar and an off-tone voice singing along with it. Soon, the mystery car pulls around the corner, revealing a rusty blue car, scarcely working.


    With a whoop, Urban Kemsley swings around, recklessly parking and leaning out the windowless car. He yells over the overpowering voice of Rob Zombie coming from his stereo. "Am I interrupting something?
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  17. Grabbing a Can of Peace Tea and a bag of Sunchips, "Well college. Hmm hadn't thought much of it to be honest, yet I got accepted to Oxford though. The folks said it would be a good experience, and I do love to travel. Plus some of the best weed is from Denmark, which is were I wold spend spring break."

    Regardless to that fact he probably wasn't going to college, to much hassle, to much stress. He like growing and selling his plants more than anything. So he just left the conversation at that. "So you ready for the trip all the way to Miami?" He asked at the counter, pointing to a box of Wood Tip Black and Milds. He paid for his things and waited.
  18. "Oh, I'm just sketching out the inside of your minivan... nothing too extreme. It was empty at the time , so.. yeah" she said in a soft tone looking up at him. "What made you want to invite me on this trip to Miami?", " I'm not the partying type, you know that.." she asked calmly looking back down at her sketchbook.

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