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    “…lead your lives as Faire University graduates!”

    At the end of the university president's speech, everyone threw up their hats as expected, cheered and began to shuffle away to their respective designations. Some ran up to their families for a group hug, and some jumped into their cars and sped off into the distance. But one particular group of students began to head towards the East entrance of FU as they had planned the week before.

    “We should go on a cross country road trip and see all of the states before becoming working adults forever!”

    No one really knew who had suggested that in the first place. Maybe it was Matt the guy who was always willing to take the leap of faith. Or maybe it was Naureen who loved capturing beautiful scenes with her camera. Either way, the rest of the group agreed.

    So on this day, the day of their graduation; Matt, Naureen, Crissy, Alyss, Zach, Jaden and Marley were going on a road trip to see all fifty states before resigning to their inevitable, boring adult lives.

    - -

    A l y s s was leaning against the East entrance arches, waiting for the other group members to assemble. She had a small purple duffel bag slung over her shoulder as she tapped her foot in irritation. She wanted to hurry up and go already! After Matt or Naureen or whoever had spewed all that crap about traveling and taking chances, she found that she couldn't even manage to stay still during the graduation speech. It had taken all of her will power not to just bolt off of the stage when she had gotten her diploma.

    "Alyss!" The girl in question whipped around her eyes lighting up and then dimming in disappointment when she saw that it was just her mother and her newest sibling, Stacey.

    Geez, she sounded horrible. Just her mother and sister? Seriously, she needed an attitude check.

    "Hey guys!" Alyss called cheerfully, giving her mother a hug and ruffling the hair of her younger sister. "What's up?"

    Then came the frown. Oh how Alyss new it well. It was the frown of many phrases, and they all started with;

    "Honey," Her mother began, just as expected. "Are you sure you want to go on this road trip?"

    "Mom, chill. It'll be fine. I'll be with all of my friends! You've met them too, so you know they're all--Well the majority of them are totally responsible!" Alyss responded.

    Her mother gave her a doubtful look, no doubt thinking of the guys of the group but nodded anyway, giving her a final hug before walking off with Stacey. "Okay, well call me every day okay? No-no wait every hour! No that's probably, okay every day!"

    "Okay mom!" Alyss laughed and went back to leaning on the arch as he waited for her friends.
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  2. The day that everyone waited for. Graduation. Jaden had never been so happy to finally be officially done with school for good. He waited for his name to be called and when it was he proudly walked across the stage to receive his diploma. Everyone cheered at the end while tossing their hats high into the sky and leaving college behind them. His parents were the first to greet Jaden with open arms and a loving smile. His mother cried of course like she did when he had graduated high school and left for college and now that college was over she didn't want him to leave. " Were proud of you son" His father said while placing a hand on his shoulder and pulling Jaden into a bear hug.

    While some of his friends were still stuck on what they were going to do Jaden already had plans of his own. Someone in his group had the bright idea to do on a road trip and visit all the states before settling down in the careers that they had chosen. Personally Jaden loved the idea. It was his chance for a big thrill and to do something with his friends before going their separate ways and making a true mark in adulthood. Jaden adjusted the backwards baseball cap on his head before heading over to meet up with the gang.

    The whole idea of even going on the trip was mind blowing. When Jaden had explained it to his parents they were pretty much happy for him but of course gave him parental advice. As Jaden made his way towards the East entrance where they were supposed to meet up he caught a glimpse of a woman and her daughter. The closer he got the more he recognize the face and realized it was Alyss mother and little sister. He had meet them once or twice before when he hung out with Alyss.

    He turned the corner spotting Alyss standing by herself looking as eager as ever. Jaden smiled brightly while approaching her. " I see someone's ready to head out and get this whole thing started". Jaden chucked before placing his bags by his feet and pulling Alyss into a light hug. " So now we wait for the stragglers to show up".
  3. Graduation day at last! Naureen thought on a bright sunny morning as she sat in her chair waiting for her name to be called and she could go in front of hundreds of people to get her diploma. Her thoughts drifted away once more as she thought of the upcoming trip with her friends. She was actually excited to the point that she barely could sit still and listened to the speeches. The only thing that kept her calm and patient at the moment was a charm bracelet that she fiddled with.

    All at once she heard her name and she stood up gracefully but not as graceful as her friend, Alyss who was a beautiful model. She shook hands with all of the people as she walked down the line to get her diploma. Back to her seat t wait for the ceremony to end and to be able to toss her hat into the air and run off to her new life of a photographer. Well, actually on a trip with her friends but she was taking all of her photography equipment with her.

    There was a loud cheer and the hats were tossed up into the air and everyone dispersed into the crowd to find family and friends. Naureen hurriedly walked over to where her grandmother would be meeting her- not too far from the spot where she would find her friends. As she approached the meeting spot, she could see her tiny grandmother. A large smile across her face as she nearly ran to her grandmother and they hugged each other tightly.

    “Now that you be an official adult and off to an adventure, I thought that I’d give you a special gift. You will find it in your suitcase, Naureen.” Her grandmother spoke with a small catch in her throat. After a few minutes of warnings and advice as well as another tight hug, they parted ways. Naureen had a few tears in her eyes that she could not contain any longer. She reached into her pocket and got a tissue out that she had placed in there for her grandmother. She chuckled to herself at the thought that it was for her grandmother and here she was using it.

    She saw Alyss and Jaden waiting together as she walked with her two large suitcases. As she approached them, she smiled to show that she saw them.

    “Hey there! Where is everyone else? I thought that I was gonna be the last one to get her with Grandmum talking about all of the dangers and what to do or not to do! Man, am I ready for this trip…… I still wonder if we should have splurged and rented a bus even though it would be a bit costly….” Naureen spoke as she sat her suitcases down on the ground.
  4. When it came time for Matt's name to be called, most of his friends from the YMCA howled like dogs and rooted for him, those closest slapping him on the back as he waded through the ocean of chairs to reach the stage. He gave up a big smile as his eyes searched the crowd for his friends, shaking the dean's hand and collecting his diploma.

    'I never thought I'd make it this far. But here I am.' He was grinning like an idiot for the rest of the ceremony, and was off like a shot after the big toss. He was in the process of pulling off his graduation robes when he heard his name being called, turning around. The smile evaporated from his face, leaving behind a neutral stare. It was his father.

    The man was built like a tank. Broad, tall, loud and liked to walk all over people. A war vet with a fight to pick with the world for all his problems. "Where are you running off to?" He'd demanded to know. Matt never shared the group's plans to run off on a wild adventure. In fact, there was a lot he never talked about with his parents.

    The Middleweight brawler didn't let his gaze shy away like it had so many times before. "I'm leaving with my friends," He retorted bluntly. Matt's father had a pensive look cross his face. "Your mother's in the car, she wants to go out and treat you to dinner."

    Matt shook it off quickly. "No, you don't understand. I'm leaving with my friends... on a trip. We're going to see the country." A look of surprise came from the vet, but it quickly devolved into a scowl and he closed the distance. "You what? You're not going any-" He was cut off mid-sentence as he went to reach for Matt's arm to pull him, only to be met with a jab that left him seeing stars. He stumbled back, clutching his face.

    "Don't touch me. I'm going and there's nothing you or mom can do or say about it. I need this."

    He left his father bleeding on the campus grounds, storming away to the East entrance. Matt looked at his hand and saw some of the blood that had spurted from his father's nose, but hid it in the bundle of cloth made up by his graduation robes and cap once he came upon the group that had already gathered at their agreed-upon meeting place.

    There was a sour look on his face, but he did his best to screw it up and plaster on a silly smile for the others. "Hey! Sorry about that, I got caught up talking with my folks." He knuckled Jaden on the shoulder playfully with his free hand, trying his hardest to cast off any suspicions.
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  5. The speeches were finally over, meaning Crissy's fidgeting could finally end. She gave a cheer, her voice blending with everyone else's to create a massive roar, and tossed her hat up, but not too far; she wanted to be sure she caught hers. Who knew what lice or other such thing she'd be unlucky enough to get by grabbing someone else's hat. Ew. It would not make their road trip fun at all. Her thoughts on the impending adventure, she soon shot off, detaching herself from the crowd to meet with her family briefly before meeting with her friends, like they had planned. East entrance, east entrance... she kept repeating to herself, holding on to the mantra as if it would get her there any faster. Unfortunately, it did not.

    Her mother and father were waiting for her, standing proudly, clutching each other as if nothing else existed. And it seemed that way for a moment, with their figures backlit by the sun in such a way, she just knew Naureen, with her photography skills, would love. She smiled at the thought, and then the smile turned into a grin as she closed the remaining distance at a jog. Her father met her with open arms, swinging her around as if she were a child again, much to her delight and slight embarrassment. She untangled herself from his arms and greeted them both, and for a moment, it seemed as if they wouldn't let her go in time. She whined, wanting to be with her friends already, and was released among a cloud of laughter, well-wishes, and last-minute reminders about safety. She brushed it off, her new freedom and the journey ahead singing through her veins. As she left her family, she couldn't help but run towards the meeting point, excitement making her rush. Besides, she was probably the last to arrive, with how long her parents had wanted to keep her.

    As she neared the east entrance, Crissy slowed, mindful that she did not end up barreling into someone. However, if anyone could take it, Matt could... She grinned and sped up again, using the element of surprise to jump onto his back, clinging to his broad shoulders and hoping she wouldn't fall and make a mess of herself before the trip even started. She laughed and turned her attack into a gleeful hug. "Are you ready, guys?!" she whooped, unable to contain her excitement any more. Sure, she had traveled extensively before, but it had been by herself, making this trip a new experience. Besides, she hadn't gotten to visiting every state like they were going to on their trip. It was the experience of a lifetime, and she was pumped beyond words. A quick glance around, and she could tell that not everyone was here, though. She huffed and pretended to pout, sticking out her lower lip dramatically. "I'm ready to goooo!" she whined, kicking futilely at the air.
  6. So this was it huh..Marley thought to herself as she had exited the stage gracefully with her batch mates and close friends. She was actually graduating as a music major a couple of years ago she never pictured herself to look as organic as she did today. Younger Marley had always pictured herself with cherry blossom locks and a slightly modified version of the flowing togas so it showed a bit more leg and she obviously would have this hot tattooed boyfriend with just about as much piercings as she had herself. But now, Marley revolted that image. She was happy where she was with her messy golden honeysilk hair and being completely single - well she didn't really feel like she was singled out as her closest and surprisingly most recent friends filled in the hole caused by very few meaningful relationships. These guys were her best friends. Real genuine friends.

    Marley headed over to the bathrooms, slipping off her graduation robes, high heels and up'done hair style in exchange for a thin white shoulder exposing blouse, hot pink high waist shorts and simple sandals - she let her hair golden brown locks tumble down gracefully in multiple waves before tying it into a messy ponytail. Honestly Marley wasn't exactly the one too dress up fancy so when she saw the cute rock-loving rebel in the mirror she smiled. With her graduation robes tucked into her bag she made her way to the dormitory to gather what she needed for the trip. It was a short walk that she didn't mind. Upon reaching the soon to be emptied out rooms she grabbed the dark leather guitar case propped on her doorway. She swept it up quickly - nearly running towards the gate.

    From afar she could see the very batch mate who made her reformation possible interact with her family and she stopped in her tracks. She offered a faint smile, biting her lips in thought. There was a pang of jealousy she had for Alyss and her family's support for the girl but Marley quickly shook her head cascading any negative thoughts. Her past would not ruin this day for her, Marley thought once again gaining back her focus and liveliness with each step as she approached. Others arrived before her and she offered a big wave.

    "This is going to be freaking amazing. I know it!" Marley exclaimed loudly to reveal her presence.
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  7. Zach trembled when his name was called. So many eyes on him...why did they all have to stare? He clutched his family photo tight in his hand, picturing his mother's encouraging voice in his mind.

    It's alright, sweetie. Go on up there. You've earned this.

    Taking a deep breath, Zach made his way quickly up to the stage, head ducked to avoid the eyes of his classmates, and only stayed beside the dean for as long as was absolutely necessary. The cameras clicking and flashing around him bothered Zach. Why were so many people taking pictures right now? It wasn't like he was anything special to most of those out there. He didn't have a family smiling excitedly, cheering for him and his success, squabbling over where his graduation portrait would hang. There wasn't anything like that for him, so why?

    He shook these thoughts aside, and hurriedly took his seat once more. That was one obstacle down. Now just one more to go, a big one. Zach had somehow managed to make some friends during his stay at the university - albeit they were more forced on to him than anything. Matt was to blame for that, swooping upon the young man one day and stealing him away to meet people, when Zach had much preferred to stay and hide away in his room. He was also among the leaders of said group of friends that thought a cross country trip would be the best idea on the planet. Honestly, it made Zach so nervous, his stomach actually turned. He'd never been out of state before. Hell, it was lucky he'd had the courage to leave his father and hometown behind, and he wasn't pleased to be going much further than that. He just wanted to settle in to a quiet, calm life, and just...forget. But his friends wouldn't have any of that, and like the day he'd met Matt, Zach was swept up and torn away from his comfort zone.

    Finally, the graduation ceremony was over, and Zach made to stand. He was bumped and jostled from all sides by students and parents and siblings and grandparents all rushed around to locate one another, spilling love and appreciation for the graduate in mind. Zach just clutched his photo closer, peering down at his mother's face.

    I'm so proud of you! she would have said.

    Zach nearly dropped the photograph when he bumped in to someone, though this time it wasn't because they were rushing around, trying to locate relatives, a bunch of people had stopped to stare at a pair of people arguing, and when Zach peered to see who it was for himself, he was startled to see Matt arguing with someone that Zach assumed was his father. It appeared Matt's father was against his son's road trip, and the tone in the older man's voice sent a shiver up Zach's spine, and brought back still too fresh memories. And then, Matt suddenly punched his father, making the older man's nose bleed, and that was enough to send Zach in to a panic attack.

    He didn't mean it! he screamed internally, visibly cringing, his body shaking violently, though the thought quickly turned in to a flashback of, I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I didn't mean it! Please, dad, please! Stop! STOP! It hurts...!

    Zach bolted, then, bolted straight to his dorm room, not caring who he ran in to along the way. When he arrived, he was out of breath, heaving desperately, and finally he rushed to the bathroom to vomit. Oh god...god, god...Zach tried to breath through his nose, attempting to calm himself. How pathetic, getting so worked up like that. It wasn't like Matt's issues had anything to do with Zach, or his past, so there was no reason for him to react like that. And yet...

    Once his heart managed to slow, Zach looked at his old dorm with empty eyes. All of his possessions were packed tightly away in a single suitcase, and seemed to stand out vibrantly in the empty room. He considered not going on the trip. Just taking his things, and making a break for it. He wasn't OBLIGATED to go or anything. He hadn't necessarily agreed on it. But then again, where would Zach go? He'd lived in the dorms since he graduated high school, and hadn't saved up enough money to move in to a decent place. He'd just be on the streets again, and he wasn't sure if he could deal with that again. And besides that, someone from the group would probably just drag him back...

    With a heavy sigh, Zach took off his graduation gown, and stuffed it in to the suitcase with the rest of his things, trudging slowly back to the field, where most of the group had already assembled by Matt's car. They were chatting and greeting each other warmly, and Zach couldn't help but feel...alienated, somehow. Sure, they welcomed him in as a friend, and obviously held regard for him as someone significant, at least a little bit. But he felt...wrong. Like he didn't deserve any of this, that this wasn't the world he was supposed to be in. But still, he proceeded forward, head down and silent as he put his suitcase in the trunk, and waited for the last member of the group to arrive.
  8. "Odette!"

    The brunette whipped her head around in search of the voice calling to her. Her eyes settled on a small, but well-rounded woman with a large smile, waving frantically at her from the sidelines. Odette gave her own small smile in return before reaching up and waving tentatively back.

    "Give me just a moment! I 'ave to find my cap!" She called back. Now was not the time for distractions, Auntie! Her friends were waiting to begin their journey, and she needed to get going. The girl glanced at the small silver watch on her wrist and gasped. 'ow long 'ave I been standing 'ere! Of course, she was already running behind her schedule.

    Tucking her hair back behind her ear, Odette scuttled around in search of her graduation cap. While the may be fashionable, her seven inch heels were no help in this situation. What seems like an infinite amount of caps littered the ground, and while it was of major importance to her, Odette wanted to keep her tassel, for memory's sake. The braided blue and gold tassel was her reminder of how far she had come, but also how far she still had left to go. Finally she located the lost cap, hidden under her neighbor's seat. With a flourish, she snatched it up and marched over to her awaiting companion. Odette opened her arms wide and embraced her exuberant aunt.

    "I am so 'appy you came, Aunt Paula." She beamed at the older woman. There was not a soul on Earth Odette loved more than her Aunt Paula, besides her deceased grandmother, Mamé.

    "Oh sweet girl, I would not have missed this for the world." Aunt Paula reached up and gently touched the side of her niece's cheek. "I am so proud of you. And I know your parents would be proud of you too." Her eyes filled with tears of love and pride in the blossoming young woman standing in front of her.

    "Oh, please do not cry for me. Today is a 'appy day, no?" Odette smiled, and leaned in to kiss her aunt. Her smile faultered for a moment, and she sighed softly. "But I 'ave got to get going. You must understand."

    "Now just you wait a minute, young lady! I know you've got to get going, you and your friends and your big trip and the world and the dange- ahem.. Sorry sweetheart. I'm just worried about you." Paula took a deep breath, and reached down into her purse sitting at her feet. Out came a large envelope which she promptly handed to Odette, as well as a small box wrapped in cloth. "These are for you. I love you, missy. You've let this old lady take up too much of your time. Now let's get going; I've got your bags in my car, and I'll take the extras from your dorm to my house for now. C'mon, love."

    The two started on their way to Paula's car in the west entrance, Odette's shoes click-clacking across the parking lot and Paula chattering the whole way there. It was a short walk, and soon ended as Aunt Paula took out her car keys, pressing a button to make the trunk pop open. There in the back of the Kia Sportage sat a large suitcase, a small laundry bag full of clothes, and a satchel, overflowing with personal possessions.

    "Here." Paula handed Odette the laundry bag and gestured to the back seat. "Change quick; I'll get your things out."

    Quickly, Odette climbed in the back and stripped off her graduation gown, as well as her heels and dress under the gown. Out came her previously picked-out outfit: A short, pale yellow skirt with a short-sleeved, flowing cremé coloured top that got tucked in. To complete her look, Odette placed a braided, brown belt around her waist and pulled on a pair of matching brown sandals with golden jewels in the middle.

    "Voilá!" She exclaimed as she stepped out of the car. She made a large sweeping motion with her arms, and spun once around for Paula.

    "Oh don't you look just gorgeous little missy!" Paula exclaimed, clapping her hands together. She snapped a picture of Odette once the girl stood still, and dragged the luggage over. She took the satchel, and handed it to Odette as her aunt stoved the empty laundry bag into the suitcase. Paula reached into the back and pulled out eight rainbow leis with all sorts of candies tied on to them. "These are for you and your friends." This was not the first time Aunt Paula had gifted her friends. Since she could have no children of her own, she enjoyed being able to do little things like that as often as possible.

    "Aww, 'ow sweet are you!" Odette said lovingly. She hugged her aunt tightly. "I will miss you every day, Auntie." After kissing her cheek, Odette stepped back, taking a moment to blink away the tears forming. "I must go now. They are waiting for me." Odette took the leis in one hand and walked around to grab her suitcase in her other.

    "Goodbye, love. I want you checking in with me as often as possible. I know you're a big girl, but it gives me peace of mind. Have fun!" Paula called out as she climbed into her car and drove away.

    Finally. Odette sighed, and dug through her bag before pulling out her electric cigarette. She took a long draw, the nicotine relaxing her mind, and released the vapor left over. The girl stuffed the lies in her bag and began walking towards the east gate, her suitcase in tow. Suddenly, Odette felt alone and unsure of herself. Her breaths came faster, her head felt light and dizzy. No! Not today! She took a moment to reach into her bag once more, and took out a large orange bottle filled with Xanax she acquired from a fellow student. Quickly, she took two out and dry swallowed them before shoving the bottle deep into her satchel once again. Odette glanced at her watch again.

    "Shit!" She swore loudly before picking up her pace. Almost twenty minutes past the time she was supposed to meet her friends at the east entrance. She hated being late, but lately it had become a bad habit of hers. Odette felt bad leaving her aunt so early, but she didn't want to disappoint her friends. As she neared the entrance, the girl tried to slow her frantic heart and pasted on a wide smile.

    " 'Ello, I am sorry I am late. But I come bearing gifts!"
    Odette called out as she approached the group. Alyss, Jaden and Naureen stood over by the wall, while the others seemed to cluster around them. Her eyes bounced around, counting off mentally who was here, and realised she was the last to arrive. She pulled out the candy leis from her bag and came to stand next to Zach. "So we are all ready to go, yes? Let's get going!"
  9. "You better believe it." Alyss replied to Jaden give him a wry smile as she returned his smile and gave him a light punch to the arm. Jaden was her Gameboy as she liked to call him in her mind and sometimes out loud if she slipped up. She had nicknames for all of her friends, some extremely cute and some just a teensy bit odd. She referred to Jaden as Gameboy or more specifically her gameboy, because that was what he was. Her fun guy. The guy she went to when she needed a laugh or just wanted to play a variety of games. Out of all the guys she loved talking to him the most, not only because of their silly banter, but because of how friendly and open he was.

    "Hey, when you make your first game you should model a character after moi." Alyss joked, giving him a grin as she gestured to herself. "You could call her Alyss the Awesome or Alyss the Awesome Girl Who Was Kind Enough to Let Me Hang Out With Her In College." She ended her obnoxiously long suggested character name with a half-assed twirl and a goofy face.

    Upon the arrival of Naureen, Alyss lunged at her friend, who she nicknamed 'Clicky Click' because of her photography skills, (Really not the best nicknaming she'd done) and gave her a hug.
    "Yeah, in hindsight we probably should have gotten a bus...But oh well! As long as no one has bad gas we should be cool." She responded with a shrug, then slung her arm around Naureen's shoulder. Not for any particular reason, but because she just enjoyed hugging her friend. Out of all the girls in the group, Alyss felt particular close and a lot more comfortable with Naureen, probably because she was Alyss' first college friend, or maybe it was because of how kind she was?

    "Mattie Bear!" Whoops, that one slipped out kind of fast. Alyss thought as she blurted out the nickname she had for Matt. She couldn't help it though! He just reminded her of some type of anthropomorphic bear that got high off of life or something. "I mean, Matthew!" She backtracked, hoping he hadn't heard her goofy nickname for him. Then again in a time span of three minutes she had managed to call him everything but his actual name.

    Alyss burst into laughter when Crissy suddenly jumped onto Matt's back, clinging onto him like velcro. Alyss didn't really have a permanent nickname for the energetic girl. The names often jumped from Sugar to Rocket, or something else depending on the situation. At the moment, Alyss simply referred to her as Little Miss Sunshine, because that was what she was honestly. She was always so happy and positive, it used to get on Alyss' nerves a bit but after awhile it grew on her and she found that whenever she was near the other girl, she felt happy too.

    "Hell yeah it is!" Alyss agreed, letting Naureen go to go and give Marley a brief embrace. Marley had been the first musician that Alyss had had for her first runway project. She loved the girl and her music. She even added another outfit to her runway line up after hearing Marley play. Which is why she called her 'muse' and also why she would never ever slip up and reveal that. It just seemed to sappy and weird. Not to mention how awkward it would probably make things. Alyss could just imagine her sitting Marley down and stating, 'Marley...You're my muse.' and watching the other girl run for the hills.
    Yeah. She definitely couldn't slip up on that one.

    Alyss returned to her original spot, leaning against the arches and watched her friends interact, while simultaneously checking her watch. Five down and two to go...Where were Odette and-- "Zach!" Alyss exclaimed, abandoning her post and quickly walking over to her Bunny. Yup. Bunny. That was what she called him. Mostly because he was quiet and mainly because he looked like a cute dwarf rabbit.
    "I'm glad you're here. We wouldn't be able to have proper blast without you around, dude. There would still be blasts but they would be lame wimpy blasts with no impact at all." She said, giving him a quick embrace. She didn't let it last long in case he got uncomfortable. Zach was probably the only one in their group that she was very close to, but by the end of this trip she sure as hell would be. They were gonna be so close, they were gonna have matching tattoos.
    Okay...Maybe not that. Maybe temporary ones.

    "Now then, where's our swan?" She murmured to herself as she looked out for the last member of their group, Odette. Okay, so nicknaming her 'swan' wasn't the most original thing. But as soon as she heard the name she automatically thought of Swan Lake, and well...Swan. She would think of something better later--
    "Candy!" Alyss shrieked like a five year old kid, when Odette appeared with the candy leis. "Dude, I love your aunt." She stated, with a grin. And she wasn't just saying that because of the candy. Odette's aunt was by far one of the coolest parents of their group members, besides her own mother of course.

    "And yes! Let's get this show on the road!"
    She howled, fist pumping the air.
  10. Jaden smiled looking down at his shorty Alyss. He technically called everyone that wasn't his height that for fun since he stood at 6'2. His lips quirked up into a small grin when Alyss playfully punched him in the arm. Since the weather felt amazing Jaden didn't mind waiting for the rest of he gang to show up even though he was completely anxious to jump into the car and get the road trip started. The next person to arrive after him was Naureen. He smiled at her cheery attitude while approaching them. " Well it seems that you wont be the last one but the rest of the guys should be here shortly".

    When Matt showed up giving Jaden a playful punch on the shoulder he smirked and retuned the punch right back. " What's going on man or should I say Mr.. Designated driver". Everyone seemed to follow in one by one. First Crissy who of course didn't mind making an entrance by jumping on Matt's back then Marley, Zach and finally Odette who of course was late". He smiled when Odette mentioned she had something for them though.

    "Thanks for the candy Odette this is perfect to get this trip started with. Speaking of which, lets go." Jaden picked up his bags before turning to Matt, " Hey man bring your ass were all ready". He made sure to ruffle Matts hair as he walked past so he could put his bags in the trunk. He had already popped the candy in his mouth before opening the door to the van. " Lets get this trip started". Jaden made a goofy face before diving into the van as if he was diving into a pool of water. He made his way to the middle and then sat down and pulling out his phone so he could listen to music.
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  11. Naureen smiled and hugged her friend tightly as they talked a bit.

    “Oh well, what is done is done and there is no way to go back into the past to do any changing. I am eager to get going however.”

    Alyss was one of the prettiest girls she knew and she was also fun loving. They were friends from the time they met. Naureen knew that she could depend on Alyss for good advice when she needed it or just to talk about anything at all.

    Naureen noticed that the usual happy looking Matt was not quite so happy but it must be something to do with his parents. After all not everyone is as lucky as she was. Her grandmother was very wonderful in the ways of letting her do things. ‘After all you are a young person and have a life of your own. I do expect to hear from you occasionally thought.’ She would say when Naureen wanted to go somewhere special.

    Crissy was the next to arrive at the appointed spot. She jumped on Matt’s back just for the fun of it. Fortunately, Matt was able to handle the surprise jump. Naureen laughed out loud which was unusual for her to do but what the heck? It is time for her to find her true self in the world.

    As Marley walked toward the group, Naureen waved in response to her wave. Naureen always thought that she eternally graceful at all times. And she felt awkward since she tended to be a bit clumsy at times.

    Zach arrived soon afterwards hanging his head for some reason. To Naureen, Zach was an enigma. Someone she wished she could understand better. She walked over to him and spoke softly

    “Hey there, Zach. The world hasn’t ended yet. In fact for us it is just beginning. And we are going on an adventure of our lifetimes in my humble opinion.”

    Odette was the beautiful one in the group as far as Naureen was concerned and always extremely poised no matter what situation was. She smiles as Odette spoke " 'Ello, I am sorry I am late. But I come bearing gifts!". Naureen took the candy lei with a soft thank you and placed it around her neck.

    Odette was another one with poise and grace as far as Naureen was concerned. She got along with her but she felt inferior to Odette in many ways. Even more so than with Marley.

    “Thanks, Odette. I am ready to go on this adventure. I even have a spare set of maps so that I can mark our way across the states. It will be a reminder of what I did when I get old and senile…..” Naureen held her bent back with one hand and held an imaginary cane in the other and walked a few feet for fun. She then went back for her 2 suitcases and stowed them in the back of the van except for her overgrown purse which had her valuable camera and laptop besides her stash of candy. She got inside the van next to a window and fiddled with her seat belt. She did promise her grandmother to wear it even though she hated seatbelts for a specific and personal reason.
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  12. Matt wore his best mask, giving Alyss the joking evil eye as a result of the nicknames before he took a stumble forward from Crissy surprising him and knocking him off balance for being unprepared. All that rigorous work in the gym paid off, as he caught his footing easily and kept her propped up as if she weighed nothing more than a pillow stuffed with down. He laughed as he spun around with her on his back a few times, then set her down to return the hug with his patented bear squeeze, careful not to break the girl.

    "Hah, bite me, Jaden!" He'd holler, shooting Odette and Marley one of his devilish grins that usually signaled he had something planned. Maybe he was just overly-excited for this trip? Instead, though, he helped them with their suitcases (wisely not touching Marley's guitar case). He went over to the trunk, giving Zach a light slap on the back as he popped the van to toss his gown and cap into one of his duffle bags, pulling out a leather YMCA letterman jacket in return. "Hey, what's with the long face? Somethin' wrong or are you turnin' into a horse?" He'd jest. Jacket under his arm, he loaded up the ladies' belongings.

    He didn't mean anything sour about it, just trying to get a rise out of his friend. Matt pulled the jacket on over his shirt; He certainly didn't dress too sharp for the ceremony, just a white tee tucked into some boot-cut jeans, fastened with a belt and large silver buckle. He'd normally wear his work boots, but he needed his feet to be comfortable, so he had on a pair of white sneakers with red soles.

    Matt didn't expect Zach to give him much of an answer, so he retracted his earlier question. "Look, never mind. You'll talk when you're ready, yeah?" He gave him one of those roguish smiles before moving over to Odette, pawing one of the candy leis off her hands, then giving her a one-armed hug. "Tell your aunt to stop spoiling us, my coach would kill me if he knew about all the junk food." He'd tease, before pulling the keys to the van out of his pocket, throwing open the driver's door and jumping inside.

    Key in the ignition, he gave it a twist and the van coughed and rumbled for a few seconds before coming alive once Matt gave it a little gas. He'd wait for everyone else to finish loading up before shifting gears and pulling out of the parking lot. It wasn't long before they had the shadow of Faire University at their backs, slowly shrinking in the distance. Meanwhile, with one hand on the wheel, Matt was glancing between the road and the radio as he messed with trying to find a good music station.
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  13. Crissy squealed as she was spun around, and when her feet finally met the ground again, she noticed the others starting to arrive. She clapped excitedly like a child. Maybe her behaviour wasn't just from the excitement, but the tons of coffee she had that morning? She shook the thought off sheepishly and greeted everyone as they arrived, making special care to try and make Zach feel welcome. Sure, they didn't really know each other well, and Matt had been the one to drag him along, but she wanted everyone to feel good, or at least comfortable on the trip. She noticed something wrong with him, but decided to not bring it up... yet. Instead, she smiled and waved, greeting him with a warm hello before she was distracted by Odette's arrival. "Ooooh, is that candy I spy?" she cooed, sidling up against Odette like a cat. She nabbed one of the leis after Matt and spun off with it, already chewing on a segment. Sweet, chalky candy leis. Why were they even so good? She grinned and followed everyone to Matt's van, but stopped for a minute and reevaluated. It really didn't seem like it'd fit all of them and their luggage, but she shrugged and tucked her things into a corner as best she could before deciding to leave the Tetris to someone better suited. She had never been great at the game anyways. As everyone packed up, she hurriedly climbed into the van, trying to nab a window seat. Prime seating would go first, she knew, and her spot was claimed and safe... for now. Everyone else piled in and next thing Crissy knew, they were off! "Don't get us lost, Matty!" she teased, and cracked her window.
  14. Marley offered bright smiles to everyone as they appeared - waving occasionally and offering a hug here and there. She admittedly wasn't the most established member of their crew being one of the more new additions to their ragtag group but she was happy nonetheless. Marley let out a howl, almost like a war cry as they started to load. She wouldn't let her unknown insecurities dampen her spirit the girl reminded herself. Marley took a moment to load her guitar among the different bags in the back, a cute idea coming to her mind as she realized all the extra space.

    When they had first met her, Marley was definitely the party girl of the group. Back then she still had her outlandish hair color, piercings and the drive to go nuts despite her abortion of course she had mellowed out as the year passed but they still ought to expect some crazy antics from her. When everybody finished packing their stuff the blonde-brunette playfully hopped in the back, closing the large door behind her. She snuggled into a comfortable spot before calling out to her friends.

    "Shotgun is so overrated guys. The back is where it's at. Heck, I can even play my guitar back here~" Marley announced, propping her legs up on her case as her hands held her head. The girl laughed loudly as the car began to rev up and start on it's path. After a bit she propped back up on her knees so that she could place her head on the vacant space where the second row passenger's head laid. She offered more grins and chuckles as she waved at the mirror, trying to catch Matt's eyes.

    "Put something on already dude!"
  15. Zach tensed the moment Alyss hugged him. He didn't outright reject her, but he wasn't sure if he was up to being that close to her. Or anyone, really. Thankfully she released him after a few moments, though it didn't take long for a few of the others to descend on him. Something about his expression, apparently. He tried to fix his face so he wouldn't look so glum in front of everyone - it seemed to be the easiest way to attract attention.

    He couldn't bring himself to look at Matt, and felt terrible for not responding to him. It wasn't his fault Zach's life was a damn train wreck, and he was only trying to help. Hell, they all were, in their own way, and he understood that. And the big attraction of this trip was so they could all bond and be friends, long after graduation. Or something like that. Zach took a deep breath in, and after counting to ten, let it go, clutching the picture in his pocket.

    Relax, sweetie. Have fun with your friends, and be safe, his mother would say. Zach would have laughed and told her not to worry.

    As it was now, Zach thanked Odette for the candy, stuffing it in to the unoccupied pocket. He didn't give her much of a response, either, opting instead to climb inside the van with the others. He tried grabbing one of the window seats, so he'd have something to see as they got out on the road. Matt had started searching for music to start playing, the others urging him - teasing - to hurry and make his decision. Zach thought of the CDs he had stashed away with the rest of his things, but he didn't mention anything, though he did give a start when Marley was suddenly climbing in to the trunk of the van. Wasn't that illegal? Whatever. It wasn't really his place to say - it was Matt's van, not his. So long as she didn't crush anything back there, Zach would keep quiet.

    Turning his attention back to the window, he started thinking about the last big trip he'd taken. It was just him and his mother. She had a concert, and he'd begged her to let him tag along. With a smile, she finally agreed, and called his father and the babysitter to let them know he'd be with her. Zach remembered how excited he'd been, being allowed backstage, watching everyone set up the grand piano. Before the concert hall opened, his mother had let Zach sit next to her at the piano, smiling down as he played the notes she'd taught him all those years ago.

    Someday, you'll get to play up here for real, with a big audience of your own...

    He shook the memory from his mind before it got any further than that. He'd already had his panic attack for the day, no need to have another right in the van.
  16. Odette laughed as Alyss fell upon her candy lei, enjoying her enthusiasm. Then proceeded to hand out the rest, giving a small smile to Jaden and Naureen as they took theirs. That map idea of Naureen's was brilliant. She would have to buy herself a map as soon as they stopped at the next gas station. Odette felt a small blush crawl across her cheeks as Matt hugged her. She felt stupid, seeing as it was only a friendly hug. Oh well. Her smile slipped just a fraction, but Crissy would have none of that. That girl seemed to always be in a good mood, which helped lift Odette's in turn. Thank God for people like her and Alyss.. They would make the trip so much better. She gave a small smile to Marley and Zach as she gave them their lei, then dropped hers back into her satchel.

    She took a step back, letting everyone else claim their spots in the car. After stashing her bag in the back, Odette made her way around to the front. She couldn't decide where to sit, until she realised no one else had claimed the front seat. Score! There she could talk to Matt, or turn around and talk to everyone. She would've hated sitting in the back.. Too claustrophobic. Now she didn't have to worry though. Odette climbed into the front, even though Marley claimed that is was overrated to sit in shotgun. Reaching into her bag, Odette pulled out a small personal notebook and a pen to begin writing about her adventure.

    "So where are we off to first?" She asked, turning around in her seat to stare at everyone with an excited smile.
  17. God dang, this day was the day that Derrick was waiting for. He was finally going to leave this crap hole and pursue his awesome career and that was becoming a lung doctor like his father. He gulped as he sat in his seat, jittery with excitement. His foot was tapping rapidly as he waited for his name to be called and the moment finally came. Derrick walked up to the stage before taking his degree, smiling at the clapping that happened all around him. He couldn't help but squeeze the sheet in his hand. The emotions running trough him right now were too much and he couldn't keep it in. He let out a holler throwing his hat up in the air and hopped off the stage as the next individual was called. He walked towards the sidewalk to where his mother and father were watching. He gave them a big grin before flashing his degree in their faces and they responded with smiles. They described how they were very proud of him and that they were grateful they had such a privileged boy to be their son. Derrick responded with a slightly conceded answer and that was...

    "I know you are, I am pretty awesome right?!"

    Derrick's father gave him a playful punch on the shoulder before asking him if he was still going on that trip with his friends. He gulped for a moment, not really knowing if they were his friends or not. They were the only ones he ever talked to. Everyone else really thought that he was an ass but he didn't care. He wasn't the type to care about matters much. Derrick came back to reality before nodding, saying that he was. His parents nodded at him before giving him a simultaneous hug and he smiled before running to his car, waving behind him. He parked the vehicle in a strategic spot; right behind the van of the others and he grinned.

    Derrick's Camaro shook vigorously as he changed within. Derricks look went from a graduation gown to a black t-shirt and brown cargo shorts. Upon his head was a FSU snap back and he leaned back before turning the radio on, switching to his favorite hip-hop station. His hand turned on the volume, turning it up obnoxiously loud as he honked at the others in front him. He stuck his head out the window before raising his arm up, waving at the others.
  18. A l y s s situated herself next to the door, just cause...There was actually no reason, she just always loved leaning against the door. Although in hindsight that habit was pretty freaking dangerous--

    Alyss whipped around when she heard the honking. They hadn't even started yet and already someone was honking at them? "Who is that?" She inquired, twisting around so she could look out the back of the van over Marley's head. "Is that...Derrick Williams?" She said slowly, turning around to stare at everyone, but mainly Matt. Both of them did box after all. "Who invited him?" She hissed, crossing her arms and glowering at them. It wasn't as though she disliked Derrick...Okay. So she did dislike him. He was an irritating, pompous, egotistic ass wipe.

    Alyss groaned. She knew she was being whiny but she really really didn't like the dude. "Maa-aatt! Did you invite Derrick?"
  19. Jaden placed headphones in his hears but he kept the music low enough just so that he could hear what was around him. He watched everyone got themselves situated on the bus and settled down. He slouched against the seat and then watched as Matt fiddled with music trying to find a good station before settling with one. The sound of blaring honking made Jaden turned his head ad look out the window to see Derrick behind the wheel of he car and bluntly hitting the horn before watching him wave towards them.

    Jaden smiled when Alyss groaned and he shook his head before turning to Matt. " Well knowing Derrick, I'd say that he invited himself". He really didn't care for Derrick but he didn't mind him either as long as the kid didn't try to start anything.
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  20. Naureen was happily looking out of the window as Matt fiddled with the radio to find a channel of some sort. She really didn’t care what he played as long as it wasn’t overly loud. She smiled at Crissy’s and Marley’s comments.

    She looked around to see who else was in- Zach who was a quiet one, pretty Odette took the front seat, A blaring radio and a horn sounded made Naureen shudder as she looked out the back window. It was a Camaro and Derrick was inside it. She barely knew Derrick but did know that he was some sort of a doctor.

    Upon hearing Alyss’s comment to Matt, Naureen made a silent note to herself about the good doctor….. then underlined it in her mind several times due to Jaden’s comment.

    Naureen was a bit miffed about Derrick and it showed on her face for she scowled at Derrick. She finally asked in a grumbly manner as she turned back around to face the front.

    “Why should we allow him to follow us if he isn’t invited? If he is a doctor he should be looking for friends that are in that field or something…… I just don’t like people who invite themselves along……”
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