Road Trip!

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SO I have an interesting idea for a roleplay. Bare with me as I attempt to explain it.

Picture this: A tight knit group of friends just graduated from high school and have planned a road trip to celebrate. This is the last time they all will be together. Some start college in the fall, some might be traveling, and others are going to be busy working. Either way, they all have got to make this trip count. With an old bus converted RV, it should be lots of fun!

First week of the trip the plan is to just hang out as buddies, maybe stay at a hotel with a pool once or twice, and explore whatever city they are visiting. Then they arrive to the busy city of Los Angeles.

That's when things start to go wrong. It starts small. Little things go missing or forgetten, keys misplaced, car troubles, etcetera. Shit (pardon my language) really hits the fan when the hotel the group planned on staying at lost their reservation. Naturally, the only hotel left with available rooms is a dingy, old-fashioned hotel.

Think American Horror Story: Hotel.

The group must split up between cheap rooms filled with musty bedspreads, flickering bathroom lights, and zero cell reception. The first night goes by fine. Some of the group awake from horrible nightmares of dancing shadows and bloodied bodies lying in beside them in bed while others wake with a sore back. What happens in the rooms at night is up to you.

We would need quite a few people for this, the more the merrier. I'm hoping at least six for the high school graduates, one front desk keeper, maybe two or three hotel staff, and then anyone who would like to be monsters. I'm not looking for any police or detectives for this plot. No interference. Nor am I looking to make one person the owner of the hotel, not just yet. I don't want any power playing.

ANYWAY! Tell me what you all think. I would love to get started on the backbones of the story and all of its glory as soon as possible, but I want to know if people are interested before I get too invested.
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