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  1. IC

    It's the day after graduation and these college friends want to have a blast before they become true working adults and have to give up fun forever.

    So....Road trip anyone?

    The road trip starts right outside of their college, Faire University or FU for short, and ends at each of their houses.

    They don't know where they're going, they just wanna have fun.

    - Site Rules Apply
    - No godmodding.
    - Real pictures not anime.
    - This is set in real life, so no powers or anything.
    - The average age for college grads is 23-25, but for this we can just do anyone above 21.
    - Every now and then we will vote on what event happens during the rp. [We will vote in pms]
    - Romance is allowed but don't let it dominate the rp.
    - At least a paragraph per post. [A paragraph is 5-8 sentences]
    - The group already know each other, but some might be best friends or lovers or frienemies, so put that in your relationship section. Also add how your character and the others met.

    Character Sheet
    Age: [Above 21]
    Appearance: [Picture(s) please]
    Allergies: (If none, omit)
    Major: (Minor too, if applicable)
    Pet Peeve: [At least one]
    Brief Bio: (At least a paragraph)
    Relationships:[Do not omit and do not put N/A. Look at the rules]
    Secret: [Oooh give me the deets!]
    Dream: [Goal]
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  2. Road Trip Members and Posting Order

    Alyss 'AJ' Jackson - The Red Tazelwurm
    Jaden Royals - Kronas17
    Naureen Galbreath - The Creator
    Matt Sampson - Judge Revan
    Crissy Hutch - Indecisive Squirrel
    Marley Harts - Rufiya
    Zacharias 'Zach' Yales - SilverKiramoto

    Odette Lafleur - boogified
    Derrick Williams - UltimaCircuit

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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Alyss 'AJ' Jackson
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Allergies: Shrimp
    Major: Fashion Design, Minor in Business
    Personality: Alyss is a bit on the reserved and observing side but when she's with her friends she's as loud as can be.
    Pet Peeve: People who let their pets do whatever they please. (Like cats walking on tables, dogs licking mouths, pets taking stuff off of plates)
    People who yawn or belch without covering their mouths or saying 'excuse me'.
    Brief Bio: When Alyss was three, her mother gave her up and she lived in an orphanage until she was five. At that time, the orphanage wasn't doing very well financially, so the Orphanage Director had to sell it. The real estate agent who came to check out the building and land, found that she adored Alyss and by the end of the day, she had adopted the girl.

    Alyss lived a very happy life with her mother, Janet, and was able to make friends wherever she went due to her positive personality and ability to scope people out to see what type of attitude she used to approach them would be best.

    In high school, Alyss took an interest in fashion design, and after sharing this interest with her mother, Alyss was sent to a fashion program, so she could better her skills.After graduating from the fashion program and finishing up high school, Alyss applied for FU and got in and joined the fashion program that they had there.

    Relationships: Alyss and Naureen met when the Fashion Program and Photography Program collaborated for a photo shoot week. They've been close ever since.

    Alyss met Zach when she headed over to the Music building in search of a musician to help her with her Runway theme. She took an instant liking to him due to his quiet nature.

    And Alyss met Matt through Naureen, she wasn't all too fond of his older brother mentality, but overall she thought he was a good guy. And she had had some of her best experiences because of him urging her to try new things.

    Alyss met Jaden through Naureen, and developed a close relationship with him due to his chatty and friendly attitude and their mutual love of gaming.

    Marley and Alyss met when Alyss needed to get live music for one of her runway projects. Marley is Alyss' go to girl when she needs to go shopping or inspiration for a shoot.

    Crissy and Alyss met literally after running into each other. Well it was more of Alyss running into Crissy. She had been late to a lecture and was desperately trying to get their at least fifteen minutes late instead of thirty, and smashed into Crissy. After several apologies and nervous laughter, she left to go to her class. But after that they kept meeting and eventually became friends. Alyss usually asks Crissy to be her wing-woman when picking up chicks.

    Alyss and Odette met during a business lecture/workshop and became friends shortly after.

    When she graduated from FU, Alyss broke up with her girlfriend, Mina because she knew that long distance relationships rarely ever worked.

    Secret: She set fire to the dress of one of her competitors and pinned the blame on some quiet girl in her class.
    Dream: For her designs to be worn in movies.​
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  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Naureen Galbreath

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Straight

    Major: Photography Major
    Relationships: Naureen is the closest to Alyss but she is a friend to all of them. She has taken many pictures for her Photography Degree and she did the pictures on a variety of subjects from the modlinh that Alyss did for Fashion Design, to Matt willingness to model for her portfolio, and the rest of the group she found by walking around and taking pictures of them in various places such as study groups, concerts, and just around campass.

    Naureen met Alyss while she was modeling for her Fashion Design class and Matt modeled for her as well. She is quite close to Alyss but is just friends with the rest of them. However since her favorite hobby and her degree was Photography, she has taken pictures of the others at concerts, while practicing their music, in study groups and on campus for her portfolio. Naureen did get some of her photos published in a few magazines and in the campus paper which the others like the feel of being in the ‘limelight’ for a bit.

    Personality: She is usually quiet and prefers to be seen rather than heard. She will help anyone that actually needs help and she enjoys animals a lot. She burns a lot of calories due to her high metabolism and always one to have some kind of snacks handy.

    Pet Peeve: Naureen is very picky about her equipment and hates it if people bother her things.

    Brief Bio: Naureen’s parents died when she was in junior high and went through a troubled stage where she rarely made any motions to make a friend. After high school, she went to college and did make a few friends. She is still uneasy about getting too close to anyone for fear of losing them like she did her parents. As far as academics went, she was on the dean’s list and a few pictures in several magazines which made her feel like she could make a go at photography on her own.
    Relationships: Naureen has taken photographs of everyone for her photography class particularly of Alyss who did a lot of modeling in the Fashion Program.
    Secret: Naureen is superstitous as all Irish are.

    Dream: She would like to become a famous photographer and have her own features in a widely published magazine.
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  5. @The Creator

    Hey maybe Alyss and Naureen could have been pretty close because the Fashion program and Photography Program had to collaborate frequently and that's how they met?
  6. [​IMG]

    Name: Matt Sampson
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight
    Major: Civil Engineering
    Personality: The Devil's Advocate, always urging the group to try something fun and new regardless of how reckless it might seem at first. He also seems to act as if he is their older brother, having no problem diving right into a conflict and sorting out in one way or another. The only thing he has taken seriously during their tenure at FU would be boxing.

    Pet Peeve: People that try to infringe on his liberties, or those of his friends. The idea of having personal freedom is sacred to him.

    Brief Bio: Matt struggled through high-school mostly due to being tardy or absent and slacking off, having no interest in the curriculum and would have rather done anything else in the world than to show up and listen to teachers yak for more than an hour.

    However, the staff knew he was a smart kid that was merely squandering his potential, and gave him more chances than he deserved, basically coasting to graduation. It helped that he was involved with most of the sports programs, being one of their star players. Over the summer that followed, though, Matt's father pretty much chewed him out and kicked his ass about getting his life together and going to college.

    Matt came to FU with no idea of what he wanted, no clue about what he should end up doing with his life, and no real drive to speak of. But after spending his first year partying away, he came to the realization that this was his last big chance at being a kid, so he naturally jumped at the idea of a cross-country road trip. Eventually he chose his major and began buckling down somewhat in school, but to make himself feel like less of a drone, he picked up boxing through FU's YMCA academy, eagerly awaiting the end of the year for the gang's last big get-together.

    Relationships: Poor Zach. His shyness always getting the better of him, Matt was the one responsible for getting him into sociable situations, especially getting him to agree to the road trip. Their friendship is shaky at best, mostly getting on Zach's nerves with his outspoken attitude.

    Matt & Naureen's friendship began when he offered to model for her portfolio at one point on a bet that he lost to a friend at the YMCA. From then on, they've kept a friendly association so far. He isn't sure of their standing relationship, but considers her a part of the group just as well.

    Matt, of course, met Alyss through Naureen's portfolio, bumping into each other when he came in early for a modeling shoot, becoming associates through friends. He isn't too sure of their standing friendship either, but still a friend nonetheless.

    Jaden & Matt met through a mutual love for gaming, although Matt never saw himself as one to design them, only play them. Still, it was fun to hear about the projects that Jaden had going on, and was his go-to friend to romp around doing guy things.

    Marley & Matt met through Alyss, and to him, they seemed to mesh perfectly. She was a girl who knew how to have fun, which was his modus operandi when it came to getting the gang together for activities.

    Crissy was an odd girl. He saw in her... well, himself. Open and fun-loving, but more reserved about it than Marley. If he were a woman, no doubt he'd have likely turned out like Crissy in some ways. He liked to think they got along pretty well.

    Having ran into Odette in the gym, they quickly developed a good relationship as he didn't mind her nicotine habit and she seemed to be a good person once you got past the withdrawal episodes. Despite tensions flaring in the group whenever she's involved, he considers her a close friend who's earned her spot among them.

    He hasn't thought about his feelings for any of them, the kind that go deeper than just being buddies. There were obvious exceptions to the list, like Crissy and the other guys. But this road trip might just be what he needs to figure that out.

    Secret: College life ending scares him, and he hates the idea of losing his friends once they part ways. He also has a strained relationship with his parents, especially his father, due to their being disappointed in his lack of enthusiasm on making something out of himself, not having their acceptance gnawing at him inwardly.

    Dream: He longs to break the proverbial shackles of responsibility and eventually see the world.
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  7. Both of you are accepted. :3
    Also, @The Creator
    Can you post your secret on your character sheet. ^^
    >.< Guys please read the rules regarding relationship.
  8. Sorry, I figured the relationship slot was for pre-existing special circumstances within the friendship. I left it blank because who knows what might happen on the road trip?
  9. Sure they can meet that way! Naureen is always looking for ways to take new pics for her portfolio and she does have an excellent laptop, ect......
  10. Character Sheet

    Name: Zacharias (Zach) Yales

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male



    Orientation: Gay

    Major: Music

    Personality: Incredibly shy, Zach usually keeps to himself. As such, his connection to the group is still very light, with just minor friendship with just about everyone, being a little afraid to get too close to any one person. Nevertheless, he's quite friendly, and prefers to avoid conflict if he can help it, and rarely speaks.

    Pet Peeve: Zach doesn't like being around people who are being too loud or rambunctious, and will usually take a back seat to most activities because of this. However, his agreeable nature usually winds up forcing him in to these situations nonetheless.

    Brief Bio: As a child, Zach was just like any other. Excitable, outgoing, ready to make friends. However, at the age of ten, a car accident cost Zach his mother, and he shut down entirely. Unfortunately, so did his father, leading the older man to heavy drinking, and the abuse of his son, both physically and mentally. When he was sixteen, Zach finally ran away from home, living on the streets for the duration of high school, and moving in to the FU dorms when he managed to graduate. Nowadays, he maintains a quiet, calm life, and rarely interacts with more than a few of his fellow students, and even then he's not prone to saying much about himself.

    Relationships: He has no outstanding relationships at this point, just general friendship with everyone

    Secret: Zach sports quite a few scars along his chest and abdomen from the car accident. He doesn't let anyone see them if he can help it.

    Dream: Zach wishes to be a pianist, like his mother. But he often worries if he'll have the courage to complete such ambitious goals.
  11. Crap, the picture didn't show right, gimme a second.
  12. @Judge Revan

    No, it's for defining current relationships.

    For example in my sheet I'll put;

    Alyss met Naureen when the Fashion Program collaborated with the Photography program and they've been close ever since.
    Alyss gets along with Zach pretty well overall but they aren't that close.

    Stuff like that.


    Accepted, and sure thing. ^^

    @The Creator

    Awesome! So do you mind if I say that Alyss is closer to Naureen?
  13. Thanks! Can't wait to get started!
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  14. By the way, who's driving?
  15. I updated Matt's relationships. Is that acceptable to everyone? Also, I could see Matt being the driver, and mostly responsible for the trip in the first place.
  16. Daw, Matt's such a sweetheart. Zach appreciates his attempts to help, even if his boisterous nature bothers Zach.
  17. No I don't mind at all.
  18. Character Sheet
    Name: Jaden Royals
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Orientation: Straight
    Allergies: Cats

    Major: Gaming & Design

    Personality: Jaden has no problem communicating with those around him. His social skills allow him to spark up conversations with many people of all different personalities. There are times when he is reserved and keeps to himself, usually when he's in deep thought or just not in an interactive mood but mostly he's the goofy guy that's all about making people laugh and bringing peoples mood up.

    Pet Peeve: People who crave being the center of attention, having no manners, conniving and always want something from somebody

    Brief Bio: Jaden grew up in a well household of five. He was the youngest of his older sister and brother. His father was a military man and his mother and engineer which is mainly the reason for his decision to design games. Since his father was a military man Jaden and his other siblings were always into sports, Jaden a football, baseball type of kid. During his high school years he started focusing on gaming and getting into programs that focused mainly on that profession. By the time he graduated Jaden already knew what he wanted to do in life and joined FU to peruse it.

    Relationships: Jaden met them all on different occasions. He is pretty close to Matt since they both enjoyed video games and boxing, which is one of the two things they do when they hang out. He met Alyss through Naureen's photo shoot and took a liking to her personality and her creativity. After the shoot they hung out a couple of times and developed a close relationship. Jaden made sure to keep in touch with everyone from the photo shoot since they all seemed like chill people.

    Secret: In his teen years during a football game he let his temper get the best of him and put a kid in the hospital ending the kids dream as making it pro

    Dream: To become successful in designing a great game
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  19. OKay so I added some relationships to Alyss' sheet, please take a look and tell me if you have a problem with anything. ^^


    Kay looking forward to it. Just remember that the group all know each other prior to graduating. So include those relationships in the relationship section.
  20. How should the relationships be? Like I wanna be close to a character but idk who
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