Rizen: Battlefront

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  1. The entire city had gone to hell. Three giant factions emerged in an all out war for this material, Kel. Kel, it had the potential to do most anything. It could be synthesized into a steroid like drug that could make your body superhuman. It could be molded into guns and bullets that packs the punch of a rocket and is smaller than a bb pellet. It was power to those who owned it. And when three armies want it, there's gonna be hell. Within days the city broke down. The government failed to stop it, powerless under the superhuman powers. They stayed inside the enormous city, however. They refused to leave without the certainty of Kel and were willing to fight over it. Many blood was spilled over the precious material.

    In the streets people fight and kill each other, the only place of relative safety was the ruins of the suburbs. No one is really safe, under watch of one of the three factions. Civilians live under fear of being "recruited". They either get abducted and experimented on or they volunteer. And not everyone comes back.

    The Angels have control over the C-sec currently, but is subject to change at any moment. They've been under heavy attack by the bouncers and their on the verge of winning the sector. It was a relatively quiet day. The Bouncers recovering from their last attempt at taking the C-sec. The usual dying screams, becoming the natural sound of the city, and hum of buildings and the monorail system become the more prominent sound. The Zeroes have been relatively silent recently and Angels are busy defending the Central district.
  2. Katya Steel, lieutenant to one of the youngest faction leaders, sat on a ledge of the on the top of the building. She surveyed the area with her enhanced eagle-eye perception and having been satisfied, went back to cleaning her weapon. They have just survived another attack from the Bouncers but they will not remove their hold from the C-sec. She checked the large gash on her arm which she got from a close-range combat with one of those huge monsters awhile ago and saw that it had stopped bleeding. That's good. She needed her left arm. The heat was beating down on her so she checked the area one last time before going inside the building, putting her sniper gun on her shoulder. She'll check on their team inside and wait for the orders.
  3. "Miss Verges, the perimeter is clear, there are no signs of attacks or raids." Said the guard, bowing to Natasha.

    Natasha smirked, turning her chair to face him,
    "I wouldn't expect anyone to attempt to attack us. Though, we can never be too sure," she put her feet on her desk, eyeing her sword as she paused for a moment before speaking,"There are also those annoying snipers. Their eyes can see far -- very far."

    The guard looked up at Natasha, then nodded.

    Natasha removed her feet from the desk,
    "I'm going to go explore. See what I can find."

    The guard looked at Natasha, confused,

    "Yeah? Why not. I have my team monitoring me, I know what I'm doing, and I've done this thing before. I'll be fine. If anything were to happen, my lieutenants know what to do." Natasha said, getting up from her seat and taking all of her equipment and throwing on her cloak.

    The guard just nodded as Natasha walked out, and shortly after, the guard had walked out too. Natasha walked out, setting up all of her communicators, checking her sword and her guns. Filling up on ammunition and getting her two trustworthy members to set-up her camera in which she wears on her shirt to make sure if anything happens, it'd be caught on tape.

    She walked out of the perimeter of the mines.
  4. Ivan walked down the barracks as he strapped on his helmet and looked at the other men. "Rise and shine ladies! Another day, another assault! And this one better not be a failed one, like yesterday!" He spoke loudly and threateningly, as usual.
    Yesterday's assault had not been a complete failure, per say. Yet Ivan considered anything that didn't end up with them taking their goal and losing men a failure. Getting shot a few times didn't exactly make him think better of it either. He had to go to the armory to get a replacement for his body armor, something he never liked, as they never seemed to have his size. Sure, he was one of very few of that size, and sure, he tended to have a few ruined every week, but that didn't mean that they should just run out!
    As he walked down the corridor, checking his shotgun to make sure it didn't get damaged in the previous battle.
  5. Today was the day another assult by the bouncers and this time they were going to make it through, Chameleon's orders had just come in the bouncers assult plans had been emailed to him with in depth instructions on how to get them past the Angle's defense's. Once they brutes were in he was to rendezvous with a few other zero agents, additional instructions would be provided from there.

    Chameleon had been ordered to take the next shift as look out for the Angles, on his way up he passed one of their numbers. He gave a simple nod then continued making his way to the top with his overly bulky sniper rifle he'd been given after being admitted. "How the hell they're able to lug these monstrosities everwhere is beyond me, you think they'd be as big as a bouncer after caring one of these." Once he was at the top he let the rifle drop with a loud thud before sitting down, he took one more look at the gun case before pushing it off over the building edge. "Let someone else deal with it."
  6. Taking one last glimpse at the fresh, new bullet glistening with a black and red sheen, I twirled it around my fingertips. To think such a beautiful thing was about to be destroyed, it brought a frown to my face. I turned my gaze towards the fifty caliber sniper rifle that rested on the ground in front of me. Then I remembered, the possibility it held, the thrill of the shot awaiting me. The frown I had quickly turned into a grin.

    “Loading!” I shouted.

    No more pity for an inanimate object, it was time to do what I had been waiting so very long for. An orange warning light began to shine and a long metal door that was on the floor a few hundred kilometers in front of me moved. The door would split along the middle and begin to slide open. From the door, dozens of metal sheets rose up, each with a few inches of space in between each other. In one quick a fluid motion I would grab a magazine and place the single bullet into it and lay down on my stomach behind the rifle. I would take one last look at the bullet resting in the magazine before loading it into the rifle, and closing the bolt.

    “Aiming!” I shouted.

    The deepest and most tranquil calm would rush over me.

    My right eye would begin to glow red, causing my white hair closest to it to reflect a bit of its red gleam. My breathing would stop, my heart unable to make a single beat, my hands almost moving on their own towards the trigger as I adjusted my aim.

    I shouted.

    And with that, just as quickly as the relaxation came, it ended.

    I pulled the trigger, and a tremendous boom as loud as a crack of lightning filled the room, and I was brought back to my senses. There was faint red flash as the shot was fired and about half of the metal sheets in front of me had been nearly obliterated, the remaining sheets pierced with a hole the size of a tennis ball.

    “Mom! It works amazingly!” I yelled out, getting up from off the ground.

    But no one made a response.

    “Mom?” I asked, a bit worried.

    My mother's top floor suite held not only the state of the art firing range, it also served as a fully functioning lab and command center. I started to walk away from the rooms target range and headed towards an area filled with monitors and workstations. A low humming of electronics could be heard along with a faint classical song playing in the background. I didn't know why mom wasn't responding. However, as soon as I made my way over to my mothers desk, I understood. Two things greeted me; a fresh mug of steaming coffee, and an empty black swivel chair with a single white note laying on top of it's seat.

    A single character was written upon it, I picked up the note and grinned, It was the number zero.
  7. Katya heard the loud, caged sound of a large gun being fired. Looks like Commander Noel had been at it again. She always admired her for her work ethic. Much like Ms. Natasha was. She shoved that thought away. She entered the command center, looking for her Commander to see any orders that might've come up. She found the young Commander at the surveillance area.

    "Commander, I've surveyed the perimeter. So far, so good. Looks like the Brawns have yet to wake up."

    Katya will have to assign someone else to do the surveys later in about 30 minutes. When she noticed the coffee in the table she remembered that she herself haven't had some. And hot damn, would coffee be so good right now. The room filled like the breakfast of champions: the smell of warm coffee with gunpowder. Katya wasn't one to promote warfare but that didn't mean that she did not like her guns.
  8. Axyll finally got up and quickly fixed her hood before anyone would see her. She let out a sigh on successfully hiding her face during the night. She didn't want anyone to know her too much. She didn't want to learn about the others much in return. She put on her gun belt under her jacket. Like usual, she doesn't out on the heavy armor that every one else has. With or without the armor, she was fine. The only thing that armor did was slow her down. She put the shotgun and the ammunition onto her belt. Then she had to choose. Daggers or Katana? Her daggers got really messed up in the last battle. Yet she wasn't as good with the katana. She took the katana anyways and put it to her belt.

    She walked out with her hood on to get ready. She leans on the wall to wait for the rest to get ready. She looks up the the ceiling and sighs. Wonder when all this war thing will settle down. Then again, this is kinda fun. Killing and murdering without getting into too much trouble. Good way to release my anger right..? She gave out a second sigh and waited for the others.
  9. After a few more minutes of rest Chameleon took one last look around before getting, "Well time to get to work." he said patting the dust off his pants, the next thing for him was to move to a nieghboring building where he was to let the bouncers in. He walked towards the building edge looking down he was a good twenty to thrity stories off the ground, he sucked in a sharp breath before moving away from the edge. He always hated doing this he was never really any good a parcour, taking a few more steps back he readied himself before going into a full on sprint towards the edge. Closing his eyes he lept his stomach half way up his throat, he only opened his eyes when he was half way across the gap. Luckly he made it with only a few scraps and bruises, "They don't pay me enough to do this." he said before heading down stairs. This building only had a few guards and with everyone focused on preparing for another assult he could easily slip by and open the doors for his "allies."
  10. Eleanor thought she couldn't have been through any worse. She was lucky to not have been kidnapped like her friends and family, but now she's all alone. She's been wandering around, learning the patterns of all the factions, slinking by whenever there was a hole. She could've made a great zero, but she didn't want kel, she hated the stuff. She had resorted to looting empty shops and houses, but stayed clear of the larger parts of town where the war zones where. The commercial district was the worst. The place was a deathtrap. You couldn't have walked 5 steps without being shot by somebody, or getting stabbed in the back.

    She sighed and bit into her sandwich she made. She rested in a small alleyway in god knows what district. She was sort of lost. She had really hoped she wasn't in the central area, commercial may have been the busiest place, but when a fight starts up in central it lasts forever. Waves and waves of people marching to their deaths try to capture it. She hated it, but she had gotten used to the dead bodies. When the wars first started she was sick whenever she saw a dead person, but she kind of numbed it out now.

    She found that after a bit of looking and scouting she was indeed in the central district. This wasn't going to end well since the Bouncers have started to surround the towering monolith smack dab in the middle of the plaza. The angels have currently taken position up there and they were in for it. Today would probably be the day the bouncers would take it. There was also bound to be some zeroes in this battle too. You never see them, but they're there.

    Eleanor couldn't escape for there were too many people around. She did the only thing she could do. She onto the roof of the neighboring building, which seemed to have some good support and sturdy walls, and climbed in through the second floor window. She crept in quietly as there may have been people in there. Unfortunately, there was. It looked to be a generic angel, probably a foot soldier or scout. She crouched down silently next to the window. Her position was concealed by some counters and islands. There was nothing to do but wait and watch.
  11. Chameleon took one last look around the building before walking of to a pile of rubble, he swept aside a few pieces of trash before pulling out a small metal kit. He unzipped the side mading sure everything was still there before pulling out a small device and planting it in his left ear, next he took out another device and clipped it under his collar so no one would see. He tapped his collar a couple of times. "Testing this is chameleon can anyone hear me." there was some monotone mumbling coming from ear piece, "Roger that I've succesfully infiltrated the Angles base, moving to my designated now will rendezvous with the others soon." Once again the monotone mumbling could be heard for a brief moment, "alright then." Chameleon rezipped the kit and stuffed it in his back pocket before making his way down the stairs.
  12. ((Blarg. GM posts. I hate making them))

    The bouncers had started to surround the central tower in the middle of C-sec. This was a wave that would probably be overwhelming to the Angels, especially with Ivan and Axyll taking the lead. Under their leadership, they would most likely crush Angel forces and send them out into the city. The main force of the Bouncers have been diverted to the C-sec making an opening in their defenses in other districts and areas, where skirmishes between the factions are taking place.

    The bouncers have even found a secret way into the fortress by means of chameleon opening up the passage ways. The Angels have planned for this and is riddled with traps, though very light traps.

    The Zeroes responded to Chameleon after some crackling from the head piece, "Your fellow agents are about to meet at the rendevous point now, just sit tight. We might be able to actually do some damage to both of those damn groups. They've been a thorn in our side for far too long."

    The Angels set up positions for the oncoming Brute invasion. They came in full force and the Angels are doing their damned best to drive them off.