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    In the year 2102. In the bustling city of Rizen it houses a weapons company whose name was forgotten. They have discovered a new material, Kel, and used it to develop new gadgets and weapons turning an average human into a super powered soldier. Unfortunately, the material needed is buried deep under the City of Rizen. They had set to digging almost immediately after they discovered it's potential. It was hard for one person to walk down the street without crews digging beneath the sewers or smelling the smoke from dynamite and stone. Rizen was in an industrial boom.

    A couple years later three scientists worry about the slowly depleting Kel. There were no known places in the world to contain Kel, so they stockpile all they can throughout the city. The three scientists leave as their company goes bankrupt as the veins and pockets of Kel go dry. The three start to want the Kel for themselves and start fighting and threatening one another until their tempers explode. They each leave forming their own "guild" to fight for the remaining pockets and stockpiles of Kel.

    Within a year they formed a guilds that turn the metropolis of Rizen into a battleground, ravaged by the fighting. The three factions all vying for the last precious drops of Kel. Scavengers and looters prowl the streets, faction enforcers roam the streets for Kel and enemy factions, no one is safe from the fighting.

    Each faction fights for certain districts that house large stockpiles of Kel or factories that can produce weapons. The three factions fighting for power are known as the Bouncers,Eagles, and Faction Zero.

    Agents of Destruction, or Bouncers, are brawlers and use the precious Kel to enhance their bodies and make them almost superhuman. They prefer to use close range weapons like shotguns and energy blades. They also fight in groups and squads. Enforcers of the Bouncers don't usually go through much training, but what they lack in training they make up for in numbers and strength. They control the shutdown Kel mines and the factory district. They rule that sector with an iron grip and no one really dares to go there for fear of getting mauled by them.

    God's right hand are your sniper, long ranged faction. They use Kel to make guns, enhance perception, and give them eagle like spotting. They use snipers and long-ranged weapons to do their dirty work. They lack in numbers and fight in small squads. Where they fall short in numbers they make up for in pure intelligence and tactics, using diversions and critical strikes to the enemies' body and buildings. Their base is located in the science sector and they control various transport monorails.

    Faction Zero (their real name is unkown) is an unusual group of people. They hardly show up in fights or show their faces for that matter. They fight using espionage and underhanded tactics. They use Kel to make themselves gadgets and spy tools. They use regular conventional weaponry compared to the other factions. Some people doubt their existence, but when the battle plan goes missing or when a convoy is ambushed, people are quick to blame the Zeroes. The Zeroes has little known members and they are usually in hiding. They have tons more, but they are either infiltrating a faction or not on the front lines. They don't control a sector or have a base of operations. They operate through numerous safe houses across Rizen. They have a lot of influence in the slums and rsidential sector though.

    The sectors that are contested the central section, the business sector, suburbs, and commercial sector. All these sectors provide tactical advatage over the enemies and cease their normal functions, except the suburbs which provide housing.

    The most sought after section is the central sector, better known as C-sec. This has high buildings which provide great place for a tactical advantage and has the biggest Kel stockpile. This is the most sought after and is never really in place to one section for more than a week.

    The business sec, better known as B-sec, has high rise buildings which provide tactical advatage. It also provides nice housing and fortified positions.

    Suburbs which provide no real tactical advatage but used as a housing and recruiting. This is where most civilians live and where they are recruited by the many factions. This isn't the most sought after place, but it is a nice bump to recruiting.

    The commercial district, or Com-sec is very fortified and has nice chokepoints. Walking through here is like a death sentance due to easy ambush locations and people tend to try to capture and maintain this position.



    1. please be mature if you die. And just because you die does not mean you're out of the rp. post another CS and I'll see if I can work you into the story.
    2. No godmodding. try to keep things fair for the other players. I'll PM you if I think a power is godmodding.
    3. No trolling/spamming

    I need people to apply for the original three scientists who became the faction leaders. other than that your either new enforcers or lieutenants.

    Character Sheets:
    Rank:(Leader, Lieutenant, or Enforcer)
    Kel ability: (Like what powers did the kel give you, not needed if your in faction zero)
    Bio/How you came to be recruited:
    Here is the current roster

    God’s Right Hand - Angels
    SnowLily Phoenix “Down They Go” Noel - Leader
    SnowLily Dr. “Shoot ‘em Down” Noel – Former Leader

    theLogophile Katya Steel: Angels –Lieutenant

    Agents of Destruction - Bouncers
    Dazzle Natasha Verges: Bouncer – Leader

    Freebota Kaptain Dedtoo Ivan "Dreadnought" Rodriguez: Bouncer - Enforcer
    Ahri_Chan Axyll Lexlou: Bouncer – Enforcer
    Faction Zero
    Mr. Crazy Len “Sprog” McKine: Faction Zero – Leader

    Xpovoq “Chameleon”: Faction Zero – Enforcer
  2. cityscapes-cats-sniper-rifle-green-eyes-white-hair-anime.jpg
    Name: Dr. “Shoot 'em Down” Noel
    Age: 37
    Faction: God's Right Hand
    Rank: Former Leader
    Kel ability: Chose not to augment her body in any way with Kel.

    She is the inventor of the first bullets to use Kel as their cores and the signature “Striker” Kel round (currently the Striker Mk IV) that is primarily used with their sniper rifles.
    Personality/Bio: The type that would rather sit at home with a good book, then deal with a large group of sniping newbies. Dr. Noel never once thought much about leading others, bringing justice to the world, or She was focused on one thing, sniping. A crack-shot at the very age of five, she studied, collected, and trained with snipers almost all her life.
    She began to study Kel when she was nine, but with an overall lack of manpower and resources, she got no where fast. When the opportunity came for her to join a group aimed at studying Kel, she couldn't take down the offer. But she began to grow annoyed with the other top scientists.

    Name: Phoenix “Down They Go” Noel
    Age: 17
    Faction: God's Right Hand
    Rank: Leader
    Kel ability:
    She augmented her right eye to give her enhanced vision and perception.
    She can view bio signs as varying hews of red light, this ability works thru walls as thick as three feet and thru any type of material.
    Her Kel can synchronize with her mothers Striker Mk V Kel round (Her newest unannounced version) and allow for enhanced accuracy, range, and power.
    Bio/How you came to be recruited:

  3. Name: Codenamed - Walker

    Age: 19

    Faction: Agents of Destruction


    Kel Ability: Silent and Invisibility - For short periods of time, Walker can controll his body, making him either vary hard to see, or very hard to hear. He can only be one or the other through the failty wiring of the technology on, and in his body.

    Personality: Silent, murderer. With out a single rasional thought, he could kill a squar city block of the populous and not even care. He's just doing it for the job and the satisfaction he gets at a job well done.

    Bio: He has not history, for he has no life. As an Assassin of the Agents of Destruction, he is given no personality other then the one given to him by the Agency.
  4. oh and in terms of weapons there are laser weapons. You can still use bullets and stuff, but the laser weapons are powered by Kel. And also the Kel is more like a drug type thing. It won't give you amazing abilities.
  5. Quick question, What the hell is Kel and what kind of powers are you talking about? Give me a basic look of what types of powers you have in mind and how strong/weak can I make mine, Ie: As weak as the sun beaming down on you on a cold Autumn day to as strong as a super nova.
  6. Well I was thinking that Kel is a substance that is mined and can be synthesized into pretty much anything. In terms of power, Have you played New Vegas? I was thinking like the medical clinic implants, but on a much larger scale. Like The bouncers use it to pretty much become the Juggernaut, The sniper guys use it for enhanced perception and eagle like vision. And they also use it to make powerful weapons like lasers and energy clubs. I'm sorry I haven't been all that descriptive of that.
  7. It's good for your first thread. That's the reason why I made Snow-Fallen Zombies 2.0, because the origonal was just all over the place with just uncommon details, it was just a mess... but now that I'm more organized, getting an idea of what a thread was supposed to be from other thread's I've been in, the story becomes that much more interesting. don't you agree?
  8. once again, where do we post character applications?
  9. your at the right place Logophile, just copy and paste the character template and fill it out
  10. What are the responsibilities of the lieutenants and enforcers? Like which one's the higher rank? Also, for faction zero, since we don't know anything about them, does that mean those who makes CS under their faction gets to pretty much name everything? How are the different factions going to interact with each other, is it only during battle? Can we play more than one character? (omg, I have so many questions, dear me! Hope you don't mind though)
  11. Okay, first off enforcers are basically foot soldiers, and lieutenants commands squads and such. What does your second question mean? They get to name anything? Basically they are like espionage faction. They have safehouses and plan out tactics. They avoid frontal contact but can hold off in a one on one fight. Think James bond for them. I was hoping that you guys would figure out how to interact with each other. I would just control the NPC's and the World. Maybe even another leader if I don't get enough spots. You can play more than one character.
  12. Regarding my 2nd question: hahahaha, yes sort of. Sorry, it's like 4 am here I'm not really sure if I'm functioning the way that I should.
    Thank you for answering my questions. I shall post my CS soon.
  13. no problem, but I think it was my fault for not explaining that much
  14. I can play as a Juggernaut-like dude with a shotgun? SIGN ME UP!
    ...Or in other words, I'll be posting a char-sheet as soon as I have time! :D
  15. I'm interested in this. Not sure what spot I'll be taking though.
  16. thank you guys for showing interest in this :D
  17. I want leader of the bouncer one :o
  18. sure that's open
  19. Natasha Verges

    Age: 27

    Faction: Bouncer

    Rank: Leader

    Kel ability: Her sword and guns are enhanced with kel, as well as her body.

    Personality: Tactical, smart, agile, brutal, merciless, lionhearted.

    Bio: She was indeed a scientist, growing up to be very smart. Through various studies of the substance known as kel and going through martial arts, self-defense, and target practice at the time, she took much time into her studies. She studied with three other scientists, gathering more and more information about this substance. Learning that it greatly enhances not only weapons, but also humans. Although she can be rather greedy, this is something that she very much wants. Thus, beginning to argue with the other scientists, all three of them had split; them all creating factions of their own to fight for the kel. All of her weapons, equipment, and suits containing an insignia.




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  20. me gusta... especially when you used that WET picture. I'm a fan of that game, but anyways, I like it. Thank you for posting an insignia too :D