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  1. Name
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  2. Would like to join into this one if I may. Will put character info down below, hope its alright.

    ergoreap - Copy.jpg

    April Lee, a timid individual who keeps to herself but becomes a shark on the tennis court. Her high grades and desirable skills with the racket had gotten her the scholarship to get into riverside and dreams of a degree in business. But her true interest is paranormal studies, the paranormal has her just as intrigued as it does terrify her. The only reason why she does not pursue it is because her mother greatly discourages it.

    As a new student she doesn't have a whole lot of friends and by that it means, none. She's an intimidating, aloof, and very blunt person. She puts up a strong front to hide that soft scared little girl inside but is by no means a bully. Her gothic style doesn't help much either and only adds to making her more scary and repulsive to anyone who might approach. But once she grows to like someone can be very open, honest, and loyal to such person, and tends to get attached.

    Physically she is quite thin, anemic and on the verge of anorexia. Her hair is black and dyed streaks of blue in some areas of the bangs. Her eyes are almost a different color each day because of the selection of contacts she collects. Has many piercings such as on her lip, along the ears, her tongue, eyebrows, and some on her navel. Always wears a necklace with a pentagram pendant on it. It's an ordinary necklace but supposedly her grandmother was a witch and it helps remember the person she wanted to be like as a child.

    As for the rumors of the school..she believes in ghosts and demons and all those things yet wouldn't openly admit it. The stories creep her out, perhaps more then rats and butterflies ever could but she tells herself it isn't real while morbid curiosity ebbs at her mind. Secretly she'd love to know if its more then just a strange phenomenon, and perhaps something more. Also has a fear of men because of the abuse her late father had given her before finally croaking and being cleansed of the earth for good. Because of this is nervous around male teachers and staff too despite knowing they wont hurt her...right?
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  3. You accepting? If so...
    Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Rae Simmons
    Age: 17
    Grade: 12th
    Looks: Rae is a very beautiful girl, with long light brown hair and entrancing brown/green eyes. She wears a variety of dresses, skirts, jeans, etc.
    Biography: Rae comes from a rich family and has a younger brother. She's a good student, getting high B's and A's throughout school. She is one of many people that has a lot of not-so-close friends. She's the head of photography for the yearbook and plans on going into modeling and already has a contract lined up, having money and good looks gets that. She's a moderate person, smiling easily and kind to most.

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  4. Awesome, how many people before you think the RP/IC will be up?
  5. Im going to wait for a little longer
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Adrian Denault
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Grade: Junior

    Personality: Adrian has always been a performer. He tends to keep to himself despite how a lot of the girls at the school like him. He is very good looking but also very intelligent. He has always managed to get top of his class

    Background: Since he was little, Adrian has always enjoyed being on the stage and performing. His dad left him and his mother when he was one years old and his mom ran off with some guy when he was five years old. He has lived with his grandmother since. His grandmother has always pushed him. He excelled mentally, physically, and academically. He was the perfect son on the outside but on the inside, he just wanted a break from life.
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  7. Name: Ezekiel James Stevens
    Alias: Zeke
    gender: male

    Zeke has been described as a cold individual. He is stubborn at times and isn't afraid to fight no matter the odds. For those that can deal with him and call him a friend, Zeke will gladly stay by their side no matter what.

    Zeke grew up in the city of chicage in the poor neighborhoods. His mother was Irish while his father was Italian so he was hated by both. So he had to always watch his back. He eventually learned how to fight back. There were days where he had to fight of gangs of people just to get home from school.

    Zeke knew that the only way to get out of the slums was become great. He wasn't much for schoo, but he could play guitar very well. Better then most instructors that wanted to teach him. Eventually he won a state competition. That's when he was mailed a letter saying he has received a full scholarship to riverside high. So now he attends the school in hopes he can escape the slums and take his family with him. He is often mocked due to his life of poverty, thrift shop clothes, and lack of high class style. Though they must be careful. He doesn't have the scars on his knuckles from just nuns hitting them with rulers. He's not afraid to put some snob in his place.
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  8. name: Seiko shinohara
    age: 16
    gender: female
    class: 2-a


    BIO: Seiko is a kind girl who helps everyone out she has a crush on her best friend but she seems to encourage her to date the boy she really likes, sometimes her friends are baffled by what comes out of her mouth if it doesn't involve sexually touching her best friend she is a nice girl to get around, although Seiko may look chilled back and relaxed her mother left her father and 3 brothers so Seiko has taken on to be a surrogate mother to her younger brothers as well as cooking and the odd cleaning.

    (she may end up dead during the rp and if so can I add in a second oc?)
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  9. I'd like to join. I'll have an CS up later today.
  10. Yes. Accepted btw.

    Gotcha :)
  11. Quick question, can we have two characters?
  12. You can have as many as you wish :) as long as you can keep track
  13. [​IMG]

    Zoe (left) Glasgow and Jacklyn (Right) Glasgow

    Both are 16

    Both are female.

    Both are juniors in class 2-a


    Zoe is very kind hearted and sweet. Though shy, she will always help anyone in need. She has a great passion for classical music and art, but only expresses those passions when she feels safe, which is often whenever she is in the company of her identical twin, Jacklyn. She is typically seen in bright floral clothing. . Jacklyn is fierce. She isn't afraid to jump into a fight. She is loyal to her friends, but more so towards her twin. She is hardly seen away from Zoe, since she is always worried her fragile sister will get hurt, especial now with the weird disapperences. She is a wonderful fighter and is even head of the schools martial arts program. Unlike her sister, she has a morbid curiosity and would love to see how and who is responsible for the killings. She is typically seen dressed in dark punk-like clothing.

    When both were just newborns, their father had left their mother for someone ten years younger. Their mother did all that she could to take care and support the three, but that involved drugs and selling herself. Along the way, she lost her way and neglected caring for the two. It didn't take long for their elementary school teacher to notice their clothes smelled like drugs from their mother and the two werent being fed enough, and child services took them away. For the most part of growing up, they went from foster home to foster home, and whenever they were seperated the two ran away and found each other. Eventually, a nice old women who was their foster patrent adopted the two. She provided them with music lessons, which Zoe excelled at, and martial arts, which was Jacklyns area of expertise. Together, they got a scholarship and attended riverside.
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  14. When do we start
  15. We can begin and people can add characters in when they wish. 7 is good to start with.
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