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  1. Welcome to Riverside High! This private school is filled with only the best of the best, mostly snobby rich kids. Some students manage to get in on a scholarship. This school is pretty active with all kinds of different sports and clubs. The school has won plenty of drama awards, sport awards, and music awards. Recently, however, there have been a series of missing students. As usual, classes would continue but as time goes on, the bodies are found with their stomachs cut open and their innards removed never to be found. Its as if their innards have been eaten by some kind of creature. Then suddenly, teachers and students have been acting strangely. They weren't acting like themselves. They would disappear and then show up weeks later covered in blood and crying. Days after, they would turn up dead after killing themselves. Whatever happened to them must have been terrible. The deaths have been happening more and more lately. Can the students of Class 2-A discover whats happening to their school and stop it or will they just be another mutilated body buried in a mass grave.
    I'm pretty lax on rules. As long as you follow the site rules and don't make any perfect characters or be a bully to other people, it should be fine. I hope you have fun!!!

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    Adrian walked into the school wearing his school uniform, happy he had rehearsal today since that was one of the only times he could get away with not wearing his school uniform. He wore his uniform but not how he was supposed to. Their school uniforms were supposed to be ironed down, tucked in, and with their tie perfectly tied but his uniform was wrinkled, untucked, and today, he didn't even bother wearing his tie. It was too much work tying it every morning, especially when he spent all night trying to memorize lines. He let out a yawn as he approached his locker. A teacher came over and yelled "hey, Adrian! At least wear your tie!" He ignored her. He grabbed his books, slammed his locker shut, and head to the auditorium to see his friends. When he walked into the auditorium, he dropped his books. There hanging from the lights was his lead actress. She had been cut open, innards removed. "No! Sarah!!!" He called for teachers while he got her free from the cords wrapped around her neck. "Sarah..." Her eyes were open as if she was surprised about what was happening to her. "Damn it." He screamed for help once more. Soon teachers were flooding into the auditorium but he didn't seem to notice. His eyes were on hers. He closed her eyes. He couldn't believe she was gone. He had been a lead with her since they were very young and they actually got along very well. He loved acting beside her. A tear slipped down his cheek but he let the teachers lead him out. He couldn't believe what he saw. He didn't even care his uniform was covered in blood now. He felt sick. Yeah, this was going to be one hell of a year.
  3. [​IMG]
    Clarian had her mind on the play. Then again, who working on the play didn't have it on their mind? It was a lot of work, a lot... Walking down the hall, she passed by a reflective, shined metal door. Stopping, she checked her obscured reflection. Though she couldn't see her details well, she assumed she looked no different from when she left home. School uniform worn to be passable, blond hair frizzy at the ends thanks to rushing this morning, dark bags under her hazel eyes. Clarian grabbed the ends of a lock of her own hair, looking at the fading pink color. It looked good... Coloring the ends of her hair a mellow pink had been a good idea. Maybe she'd just go for it and dye all her hair pink. ...Isn't there a school rule against that? She wasn't certain... but she'd certainly find out if she did it. The thought made her chuckle as she pushed the door to the auditorium open. What... on earth... There, in the center of the stage, there were a crowd of teachers. Heading up the auditorium seating area to the entrance/exit doors was a teacher guiding the lead actor... he was covered in blood, the uniform soaked in the crimson red liquid. Clarian froze, her yellow-hazel eyes wide open, fixated onto the blood. That was a lot of blood... so much blood... What... what happened... what's happening? She was unable to move, the color draining from her face, paling her fair complexion. Tearing her eyes away from the blood, she managed to get a fleeting look at the lead actor's face... the haunted look in his eye made her regret her decision. Her lips were frozen shut, unable to say anything as the teacher lead the play's lead actor through the auditorium's door.

    // ( ooc: assumed Clarian would be in the auditorium as she's also part of theater/drama; don't mind changing it if it seems weird/forced!
    also I hope that I didn't bunny the NPC or Adrian, I assumed he was being lead out of the auditorium, do let me know if I assumed incorrectly!)
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  4. The twins walked together. They were always together. They were always close. Zoe and Jacklyn walked with their arms were pressed against each other. Even though they dressed in the exact same uniform, there were still suttle differences in them that could be used to tell them apart, but often went missed. Jacklyn, for instance, wore a darker shade of eyeliner than her twin, Zoe. And Zoe had her fingernails painted a light pink while Jacklyns were left colorless. Jacklyns clothes were often more wrinkled than Zoe's due to her always doing a light practice in the mornings at the gym while Zoe always ironed her outfit in the mornings. And finally, they wore different necklances. Zoe wore a golden lock around her neck while Jacklyn wore the golden key to the lock.

    As the two rounded the corner, they spoke about plans they could do after school. "Well I have to head to the martial arts club after school.." Jacklyn began. "And I have private practice after school." Zoe finished. Together, the two thought. Then in unison they said. "How about we order pizza?" They looked at each other and smiled. Their conversations often went like this. Speaking at the same time or finishing each others scentences. Even giving glancing and knowing what the other was about to say. This was the proof of how close they were. Sure, they got in arguments. All siblings did. But they got over them quickly because, fact is, one could not live without the other. They went through everything together, and they were too close to give something like that up. They continued smiling until Zoe bumped into a student. She stumbled back and looked at the boy. He was covered in.. Blood. Zoe's eyes widened and looked down at her own uniform, which now had a few smears of blood on it from the boy. Her hand flew to her mouth, covering it. Zoe wasn't good with blood. Jacklyn instantly fled to her sister. "Hush Zoe. Look at me, not at your clothes. Follow me, lets get you to the bathroom and washed up." Jacklyn spoke calmly and Zoe nodded, following her sister to the nearest bathroom.
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  5. Ooc: Kay. Reply when ready. Oh and yeah, he was being lead out. And it seemed fine.

    Adrian looked at the girl who freaked out at the sight of blood. He walked into the boys bathroom to scrub out the blood from his uniform. When he walked out, he heard teachers saying rehearsals were cancelled for the next couple of weeks. He went to a teacher and asked "what about the play? We can't just cancel it. The play is in a month. We need the rehearsals more than anything. Especially with the freshman who haven't memorized their lines yet! We need the practice." The teacher frowned and replied "without your lover, it is useless to continue rehearsing for this play." Adrian wouldn't let everything go to waste. They've worked so hard. They had costumes, set, and almost everyone knew their lines. He bit his thumb but then he saw Clarian who was trying to figure out what was going on. "You!" His cold eyes met hers. "Clarian right? You will be playing the lead now." He handed her a script. "Memorize the lines by the end of the month." He stalked off.

    He wouldn't let anyone ruin his play. Even if his lead was dead, he would perform next month. He pushed by an older man he never saw before. He was dark and mysterious and had an eye patch over his eye. He assumed the man was a detective. He just rolled his eyes and walked into english class. He still a little shaken up but he had to continue focusing on his school work. He needed to get good grades so that he got in a good college... for his grandmother who never went to college because it was too expensive. He looked around and heard people already talking about his friend's death. Some girls asked "was it really you who found her body?" He honestly didn't want to talk about it so he just sat at his desk, brushing them off. He looked out the window, her scared face flashing through his mind. It made him shiver that it could have been hanging from the lights.
  6. Jacklyn escorted Zoe to a bathroom. Zoe, who was hyperventilating, closed her eyes tightly. Jacklyn sighed. She knew why her sister was so freaked around blood. A long time ago, when the two just started martial arts together, Jacklyn wanted to show off and decided to try full body contact fighting. Zoe had been worried around fighting even when Jacklyn had protective gear on, but that made it even worse. Right away, Jacklyn fought one of the toughest students and had received a bloody nose and a concusion. Zoe had been freaking out the entire time while handing Jacklyn tissues for the blood. Since then, Zoe had quit martial arts. And hated blood while Jacklyn just pushed herself to be a bettter fighter and continued full body contact fighting.

    Jacklyn removed her uniform top, handing it over to Zoe. Along with being identical, they wore the same size clothes and shoes. "Wear mine. I'll wear yours and head to the dorm and get another. Don't freak our, okay? It'll be fine, just wear mine. I'll meet you in class." She spoke gently but with enough power to get her sister attention. Zoe slowly opened her eyes and nodded quickly. She remindsved her shirt with shaky fingers and put on Jacklyns. Zoe gave one last look at the bloody shirt while Jacklyn put it on and ran out to class. Jacklyn sighed and walked out soon after her sister, pushing her long red hair back. While Zoe ran into class and sat down, Jacklyn ran off to the girls dorm to change shirts. She would ha e told Zoe to some with, but Zoe hated being late to class or miss anything. Jacklyn, on the other hand, couldnt care less.
  7. From the hushed whispers between the teachers, Clarian began to piece together what had happened. No way... Their lead actress was... Then why was their lead actor, Adrian, all covered in blood? He must have been the one that found her body... Clarian took one shaky breath and cleared her head. The rumors that had been going around the school, about the disappearances and grusome deaths, Clarian had but only given them a passing thought. But now, it wasn't a rumor. It was happening, right in the auditorium of their high school, to a member of their drama team. But, why? And, more importantly, who was behind it? Was their lead actress, Sarah, a random target? Or was she purposefully chosen?

    "You!" Startled out of her thoughts, Clarian looked up, meeting the icy eyes of none other than the lead actor, Adrian. "Clarian right? You will be playing the lead now." She, what?! Reflexively, she grabbed thr papers pushed at her. The lead actress' script. Sarah's script. "Memorize the lines by the end of the month." With that, he walked off. Clarian wasn't even able to get a word in. The man was as tall as he was intimidating, and the cold way he pressed the dead girl's script onto her, just minutes after finding out she'd been killed... It unnerved her. Could he have...?

    Clarian shook her head. Get yourself together. If Adrian had killed her, wouldn't he be orchestrating himself as the grieving friend? This act instead was then his own genuine brand of grieving, Clarian hypothesized. The grusome kill had to be the work of the same monster who was the topic of the rumors. "Get to class!" Clarian, for the second time, was startled out of her thoughts. One of the teachers finally noticed her still lingering in the auditorium. The blonde freshman quickly shuffled out, script still in her hands. But, not towards class. She had questions that needed answers. Clarian's destination was the library.
  8. Zeke was late coming to school. His brown hair was messed up a bit. His knuckles were scarred and cut open. His uniform was messed up and slightly dirty. Speckled with dried blood. He was on his way to his first day at this new school he received a scholarship for. On the way he was jumped by some thugs that though he would be an easy pick. The couldn't of made a bigger mistake. He had to carry his own bags from the bus station to the dorms he would stay in. His parents said they would send him some of his other things.

    There seemed to of been some commotion about some accident and Zeke was able to get to his dorm and drop his things off before heading to class. He poked his head into the auditorium and snapped a few pictures of the crime scene. He walked to his class still looking like hell from his street fight. He found a seat next to a girl with red hair. He soon pulled out a sketch book and began to draw.

    He looked at the girl with red hair because it looked like she had seen a ghost. He turned to her. "Hey its my first day here. Could you tell me anything about what happened. People here seem off."
  9. Zoe jumped at the sound of a voice. It had startled her back into reality. Zoe blinked to clear her mind and look at the boy. She studied him at first, his clothes were wrinkled but not from lack of care, they were wrinkles more like her sisters, the wrinkle they get from some sort of work out. Then she noticed how badly his hands looked and figured it was a fight, since she has seen that sort of damage from her sisters fights. Finally, her gaze returned the boys, realizing he was waiting for her to answer his question. "O-Oh! Your new..? You came here even after all the rumors..?" She paused, but then continued. "A student in the auditorium was found dead. I don't know the.... Morbid details. But... I guess they are still having classes after what they found." She glanced to the clock, then back at the boy. She had only been away from her sister for a few minutes, but now after all the... Killings, she has been more nervous than usual when they are seperated. But she forces a calm smile and holds out her hand. "I'm, uh, Zoe Glasgow. It's nice to meet you."

    Jacklyn ran out the school and towards the girls dorms. She wanted to hurry and get back to Zoe. She slipped into the dorm hallway and made her way to the twins' shared room. Opening the door, she threw off her shirt and took a clean one. Jacklyn quickly buttoned up and ran her hand down the shirt to smooth it out, then jogged out and back to the school. It only took her a few minutes to get to the classroom. She waited till the teacher had their back turned to the class and Jacklyn slipped in. She quickly made her way to the spot on the other side of Zoe, smiling and waving before she sat down. Jacklyn leaned over the desk ans peeked at the boy her sister was speaking to. She tilted her head curiously.
  10. Zeke looked at both of them with a smile and shook Zoe's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet both of you. I'm Ezekiel Stevens, but most people just call me Zeke." He took a look at Zoe and Jacklyn. He took notice of the similarities and differences between the two. He took notice at Jacklyns hands and how they were marked. "I see that your a fighter as well." He knew that they were twins so he wouldn't ask the stupid question about it. "It's nice to meet you both." Zeke took a moment to think about the tragedy that occured. "I'm guessing though that since we are still in class and not being interviewed that these incidents occur often enough where people are not as phased by it."
  11. Adrian sat at his desk, tapping his pencil against the desk as he waited for the teachr to come in. He was trying hard to ignore the girls that kept asking him question after question about what happened. He finally stood up and yelled "she's dead, alright?" His eyes narrowed at all of them. "She has been cut open and all of her insides have been removed like the other victims but unlike them, she was hung by the lights for all to see. And yes, I was the one that found the body. Now stop asking!" He ran a hand through his hair as he grabbed his bag and ran out of the classroom. It was then that the detective approached him. "Adrian, right?" He nodded slowly, not trusting him a bit. He even stepped back a little. "You are the one who found the body, right?" When Adiran nodded, he continued "what reason were you there?" Adrian was taken aback by his questions. "I didnt kill her. She was a close friend of mine and it would be stupid of me to kill the lead actress right before the play went on. He rolled his eyes. "I really dont want to deal with your bullshit. I just lost my friend." He pushed by the detective and walked into the library in hopes to find some quiet. He sat in the far corner, looking out to the distance. His drama teacher wasnt here today and he always knew the right things to say. Right now, he wanted to be left alone. Inside, he was slowly breaking into pieces.
  12. His Alarm had sounded super late causing Lucius to also be late, Getting up he yawned and dressed himself in the same uniform he'd always have to wear. Instead of wearing the blazer he decided to opp it out and just wear the white shirt even without the tie "Oh well I'm bound to get scolded for being late might as well." Placing his hands in his pockets he strolled down the hallways yawning even though he got more than enough sleep. The area was filled with whisper gossip about yet another student being murdered, lately it wasn't a surprise to him death happened all the time in that place although he did find it strange about the certain students going missing. He could see new faces trying to find there way around at first he was going to offer his help but thought it was none of his business. 'What class am i suppose to be in again?..' He thought pulling out a cigarette and lighting it He only smokes when he's really stressed or really had a lot on his mind. Inhaling he smiled and the smoke exited through his nostrils almost making him appear evil. Lucius put in his combination and opened his locker, Grabbing a bottled water he closed it and continued walking. "So boring..."
  13. The librarian was making her rounds. Clarian, not wanting to be caught ditching class, quickly logged off the computer to find a more isolated corner, a place where the librarian wouldn't check. What she'd wanted the computer for mainly was to see the images more clearly. But the police had been doing a good job keeping the grusome pictures out of circulation. She ducked behind two shelves, and emerged on the other side. Nose in her phone, reading another article about the murders, Clarian sat in the isolated corner where she knew the librarian wouldn't come check. Only after she sat did Clarian notice she was not alone. Another was in the corner as well. Adrian.

    Clarian froze for a moment. Partially feeling caught red handed looking up the murders in the face of a victim, but also because Adrian was an intimidating figure. If she thought about it, she knew very little about him outside of drama and working on the play. Other than he seemed to always have a gathering of girls around him that he didn't seem to pay attention to, and that he had an ice-cold calmness about him. She couldn't imagine what it must have felt like, finding Sarah the way he did. She wasn't as close to Sarah as he was... What if it had been someone close to her? Like her dad... Clarian shuddered. If it had been her father... She didn't think she'd even have stayed at school, no matter what trouble she wouldav gotten into, because no way she'd want to be around anyone, they wouldn't be able to get how bad it felt...

    Was that how... Adrain felt? She thought of the situation and realized what it looked like. Like she was one of his fans finding him when he wanted to be alone. This was all a hypothesis, but Clarian was fairly certain with her conclusion. She strained her neck to the left, catching sight of the librarian. Clarian brought her head back in and gave Adrian what she hoped was an apologetic look, "I'll be outta your hair soon, just waiting for the librarian to finish her rounds." She wasn't sure if he'd believe it, but she left it at that, putting her phone to her side. She'd finish reading the article once she'd moved away.
  14. *the alarm sounded* *a shocked Seiko fell face first onto the floor her hair was half up half down* *she gets up and wanders into the bathroom*

    Seiko: ugh, my alarm set off late I have half an hour to get dressed, and my hair as well, what else could go wrong today *she quickly pushed her hair to the front curling the ends* that's better *she wanders over to her wardrobe opening a set of draws containing her skirt her school shirt, her scarf and pin to hold it on place* this style never goes out of fashion *she put on her uniform* ahh I guess I'll be seeing Naomi at school *she puts on her shoes and grabs her bag* wait until I tell Naomi about this *she sets off for school*
  15. ( oh and this is Naomi [​IMG])
  16. *Naomi was already at school she had heard about sarah*
  17. Zoe gave a slightly off smile at the thought of how often the deaths happened while Jacklyn nodded. "Yeah, so far once every month. Sometimes two. It's tragic, but the staff decided we can't keep canceling school." Jacklyn said. She glances to her sister, who nodded in agreement with her. "Didn't they tell you about the incidents before you came to this school? It's certainly something they should have mentioned beforehand. Especially if your family had to pay for you to go here. If you are like us and got a scholarship, then I can see why you would still came." Zoe said. This time it was Jacklyns turn to nod in agreement. Till she realized she hadn't formally introduced herself. Jacklyn gave a slight wave and flashed a friendly smile. "By the way, my name is Jacklyn Glasgow. Nice to meet ya, Zeke." She said cheerfully.

    Leaning over, the two girls started pulling out the supplies they needed for class. The teacher had seemed to let the students a work day. They glanced over to the other kid and in unison, they asked
    "What's your home room? We would be happy to help you find your classes." And once again in perfect unison, the two of them tilted their head, Zoes to the right and Jacklyns to the left, and flashed a friendly smile at Zeke.
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  18. Seiko notices Zoe and jacklyn she wanders over to them "hi guys so what's up?" The moment she looked into Zoe's eyes she knew something was wrong. "Is everything alright Zoe" seiko knew what was going on, in the back of her mind she knew another death had accurred as the times before.
  19. Zoe paused for a second and looked at Seiko, then glances to Zeke. She didn't want to speak of the incident any more, so Jacklyn spoke up for Zoe. "Another person has been found. It's spooked Zoe a bit, but she'll be alright." She offered a friendly smile as the teacher walked into the room. He began with morning announcements, saying another "Disturbance" has been found. Jacklyn clenched her jaw at the word. She didn't exactly like how the dead students were called disturbances. It made them sound like a nuascence, like they should have tried harder not to die so they would't distract the lessons trying to be drilled into everyone elses minds. But, that was rich schools for you. Even though Jacklyn would have been perfectly fine going to any old public school, Zoe insisted saying once they went to this school everything would be better for the,. So far students in this school were being killed while everyone in public schools main problem was finding a hair in their school lunches. Jacklyn sighed rather dramatically and turned her attention to the window while Zoe eagerly jotted down notes.
  20. Seiko was alarmed the thought of another death happening this week was alarming first it was a boy named ross lonkin and now sarah " we can't keep living in the shadows! What if we're next? It only appears to be our class that is dying, that and the fact that the majority of the school has left because of these murders, I for one am ready to stop this. You with me Zoe? You too jackly?" She hoped that maybe before the body is taken away we can examin Sarah's remains, before it's too late.
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