Riverside High

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  • I would like to do a realistic RP with real teenage problems and solutions. I would also like it to be fun and creative. It would be nice to have a player make a male and a female character so that there will be an even number of the sex's. Of course, LGBT is included, so exceptions can be made.

    My characters-
    Claria- Has been through a lot for a teen, and hides her feelings. She is kind and a good friend, but does not know how to handle a relationship or love.

    Jake- He suffers from depression, which has worsened since his father passed. He doesn't want to feel different though, so he is attempting to ignore it rather than seek the help he needs. He is also very sexually confused.

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India- India is intelligent. Her parents pressurise her into being the genius, getting perfect grades, scholarships for a university they can not afford. She spends her entire life studying.

Charlie- Due to his sister's overly loved status in the family, Charlie is left neglected and forgotten. He could be intelligent but chose not to follow the same path as his twin. He friends with the jocks and experiments with drugs.


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can I join with just a female character? I don't do males...
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