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  1. Welcome! To Riverside Academy!

    "Ah! A new student?" the headmaster nodded "come right this way!"

    I hurriedly followed him into the school grounds without any hesitation, he pointed all around him.

    "This is Riverside Academy- we're full of bright and talented youths who strive for the best! These are the entry grounds of the school- these are your classmates, seniors or juniors" he said whilst pointing at the buzzing crowd of students walking by or interacting with each other, he turned to me once again.

    "I can tell you're the friendly type- so why not join a team or club?"

    "A Club?"

    "Oh you know- what do you call it these days....." the headmaster scratched his head.

    "You mean like groups of people who have similar interest?" I replied bluntly, he snapped his fingers.

    "Spot on!"

    "Um..... okay....."

    "Great! Now let's get you familiar with the staff and your classmates!"


    Subjects are to be chosen in 6 numbers, from number 1 to be your most favored to number 6, an elective of your choice, we have three trees of subjects:

    • Numerical
    • General
    • Scientific

    Each tree deviates into more subjects, here is a small diagram of our available studies:

    • Numerical:
      • General Mathematics
      • Mathematical Methods
      • Maths Specialist
      • Calculus

    • General
      • Mainstream English
      • Journalism
      • Literature
      • Arts
      • Music
      • Language: German
      • Language: French
      • Language: Spanish
      • Health
      • Cooking
      • Media
      • Law
      • Physical Education

    • Scientific
      • Chemistry
      • Biology
      • Physics
      • Information Technology
      • Computer Programming
      • Computer Science

    "I bet it sounds a bit too much eh?" the headmaster joked as he nudged me with his elbow.

    "Well- yes.... it's seems a but over the top...."

    "Don't worry! Once you settle in, everything will roll as smooth as running water!"

    The headmaster approached a nearby student, he pointed at me before walking towards me.

    "This is Tom, one of our senior students- he will show you around!"
  2. Tom walked at a steady pace with me as we proceeded to the lockers.

    "You'll like it here- plenty of interesting people"

    "Everyone looks busy around here"

    "Of course they do! Clubs must perform their duties and teams are always training!"

    "That has been bugging me a lot Tom, how many clubs do you have here?"

    Tom smirked, he stopped and turned.

    "There's a lot to discuss with you...."

    Deus ex Machina:

    The 2 groups who uses their mind and speech to overcome problems, they are also willing enough to help you in time of need:

    Hardbacks: Literature bookworms who prefer reading rather than communicating with other students. They claim the Library as their territory, a haven for book lovers- it is said that each member knows the library like the back of their hand.

    Networker: Computer crazed individuals who seek the codes within each computer there is in the school. Always roaming around the Computer Wing, they try to disable the school's network filtering, granting access to free browsing and administrative tools.


    The 5 teams that compete against other schools in Athletic Events, they are considered popular due to their victories and successes. Sometimes a bit rough, but can avoid unwanted attention if you kept your mouth shut.

    Ballers: Basketball players who rule the inner part of the Gym, they train until exhausted but love every minute of court time. They tend be quick footed and possess accurate throws from a distance.

    Ruggers: Huge burly players who prefer rugby over any sport- often the biggest boys in school sign up to match their endurance against each other, their strength in second to none, they train around the Grass Oval.

    Sprinters: The most fastest and the most nimble amongst all our athletes. Their speed is outmatched and their agility is a thing to behold. They test their speed across the 400M Running Track near the Gym.

    Sluggers: Deadly with a baseball bat- these baseball fanatics know how to send a thrown object soaring into the sky, they also have the capabilities to throw in different angles, often impressing other students. They gather in the Stadium when recess comes along.

    Grappler: Avid wrestlers who test their mettle against each other in the Gym. They can reverse any grab thrown at them, also, they are second to the Ruggers in terms of strength.


    The 4 clubs who requirement to join is skill rather than brain power or strength, artistic talents will land you into one of these groups.

    Maestros: Gifted musical prodigies who have a wide array of abilities to play countless instruments, their music is said to sooth your inner self. They play their instruments in the Auditorium, although sometimes it might get a bit loud- so better stay clear when that happens.

    Artiste: Ever seen a breathtaking painting? Want to see more? Then I suggest you take a tour around the Gallery. The Artistes always love picking up a brush and paint all day- to their hearts content, if you ever find yourself inside their rooms, prepare to get paint all over you.

    5 Stars: Talented cooks who pursue new recipes, they spend their spare time thinking of new ways to cook near the Cooking Wing. Once you get a sniff of their freshly cooked masterpieces- your mouth will water, trust me.

    Silver Tongues: Students who use persuasive terms with words to go around problems. Majority of those guys have taken at least one Language subject. They talk to themselves around the Language Hall inside the school.


    Teachers: The very backbone of the classroom, some are nice, some are strict- but they have one goal, to teach us things. They have their breaks and time off in the Staff Office. Don't be a teacher's pet, your popularity won't grow if you suck up to teachers!

    "Well there you go! That's all the cliques in this academy!"

    "How do I know which one to choose?!" I asked frantically, Tom laughed at me.

    "Just relax- pick one you like and you'll eventually find your muse" with those words, Tom said his farewell as I faced my newly opened locker that swung open before me.
  3. Rules are simple, you are either:

    • A new student enrolling into Riverside Academy
    • A teacher
    • A Club captain/leader or member

    As coordinator of an Action RP, I decided to host another one, one that is not over the top action where fights lurk around every corner. This is a much more..... how should I say this? A "slice of life" genre if you ever read fan fictions, you will be taking the role of your character under the three classification listed above- without further delay, the character sheet:

    Full Name: (Original names please)

    Age: (Please be reasonable)

    Year: (Which year of school they are in? They could be seniors or juniors if you like)

    Gender: (You know what to do)

    Nationality: (Please no racism or supremacy thank you- and no outrageous combinations!)

    Hair Color: (Nothing whacky)

    Eye Color: (You're free to choose, cause eye color varies)

    Appearance: (If you can't find a picture to show what they look like, then post their looks and notable features in the usual descriptive method)

    Clothing: (School uniform is quite a drag, why not make your character unique or have a certain clothing that sets them apart.

    Hobbies: (Simple, make it funny and unique)

    Likes: (Simple, what they prefer over things- might be even another person.....)

    Dislikes: (Ooooh! You dislike another person?! Do tell, even might be a certain subject)

    Family: (If your character has any family nearby in the city, across the seas or even those who passed away)

    Biography: (Why not shed some light in your character- explain how he/she got that trophy, scar, item etc.)

    Will edit the first post after I think of the city that houses this Academy- such as geographical features.

    The city that houses this academy is called North Meadows. It is well known for it's source of alternative energy, as well as 5 well recognized structures that dot this very land.

    1) Riverside Academy:

    -Figure 1.0 Riverside Academy Entrance-

    Riverside Academy was built upon an awkward river that swiveled throughout North Meadows. The founder of this school, Richard Riverside, decided to build this very building over a running river, thus explaining why the school grounds are slightly elevated from the sidewalk outside. Many workers from the steam industry back in the olden times studied here to achieve their apprenticeships and some notable figures of today actually claimed to have studied here in their youthful days.

    -Figure 1.1 Riverside Academy (from outside the entrance)-

  5. 2) Central City

    -Figure 1.2 Solomon Park-

    In the heart of the town is the buzzing streets of people rushing to work and school, it can be pretty tight in the mornings when you ride the bus or tram- but it gets better in the afternoon since school kids like you go home earlier than your parents. The city consists of three valuable sections:

    • Solomon's park
      • Park built after Father Solomon passed away years ago. He was a well known priest in North Meadows, his kindness and patience never seemed to end.

    • City Hall
      • A monumental building created after mayor Turnabout got elected- it is located beside the heart of the city

    • Alder Tower
      • A tall building dedicated into creating energy for the city to use- it's always a light even if the power gets cut- illuminating the dark sky.

    -Figure 1.3 Alder Tower (Aerial Photo)-
  6. 3) Military Base Valhalla

    -Figure 1.4 Valhalla Military Base-

    This military base was built upon a mound of mud and earth back in the war- it eventually grew into a strong fortress as we see it today. People who seek military careers head here for the yearly enlisting they host every July or September. You must be pretty brave to step into here, I heard they'll whip you to shape within a week!
  7. 4) St. Peter's Cathedral
    -Figure 1.5 Inside St. Peter's Cathedral-

    St. Peter's cathedral was built back in the early ages, back when Father Solomon was still alive. It is the only church in this town so it is filled with different kinds of religion. if you should ever find yourself here, be sure to touch the statues around the cathedral- they are a fine example of a sculptor's masterpiece!
  8. 5) Our Lady of Hope Hospital


    -Figure 1.6 Our Lady of Hope Hospital (Front)-

    This hospital has been around ever since they started to build the City Hall! Many breakthroughs in surgery developed here- improving the chance of saving patients, if you ever wind up here- expect top notch services, the doctors and nurses will treat you as a top priority patient!
  9. RP Concept:

    You are a student who has (or already) enrolled into Riverside Academy. You are to experience what your student would for the next 365 days. Yes, this is a "slice-of-life" kind of thing (see fan fiction terms if not sure) role play- once the reasonable count of cast members are created- the Official Thread will be created soon- and the countdown begins, from the start we begin with 365 days (of course time flies faster in there than in here) and gradually decrease as we end the year in graduation, before you start posting your thoughts below, here are some important things to keep in mind:


    The life of the student you control should be amusing yet not over the top- your character can be a bully or a nerd, it is up to you but I certainly DON'T appreciate overreacting situations where drama is in every corner. NO. Have your character fill a normal life- which makes it even much more challenging- how "normal" can you RP?


    All types of harassment towards other players for lack posting/quality of post/interest will not be tolerated in here. All players will respect each other's skill. I don't give a damn if you role played for years and you start correcting a beginner, that is their post- they will learn as they read other posts made by other people.


    If another player has spotted a flaw in your writing- don't take it as an insult, they might just be joking or would like to point out a need for change, discuss it with the group and work things out- never take it all by yourself, you have other players here to help you.

    NOTE: The first spot of the accepted character means you're the leader, if you are a member without a captain yet- it remains blank for now:







    • [*=center]None




    • [*=center]None


    • [*=center]None




    5 Stars:

    Silver Tongues:

    • [*=center]Clea Dubois by Inspector Chloe Marlin


    The above are the current and accepted cast members, use this as a quick access to your characters if you need to change something or retrieve a piece of information for you to use.
  10. Update*

    Since we are doing a whole year- there will be EVENTS, this could be:

    • School Dance
    • Athletic Events
    • Public Holidays
    • School Holidays
    • Unpredictable Holidays/Day offs

    Remember- try and act like a normal student! And post your thoughts on what events might happen in this academy! PM or Visitor Message preferred.
  11. Further Notice:

    The five notable structures above are used a guideline if your character decides to wander off to city, go out with a friend or just simply sight see. The structures are also permanent, meaning that they cannot be altered to anyone's decision unless they inform me of such decision.

    Also- if you have an idea where this RP will possibly take place, why don't you give me suggestion? I prefer PM or visitor messages.
  12. I'm interested! Is there a character profile template?
  13. Why of course! It's over there, in post #3.
  14. In case people need an example of character sheet, then here you go, my very own:

    Full Name: Paul Steele

    Age: 17

    Birthday: June 8

    Year: Senior

    Group: Ruggers

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Irish

    Hair Color: Brown

    Eye Color: Blue



    School Photo


    Clothing: Paul wears a standard uniform minus the blazer, which he dislikes. He rolls up his sleeves and keeps his necktie, giving him a neat look in contrast when he starts playing the sport he loves. In rugby, Paul wears a standard kit with a red top and black shorts, he gets dirt all over himself, a nightmare for his parents when it comes to laundry day- but they're still happy that Paul balanced his studies and his sport in equal portions. Paul also wears rugby cleats instead of black school shoes.

    Hobbies: Playing rugby, chess and taking care of his little brother.

    Likes: His family, rugby, dogs and another member from another faction...

    Dislikes: Literature and reading


    • Graham Steele (father)
    • Monica Steele (mother - deceased)
    • Chris Steele (little brother)

    Biography: Paul, born into a family with an enlisted father has sharpened his manners and attitude like knife's edge, leaving him blunt and emotionless. His mother died after giving birth to Chris and has depressed him ever since, Paul loves his brother despite this fact, he hides away this sadness and dishes out his anger against other team when he plays, he is pressured by his father to follow the same foot steps but Paul is unsure what he will follow.
  15. Full Name: Cirion Agripa

    Age: early 30s

    Year: Ancient history teacher, second year teaching

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Italian

    Hair Color: White

    Eye Color: Grey, eyes glazed over as if he was blind.

    Clothing: Usually seen wearing jeans and a dress shirt with converse, but occasionally he will dress like in khakis and dress shoes.

    Hobbies: His only two hobbies include ancient ruin hunting and gardening

    Likes: Quiet, a good book, coffee but it has to be good, kids, ancient civilizations

    Dislikes: Loud noises, tomb raiders, bugs mostly the ones that can hurt him like bees and wasps

    Family: Unknown

    Biography: Not many people know Cirion that well, he usually keeps to himself usually not going out with the other teachers for dinner or what have you. His hair is styled in a Mohawk like fashion though he is thinking about changing it from the complaints he has gotten from his colleagues. Nobody knows about his family, if he even has any, or where he was born it just would seem that he doesn't like talking about it. He has a three scars on the right side of his face that he had gotten from exploring a tomb many years ago. He is a very easy going guy and very nice always willing to help someone out(unless it involves bees).

    Appearance:[​IMG], [​IMG]

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  16. You do know that we need a good amount of players? This is going to be a mass RP xD So if you find anyone who wants to this? Ask them and see if they like it :3
  17. I will defiantly do that. :3
  18. Full Name: David " DJ" Jones
    Age: 17
    Birthday: Febuary 21
    Year: Senior
    Group: Ruggers
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: American
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hobbies: Rugby, part time job
    Likes: Mixed Martial Arts, swimming, Boarding, thrillful things
    Dislikes: Lectures, punks, wannabes, principle and certain teachers, homework


    Marissa Jones ( Mother/ Alive)
    Darren Jones ( Father/ Alive)
    Cody Jones ( Brother/ Alive)

    Clothing: Instead if wearing the school shirt he replaces it by wearing rugby shirts or short sleve polo shirts. When its cold you'll usually see him in sweaters and hoodies.
  19. Full Name: Cyan Belgeretto

    Age: 15

    Year: Senior

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Italian

    Group: 5 star

    Hair Color: Honey blonde.

    Eye Color: Deep, sea green.


    Clothing: Dresses with poofy skirts, frill and bows. Thin, ebony tights. Beret type hats. Usually wears pale blue.

    Hobbies: Sewing/making clothes, cleaning, cooking, cross dressing.

    Likes: Ukes, sakura, the sky, blue, Italian food, cute things, house work.

    Dislikes: His brother, bullies, bugs/beetles, grey, being alone, fire.

    Mother, Lilian, alive- 15835-anime-paradise-blonde-hair-anime-girl_large.jpg
    Father, Benito, dead- [​IMG]
    Brother, Gianni, alive- [​IMG]

    Biography: Cyan was raised in Bologna, Italy. When he was younger he was inspired by the amazing food around him. When he was 2, his father died when one of the food shops caught fire. This made his 9 year old brother rebellious. Cyan got into cross dressing because his mother wanted a girl to dress up. She decided to just us Cyan instead when Gianni died.

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  20. Full Name: Ji Hyun Hwang

    Age: 16

    Birthday: April 16

    Year: Junior

    Group: Maestros

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: Korean

    Hair Color:

    Eye Color:
    Dark brown

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Clothing: At school, she often wears a plaid skirt with a chain, short sleeved buttondown with loose tie, converse and black knee high socks, finished with a grey Hollister jacket she always wears. Outside, she's found in skinny jeans and boots, a simple tee or sweater, and a jacket or cover up depending on the weather. Always wears a certian key on her whether it's on her necklace or bracelet.

    Hobbies: Going out for coffee, Playing the drums, Playing the drums while singing (even if she isn't the best singer)

    Likes: Coffee, All genres of music, Winter

    Dislikes: Studying, Cats, Sleeping without a candle

    Family: Both parents still in Korea, has no siblings, lives with cousin in Central City

    Biography: Ji Hyun was sent to the Central City at a young age because her parents were not rich enough to support a child. They have left her with a silver key, as a promise that they'll one day be together. She wears it every where she goes, no matter what the occasion is. She resides with her cousin who lives quite close to the academy. Her love of music was influenced by her cousin, for he once was in a band. Ji Hyun started to toy around with his drum sets as a child. Now she practices everyday for around an hour.