Riverdale High

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  1. IC - Here

    Hi Iwaku and welcome to Riverdale High, I haven't roleplayed for a while so I thought I'd come back with something simple for a while. For some reason or another, we've all been sent off to boarding school.

    Riverdale High


    "Dear Student,We are pleased to offer you a place at our highly esteemed boarding school Riverdale high, whether you are a completely new student or a returning face we hope we can facilitate your needs within one of our main buildings and if you seek help please find one of our lovely, professional staff members. They will be pleased to help you. We strive to achieve excellence here, not only in our student's academic success, but also their personal philosophies, and hope that we can help them to realize there true selves here, and perhaps more importantly, be themselves. It is with great satisfaction that I finish the introduction letter, please return the enclosed form as soon as possible, as places are currently limited. They will be given on a first come first server basis. Though just because you have been accepted, we hope you do not assume you cannot be kicked again due to refusal to match our level of academical expectancy here.
    Yours Sincerely,

    Principal Hotherward"

    Return Form (CS)

    Full name: You know, your characters name right?
    Age: 16-22
    Lessons Taken: Minimum 2, Max 4
    Likes and Dislikes: What do they like? And then the flip side
    Photo: Anime/Real are both fine.
    Personality/Bio: For the school's database, quick history.

    Example (Mine)

    Full name: Thomas Howard

    Age: 18

    Lessons Taken: English Literature, Media and Philosophy.

    Likes and Dislikes:
    Music, Socializing, reading, genuine people and Tennis.
    Ignorance, Racism, people without and open mind.


    Tom tends to be a serious person, easy to get along with, but not many friends, due to the fact he doesn't go out much, though that’s not to say he does not enjoy going out. Tom's parents split up when he was young, his father, owning a small farm out just outside of the town they lived, exported the goods he produced, and was rather successful. His mother was a nurse, who worked at the local hospital; rather ironically she died during childbirth.
    He was the youngest of his two siblings, one brother and one sister. His father had trouble bringing them up after the death of his wife, due to the emotional stress he was under. However he always taught them that their education was very important, though the death of his wife often caused him to have angry outbursts.


    The School grounds

    Main Building


    This is the main building of the school, it is where the majority of classes will take place. Inside you will find the canteen, various different shops to accommodate your needs, and the reception.


    The Dorms


    The school dorms are separated by sex. All of the male characters will be in one dorm, and all of the female characters will stay in another. The dorms themselves are identical.


    The Lake


    The lake is a scenic place to be, surrounded by a forest and some meadows; this is where many sporting activities take place, events too.


    Accepted Students


    Oblivionstem - Thomas Howard
    Kronas17 - Here
    KittyCatKai - Shoryuu Shirota Here


    Celestialis - Trinity Daniels Here
    Maxwell - Mary (Max) Frenzel Here
    Secluded inkling - Alayna Kleot Here

    As you can see, I have limited the places to four males and four females, because, even if that was full, with eight roleplayers that's still pretty large. Well I consider it to be anyway ^^
  2. reserved Male
  3. Well, I'll wait a while longer, though it looks like interest here is minimal.
  4. I wanna be a chick! I will get my CS up after school. Sound good?
    And don't lose hope! You only started this like.. a day ago -pats-
  5. If I may can I play a girl who wants to be a guy? Like the 'freak' of the school.
  6. I'd like to take a spot for a female as well. ^^
  7. Full name: Trinity Daniels


    Lessons Taken:
    Anatomy, History, English

    Likes and Dislikes:

    like-Photography, Music, Writing, Frogs, most people, rain
    dislikes-Liars, Cheats, Studying, Bugs, Hot weather

    HER (open)



    Trinity is a rather bubbly, outgoing person. Her parents had always forced her to be social so most situations that come up rarely phase her. Well, unless it comes around to a guy she likes. That's when she gets rather stammery, quiet, and awkward. Some guys find that cute, right? Anyway, not only did her parents force her to be social they also made her keep a good focus on school. If Trinity brought home a 'B' it was never "Good job!" it was always "It isn't an A". It only took so long until Trinity grew tired of hearing that and began to bring As home on the regular.

    This school may bring freedom to Trinity.. at least she hopes it will. She loves her parents dearly, but they put too much pressure on her. Honestly, she is rather excited to escape her home.
  8. (If needed she can be a he I don't mind)
    Mary (Max) Frenzel, (18)
    Classes; Anat-Physiology, Physics, Art, Always in band
    Likes nice people, her sketch pad, has a giant crush on a girl in her grade, prefers being called Max, her Saxophone, and learning about human anatomy
    She's shy, but once you know her she's really 'crazy'.
    Came from a poor house hold, and to save her folks money ran away and started on her own. Pays for bills through gigs, and her late night job at a all night cafe. The School doesn't mind her runaway cause her age. Can be quiet hyper, and the last thing you wanna do is give her caffeine.
    Also she's a very determined person, like getting that surgery to reduce her chest instead of binding, and with the bullying she's ready to just crack cause of how mean people can be to her.

    <a href="http://s1063.photobucket.com/albums/t517/MaryJFrenzel/?action=view&amp;current=when_you__re_gone____by_saturdayx_zps385f92d5.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1063.photobucket.com/albums/t517/MaryJFrenzel/when_you__re_gone____by_saturdayx_zps385f92d5.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  9. I've reserved spots for those who have asked :)
    And those who have made characters I have added them to the accepted characters list

    I guess I'm just too impatient >.<

    I love that idea, accepted.
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  12. Full Name:
    Alayna "Anya" Kléot


    Psychology, Art, Mythology, and Creative Writing

    Caramel, Pandas, Skateboarding, the Warmth
    Closed minded individuals, Bullies, the Dark

    She grew up in a well stable family who had many secrets. Both her parents often wen on business trips and came back with a "souvenir." Her parents grew apart after her younger brother passed when he was only 6. At that time, Anya was only 9. They often told her that her brother went to live with their grand parents. Yet, she knew better. Anya grew up lonely and even rebellious against anything authorities said. The parents stayed together for the money and the sake of their daughter.
    Anya decided to start getting into newer interests at age 13. With four years of practice, she was interested on the study of people. Their actions, beliefs, even their process of thought. Within these years, she also realized how attracted to both genders she was and how studying others creeped others out. Her parents enrolled her into a school where she could freely study the appropriate subjects and not have to worry about anything else.
    She is now 17. One of the youngest in her grade as others were already 18. Alayna is very open minded and very out spoken. With that said, she manages to be blunt at times, protective over under dogs, and all at the same time, social. Her personality often gets her in trouble with fighting but never low grades.

    Hair is short and dark brown; Eyes are light blue hue with grey around pupil; Skin tanned; 5 piercings total.
    (Top right ear, lobes, & snake bites)
  13. I'll add your character in later Sec, I'm off to College now. I wrote the op of the IC up in word last night, so we're just waiting for a few more male characters before it can go up.
  14. Can I make a male japanese "exchange student"?
  15. Yeah sure ^^
  16. Full name
    Shoryuu Shirota


    Lessons Taken
    History, English Lit, Chemistry

    Books, Soccer, Sketching, Cats, Bike rides

    Running, Being Late for classes, Olives, Allergies


    He doesn't socialize much due to the fact that he prefers focusing on his studies. Back in japan he only had a few friends because of this but he hopes to somehow remedy that now that he's in America...at least that's if the curriculum won't be so heavy.

    While he does know how to start conversations and interact, he finds it hard to do so especially now that he's in a country that is completely different than his. He comes off as shy to most people and even if he speaks nearly perfect English (his parents taught him and they often speak it at home) he becomes hesitant when trying to talk to someone outside classes in fear of being misunderstood/made fun off. That idea, of course, came from his research about American schools just before he left home.

    Shoryuu is an exchange student from Japan. In his home country he is at the top of the class which earned him a right to apply for an exchange program with Riverdale High that was eventually approved. His family had been proud and they had said that it would be a great honor and advantage if he pushed through with it. With that in mind, he packed his bags and left during the time of the program.

    As soon as he arrived in America and at the 'host home' that he was placed in, he had a hard time adjusting. Things were very different compared to where he had come from. Not to mention the fact that the personalities of people in general was greatly different than what he was used to. Slowly, it sunk in that there was more to this program other than just fulfilling academic requirements. Back home it was fine if he didn't socialize much and just stick to your guns (i.e. his studies) but here it was taken a notch higher as he realized that you won't really survive if you just kept to yourself. Armed with this, he decided to interact a bit more with his fellow students and hopefully gain a few friends before he went back home.

    After all, it's all part of the learning process.​
  17. Added ^^ Perhaps one more male character before I start, though I night just put it up tonight regardless
  18. Name: Elijah Hallows
    Age: 17
    Classes: History, Psychology, Mythology
    Likes: Swimming, Boxing, The cold, Basketball, Boarding
    Dislikes: Rude people, Teachers( certain), To many rules, Being lectured
    Personality: Elijah is some what a trouble maker, he gets into alot of fights and altercations due to his anger problems. At times he can be a class clown and joke around with his friends and other times he can be unpredictable and do something stupid.
    Bio: Elijah grew up in a tough family. His father was a military man and his mother was a lawyer. Everything he wanted was handed to him but he never had a close relationship with his parents. Being that he was the youngest son out of three older brothers which the oldest is in the marines, the second oldest is a boxer and then it was him, they treat him like a child which he hates. Having his unique intrest and multiple talents his parents put him in a school that would help him enhance those talents.
  19. Okay :) I'll put the IC up soon, hopefully before I fall asleep though no promises