Rivals, Throw-downs and... Romance?

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  1. Sapphire Lucile Drake, best known as the Silver Hawk, sat boredly in her room, a modest dark blue dress pooled elegantly around her figure. Err.. It wasn't exactly a 'room', per se. More of a.. Well, an escape. It was a small cottage-looking place, tucked safely in the vast, open countryside. After all.. Who would ever expect a mastermind fiend to hide out here? Nobody.

    So, the young woman laid on the floor, fingers tapping absently on the hard wood floor. Actually, it was Mahogany; Sapphire wouldn't take anything but the best. After all.. She was a mercenary. She had loads of money. So, as ratty and run-down as the building looked from the outside, it was actually well-furnished and shining on the inside. And boy, was that place decked out.. For a blind woman, Sapphire certainly had quite a few useless things around the place. There was a flat-screen tv, a laptop and a desktop, countless decorations, a number of police radios, not even mentioning all of the random decor and truly useful items she possessed.

    Humming softly, she sprung to her feet, brushing herself off after doing so. Quietly, she fumbled for a small, black remote, pressing a small button on the side. This turned on the tv, which was set on a local news station. Silently, she listened to the reporters drone on, groaning softly after a moment. "Boring!" she exclaimed, flipping stations. "What a shame.. Nothing exciting going on, I suppose," she mused, sighing heavily. She turned the TV back off, and flinched when the Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris" started blaring loudly from seemingly nowhere. Mere seconds later, a wide grin crept onto his features, settling there firmly.

    With the simple click of a button on the Bluetooth on her ear, she had a new contract stepping up to the plate. "Hello? Yeah, this is Bald Eagle. Have you any cinnamon?" she answered, pale eyes staring blankly at nothing. This was how she always answered her calls; though, the code name and password always changed. Otherwise, there was always a risk of someone piecing it together, who she was.. She even took the precautions of getting a new phone on a regular basis.

    After a bit of odd questioning, Sapphire hung up, throwing the cell at the wall and causing the screen to shatter. Humming, she pulled open a secret hatch in the floor that led to her cellar. It was old, sure, but it was kept clean, just like the rest of her house. There was her 'maid'- a young woman that she'd saved the life of -that kept her house clean for free, considering her debt. Sure, sure.. Sapphire hadn't meant to save her, but she had. The woman's boyfriend had been Sapphire's newest contract a couple years ago, and when Sapphire had gone in for the kill she stumbled upon the man beating the girl. To which, she promptly gave a lucky shot. She'd almost put the bullet through the girl, but had somehow managed to hit her intentional target. Sure, the girl hadn't been exactly 'thankful'.. But Sapphire had managed to talk her into caring for her home, after insisting she had 'saved her life'.

    Bare feet finally touching down on the cold, cement floor, Sapphire glanced around. Of course, this did her almost no good, considering no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't see anything. But she didn't need to; she had the entirety of this house memorized. She'd lived here longer than she could remember, and this life was all she really knew. Besides: this part of the house was the part she knew best!

    The weapons storage.

    The walls of the cellar were coated with weapons of all kinds, ranging from basic melees to advanced firearms. Good money spent well. Rubbing her hands together, she walked along the wall, seeming to contemplate which weapon to use. There were so many to chose from.. Sighing, she simply grabbed her flamethrower and tactical knife set. Burning would be a nice, uncommon choice.

    Smiling and tossing the chosen weapons into her tactical backpack, Sapphire wandered back over to the stairs, which she scaled on all fours. It was much easier for her that way, really. After she had climbed to the main floor, she latched and covered the hatch to the cellar, before wandering to her desktop. There, she plopped into the chair and engaged Dragon Naturally Speaking. "Activate inbox, Dragon," she ordered, tapping her fingers impatiently. "Five new messages." New messages, huh?

    She smiled. "Close tabs," she commanded. Automatically, her computer closed her email inbox. With that, only her dating site was left open. "New Document," she ordered again, before her computer started up a document at her command. "Hello, Zachary. It's Silvia. Just thought I'd check in to see how things are on your end. Best of wishes! Sincerely, LD." As with everything else, Sapphire used a false identity on this site. It wouldn't do for her to have her identity revealed.

  2. Zach stared at his many screens trying to find something on any of them to entertain him. Playing two games at the same time was already getting old. He leaned back in his worn out chair and stretched. He took a bite out of a an old, cold piece of a slice of pizza hawai before tossing it on a pile of.. cash. His appartment, which was in the middle of a decently sized city, was littered with piles of money. Green piles from wall to wall. He enjoyed playing games and eating unhealthy food which cost nothing compared to how much money he made, or rather could make if he wanted. He had stopped trying quite some time ago.

    Scratching a few crumbs off his cheek he turne towards a monitor displaying a message from a rather interesting girl he had met online. Interesting like a game is what he meant. Social interactions were like little plays to him. Testing to see who responded how to what things he said, thats how he saw nearly every interaction. And here again someone was just trying to make small talk to alleviate some boredom from her excessively simple life.

    "Pretty good, though i'm starting to get rather sick of one of my funest hobbies though. I need something to do. What about you? What are you up to?" Zach sighed as nothing seemed to really keep him busy. The bags under his eyes signified he found that sleep was something for the weak. It was becoming somewhat of a problem, he needed constant stimulation from his surroundings and he needed something to keep him busy, soon.

    Something he should keep busy with was at least attempting to prevent patches of mold appearing on his walls, piles of money and stacks of pizza boxes. He was lucky to have found a landlord who would look the other way as long as a bit of green was sent his way. Though anyone with some common sense would know that living like that wasnt healthy for anyone. Occasionally an old lady would come to pick up clothes to take to the laundrette. Except for those two Zach had no in-person human interactions.
  3. A small beep emitted from the laptop, and Sapphire engaged her text-to-speech tool once more. Quietly, she listened to the message, smirking slightly. So, she wasn't the only bored one? What a surprise. Then again, this male(assuming he wasn't a poser whom was actually female) seemed to match her intellect, as well as her difficult-to-please nature.

    Slender fingers tapping her desk quietly, Sapphire gave herself a moment to formulate a response, his message on repeat in her mind. What was she up to? Plotting, of course. Though, Zach didn't need to know that. After a moment more of silence, Sapphire finally spoke again. "Sorry to hear that. Mayhaps you should try something new to draw entertainment from? As for myself, I fare well, mostly. Albeit, I've grown a bit bored here, myself. However, nothing that would cause my well boding to falter. And what I've been up to has been a vast variety of activities. Mostly, entertaining myself with a series of games." Psychological ones, of course.

    After this, Sapphire hit enter, sending the message on a technological adventure to find it's way to Zach's inbox. Surprisingly, she decided to wait a bit longer to set off on her contract; may as well attempt to entertain herself a bit, first.
  4. Zach alt+tabbed to the screen displaying the message he recieved. "So she's a gamer too, huh" He spoke to himself. "Might i ask what games you're engaged in at the moment? And as for my own entertainment if there'sa game we both play i'd love to plant my foot on your behind." Perhaps she could suffice for some simple entertainment.

    He was planning on making some people do his bidding. How he did not know yet. Zach wasnt one to physically force people to do anything. He preferred trickery and most prominently, subconscious influence. But this time he had something completely diffrent in mind. Across from his appartment there was a store. One with a cafe attached to it and lately it had grown in popularity. Something had to be done about it.

    "There's some noisy store outside and i think i'm going to go crazy if this doesnt end soon." Was his last addition to his message before he sent it to his hopefully new source of entertainment.
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