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  1. ~Greetings from another dimension~
    ~I come in peace~

    If you haven't been scared away yet by my weird aura, I commend you!

    Anyways, on to what you came here for!

    So for this roleplay I am looking for someone who is literate, and posts at least 3+ paragraphs (more or less is fine, as long as it relatively stays at that length) and I'm also looking for someone who doesn't mind if I don't reply everyday, because my life is busy owo. For the final request, I am also looking for someone who doesn't want to rush right into the romance. Yes, I do plan for smut to be involved, but much later. So if you value plot over smut, this is the right place for you ^-^

    Now, the plot revolves around the title "rivalry is a beautiful thing" and here is the plot:

    ~Rivalry is a Beautiful Thing~

    Muse A and Muse B were best friends at childhood. Theirs ideas and imagination always taking them wondrous places. They were both convinced that their ideas could change the world. When they both hit highschool, their relationship started to crack. The time to choose what you wanted to do with your life was soon approaching. Then, Muse A invents something that could very well change the world (we can decide this in-roleplay, whatever the thing is) Despite their somewhat rocky relationship, Muse A gives Muse B a chance to join him and continue to improve this revolutionary item. Muse B declines the offer angrily, telling Muse A that the invention would never take. Some time later, Muse A's invention does succeed, and he quickly makes a lot of money off of it. Muse B, however, who had spent all her time developing products that never worked instead of going to class, was now jobless and homeless. One day Muse A drives past Muse B on a street corner. Since Muse A was still sour from Muse B declining to join him years before, he laughs and offers Muse A a job cleaning his house. To his surprise, Muse B, once so prideful, accepts the diminishing offer. This is where our story will begin.

    One: This role-play can either be MalexMale or MalexFemale, either way Mus A will be male.
    Two: I'd prefer if both Muse A and Muse B had rather fiery and dominant personalities.
    Three: I'd like to play Muse B, but if you absolutely cannot play Muse A for whatever reason, I will play Muse A.
    Four: Like I said up top, I'd prefer if their relationship didn't develop too quickly. As they both are bitter with each other for separate reasons.

    I also have a rather messed up Role Play idea that I've been searching for a long term partner for. I had a few, but they bailed on me without a message after like three posts ;-; This plot is Female x Male only, and you'd have to be okay with both Rape and Abuse, some major turn-offs for most people.

    Well, if you stuck around this far after the warning, let me not stall any longer and delve right into the plot!

    ~The Gentleman~

    Muse B had always been a wealthy, kind and caring man, although there was something more sinister behind his mask. Muse A was the girl who took his mask off, revealing the ugly character beneath, although even she didn't know it yet. Muse A is 18, living in the bad part of town. She had always been careful, but when her only living relative, her father, overdoes on drugs, Muse A goes out and gets drunk at a party. Muse B had become enthralled with Muse A. Her fiery, yet cold personality enthralled him, and her beauty was beyond compare. Muse B could no longer wait to have her, and so he drugs her drink and abducts her at the party. Muse B takes Muse A home to his rather large house, already equipped with many things to make sure Muse A couldn't escape. Muse B unclothes her, ties her up, and leaves her in a sound-proof cell underground, planning to have an official greeting party later.

    One: I'd like to play Muse A
    Two: Muse B is kind and wants Muse A to love him, but he's also sadistic, twisted, and highly impatient. I'm looking for someone who can portray both sides of him.
    Three: Again, I'd like a fairly literate Role Player who posts around 3+ Paragraphs at most times.
    Four: If you're very serious about doing this roleplay, but absolutely can not, for whatever reason, play Muse B, then I will attempt to play Muse B myself. owo
    Five: If you do play Muse A, know that I do intend romance to develop between the two, no matter how messed up that might seem. However, I am in no way looking for this part to develop quickly at all.

    If you are interested in either of these plots, please PM me so we can discuss it in further detail ^-^
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