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    Atanwan, the White Isle, the City of All Souls, is the largest and most famous city in the world. There scholars, artists, warriors, merchants and politicians gather to exchange everything from ideas to gold. It is also the only city-state that does not owe allegiance to another power, and has managed to remain neutral for nearly 1000 years.
    Every fifty years Atanwan stands as host to the Ritual Reconciliation. Every leader in the known world sends one son or daughter to be married to the child of another leader. These marriages are determined and agreed upon decades in advance, and cannot be changed; they often serve as marriage in form only, not in function. Second and third children are preferred over direct Heirs, as not all marriages result in children. The Reconciled must live in together in Atanwan for one year and one day prior to the mass wedding ceremony of the Ritual.
    The Year of Reconciliation is upon the land and royal entourages from kingdoms far and wide pour into Atanwan in preparation of the Ritual. The year will be a busy one, as merchants and pilgrims descend upon the city to celebrate. Global politics will be played out in a single city, while nations turn their eyes from war and peace to power, remembrance and Reconciliation.


    A Brief History

    Show Spoiler

    Note: PR = Pre-Reconciliation and is like BC (the larger the number, the further back in time it is). ER = Era of Reconciliation is like AD (the larger the number, the longer it has been since Reconciliation). The official year is 948 ER, but it will be 949 in a few days time.

    Nearly fifteen hundred years ago, around 539 PR, the island nation of Atanwan attacked the Southeastern continent, and conquered all nations there in (496 PR). For fully one hundred years, the Empire solidified its grip on that continent. Then, the Empire moved upon the Southwestern continent (396 PR); for seventy-three years the armies struggled and fought, the rebels vainly fighting a war that was lost (423 PR). Again, the Empire held and waited.
    In the year of 300 PR, the Empire of Atanwan, led by the God-King, moved upon the Northern continent. The westernmost nation (2) fell first, although it fought for nearly two decades. The center nations continued to fight, even on two sides. Eventually, the easternmost nation (4) fell, betrayed from within (263 PR). Still, the two center nations fought, holding off the almighty Empire, and the man they called the Demon King of Atanwan.
    Pohoni (1), a nation long despised by its neighbors, for its extremists mindset and preference for isolation and conflict over friendly trade, saw that there was no way to survive the war as it was. They sent messages, ambassadors, to every conquered people, to the small rebel forces which had lasted centuries. The nations, defeated and broken, staggered from their rest and joined with each other.
    The Empire of Atanwan, which had conquered nearly all of the known world, was broken in 207 PR.
    But the war was not over. The nations no longer had defining borders, and once the alliance was no longer necessary, many leaders took it upon themselves to carve out new domains. Another two hundred years of warfare followed, in which the already devastated nations turned upon each other. The land, and the people, were desolated.
    Eventually, from the shattered island nation came a voice, calling for peace (9 PR). Ambassadors from all lands descended upon what had once been the capital of their conquerors and enemies. Over the next several years a treaty was worked out between the lands. This treaty marked the official national borders of the nations, borders which have changed little since. The accord also created a special ceremony, conducted every fifty years, to mark and remember the empire, the war, and what came after. Most of all, this ceremony was designed to commemorate the time when all nations fought as one against a common foe.
    The Ritual of Reconciliation is the only thing maintaining peace between the nations. Without it, minor wars and frequent border skirmishes might become something more; perhaps even another Empire. In the year 948 ER, the ritual is near. Its successful completion will once again confirm the Treaty of Atanwan, and the tentative peace it created.
    The Ritual takes place the day after the new year of 950 ER. As such New Year Day 949 ER marks the beginning of the Year of Reconciliation.

    World Info

    Show Spoiler

    Magic is rare in this world. This rarity makes magical abilities a great boon to any nation’s power base. As such, mages are often recruited while young, trained at the nation’s capital, and kept close to the capital for the rest of their lives. They are almost never allowed to travel abroad.
    Unlike most kinds of knowledge, magic is not studied or discussed at the Great University of Atanwan. Members of different nations do not discuss magic with foreigners. It is unknown if magic works the same in all countries. Even the Empire of Atanwan was unable to discover a great deal about the magic users of its conquered nations.
    There are no sentient non-human races. However, there are some ‘magical’ creatures, such as griffins. There are no dragons, but there are dragon kin, lizard like relatives of the extinct dragons. These creatures rarely have special magical abilities, and are mostly just strangely shaped beasts, as ordinary as lions or elephants.
    While the current level of technology varies slightly from nation to nation, the known world is mostly on the same page. Machines made of gears and crystals (powered by either raw lightning or direct sunlight), called crysger, are a recent invention, mostly appearing about two decades ago. They are still considered novelties, and do not fulfill many functions. They are expensive, hard to make and easy to break. Most technology is basic pre-Industrial Revolution. No steam power, no gas or electric. Horses, plows, ect. There are printing presses, but only in about three places across the world.
    Despite the Treaty of Reconciliation, there is still war throughout the known world. Most wars are short, brutal and result in little or no change in borders. They often result after insults given, or in a failed attempt to intimidate and force action upon a neighboring nation. While it is possible that nations are at war, these wars would be called into truce for the year of Reconciliation, which is the year and day before the the 950 ER Ritual ceremony.

    Every nation has its own language, and some nations have several dialects. This is because the ten nations that currently exists are not the same nations that existed prior to the Great War, and languages die hard. However, the most common language, spoken by traders, travelers, politicians, and soldiers (among others) is the language of Atanwan, which was used extensively during the Great War and was just picked up by most nations since then. The language is now called the Trade Tongue.
    While most nations developed their own calender prior to the Great War, the spread of the Empire once again such things outdated and unnecessary. Religious celebrations are still marked via original calendars; however, official documents often use the Atanwan calendar, as other nations are more familiar with it.
    Every day is 24 hours long (same as our day). There are 10 days in every week, and 3 weeks in a month. There are 12 months in a year. The first month starts with the New Year Day's celebration, which takes place in the middle of Atanwan's coldest season, and they go from there. The months are as follows:
    Tokko || Lama || Sadii || Afur || Shan || Jala || Torba || Saddet || Sagal || Kudhan || Ebar || Toban
    The date is written in the following format: 17 of Tokka in 949 ER. (The "of" and "in" are always written out in the date, no 17/1/949 or 17 Tokka, 949 formats.)
    Important Dates
    Ceremony of Investiture: 1 of Tokka in 949 ER
    Ritual of Reconciliation: 2 of Tokka in 950 ER
    Falconwing has provided a calendar for those who might wish to view one.


    Show Spoiler

    The story will take place primarily in the city of Atanwan, the largest city and once capital of the Empire.

    The City of Atanwan
    Atanwan is divided into tiers. The first tier hosts the Palace, the Library, the University, the Arena, the Heart and the Bearing Woods. The second tier contains the mansions of the wealthy and powerful. The third tier is where most of the middle class, artisans, scholars, scribes and the like live. It also is home to many members of the Guard, lower ranked officials and the more expensive, popular inns and taverns. The fourth tier is entirely commercial, from four star to two star taverns and inns, to custom shops and novelties. The fifth tier is the Bazaar. Outside the city walls, at sea level, is the Poor Quarter. The fifth tier is two floors above sea level; each additional tier is one or two floors higher.
    Gazing down upon Atanwan from the first tier, where a natural cliff overlooks the northern sea, is the Palace of Pearls. On the western bank is the Library of Anox-Emon and the Great University. On the eastern bank stands the Tearful Heart, the artist’s paradise, and the Arena of Glory, where the bravest and best of all warriors test their skill against each other.
    The Unending Bazaar (tier 5) takes up a large portion of the southern city, and must be safely navigated before travelers can enter the city proper.
    Other locations of note include the city parks, such as the Catacomb Gardens or the The Bearing Woods; the residential neighborhoods, particularly the mansions of the wealthy and the sprawling firetrap of the Poor Quarter; and the maze of streets adorned with artists’ scrawl on every wall, and statues at every turn.

    Locations of Note in Atanwan
    Palace of Pearls - Once the home of the God-King, the palace now hosts the children and ambassadors of all ten nations, in addition to the offices and home of the Lord or Lady Steward. The palace is the location of the Ritual of Reconciliation.

    The Library of Anox-Emon - Founded almost a century before the Empire began to expand, the library is the largest, most comprehensive collection of knowledge and literature in the entire world. One part of the Treaty of Reconciliation established that all nations must equally contribute to this library, sending copies of their manuscripts to be added to the archives.

    The Great University - Since all knowledge was right next door, this small university has grown to be the most prestigious place of higher education. Although it does not teach magic, it teaches everything else. Scholars and students from around the world come to Atanwan to enjoy both the Library and the University.

    The Heart of Tears - It is said that the first Emperor’s queen was sent as tribute wife from a smaller island. She was a great and passionate artist, but hated her husband and his dreams of conquest. In order to convince his wife to do her duty and bear him an heir, the emperor was forced to build her a special place away from the palace, away from the prison like suite where she was kept. This gift became known as the Heart of Tears, for it is said that the Queen wept deep in her heart, for even though she seemed free, she knew she was still a slave. Artists from around the world come to honor her memory, and to create their own masterpieces. Murals, sculptures, statues, and other pieces of art work litter the city. Most are created in the Heart. Wealthy patrons throng to the Heart four times a year, looking for new undiscovered artists to sponsor.

    The Arena of Glory - Once, this arena stood as training ground for the Empire’s greatest warriors, feared across the land. Now, it serves as a challenge field for the world’s greatest warriors. With war fought by common soldiers, the carefully trained children of generals and kings must find new ways to prove themselves. Every year, the Arena hosts a minor Game. Every five years, the Arena hosts the Tournament of Kings, the prize for which is mere bragging rights. The Arena also hosts a few duels throughout the year. Primarily, however, it is a place for warriors to train and practice against other warriors.

    The Unending Bazaar - Founded when the city stood as the center of an Empire, the Bazaar is a much depleted thing. There are entire sections of it which are empty. Still, trade is not entirely dead, and much that is available elsewhere in the world can be found in the Bazaar. The entire lower tier of the city is taken up by the Bazaar, its shops, booths and warehouses.

    The Bearing Woods - Located directly across from the palace, this unnatural orchard contains most known fruit trees. Thanks to the extravagance of previous emperors, and some science, the trees, regardless of their natural season, almost always carry fruit. In addition to trees, the woods has some glass houses, fountains, and walking paths. It is often used for riding or picnics.

    The Catacomb Gardens - Since the city is built above sea level, there is space below the streets. Careful and clever openings throughout the city allow light to enter this subterranean area. Centuries of hard work, a little secret magic, and a strange, exotic garden took root. The further back one travels, the more strange the plants become. Eventually, the Gardens open onto the beach through a few large (artificial) cave openings. The entrance to the Catacombs is somewhere in the Bazaar.

    The Poor Quarter - Not part of the planned city, this quarter is outside the city walls and is built at sea level. It is prone to flooding. It also seems to be where all the grime and slime from the city gathers, be it humankind or sewer filth. The poor quarter has several inns and taverns, a few shops, and some factories. Generally, those who live here are fisherman, itinerant sailors out of work, poor laborers, or criminals cast out from the city.

    Other - There are many parks and gardens throughout the city. A few clubhouses also exist, special eating houses and taverns where only members may dine. There are training dojos for warriors who wish to learn new styles of combat or prepare for the Tournament and Games. Anything else a normal, olden day city might have, odds are Atanwan has.

    The World Climate Map The large brown area is Atanwan.
    The City of Atanwan Green is gardens or forests. The two green dots on Tier 5 are entrances to the Catacomb Gardens. Gold is road. Tier one details are sketchy, ignore that.

    First Tier of Atanwan:
    || Palace || Library || University || Heart || Arena ||
    Maps are not to scale, but are mere rough indicators of general placement/location.

    Rules and Regs
    Show Spoiler
    Rules of Play
    1. Roleplayers may play citizens of Atanwan, members of a Reconciled entourage, or a Reconciled.
    2. Each roleplayer may only play one (1) of the Reconciled.
    3. Players may have up to three (3) profile characters at the start, up to 10 named side characters, and may play any of the NPCs when needed. A side character is a named character, who speaks and interacts with other characters, but is primarily a hanger on/extension of a profile character (a character with a full profile); side characters are not allowed their own posts, but can take up some of the POV in a profile character's post.
    4. Each Reconciled is engaged to another Reconciled. The pairings will be announced In Game after all spots have been taken.
    5. In addition, each Reconciled is required to develop a relationship with another Reconciled (be it secret lovers, best friends, enemies, political alliance, whatever). Unlike the pairings, these relationships are not reciprocal (which means A might have to develop a relationship with F, but F might have to develop a relationship with C,…and so on). All pairings and relationships are predetermined and will be announced later.
    6. No killing other people’s characters without their permission and my approval.
    7. Characters must be human. Reconciled must be between the ages of 15 and 30. Other characters should be between the ages of 15 and 50.

    1. No one-liners or chat speak. Post length - 1 paragraph minimum; 2-4 paragraphs optimum; 10+ paragraph acceptable occasionally.
    2. Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation is highly appreciated. Lack thereof will result in you being removed from the roleplay. Occasional typos are, of course, understandable and acceptable. However, please do try to take the time to proof read all posts.
    3. This RP is rated PG-13. This means no smut, no gratuitous violence, and no extensive obscene language. Some kissing IC, or a fist fight, or a few curse words, this is fine. But keep it limited. ((Of course, if you come up with your own curses, go ahead and use those.))
    4. Posts should not be formatted in such a way that they are full bold, full underline or full italics. Additionally, font size should not go below the standard, and would be best as slightly bigger. Do not use full color posts, and try not to use colors that are too dark or too bright.

    Rules are subject to change. The GM’s word is law.

    Available Characters
    The following characters are the center of the RP. The character does not have to be a prince or princess, if the nation has a non-monarchial system of government; however, the person must be the child of the current leader of the country. Players may only take one character from the list below; in addition to creating the character, they must develop the nation and name it. More on this elsewhere.

    Nation 1 (Pohoni) Reconciled: Taken
    Nation 2 (Vulfuhre) Reconciled: Taken
    Nation 3 (Ester) Reconciled: Taken
    Nation 4 (Targessa) Reconciled: Taken
    Nation 5 (Asiluppe) Reconciled: Taken
    Nation 6 (Reinkuni) Reconciled: Taken
    Nation 7 (Name here) Reconciled: Reserved
    Nation 8 (Barrenshore) Reconciled: Taken
    Nation 9 (Alendres) Reconciled: Reserved
    Nation 10 (Winterhual) Reconciled: Reserved

    Lord/Lady Steward of Atanwan [Taken]
    Main Villain - (Not obviously a bad guy) [Taken]
    Heir of Atanwan (between one and three of them, PM Mura before making or reserving) [Available]
    Secondary Villain (right hand and trusted aid of the main villain; also not an obvious bad guy) - [Available]
    Other officials, members of the guard, servants, scholars, artists, warriors, merchants or common citizens. (Captain of the Guard(s), Men/Women trying for the Tournament of Kings, Scholars and Professors at the Great University, Artists/Performers training or teaching at the Heart, or looking for a Patron, ect) [Available]

    Other Nations:
    You may play a character from nations other than Atanwan. However, if the character is not from the nation associated with your Reconciled, you have to talk to the person who created the nation before creating the character.

    Character & Nation Sheet
    Show Spoiler
    Please post your completed character skeleton in the OOC/Sign-Up/Discussion thread. (That’s this one.) If there are any revisions I would like to see, I will let you know, and you can just edit your post. Once a profile is accepted, I will link to that post from the post following this one. This will make it easier to find people’s profiles for reference. Also, please try to format your profile to look pretty. How you do that is up to you. However, please make sure to put everything other than “Basic info” in spoilers.

    In addition, if you play a Reconciled, please take a moment to think up basic information on the nation, including a name and its style of government. This information should be put in a spoiler below your profile, or in another post entirely. You may add as much extra information as you wish, or you may keep it simple. [Only nations 1 and 3 avoided imperial conquest.]


    Show Spoiler
    Basic Info
    Sexual Orientation:
    Height: (ft’in” // cm)

    Show Spoiler
    Appearance: (a physical description is required in addition to any images. Images should be posted as links not as imbedded pictures.)

    Family/Friends: (who make up this person’s social circle back home? how do they fit into their family?)

    Skills/Abilities/Training: (what can your character do?)

    Interests: (list hobbies, likes and dislikes, stuff like that.)

    Official title(s): (example: Prince Tertiary of Atanwan or something. Reconciled of [Insert nation name] is an official tile, btw.)

    In Depth



    Show Spoiler
    Nation Number and Name:

    System of Government:

    Basic terrain and weather: (lots of mountains, marshes? Hard winters, no winters? Be realisticish).

    Notable and Interesting Facts: (historical or current).

    Anything Else?:(put that here)
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  2. Reserved for accepted characters, further information and news/updates.

    Character Profiles (open)

    Reconciled (open)
    (N1) Pohoni Reconciled: Lavanya Maellan Einar
    (N2) Vulfuhre Reconciled: Saori Avalon
    (N3) Ester Reconciled: Kazdan Myr
    (N4) Targessa Reconciled: Naiya Eleandelus Zoryan
    (N5) Asiluppe Reconciled: Mystisa Kahiya
    (N6) Reinkuin Reconciled: Akishino Oujin
    Nation 7 (Name here) Reconciled: Available
    (N8) Barrenshore Reconciled: Ravia ni Latakan
    (N9) Alendres Reconciled: Tanderin Efabdura
    (N10) Winterhual Reconciled: Aldrich Vonstrogen

    Ambassador or Entourage (open)

    Titus Julius Felix (Entourage of Oujin)

    Atanwan (open)

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  3. Lavanya: Reconciled of Pohoni

    Basic Info
    Name: Lavanya Maellan Einar​
    Age: 23​
    Gender: Female​
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual​
    Height: 5'7" // 170cm​
    Birthday: 27 of Sagal in 925 ER ​

    Combat exists without war, and warriors exist without combat.

    Show Spoiler

    Appearance: Like all Pohoni, Lavanya has dark olive skin. Her hair, cut to mid back and always tied up out of the way, is a dark brown with red highlights visible only in direct sunlight. Her eyes, which are usually the only part of her that is visible, are a rich, vibrant brown. She mostly wears the uniform of a soldier of Pohoni, which consists of loose brown pants, tight below the knees below the shin guards, a white silk poet's shirt, a brown leather vest (which can also be leather and metal plate armor), arm guards from wrist to elbow, and a hood with face mask, leaving only a thing slit around her eyes. When she does remove the hood, the Marks of Lowani that cover her entire left side become visible. Picture References Marks of Lowani 1 (also hair color) || Marks of Lowani 2 || Skin Color || General attitudeish

    Family/Friends: Lavanya's mother is the current High Lady of Pohoni, a position she attained when Lavanya was only two years old. Lavanya is the youngest of seven children, and one of five girls. Her eldest sister is Heir of House Einar, and her mother's right hand, while her eldest brother (her mother's second child), is a priest of the Einar god. All her other siblings are commanders and officers in the military. While she claims no father, her mother's long time friend, confidant and lover, the head archivist of the Pohoni records library, is the most probably candidate. Of her siblings, Lavanya only truly gets along with her eldest brother.

    Skills/Abilities/Training: Officially started training at ten; actually started training around the time she learned to walk. Her combat training included the use of a long sword, dual short swords, a bow and arrow, a pole arm (a spear like weapon) and numerous styles of hand to hand combat. She also has experience with the training and care of a drakit, a dragon kin creature that is something like a lizard horse.

    Interests: From an early age, Lavanya was fascinated by the concepts of morality and honor. She enjoys good and honest combat, but abhors war on basic principle. She does not like to ride horses, on account that they are (in her eyes) inferior to drakit. However, she does like to go on walks, either in dangerous places (like the top of a cliff), or in quiet places (like the deep and hidden parts of a forest).

    Official title(s): Lowani; Lowani Daughter of Einar; Honored of Einar; Reconciled of Pohoni;

    In Depth
    Personality: Naturally quiet, serious and contemplative, Lavanya is often accused of brooding. Her uncompromising honor code may lead some to call her arrogant and holier-than thou. A love of combat and physical exercise has led some to call her violent and competitive. Few would consider her to have any scholarly or artistic pursuits, although Lavanya herself considers herself an artist. In truth, she is highly educated, compassionate and lively, and only fond of combat because it reconfirms life. Only those who take the time to get close to her will ever hear her laugh.

    Biography: Lavanya's mother had no real use for her youngest child. As such, Lavanya was not pushed into any life path, and was allowed to choose her own fate, to an extent. Like many children of the House Einar, she choose combat and the life of a warrior. She started training in hand to hand and basic weapons very young, and graduated to formal training at the military academy when she was ten. This training lasted for four years, and included survival exercises throughout various times of the year.

    When she was 12, and still in training, the Council of Peers met to review the treaty, signed by the second High Lady before Lavanya's mother assumed the role. It was discovered at that meeting that the youngest living child of the High Lady was to be sent as Reconciled. This meant Lavanya, free for the first decade of her life, now had a very specific purpose in life - to marry a foreigner and reconfirm peace between her land and the other nations of the world.

    She was allowed to finish her training, and spend six years in military service. She took part in border skirmishes, and even led a few raids. However, she was denied any official command position, and forbidden from serving with the same unit for any length of time. The fewer ties she had to Pohoni, the easier it would be for her to leave.

    When she was twenty, she was recalled from active service. Her next stage of training began; she learned to speak the trade tongue with passing fluency, learned the names of each nation and a few basic facts about each land, and learned a great deal about Atanwan, the history of the Ritual, and what was expected of her. Rather than wait for the official invite, as soon as her training was complete Lavanya left home and traveled to Atanwan, where she has lived for the last year.

    Extra/other: ?
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  4. Can I make my character an asshole? Lol. For some reason this RP makes me want to create a character that is a complete, selfish jerk. It seems like it would be fun being a douchebag at first and then hopefully by the end of the RP having him learn and grow and become a better individual.

    Quick question also on form of the RP:
    How exactly will this work? Will we be able to play other players' characters for them? Or will they not only respond to that relationship but also try to develop their own?

    I would also like to reserve Nation 3, if possible.
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  5. Fatal - Yes, douchbags are acceptable. As long as you are willing to have the other characters hate their guts.

    The second relationship will work like this. Character A has, lets say, been randomly paired with character C. Character C, on the other hand, is randomly paired with character F. A has to develop a relationship with character C, but character C has no obligation to develop that relationship or make it easy/fun. So Character A can spend half the time trying to talk to character C, who say, doesn't like Character A and so ignores A. Or C could go along with A. The best way to make it work is to contact the person playing the character you have to develop a relationship with, and ask them what they think might work best. I will not be posting the second relationship requirements in the OOC thread, I will just be Pming them. So you could also just try to play out the relationship IC, without the other player knowing about it.

    But no, you will not play other people's characters or anything. You just have to have your character interact, in game, with a character other than the person they are engaged to. I don't want this to be an rp which looks like 5 1x1s tossed into the same thread. I want characters to interact with as many other characters as possible. Form alliances, fall in love with people they aren't going to marry, work against each other or for each other, or just fall in and become friends with a complete stranger from a foreign country. Fun stuff.

    And okays, you can reserve nation 3.
  6. No. 6 Reinkuni, LightSteelBlue
    Reinkuni (open)

    System of Government:
    Precarious balance between a constitutional monarchy and a Kratocracy.

    Basic terrain and weather:
    Primarily mountainous terrain that slopes into hills and a plain by the sea. Most of the shore is covered in cliffs and rocky areas with a fortified port city (Misuto) to guard its one accessible shore. The capitol is located in the heart of the mountains. It rains most of the year with freezing cold wet snowy winters and humid summers. The ground is very fertile allowing for a variety of crops.

    Notable and Interesting Facts:
    Surrounded on three sides by the sea, and on one by mountains, Reinkuni is a highly defensible country and thus has been able to stay out of a great many of the world’s conflicts. However, they have suffered three separate civil wars, with the imperial family managing to regain control each time. The last time the war ended with an agreement made between the Imperial family and the rebel troops, approximately 250 years ago. It was decided the Imperial family would maintain control of the nation provided they followed a constitution drafted by the others. In accordance with the constitution the guard and armies of the imperial family were disbanded and the honor of their protection and the protection of the country was given to the Aikidoka warriors of the mountain clans. Followers of Budo (the way) these people had so far managed to stay out of the conflicts altogether and thus as an impartial party were trusted above all others to keep the peace. Approximately 200 years ago, in an attempt to separate the Imperial family from the rest of the aristocracy and their continued attempts to grab power, they were moved from the port of Misuto to the mountain village of Yamashiro. They have lived there ever since.

    Anything Else:
    • Due to its terrain and fertile land Reinkuni can be self sufficient at need. However, they take pride in being able to maintain friendly trade with other lands. Their primary exports include, produce, dyes, and textiles, and the Reinkuni merchants often import metals, weapons, spices, and literature from other nations.
    • Reinkuni has little contact with other lands outside trade
    • Reinkuni is ruled by the Nyuusen Mikoto Hogosha which in the Trade tongue would approximately translate to: The one chosen to be the conveyor of law and order, provider of the necessities to his people, Lord of the realm in which his people live, and master of the armies which protect them.
      That's a long title so the merchants and people who do business with Renkuni condensed it to be a emperor (lower case), and the family of the Mikoto is often referred to as the Imperial family by outsiders.

    I'll post my reconciled character here in a bit, I just wanted to get my country up first
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  7. I like the country. I'll add it up to the list and link to this post so people can read it. Just one thing...that sentence you start with a number? Could you change it so that it starts with a word? For grammar reasons?
  8. Can I? Yes I'm perfectly capable of doing so. I think you mean will I? :P
    Just teasing. It's already done :D

    As for my reconciled character see below:

    Akishino Oujin, GoldenRod
    Name: Akishino Oujin
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Hetero
    Height: 5’10” (178cm)

    Oujin (open)

    Long black hair held up in a traditional topknot, deep brown eyes, and tan skin. A well built if lean man, it’s often been commented on that he has a handsome face though he pays little attention to such things. Oujin’s hands have the calluses of both a swordsman and an archer, and he has a habit of standing with his shoulders back and his thumbs tucked into his obi.

    • Father – Yoshio, Nyuusen Mikoto Hogosha aka emperor
    • Older brother – Kaoru, Mikoto-Ichiban aka First Prince, age 32
    • Step Mother – Kazumi
    • Younger half-sister – Izumi, age 14
    • Best friend - Titus Julius Felix, a mercenary
    Skills/Abilities/Training: Oujin grew up training with the Aikidoka Warriors who guard his family. He is skilled in the following:
    • Hand to hand combat
    • Bokken (wooden training sword), Jo (4.2ft or 1.27 meters long wood staff), katana ("samurai sword")
    • Archery
    • Tries to train for a while every day, usually in the morning
    • Greatly enjoys the traditional musical and literary arts of his home
    • Calligraphy
    Official Title: Mikoto-Niban, Second Prince of Reinkuni, Reconciled of Reinkuni

    • Reserved, and quiet. Thinks through everything before speaking.
    • May appear not to have a temper at all, but actually only has incredible self-control. However, once fully roused it could be a very long time before the wrong is forgotten.
    • Overly concerned with propriety.
    • He lives by the code of Budo (the way). Honor is everything even in politics and it is preferable to be thought ill of then to go against this code. It is better to respect oneself, then to have the respect of one’s peers (although in this case one usually leads to the other).
    • He can come across as snobbish, cold, and indifferent, but actually has a warm heart.
    • Calm and level headed.
    • Values intelligence
    Biography: Mikoto-Niban or Second son to the imperial family of Reinkuni he has always known his father has intended him to be sent to the reconciliation, just as he had always known all the potential consequences of going. Thus he has never bothered to form a romantic attachment with anyone at home. Instead Oujin has focused mainly on his military training and what he can do for his people, striving to live his life by the code of Budo with every act even when faced with the underhanded politics of some of the other members of the Reinkuni aristocracy.

    As a child the majority of his time was spent either in the classroom learning everything he would need to know to help his brother one day rule the country (law, history, about foreign lands, mathematics, sciences, composition, literature etc.) or on the training grounds learning from the Aikidoka. His instructors were strict and the training grueling. There was little time for a social life and as he was a naturally quiet child he had few friends. Those he did have were close. It was from his instructors that he learned about Budo, the honor and courage required to follow it, how doing so could bring balance to one’s life, the balance between battle and peace. His instructors were pleased with his interest and agreed to teach him the way even though his father warned that doing so would be a waste of time. Perhaps it was because of the recent death of his mother, Oujin felt he needed the balance.

    As he grew his training intensified to the point where there were days where he was spending eight even ten hours training with the Aikidoka masters, both in combat training and in Budo. They always traveled with him when he and his brother traveled the land with their father learning firsthand about their land, their people, and how to take care of both. It was on one of these trips that his father met his stepmother (a commoner) and the two fell in love and married causing a great conflict within the Reinkuni Aristocracy. By law the emperor's marriage to a commoner should have removed him from the throne, but Kaoru was still to young to rule. The Imperial family was forced to deal with the shady political maneuvers of the unhappy parties and it was Oujin and his brother Kaoru who eventually found the solution. an alteration was made to the constitution allowing the Nyuusen Mikoto Hogosha to remain in control, however, because she was a commoner, any child of the second union could not be considered a possible heir to the throne.

    When he became a man, confident in his training and in his ability to protect himself, the Aikidoka guards would on occasion allow him to walk through the mountains alone for a short time. It was on one of those walks, about four years ago, he discovered a group of bandits brutally beating a man. Armed only with a jo, Oujin stepped in to defend the stranger. His skill was such that it caused the criminals to run in panic. He then carried the man back to the village and Imperial palace at Yamashiro for medical treatment. The man, Julius, and he eventually became great friends.

    When the Year of reconciliation was announced Oujin went without quarrel, taking Julius and several of his guard with him.

    Other: The code of Budo is as follows: Compassion, Honor and Justice, Courtesy, Courage, Wisdom, Sincerity and Truth, Loyalty

    Birthday: 7th of Afur

    And This is for a secondary Character:

    Titus Julius Felix, IndianRed
    Name: Titus Julius Felix or Julius the fortunate (most call him Julius)
    Age: 26
    Country of Origin: He refuses to say.
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6’2” (188cm)

    Julius (open)
    Shoulder length Blond hair, ice blue eyes, and a bold nose. He has a scar running down the left side of his face from temple to jaw. He is broad shouldered and could possibly be called stocky if his height is ignored.

    • A sister somewhere
    • Oujin, his best friend
    • German Shepherd Named Rex
    Skills/Abilities/Training: Mercenary training: sword, spear, trident etc.
    • Good at gathering information
    • Good with disguis
    • Can mimic the accents of other nations
    • Fighting
    • Good food and drink
    • Loves history especially of military campaigns and political maneuvers
    • Enjoys training horses and dogs.
    Official Title: Mercenary Guard

    • Opinionated and vocal, He’ll let you know the instant something is disliked, but will also be very generous with praise.
    • Flash fire temper, there is no telling what could be perceived as an insult, yet he is also willing to quickly forgive.
    • A bit narcissistic.
    • An egoist, everything is calculated to create the greatest self gain, very rarely does he do anything truly altruistic
    • Can be incredibly genial and charming
    • Quick witted, but he doesn't always think far enough ahead if there is something to be gained immediately
    Biography: Once a prime student under a brilliant military commander his big mouth made him a number of enemies. About four years ago he was forced to flee for his life and he eventually ended up in Reinkuni where he got lost in the mountains and set upon by bandits. Oujin saved his life. Julius has stayed close by the imperial family ever since, presumably out of a debt of gratitude. Oujin and he have become good friends despite Julius’s refusal to talk about his past.

    Birthday: 21st of Jala

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  9. Reserving nation 2, please :3
  10. I am going to start with Nation Info first because it helps to give context to the character.​
    Nation Number and Name:
    3, Ester

    Ester Info (open)
    System of Government:
    Senatorial Republic. Ester is separated into 30 Counties, which each elect a representative (Senator) to govern that County, as well as represent that County in the Senate, which convenes once every week. There is no President or otherwise central Head of Government who has final say on issues; instead, each Senator is able to bring an issue to the Senate and explain it. The Senators then discuss and debate the issue internally and make recommendations on potential courses of action. Any time during (or even before) the discussion, the Senator bringing the issue can call a vote. If 20 Senators or more agree with the vote (66%), it is approved and/or written into law. For the most part, Senators are able to govern their own counties as they see fit.

    The Senate is overseen by the Grand Magistrate, who presides over Senate proceedings, keeps the proceedings orderly and makes sure issues are followed up on. The Grand Magistrate is nominated and re-elected once every ten years, with no term limit. Grand Magistrate is the closest thing the Esterians have to a President or Monarch - while the position holds little actual governing power, it is the most highly respected position in Esterian government.

    Basic terrain and weather:
    Ester is primarily flatland, with lush green plains flecked with occasional dense forests. There is a range of mountains along the southern border of Ester, along portions of the Pohoni-Ester border, called the Dess Mountains. The Dess Mountains are also home to several mines for precious metals and stones. Ester receives a lot of rain as well as coastal winds, so the temperatures are typically fairly mild (though humid) in the summers, while winters are much colder in the north, where snowstorms are common during winter time. Most of the rest of Ester gets frequent rainstorms during the winter instead of snow. High amounts of rain as well as large expanses of sprawling land create ideal conditions for farms, and many farms exist throughout the plains.

    Climates get gradually warmer further south from the Dess Mountains. The Dess River extends southward from the ocean, and feeds into Luxome Lake in the southern central area of the continent. Areas bordering the lake often have the best weather year-round, and are the most affluent areas with many of the wealthy flocking to the shores to build, and live in, huge and expensive waterfront homes. Pramot, the capital city of Ester, is located on the northern shore of Luxome Lake (almost directly in the center of the nation) and is a bustling center for trade and crafts.

    Roads and paths throughout the nation of Ester are clear and well-marked, making transit easy for traders who are coming or going. Traveling through the Dess Mountains is generally not advised as it is obscenely cold as well as dangerous.

    Notable and Interesting Facts:
    Ester acts as a trade nation, which is part of the reason it managed to avoid conquest – by remaining neutral and continuing to supply everyone with whatever Ester could feasibly provide. Ester does very little importing but exports many types of products to Pohoni and its other neighboring nations, including (but not limited to), produce, poultry, meats, seafood, lumber, fabrics / textiles, precious metals and precious stones (jewels, diamonds, etc.). Oddly, Ester has remarkably low domestic resources of common metals (iron, steel, copper, etc), and typically imports those metals. The scarcity of these metals is part of the reason Ester does not have a large military presence.

    Anything Else:

    Ester has a recurring problem of bandits that lurk in the Dess Mountain Ranges, often robbing and pillaging trade caravans that pass through or that are coming to collect precious metals or stones from the mines. Travelers are generally advised not to take paths through the Dess Mountains unless absolutely necessary.

    Character Info

    Basic Info
    Name: Kazdan Myr (pronounced “caz-den meer”), Kaz for short
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Hetero
    Height: 5’11” | 180cm
    Birthday: Torba 15

    Character Info (open)
    Kazdan is a fairly tall man of muscular build. He has light, slightly tan skin, with black hair and brown eyes. His hair is typically kept slightly long, with bangs in front that he sweeps to the side. Facial hair is normally clean shaven (a well-recognized sign of noble or wealthy heritage in Ester), though he is known to occasionally grow out a goatee. Kaz is always impeccably dressed.

    Photo 1
    Photo 2
    Photo 3

    [ Kazdan will likely not be dressed THIS well in the RP as the setting doesn't really allow for it. This is more to give you an idea of his appearance and sense of style. ]

    Family / Friends:
    Kazdan’s father is Grand Magistrate Valan Myr. A selfless man with just and noble intentions, Valan is 67 and is in the middle of serving his third term as Grand Magistrate (he was first elected 28 years ago). His mother is Leila Myr (born Leila Veronin), an entrepreneur (one of very few female businesspeople in Ester) who oversees supply and trade operations between Ester and the other nations on the Northern Continent.

    Kaz has an older brother and a younger sister. His brother, Sabin, who is 34, is widely considered by many Esterians to be the successor to their father Valan as Grand Magistrate once Valan decides to step down. Sabin is deeply involved in the nation’s politics and assists their mother with trade operations. Their sister, Meriva, is 19, and is a scholar as well as a child of the arts. She is a talented musician and songstress, but her focus is her studies. She aspires to someday attend The Great University in Atanwan.

    Kazdan’s best friend is Javeter “Jav” Tannen, 24, a longtime schoolmate of Kazdan, and his partner in mischief.

    Skills / Abilities / Training:
    - Incredible talent for seducing women
    - Amazing in bed (that’s what they tell him anyway)
    - Advanced ability in several different studies of swordsmanship
    - Very proficient procrastinator
    - Analytical mind – is a phenomenal strategist
    - Excellent at overspending money that his parents earned
    - Strong conversational skills
    - Highly skilled at offending people
    - Handles himself clearly and effectively when under pressure
    - Great sense of style
    - Skilled horse rider

    - Women – especially the attractive ones
    - Hedonistic pleasures: music, food, wine, exotic locations, exotic women, etc.
    - Constantly seeks thrills by doing new dangerous and stupid things, and by doing new dangerous and/or stupid women.
    - Enjoys games of strategy and complex analysis (like Chess or Go). Also enjoys complex women.
    - Dislikes politics and hates responsibility

    Official Title:
    - Reconciled of Ester
    - Kazdan, Son of Valan
    - Young Magistrate (Informal Title)

    In Depth

    Kazdan is the type of person who shirks duties, shuns responsibility and tries to live a carefree life on the coattails of his wealthy family. Free-spirited by nature, Kazdan often avoids doing things he sees as boring and has a love for the feeling of freedom. He has no interest in the future, only the present, and has little care for the well-being of others. Kaz is highly disrespectful and has poor self-control, often giving in even to the littlest urges. That said, he knows himself well, and is very aware of what he is and is not capable of, physically and mentally, as well as in terms of what he could achieve as a career. He enjoys outthinking others, and finds immense pleasure in demonstrating his superior wit and logic, which often come naturally without practice or study.

    When Kazdan was born, his father had already served two years as Grand Magistrate. He has never experienced any life other than that of privilege and nobility. His father was often not around to properly discipline or raise Kazdan as he was too preoccupied with political work, and his mother was often traveling to oversee trade. Kaz’s older brother, Sabin, tried to be responsible and mentor Kazdan, but Sabin was still too young at the time to know how to properly keep him under control. Kaz became restless and disobedient, and never fully developed a respect for authority or for his elders.

    When Kaz’ sister Meriva was born, Sabin was older and better able to mentor her, and politics and business had begun to settle down so their parents were more in the picture. Although Kaz is older than Meriva, she often views him more as a younger brother than an older brother because of his immaturity. While Kaz often denies it, deep down he does love and respect his family and will do his best to come through if they are in a desperate situation.

    He met Javeter in school, and the two immediately became friends. Javeter will often do what Kaz wants, but also enables and encourages him to do them. Kaz views Jav as the brother he never had; the two are almost inseparable and share many of the same interests. Kaz’s family members, on the other hand, respect their friendship, but they all agree that Javeter is a bad influence.

    Hope all of this is okay! Please let me know if there is something that needs to be tweaked or changed.
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  11. Ooooooh, if Kazdan and Oujin ever cross paths... they will NOT get along.

    I like the way this is looking already!
  12. I was just thinking the same thing :D

    Julius, however, might make a good drinking buddy.
  13. Ahahah. I don't think Lav will get along with either of them, although she is sort of similar to Oujin. Ahem, Lavanya's full profile is up! I was like, two minutes from finishing (all I had left to do was plug in a bio) and then I pressed the wrong button and it ALL VANISHED. So i had to go back and redo it and...yeah. that took awhile.

    Lets see...hm. Falcon, can you extent Oujin's bio a bit? I'd like them to be a bit longer than one paragraph. Also, if you could provide in parenthesis (or via links) what bokken, jo and katana's are, I am not sure everything is familiar with Japanese weaponry, and some references would be nice.

    Fatal - I would like to think that the far northern and far southern nations have full blown winters, with snow and ice and such, since they are farther from the equator (which sort of goes through Atanwan somewhere). If you could redo the weather part of your nation, that would be awesome. Otherwise, well done.

    Also, both of you need to include the metric height for your characters. I found that this website is very helpful in that regard. I want to make sure that any non-American roleplayers can get as much out of this as the Americans, so both systems of measurement should be used when possible. Thanks!

    otherwise, both characters are accepted and I will be linking to their posts henceforth!
  14. Hmmm. Maybe I will just move the mountain range to the north side then. But then boo, no lavish homes along the coast.

    Oh well. Will edit quickly before heading off to bed.


    A-ha! I will make a lake in the southern center of the continent where the mountains were... that way it can be a center for trade AND an affluent and wealthy area!

    Mura-sama, you are a genius and you don't even know it. Or maybe you do!
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  15. Are the mountains in the center of the nation or along the Pohoni border? Because Pohoni is going to have some mountain ranges, or mountains... i think... and it would be cool to use an already named mountain range! (by cool I mean lazy).
  16. Oh that can work too. I originally planned for it just to be sort of a cluster of mountains in the center of the nation, because I wasn't sure how people would react if I put mountains up along their borders, lol! I just edited and moved the mountains to the northern coastline (where they could understandably have terribly cold weather), but it makes it a little more exciting if we can agree to put them on the south side along the Pohoni-Ester border.

    I will re-edit and do that now.

    EDIT: Done. We now have a mountain range! Up to you to decide how much of the border it covers.

    I never thought world building would be this much fun. But now it's almost 2am and I'm still awake! (I am out of town for work, normally I live in SoCal so it feels like 11pm right now). Off to bed... whoosh~
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  17. I would love to have them on the Pohoni-Ester border! Speaking of which...

    Nation Number and Name: Pohoni (1)

    Show Spoiler
    System of Government: A theocratic aristocracy, Pohoni is ruled by the Council of Peers, made up of the Matwa of all Seven Clans. The leader of this council, and the de facto ruler of Pohoni is the High Lady, who serves for life. When a High Lady dies, another is chosen from among the other six houses; no High Lady can be succeeded by a member of her own clan. Priests and military leaders hold the second most power in the nation, followed poorly by scholars. Merchants, artisans and farmers come next.

    Basic terrain and weather: Along the southeastern coast is a large desert region, which helped to protect Pohoni during the Great War. Along the northern borders is a mountain range, often broken up by large passes. Hill like plains, with limited water, take up the rest of the land. Harsh winters, frequent hurricanes and monsoons during the summer and winter have made Pohoni a very inhospitable place.

    Notable and Interesting Facts: Prior to the Great War Pohoni was almost entirely isolated from its neighbors. They raided when they needed supplies or food, although they mostly took pride in being able to provide for themselves, despite the land they lived in. After the Great War Pohoni was required by treaty to engage in trade with other nations; they sell excess metals from their mines, and import what they can. However, they do not allow foreigners to travel far from the borders. No foreigner has ever set foot in, or even seen, their capital city.

    Deep in the mountain ranges along the northern border, the Pohoni found the dragon kin, creatures related to now extinct dragons. They tamed many of these creatures, and use them for a variety of purposes. It is claimed that their use of drakit in warfare may have helped turn the tide during the Great War.

    In addition to mined metals (iron mostly), Pohoni is rich in forests, many of which have been cut down and sold as lumber, or used in the creation of their navy.

    Religion and Magic Although it is obvious that religion has a great deal to do with their politics and way of life, the people of Pohoni rarely speak about their beliefs with outsiders. As such, what little is known about Pohoni religion is hearsay and riddled with inaccuracy. Like most nations, they make no mention of magic, although they do possess those with strange abilities.

    ((it is a 11pm right now. I have to go to bed too! But I finished my character and my nation, so yay! Maps I will work on tomorrow.))
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  18. Reserving Nation 4.

    An assignment is on the way. The post will be made much later today, or tomorrow, depending on time availability.

    But I will DEFINITELY make one before we kick this off.

    We thank you for your patience.
  19. Ok, changes are made and the biography has been expanded. let me know if there is anything else I should tweak.
  20. Falcon - edits look good.

    Asha - nation 4 is reserved!
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