Rites of the Defiler

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  1. "Slowly, light crept in through the heavy veil of bandages that had become my face," with a heavy sigh, the speaker rolled his broad shoulders against the chains, "I recoiled from it, having realized long ago that I would never be a creature of the light again." There was a sadness portrayed, not through his voice, which was perpetually even, but through the sagging of his shoulders and the shifting of his feet; the only parts of his visible form that had not been pierced with golden needles and made heavy by shimmering chains. He trailed amber eyes over the mortals before him, for the first time since they had entered his domain, lifting his head just enough to view them through the veil of rotten bandages that lingered about his face like the forgotten gossamer that adorned his elaborate tomb.

    "The priests and soothsayers recoiled from me as I recoiled from the light. They screamed their hymns, instead of singing them; an abrasive noise that awakened inside of me a fury I had never known before. It was in that moment, where my fingers first clutched around yielding flesh, I became known as a demon. A terror. A monster. They called me 'Defiler' and 'Master of the Fell Ways'...they did not understand...the sacrifice it took to become what I now am."

    His words echoed with power, despite the hoarse numbness of his whispers. Pristine chains, as golden, in the light of dancing flames, as the needles that pierced him from brow to ankle, rustled lazily as breath moved through him; casting an eerie chill about the room. Slowly, the realization became clear. This was the first time the creature had spoken in hundreds of years. It was the first time, in the memory of the men who strode across the realm of Molundias and the empire of Drasil, that Eildem-Ald, Defiler and Deceiver had spoken.

    "Is it prudent to douse the fires of glory, when they tower so high that the heavens themselves whisper in fear? Is it wise to bottle a dying star and bury it; so that its light may never be seen again?"

    Hi there, I'm Redward! If you're reading this, then I thank you. That little flavor intro is to kind of set up an idea I had a couple of days ago. It takes place in the realm of Molundias, a land of (as you'd expect) high magic and high fantasy.

    Our story will begin in the land of Drasil...but that's all I've determined so far!

    The way I look at it, we could follow Eildem-Ald's story; in the olden days of Molundias, where war rages and countless races turn their blades on one another. Where magic is thick in the air and the world is young. Where Immortals serve their Gods on the mortal plane. Where Demons tempt kings and turn brothers against one another.

    In this situation, I'd prefer to play Eildem-Ald since I have some of his story planned out and I'd like for you to take up the mantle of someone who will stick by his side. I don't have any specific preferences as to what character you play and we can discuss options, if you wanna...I know I haven't provided a whole lot of information, so I'll be more than happy to explain a few things and brainstorm with you. (mind you, I am completely open to ideas, as this setting is only as fleshed out as it needs to be...which isn't a whole lot, to be honest)


    We could pick up with the people being told of Eildem Ald's past, people who were drawn to the prison of this creature through unknown means. This one is a bit more open-ended, as it provides us a lot of freedom for character creation and interaction. Now, while these two characters will be stopping back in to visit Eildem-Ald, their quest will be focused on something a bit different; the acquisition of an item, mentioned to them by this creature. This is, as I said, a vague idea and I'm completely open to suggestions; but, what I was thinking is, simply, that one of the Drasilian royalty is suffering under the yoke of an ancient curse. I've got a vague idea as to what this curse will entail...and eventually evolve into, but the details are, again, pretty blank.

    That's about all I've got, for now. Thanks for your time and interest. (if you're interested, hehehe) Feel free to drop me a line here, or through PM. (or a conversation, or whatever it is) Questions are most welcome.
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