Rite of Passage

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  1. Rite of Passage

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    Leona stepped out of the car, finding herself smack dab in the center of a lively carnival of laughter, deep base, and wild rampage before a large theater house overlooking San Tamino Street - the center of the Arts District. She hadn't been to Lyrics in a while; sort of been avoiding it for about a week now, but Annette and Naomi insisted on celebrating her new career there. It was a save haven after all, for their kind - Night Hunters. Besides, she might be starting her first day on a project located right there in that very building.

    "It's the perfect place," Annette giggled as they entered the historic night club. "You'll get to see it as the possible decorator for their new look for the year. That makes everything different when looking with that perspective, ya know?"

    The young Night Hunter was right. Everything did look different about the club, since she was now a part of its future. Still, there was that prickling feeling at the base of her skull that kept her tense. There was a reason why she's avoided her favorite hangout for so long. The last time she crossed that threshold, she slammed right into an unknown bloodlust that just wouldn't let her go. She had no clue what had happened, and as a result - she was almost revealed.

    "Don't worry about all of that." Naomi, the oldest of the three, knew exactly what Leona was thinking. The women slid into their favorite booth and Naomi rubbed her shoulders. "Just remember what I've told you. It's a natural thing that we all have to go through. You just have to learn to adapt."

    "Sure, adapt," Leona sighed. "That's the most over-used word in the Night Hunter's vocabulary. I'm not feeling it." She believed the sultry Hunter, one who's provocatively rich hazel eyes proved her 385 years of wisdom. She was the only Hunter she's befriended who cared enough to teach her the things she needed to know... and they weren't even a part of the same coven. Leona was college friends with Annette, and Annette was being tutored by her Sire's partner, Naomi. She just - took her in. No reason at all, except to teach her.

    She truly appreciated her for that.

    The ladies ordered their drinks and appetizers, nibbling and chatting as they watched the energy of the crowd swell. Leona and Annette paid attention to how much they ate. Their bodies were not quite comfortable with eating human food like it use to. Too much will regrettably cause a bad side effect for them later on. Naomi, on the other hand, had adapted her new construct to accept food and blood equally in order to pass for human. But how long did that take?

    Annette ended up running into a few friends from other places and headed onto the dance floor with them. She dragged Leona into the mix, while Naomi settled into her own dark world, only to later on mentally mentioning to the younger girls that she was heading to the Speakeasy downstairs for a more swave and sophisticated crowd to mingle with.

    The girls went on about their time without their mentor, dancing to the wild, animalistic beats from the band, Flesh Driven, and letting the lively atmosphere to set her mind at ease. Leona relaxed a bit - she was surrounded by humans and still didn't feel that strange sensation... Even though Naomi called it bloodlust, she wasn't so sure about that. If it was a bloodlust, the uncontrolled desire for the blood of humans that effects the mental control of Night Hunters, then why did it happen on rare occasions, only when she was in this building? She's surrounded by bloodbags; yet, she's not effected. Something, or someone was triggering it within her...

    "What did I say, Leona. Relax..." She rolled her eyes, trying to feel better about the idea of relaxing...
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  2. Clark had just finished work and if anything he needed a break. When he stepped outside the cool breeze engulfed his skin and he parted his lips releasing a sigh. It was one of those days where you needed a drink to calm your nerves and just not give a damn about anything. It had been so long since Clark even took time out to have a good time unless one of his friends were throwing a party and he was dragged along to go. Working at the theater did have some pretty nice benefits if you included getting drinks half off and owning the key to the place so he could come in any time he wanted to.

    He wasn't really looking to do anything but he needed the drink and figured it wouldn't hurt. As Clark proceeded downstairs someone's arm gripped his shoulder and he turned to see his best friend/ employee Brandon. The suck grin on his face indicated that he had already started drinking. " Yo CJ grab a drink and come chill with your boy". Clark shook his head and then reluctantly nodded before continuing down the stairs. The scene was definitely mind blowing and was one of the places Clark loved to be at.

    Usually on days like this he'd get plenty of tourists who were always baffled at the sight of the place. There was so much history to go along with just the bright lights and scenery which was what Clark was interested in. How the building was kept together was beyond him. Clark ran his hand through his hair before watching Brandon find a place to sit at and order himself a drink. He already knew that he'd have to drag his friend with him after it was over so he didn't get himself into any trouble or worse.

    After taking a few starter shots to get himself going, Clark walked through the group of people until he made his way over to where Brandon was sitting and then ordered a burger. Just thinking of food made his stomach growl slightly and he looked over at his friend who was downing another drink. " Listen man, take it easy on the drinks before I have to carry you out of here". In response Brandon just chuckled and shook his head. " Don't worry it takes more than this to get me wasted. When the food arrived he ad no problem finishing it off with the exception of giving Brandon a piece so he'd shut up.

    Clark watched as the people were dancing to the beat of the music, laughing, grinding and everything else that involved having a good time. Instead of staying seated he took another shot before making his way through the dace floor. It took him less then ten seconds before a woman started gridding her body against his. He went along with it though an just danced to the music. As the beat changed so did the way people danced and Clark moved around through the dance floor.

    As people danced around him he relaxed and allowed his body to take control. After working all day with the exception the two breaks he took to go home and grab a change of clothes, it felt good to let loose which was something he hadn't don't in awhile. Clark moved around until he accidently back up into someone and he turned quickly to apologize. "Oh my bad, you ok?".

    Just his luck and he hadn't been dancing a full hour yet. Clark gave a weary smile before moving past her which was slightly hard the way people were dancing and then over to the bar to get himself another drink.
  3. She did it! Leona relaxed on the dance floor and realized just how long it's been since she's truly let her hair down. Soon, she was dancing hard with various men who stepped before her, fighting for her attention. She laughed out loud with a running joke among the single women of her coven - if they only knew what they were fighting for...

    Leona's senses suddenly slapped her again, throwing her into a sort of spiraled frenzy, which was only seen as an interesting dance move by those around her. She began to scan the crowd - searching for a way out, but she kept her composure. With all the bumping and grinding going on around her, it was strange that she was able to pin point one shove. That touch sent a shock through her that, amazingly enough, calmed the rush of the bloodlust for a moment...

    "Oh my bad, you ok?".

    "Um...yea," Leona was suddenly locked in place staring up at a handsome guy with hair just as dark as his eyes. She was tongue-locked, but mostly scared in her personal fears. That strange feeling was coming over her, and she was stuck in the middle of a wild dance bash with no way out. She calmed herself as he walked away, only to cringe when that sudden bloodlust began to build up again. She knew she wouldn't last long in the environment she was in. Leona didn't wait to search for Annette. She started to push her way through the crowd but suddenly a hand fell on her shoulder and flipped her around.

    "You can't run from this, Leona." Naomi stared her in the eyes, trying to ease her panic, but Leona's eyes were darting back and forth.

    "I - can't do this!"

    "Did the pain calm down when that guy touched you?"

    Leona nodded, but frowned wondering why it mattered.

    "Find him then."

    Her eyes widened. There's no way that Naomi was thinking that. She's explained a few thing about bloodlust, what awakens it and the various ways to stop the pain or end it completely. All of which Leona wasn't so sure she had the guts or the desperation to do. But there was another reason why her mentor was telling her to find the guy who bumped into her...

    Leona turned away. She didn't care about all that traditional hype, or getting out of some sort of future connection with her Sire. She wasn't going to drag someone else into her mess. Heading towards the door, almost home free, but something changed in her mind. She turned and headed towards the sensation, realizing the closer she moved towards the source, the powerful sensation diminished. She sat at the bar among the few there, not trying to search for anyone in particular as she ordered another drink. Leona didn't notice that she sat right beside the source of her peace for the moment. She empty her glass half way and took a deep breath. The pains in her body did indeed calm down. That's when she glanced up at the wall mirror behind the bartender, finding the same tall guy sitting beside her.
  4. Clark chugged down the rest of his drink before released a much needed sigh. Tomorrow he'd have to take the day off and do something that would actually take his mind off work besides just drinking his dreadful day away. More and more people seemed to be filling in the place and he was glad they had AC. Clark got the bartenders attention and asked for him to pour him another glass which he did. His deep brown eyes scanned the room in search of his friend on the dace floor and within a few seconds he found him dancing the night away with two lovely ladies.

    His eyes caught a glimpse of a female beside him and he turned his head to see the woman that he had bumped into earlier. She seemed to have something on her mind and he chuckled slightly before he faced her completely. " So im guessing you've had a rough day". It was a simple question to start a conversation. Since his friend was busy drunk dancing he felt no harm in starting a simple conversation.

    She was breath taking now the more he realized. He had never seen her around before but then again he was always working or keeping himself occupied to even notice certain people around him. The bartender looked over at his direction and then pointed to the man in the middle of the crowd. " You might need to take Brandon home before he does something stupid Clark". Shaking his head Clark released a deep breath and then looked back at his friend who seemed not to mind people smirking at his weird dances and slurred conversations.

    " Ask Reggie upstairs to do it". The man nodded and then went back to serving drinks. Clark smiled slightly as he looked at the woman. " May I ask what your name is?". Hoping that these simple questions would lead into a conversation just for the time being. He didn't want to bother her but he was interested. In the pit of his stomach he had this strange feeling and he ran his hand through his hair.
  5. "So, I'm guessing you've had a rough day."

    Leona cleared her throat, trying her best to keep her control. She glanced over at the guy and gave a weary smile, "Well, actually my day's been fabulous," her Cornish accent seem to sound brighter than usual. "But, that doesn't suggest that tonight would follow the same." She took another sip of her beverage, feeling her frozen heart's little frizzle calm back down to its typical stillness. "I guess, that's what I get for assuming."

    Just then, the bartender stepped before them, speaking to the guy about one of his friends, Brandon, who was drunk on the dance floor. Leona caught the other guy's name, Clark, from that conversation, but tried not to pay too much attention for it wasn't her business. She turned the bar stool around, holding her drink to take another sip while watching Annette dance. She noticed how her and a few other girls were dragged into the arms of a drunk dancer - AKA, she could only assume it was Brandon. Leona shook her head. Annette was still a teenager, still naive, still flirtatious regardless of the danger. Her dark hair flipped from left to right as she showed off her tiny form. She was having a good time... Young Hunters never get a chance to just - enjoy the night. When you're well fed, and in full control of yourself, a night on the town is a great reward.

    "May I ask what your name is?"

    "Oh!" She jumped, accidentally spilling a bit of her drink onto her lap. She didn't notice. "I'm...Leona." She froze for a moment; a warm, yet 'deer in headlights' looking smile on her face.

    "It's not like he's going to bite!" She heard Naomi's voice in her mind. "Calm yourself; be yourself."

    "And that's what I'm afraid of," Leona responded, but did just as she was told. Taking a deep breath while looking down, she noticed her spill and used the napkin under her glass to dab the area dry. "This night must have it in for me, or something..." Another sip to finish her glass, Leona lifted her eyes again. "Um, you're...Clark, right? I, um, overheard the bartender mention your name..."
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  6. Clark looked at the woman before him. When she gave a smile he nodded his head. He was glad she was having a better day hen he was. Looking down at his own half empty glass, he tapped the rim with his finger. It wouldn't be a wise decision if he started to drink again being that he didn't want to wind up like Brandon was since he had to get home. He watched the woman turn her stool around. His eyes followed her faze to his friend dancing with two girls and he figured they were her friends.

    The bartender excused himself while he went upstairs to find Reggie so he could take Brandon home. Clark never did so unless his friend couldn't stand up, Brandon seemed to be doing pretty good with balance but he was holding on to some people so he wasn't quite sure. Clark raised an eye brow when then woman jumped at his question and he slid her some of his napkin instantly noticing that she had spilled some of her drink on his clothes.

    " Leona huh? That's a very nice name". Clark smiled before he watched Reggie out the corner of his eye drag Brandon off the dance floor and then upstairs. Being that he was never much of a drinker he was glad he never had any embarrassing moment's that some people had and then the embarrassed look on their face the next day when people told them about it. He was surprised Leona knew his name for a second but when she had said she overheard it when he was talking to the bartender Clark nodded. " Yeah Clark Wales".

    His eyes glanced up for a brief moment before he ran his hands through his hair. " Yup well it looks like I've had enough to drink". Now he was starting to regret taking those starter drinks with Brandon in the beginning. Clark turned to Leona and then smiled. " It was nice to meet you but I think imma leave, if I stay ill be tempted to drink and wind up like my friend". He extended his hand to a shake and then hoped of the stool before giving another glance at Leona and proceeding up the stairs. When he walked out the building it was pitch black and Clark sighed as he walked over to his car. The two street lights near his car seemed to not be working which was making it ever so harder to put the key in the door.
  7. "It was nice to meet you, but I think I'mma leave. If I stay, I'll be tempted to drink and wind up like my friend."

    Leona took Clark's extended hand for a shake, feeling a touch of his story flutter through it - enough to curb her curiosity about the concern over drinking. "...Okay... Have a good night then." He left the room; heading upstairs to leave. That moment, Leona thought she was going to lose her mind. She didn't know the guy, but that one touch gave her a small gathering of information for her mind to dig through... That didn't help anything, for as of right now - as the nice gentleman headed up the stairs, her bloodlust emerged from the cage she locked it in. Her eyes suddenly darkened into the color of fresh blood, and her nails began to extend, digging into the wood of the bar top.

    The bartender glanced her way briefly, only to double-take at the site of her features. But, when he did, she was no longer there.

    Naomi and Annette were already searching for her. Annette was scanning the crowd in the club, wondering if Leona, or that guy she was talking to, was still there... She was cold on the trail, but that's what Naomi wanted. She didn't want her student to get hurt. She knew exactly where Leona ran off too, and she took off before anyone realized she'd left.


    Leona stood in the alleyway between the club and another building, watching Clark fumble with his keys in an empty parking lot. It was perfect. No moonlight, no streetlights above, just the dimness of the few lights blocks away. He wouldn't be able to see her come or go, and when she was close enough to attack - it would be all over... The burning sensation, the onset of pain and pleasure, of wants and needs, seem to tear down her throat and gut her inside out just standing there as close as she was.... She wanted to get closer, needed to stand close enough to smell the blood in his veins. She knew it was luscious - it was rich and smooth, pure and untarnished by the many dangers of the soul on earth these days. That's what made him so...unmistakably, to die for.

    "You need help with that?" Her voice rose over the silence. It had changed - slightly deeper, less of an accent, more mysterious and seductive. The timid, fearful Leona had stayed in the bar to enjoy the music. This Leona, the hungry one, had other things on her mind. Before Clark could catch a glimpse of her, she shinned a light in his eyes - the little one that hangs from her keychain. This one just held the keys to her little Coop. It would give him enough light to see what he was doing, but in his face - he wouldn't be able to see hers.

    She stepped forwards slowly, waiting for him to look down at what he was doing again... That would give her enough time to find a juicy vein. She moved towards his side, curving enough to reach his back... The heat was melting her insides - she needed to taste, just one taste...

    "Leona, that's enough!"

    She didn't get a chance to reach her prize. Before she could come close enough to lick Clarke's neck, Naomi jumped from the balcony of the building, landed behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist before dragging her away with such speed and force, Leona dropped her keychain. Good thing she didn't drive herself to the club that night... Naomi covered her mouth and rushed her around the building, back to her car parked on the street. She mentally called Annette as she fought to push Leona inside the car.

    "I wasn't going to do anything!" Leona barked, kicking and pushing away from her mentor who easily shoved her back down into the back seat of her car with one hand.

    "When a Hunter is in bloodlust, they don't recall exactly what they were going to do. I told you to watch your control."

    "I was!"

    "Not well enough, I'm afraid. If I wasn't there, what do you think you would have done tonight?"

    Leona froze. She stopped fighting and sat up in the seat with a furlong stare. "I wasn't going to attack him... I just wanted - to understand..."

    "Why he effects you like that?" Naomi finished her sentence and Leona nodded. "We'll discuss this later..."

    Just then, Annette walked up, "Good, you found her! We should leave right now. I'm not sure if that guy is calling the cops or what... Geez, what did you do, Leona?"

    She shook her head - too scared to speak the truth.
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  8. Why he had parked his car under a street light that hadn't worked was beyond him. Just the other day it seemed to be working perfectly fine but now it was pitch black except for the two street lights on the other side of the parking lot. Clark sighed as he jabbed the keys against the car door trying to find the hole which was unsuccessful. He moved his hands along the side until he felt the lock and then moved his hand to stick the key in but it didn't work. His face scrunched up and a long breath released from his lips. At that moment he forgot that he had a phone and paused midway remembering that it had died a few hours ago and he left his charger at home.

    Clark began to think about the woman he meant at the club, Leona. Would it be too late to head back in there and make up a lame excuse for why he was back rather than to say he was an idiot for parking his car under a streetlight that didn't work. Just as he was going to turn and leave to head back inside a voice jolted him and he slowly turned his head. It was obvious a woman's voice and when Clark fully turned around his eyes were blinded by a light. " Uh yeah thanks". Since he couldn't see her face he looked down at the dress and it was indeed the girl from the bar.

    He wanted to say that it was perfect timing but instead he nodded his head slightly before turning to put his keys in the car. As he stuck the keys into the car and pulled at the door he froze feeling a warmth from his neck. Clark could sense her behind him and he didn't move because he wasn't sure what to do. Was he supposed to turn around and say bye? Maybe he was suppose to just stand there and let her speak first or make a move, whatever that move was. Clark's heart was beating fast in his chest and he licked his lips before turning around.

    " Hey Leo-". His words were stuck in his throat as he realized that she was no longer behind him. When he had turned he had saw a hazy figure but it was just his imagination...wasn't it? Clark blinked a few times before releasing a breath he hadn't even realized he was holding. It was about a good 10 minutes tat Clark stood in the parking lot before climbing into his car and then heading home. After a much needed shower and something to drink he climbed into bed and then passed out almost immediately.


    The sound of Clarks alarm clock awoke him up and he groaned turning off his alarm and rubbing his eyes. Today he had work but he only had to stay for a few hours to his benefit. Dragging his body into the bathroom, Clark took his time in the shower before getting dressed and heading downstairs to make him a quick breakfast. All last night he kept thinking about Leona, the mysterious girl who mysteriously disappeared. He kept replaying that same dream in his head all night until his alarm clock woke him up.

    Once he arrived at work he sat down in the spinning chair for awhile talking to Brandon about the party and then he grabbed a beer from the cooler in the lunge room and headed upstairs to the roof. The only place where he found solitude when he was having a stressful day for he needed to clear his head and think. He took the stairs and then opened the door putting the brink down so it wouldn't close and closed his eyes letting the wind dance against his skin.
  9. "And this will be your first full project with us at Lark in the Morning. You will assist Sir. Giesecke further by reinventing the full 1928 feel of the original Lyric Theatre here on the rooftop."Mrs. Jenny McCloud stepped forward to give Leona and another new hire, Dustin Sibley, a chance to take their first look at their new project. Leona was completely flabbergasted that, not only did she gain the career of her dreams, working at the most amazing interior design firm in the city, but to gain first pick and her first project by non other than Sir. Georgion Giesecke, global designer and owner of Lark. She was, however, aware that the possibility of competition would be in order - hence Sir. Giesecke's second pick, Dustin; a rather snobby nosed young designer with a rather evil looking disposition, if you asked her. Leona could sense that this guy gets what he wants by any means necessary. If she was going to hold her ground against this guy to maintain her place in the firm, she'll have to resort to playing this game - roughly.

    As Mrs. McCloud, the club's secretary, continued the final leg of their tour, giving them a quick brush-up on what the club's manager and their new boss had discussed on planning for the entire building, Leona heard the distant sounds of footsteps heading up the stairs, exiting the stairway at the opposite side from where her group was located. She would not have know who it was, but it was made quite clear when her bloodlust attacked her again. She gasped lightly with a short step back, leaning up against the railing protecting against possible roof-falls. Dustin, playing the gentleman before their client, turned and reached his hand out to her. "Leona, are you okay there?" He gave a little smirk of interest, "Having a situation with the height, are ya?"

    "No, no...not at all," she said with a slight shake in her voice. Leona truly didn't want the guy to assume something less of her, thinking that a fear of heights might give him the upper hand in managing this project. But, due to the situation at hand - the difficulty she was having controlling the overwhelming urge to run around the stairwell and attack Clark, of whom she knew was standing near, she had to use it as an excuse. Batting her eyes guiltily, she grinned, "It's not very easy to deal with, but I'll manage just fine." She pushed away from the railing and smooth out her skirt as she stood straighter. "Just takes some getting use to."

    Dustin smirked.

    "Well, good then," Mrs. McCloud cheered, "We don't want to lose you on the first day, Miss See. We've heard so much about your talents from Sir. Giesecke, and I'm sure the owner would not be too thrilled to have you fall off his roof before getting to work with you." There was a little chuckle within the group as they continued to walk around to the other side. The closer they moved towards Clark's location, the easier it was for her to manage her bloodlust. When she saw him standing near the door, she pretended that she didn't recognize him, even though it was rather difficult. Within the morning light, she could see that he was a rather handsome and mysterious at the same time. Hoping that Mrs. McCloud would just finish the tour and head them back downstairs, she instead headed straight to Clark. Leona swallowed hard, fearing losing concentration and just slaughtering everyone there. She scares herself with such things - for she's still young in her fangs, only two years as a Hunter... She's never really taken anyone's life before, and she's damn sure she won't start that day.

    "Ah Clark, good morning." Jenny nodded to him before turning to her group, "This is Clark Wales, one of our employees here at the club. Clark, these are the two interns under Sir. Giesecke: Dustin Sibley and Leona See. They'll be working on the research on the theater's history for Giesecke, and hopefully helping this place return to it's hay-day look."

    Dustin smiled and shook hands with Clark, and then Leona carefully stepped forward to do the same, hoping he wouldn't recognize her...or that she turned on him before the others.
  10. Clark opened his eyes after allowing the cool breeze to swarm past him. He would come up to the roof top everyday when he felt like getting a break from his life. When people got to him or work stressed him out he'd stay up there for hours doing nothing but relaxing under the breeze and looking up at the sky. Sometimes he'd even stay after work and watch the sun set before he reluctantly headed down and left for the day. Today it was a nice day, not too warm and not to cool. He was only up there for a moment when he heard footsteps. Not really caring for who came up there and saw him, Clark walked away from the doo and shoved his hands in his pocket and then looked down from the building at the cars as they drove by.

    When he heard a couple of voices he turned his head towards the direction of the noise to see a small group of people and Clark immediately spotted Jenny heading in her direction. She was a nice lady who definitely had her sense of style. They got along and she was one of the few people he didn't mind on his case but as of right now he was just wondering why she was here and on the roof. " Hello Mrs. McCloud". When the lady introduced her two inters that were going to be doing research on the club and he nodded shaking the male's hand and then froze slightly when he saw Leona.

    Some people called it fate and others just said it was a huge coincidence but Clark didn't really put words on what he was thinking at the moment. It was the same girl from last night who mysteriously disappeared. Shaking her hand he wondered if she remembered him from last night because he definitely remembered her. " Well it's nice to meet you both and if you have any questions that will help you on your research be free to ask". Mrs. McCloud nodded her head in approval before patting Clark's shoulder and then taking the small group back downstairs.

    His eyes stayed glued on Leona as they made their way back and when they were finally gone he sighed and then scratched his head. He was indeed going to be seeing a lot of her and he was wondering if that was a good thing. Leona was breath taking just as she was last night and Clark shook his head before looking up at the clouds. After a couple of minutes he made his way back downstairs and then to the front and sat down with Ethan who had just clocked in. Since it was morning there wasn't a lot of people and they had time to do what they wanted. The only people that came in at this time of day were tourist. They talked for a few before Ethan went to grab him a drink and Clark drummed his fingers on the desk until he heard Mrs. McCloud voice nearing.
  11. Leona signed silently as the group left, but she didn't relaxed at all. Clark is an employee there...which means, she'll have to fight day in and day out to keep her bloodlust under control. Not only was her new career at stake, but so was his life and the lives of the other people here; not to mention the secrets of the Night Hunters. Leona began to wonder if it was a good idea for her to return to society so soon. But, her Sire insisted that this was the best way to learn to manage herself. Which is true; learning to curb your appetite with supplements, little raw foods, and cold blood or animal blood was alright and possible. But, regardless of the risk, placing yourself in the mist of people is the quickest way to rehabilitate. Still, as Naomi always says, there's more than one way to do something.

    Her little group returned downstairs, heading to Mrs. McCloud's office to chat a bit more. Then, they Leona and Dustin left her to roam around the partially empty club to look around further, deeper into its construction. They opted to take a moment to order a few drinks, so they headed to a nearby table to place their orders and chat about what they've learned so far.

    "I've got to say, this will be an easy project," Dustin chimed. "I find the Prohibition Period fascinating, and it's rather easy to research such a history with someone just as deeply fascinating...uh, fascinated about the topic as well."

    Leona caught his wordfumble, but ignored responding to it in any way. He can play flattery all he wants to, she knew already she had the upper hand here. Jenny's comment about her proceeded reputation expressed that. Leona spotted Clark at the bar. "Well, it's the most dramatic and artistically boosted period in the early twentieth century. Um, excuse me please." She stood up, wishing to get away from Dustin's aura...wanting to move closer to Clark's instead. Her feet started towards the bar, even though she was planning on heading to the women's room. She stopped for a split second when she realized where she was actually going, but instead of making a scene she just continued forward and took the empty stool next to him.

    "Well, fancy seeing you here again...at the bar, no less." She gave Clark a light smile, trying to pump some life back into her face with it. That burning sensation settled nicely now, and allowed her to concentrate of her surroundings and her control. That was good, but still confusing because she still had that need - that one need that seemed to be surrounding this one guy. It was personally embarrassing and one she felt was plastered clear across her face before all to see. Leona still calmed herself, trying to look less distant or bashful. "It's interesting to see someone who's serious about managing their drinking habits, working at a club. Is that a new technique in reverse psychology? As long as it's working, right?" She hoped she wasn't offending him; she's was rather familiar with managing drinking habits... As well as the whole reverse psychology technique, which - at this moment - she was testing out herself...
  12. Clark looked up from drumming his fingers on the table to see Mrs. McCloud chatting up with one of the people who was on the tour. It was definitely going to be a long day especially since Brandon was home dealing with his hangover. All he had to do was stay a work for a few more hours and then he'd be home fee to do anything he pleased. The sound of footsteps coming towards his direction made Clark turn his head to see Dustin and then Leona, the mysterious woman. He began making a few drinks for starter and then slid one over to Dustin who smiled grateful.

    He didn't want to bother and listen in on their conversation since Leona didn't seem like she was interested or even liked the guy for that matter and in was all in her facial expression and body language. he was good like that. Reading people's body language and how they responded towards another person told him a lot. Clark poured himself a shot and then took him a few sips before he sighed and then sat down on a stool he had carried over behind the counter. The tourist were wandering around and snapping photos of pictures and heading up to the lounge area to talk and take up space. He liked tourist and all but today he would have rather had an empty theater to himself.

    Clark's eyes darted over to the woman as she made her way over to where he was and took a seat on the stool in front of him. " I guess it is a coincidence to see you here as well, Leona". A slight smirk rose from his lips and then he began to tap the glass he had poured lightly and smile at the comment she made. " I guess you could say something like that. When you have the power to devour all these wonderful drinks it kinda makes you not want to drink as much I guess'. He glanced over at Dustin who finished his drink and handed Clark the money for it and walked upstairs.

    " That guys seems like a real charm". Clark laughed before finishing off his shot and then looking at Leona. He wanted to ask her about the other night when she had strangely disappeared and how he could feel her breathing against him and the ever so slightly feel of her lips against his neck. Was she trying to kiss him? Somewhere in the back of his mind he hoped so but then he had the feeling that wasn't the case. Pouring himself another shot and then one for Leona he ruffled his hair which he did often and then parted his lips before closing them. After a moment Clark drummed on the bale again. " What happened the other night? You were helping me with my car door and you vanished and left this". Clark reached into his pocked and pulled out her keychain that she'd dropped. Clark slid it over to her and placed it on her hand feeling the smoothness of her skin and he slowly moved his hand.
  13. "That guys seems like a real charm," Clark chuckled, which Leona followed.

    "Hey's trying to be...even though we're competing for the same full time slot at the design firm. I guess he thinks he can charm my chances from under me."

    Leona took the offered shot Clark poured for her with one quick intake. He grew silent for a moment, and she could faintly feel his thoughts... Another oddity there; she just met the guy last night and hardly knows anything about him, but all of a sudden she can sense his thoughts? Is this some trait to the bloodlust issue surrounding him? She hadn't a clue, but what she could take from it was that this guy was more than he appeared and she had the sudden craving to learn more.

    "What happened the other night?" Leona shook her head to say she wasn't sure what he meant. "You were helping me with my car door and you vanished and left this." Her missing keys dangled from Clark's hand. So, that's what happened to them. There was a brief moment in the mist of her - ailment - where she'd lost sight of what actually happened. She knew she had her keys, but wasn't sure why exactly, and how they fell from her hand; she could only guess that it was Naomi's fault.

    "Oh, you found them! I wasn't sure what had happened to them." When he placed them in her hand and their skin touched, she felt a slight shock that revealed another little notion about this interesting guy; that he was actually just as interested in her. Or, at least, curious. Leona took in a little breath and let it out smoothly as she slowly pulled her hand away to return her keys to her clutch that sat in her lap. "Thanks for returning them... I thought I would be taking a cab to work on a regular basis."

    She giggled lightly then sighed, knowing she had to come up with some explanation to her erratic behavior the night before. "Um, I was here that night with my mentor and a friends. My mentor is, well... she's a bit strict. Since my friend and I are living with her until we find a place of our own, we're living by her rules. Last night was a night to celebrate, but I guess she felt the need to intervene when we started to talk..." Leona rolled her eyes. Thinking about it like that made her life seem like she was some sort of orphan living in an all-girls school, and her mentor was one of those hateful British headmistress with a chip on her shoulder for living without a man in her life. Leona hated to lie, but this wasn't exactly a full lie... Her life was sort of exact - except she had a strict French Vampire Lord with some sort of personal goal pushing him through life on earth. "Sorry that I had to leave you like that... It was rather rude of me."
  14. Clark wasn't sure if Leona had felt the slight tingly feeling that shot up through his arm when they touched briefly but he was almost positive that she had. They were the only two downstairs besides the tourist and they were ending their tour since most of them were heading upstairs. He reached to pour himself another shot but then stopped himself. He didn't need to be getting semi- drunk while he was working even if he was getting on in a few hours. Leona seemed surprised to see her keychain from the other night and he thought that she hadn't even known she had dropped it at first until he showed her.

    He kept thinking about the tingly feeling that was still racing through his arm and he smiled when he heard the woman giggle. It was cute to him. Clark nodded his head when Leona thanked him and he stood up from the stool he was sitting on to place the liquor back where he found it. Once he sat back down Clark intently as she explained what had happened last night. At the mention of her friends he thought about the girls that she was dancing with before he bumped her and then his drunk friend Brandon was dancing with. She had a mentor? He wondered what for but maybe it was for the design school so that she could beat Dustin at winning the intern spot.

    Clark shook his head when she apologized for suddenly leaving and he smiled brightly. " Don't apologize because it gave me another chance to see you again, the beautiful and mysterious Leona". His smile was genuine and he turned away briefly when Dustin returned with Mrs. McCloud who had a smile plastered on her face. " Ahh this place brings so much excitement and a lot of people". her hand rested on Clark's shoulder for a moment before he turned his attention to Dustin and Leona.

    To Clark, Dustin seemed like an okay guy but he was the type to manipulate people to get what he wanted. That was the type of people Clark used to beat the shit out of back in high school. He stood and then made his way out from behind the counter after looking at the clock. All he had was one more hour and he was leaving. " Um excuse me im gonna head upstairs and get something to drink in the staff room, feel free to get a drink if you'd like" After nodding he walked upstairs and then into the staff room and grabbed a cool water from the cooler. He didn't know why he was so thirsty but he was. When Clark guzzled down the water he made his way down stairs and back the bar.
  15. Clark's compliment cause Leona to blush... No wait! She shouldn't be feeling anything remotely like a blush. She just met the guy, and now she's feeling some sort of connection with him all because of her bloodlust? This was a first for her, and she needed answers now more than ever.

    When Dustin returned with Mrs. McCloud, the guy held a smug, almost successful look on his face. It took only a moment for her to use all the clues from her heightened senses to know what he was so proud about. Mrs. Jenny's comment said it all - along with that overly happy smile on her face. Leona rolled her eyes.

    "Um, excuse me. I'm gonna head upstairs and get something to drink in the staff room. Feel free to get a drink if you'd like."

    Leona nodded and watched Clark make his way upstairs for a while. Dustin settled himself beside her at the bar, giving Mrs. Jenny a little wave as she returned to her office. "So, I was informed that there will be a meeting tomorrow about the projects here. We get to select the divisions we would like to work on."

    Leona gawked at him, not believing a word, "And where did you hear that piece of malarkey?"

    "Oh, from Jenny, of course - while I was fulfilling a number off her bucket list." He chuckled and licked his lips, making Leona sick to her stomach. She was stuck working on a team with the guy? "So, wanna head up to the roof and plan on our half of things? I still have enough battery charge on the camera - perhaps, we can shoot a movie or two while we're up there?"

    A waiter nodded to her that her meal was ready. "I'll have to pass on that one, Dustin. I'm heading off to research this place on my own."

    "Oh, so what leads do you have? Have you talked to anyone around here who has any background information on this place? You can't just Wiki, ya know. If that was the case, Sir. Giesecke wouldn't be hiring someone to do all the leg work for him."

    Well, he had the upper hand there. Even though she wouldn't have any problems rummaging through the building files and any other collected notes on the history of the place, but having people with eyewitness knowledge, or who have researched the majority already, would give her an advantage in gaining what they needed fast. As of right now, Dustin is in the lead... If that secretary has any connections elsewhere, that jerk would be literally laying down on the job and still getting things done faster than her.
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  16. Clark had came down the stairs slowly and caught enough of the conversation between Dustin and Leona. He was leaving in the next 45 minutes so he figured he might as well help her out. He knew that helping her out wouldn't be a problem as long as the manipulative Dustin didn't find out and Clark was positive that he wouldn't. When Clark fully proceeded down the stairs and then made his way past the two, he headed into the back and then opened one of the drawers using the only spare key he had flirted his way out of from Debra, a chick that didn't know how to keep her hands off of him and tried to make everyday a jittery one since he was always on the look out trying to avoid her and her touchy feely hands.

    When he opened the cabinet drawer he pulled out two folders that weren't heavy and held a few scraps of information on the theater. There was one with just some spark notes on the place and the other went into depth on what the spark notes didn't cover. There were a few pictures of the theater that evolved over the years and old owners and contracts. Clark proceeded past the two with the two folders out of view of Leona and Dustin and jogged upstairs to the copy room. The copy room was rarely used and the only time people came into the copy room was to hide from the boss or sneak in a few kisses with other employee's. The thought made him shudder as he made the copies of the contents in the two folders and walked out.

    He slipped past a few people who nodded in his direction and Clark made his way back downstairs and then into the back. He made sure Leona and Dustin weren't looking and even if they were looking in his direction they couldn't see him or what he was doing. Quickly he placed the two folders back where they were but hid then under a few piles of papers and folders and then locked it with the key. Dustin wasn't near Leona by the time Clark had made his way from the back.

    Clark sat next to Leona and then slid the papers next to her and looked at her. " So you can be ten steps ahead of lover boy over there". In all honesty he just didn't have a good vibe off of Dustin and Leona seemed to actually care about the internship. He went to stand up looking at the clock and realizing he was free from work in the next 8 minutes. " Hey im getting on work soon, real soon actually and um I was wondering if you weren't doing anything later we could maybe hand out and get something to eat?". Clark smiled nervously and ran his hands through his hair. He didn't know why but all of a sudden he was nervous.
  17. Dustin's meal had come as well, so he took it - where else - to Mrs. Jenny's office. Leona rolled her eyes and moved over to a booth to enjoy her small meal alone. She'd only ordered a small club sandwich, something that would tie her over until her next supplement. She really wasn't exactly hungry at the moment, only the scorching heat of the bloodlust remained in her belly. Naomi had told her once that food tends to cool it off, especially cold foods. So, cold cuts, crisp lettuce and tomatoes, and ice tea - if that didn't cool her insides off now, then she'll either have to leave work early or glue herself to Clark while she's there.

    Pulling out her vibrating cell phone, Leona glanced at it and hissed. She hated getting calls from her Sire. It was like he had spies watching every move she made, which always left a sickly crawling sensation over her flesh - like hundreds of tiny spiders dancing down her back.

    "Yes, Master Murgtague?"

    "Your worries are a bit - human - don't you think? That will cause wrinkles." her Sire chuckled. "All has been arranged for you, my dear. No need for such silly emotions."

    Leona blinked, "What do you mean by that, Brigs?" Rarely she would use her Sire's first name, but he allowed it. She only uses it when she's angry or frustrated, which he considered just another cute trait of hers he adored. There was a lot of things about her he - adored...

    "Well, my dear, we all know you're an excellent designer, but let's get real, shall we... How in the world do you think you gained first draft pick by Sir. Giesecke? It definitely wasn't for your charm. He's far too old of a vampire to fall for such things..." Leona ended the call quickly. She didn't want to hear more, and Brigs would have been fine with that...loving her strong spirit and allowing her to stand her ground before him in an argument. He didn't mind that one bit cause regardless, he still owned her.

    Rubbing her dry eyes, wishing she had tears to allow to fall, she eventually calmed herself. Emotions can cause her bloodlust to explode. She had to keep her concentration, so she settled her eyes on her sandwich and forgotten to keep her connection to her surroundings. She didn't realize the burn in her throat was starting to die out, or that Clark has slid into the booth next to her. But when the thick folder slid beside her plate, she jumped slightly back to reality. "Clark, what's this?"

    "So you can be ten steps ahead of lover boy over there."

    She pushed her plate over and began to scan over the contents of the file folder. She gasped as her eyes widened to what he's given her. It was copies of the original historical documentation on the building and various other documentation that the owner of the place would only have. "Wow Clark, I don't know what to say, but thank you. This saves me loads of time." She looked up at the guy with astonishment, wondering just how was he able to gain content like that. He was just a regular employee there, right?

    "Hey, I'm getting on work soon, real soon actually and um I was wondering if you weren't doing anything later we could maybe hand out and get something to eat?" Clark smiled nervously and ran his hands through his hair. Leona smiled, finding this little nervous twitch rather appealing to his character.

    "Uh, well...," she looked down at her partially eaten meal. "If you've got a place to go that makes better food that this, then by all means. I'm pretty much free today - was just going to do some research..." Leona tossed a bit of cash on the table to pay for the food and tip and stood. She began to wonder just who this guy really was and felt the need to learn more. "You'll probably get bored with all this historical treasure hunting and all...," she began, slipping her notebook bag over her shoulder. "It's fascinating, but time consuming... I wouldn't want to bore you with all of that; I can deal with it later."
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  18. Clark smiled when he saw Leona's facial expression as she went through the papers. Putting his hands up he shook his head. " Don't worry you don't have to thank me". It was true he was just trying to make things fair and that fact that he didn't really like Dustin helped I guess. He could have gotten the files even without the key he had gotten from Debra. His family was tangled up in some of the theater's history and that was mostly why he was there. When he wasn't on the roof or working he was looking up information. It wasn't a lot and he was exactly searching for anything but it passed the time, especially when he didn't feel like coming in to the theater at night with Brandon.

    When Leona agreed Clark smiled brightly and then smirked. " Trust me I know a place where the food is twenty times better then this". After a slight pause he placed one of his hands into his pocket and stood up from the stool. " You wouldn't bore me with the research, it's actually kinda interesting..kinda". Clark chuckled and then looked up at the clock to see that he was finished at work even through he had no clue why they even asked him to come in when there wasn't that many people. " Im gonna clock out and then I'll meet you in the parking lot but this time don't disappear".

    He made his way up the steps and then walked to the front to clock out. By this time some more people were starting to come and he was just glad his shift was over because he hadn't even felt like coming into work today. Clark made his way to the car and then he unlocked it and waited for Leona. Just the thought of her made his smile like a complete idiot so he shook his head and released a deep breath.

    Clark figured he would take her to a nice restaurant. it was a place what he and Brandon went too after work sometimes when they were starving. It had the look of a diner which her liked and the food was amazing. Just thinking about it made Clark rest a hand on his stomach.
  19. Leona giggled about the disappearing comment, and nodded, "I promise." When Clark stepped away, again she put on a strong face and fought against the rush of hunger churning up again due to his absence. Taking a moment to refocus herself and to call her boss to let him know she was heading to research. She then left the club and headed to the parking lot behind the theater.

    It wasn't hard for her to find Clark standing by his car. Happy to return to his side, for the pain was starting to become far too unbearable when they departed, Leona kept her relieved expression at bay. It was strange enough for her to understand, but he would be ten times confused and concerned if she began to behave the way she felt right then... It wasn't like they've been best friends or long-lost lovers for years; they just met! For some reason, Leona felt the need to constantly remind herself of this; as if the bloodlust was coasting her into believing otherwise. Again, another drawback she was not aware of.

    "I'm here," Leona's voice sparkled with far too much excitement. She cleared her voice, "So, what special place around town keeps your belly happy?" Giggling, she slid into the passenger seat of his car when the door was opened for her. "I'm still rather new to the area - somewhat. There's a lot of places I really don't know about around here, except for the theater. I've always loved this place..."

    Her eyes rose up the side of the building admiringly as she could recall times when her grandfather would take her there when she was younger and the place was still a theater. After he died, it was soon turned into a cinema and she still returned there with friends and family to watch movies. She never had any idea that one day she would be part of its refurbishment...or that she would be turned into a night hunter in the back alleyway one night trying to sneak into the movies with a few friends... "A lot of - interesting memories are hidden there..."
  20. Clark smiled before shaking his head. " Don't worry it's a secret but you'll find out soon". Making sure that she was in safe he looked back before pulling out of the parking lot. Leona seemed to love the theater truly and that's what he was glad about. Sometimes people put up with things but never really enjoyed it so it made him happy that she loved the theater as much as he did. They drove around for a couple of minutes before he pulled into Charlie's parking lot. Everyone he knew had been to Charlie's more than once. The place was passed down from generation to generation and so forth. He was glad to see business booming and everyone enjoying himself.

    The restaurant looked nice and it was always kept in place. When Clark was younger the place wasn't as nice looking and there was always a tilted picture or marks on the walls among other things that made it look untidy but after the owner got out of the hospital and people were back on their feet again that's when they made major changes to the restaurant. When Clark got out the car and then opened the door for Leona he looked through the window to see a good about of people there laughing and chatting it up with other folks.

    Clark went to reach for Leona's hand without thinking and immediately froze placing his hands in his pocket. He hoped that she hadn't noticed because it would be highly embarrassing. When they got inside the restaurant Charlie himself greeted them and then placed his hand on Clark's shoulder. " Well if it isn't my favorite customer". Charlie smiled and then laughed before adjusting the hat on his head. The man took one glance at the woman next to him and then smirked. " And who's this lovely lady". Clark didn't know why but suddenly the room felt smaller. " This is Leona, Leona ,meet the owner and father figure Charlie Hawkins".

    Charlie shook the Leona's hand and smiled. " Its a pleasure to meet you and enjoy your time here". He laughed and then leaned down to Clark's ear before whispering something that made Clark's face turn completely red. He was never more thankful in his life when the waited led them to their seats and he at down taking a look at the menu. Clark glanced up at Leona before averting his gaze. " Sorry about Charlie, he loves messing with me". Clark said remembering what Charlie had whispered in his ear. His face turned red at the thought and he placed his hand over his face for a brief second.

    The waitress came over and asked what they would like to drink. Once taking their orders she said that she'd be back briefly with the drinks and then food.
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