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  1. Rite of Passage

    Kronas & Phi Chisym

    ((This is a very rough layout))

    Lyrics Speakeasy Nightclub

    This night club is housed in the once famous Lyric Theatre. It was established in 1914 as a large opera house. It changed with the times over the years becoming a Vaudeville dream in 1928 with a Speakeasy hidden below. Then in the 40's it turned into a cinema and stayed that way clear through to the 90's. Lyrics shut down due to funding, but in 2120 it was purchased and rebuilt to its natural glory.

    After changing hands several times, as well as faces, it has now become one of the hottest night clubs in the city where all clubbers come to enjoy live concerts, comic entertainment, and other forms of debauchery. Lyrics still maintains their speakeasy below, which has become a small poker club hosting tons of various games and activities for the few who has the money to participate. This is where most of the - darker nightlife tends to hang out. This is where you can find the Night Hunters playing their nightly games.


    There's a time is a young vampire's life where they meet someone very special, someone they wish to claim for themselves. It's a rare moment, and often times mistaken for something totally different, but when it comes it is wise to not miss. To become a Sire places them out of the hands of their Sire, and their Sire's desires for them. This action can be considered a lifesaver, because then they are not subjected to their leader's will.

    This is what Leona See was told by a few friends, and she believes them. They've found their ways out of their Sire's covens to avoid becoming concubines or harem slaves for their coven's growth. She wasn't too thrilled about being a part of Master Murgtague's coven, and his interest of her has grown more and more over the years. She was only two years within her new fangs, but she feared it was time to find a way out of his coven and seek one she favored more.

    Her friends urge her to come to theirs, for Mathiew Delvan's Coven was considered very relaxed, down to earth, and low key - none of that vampire politics and such. But, they still stressed for her to Sire someone in order to break from any Rite of Passage. So, Leona began to search for someone to - change. But, that's harder than it sounds.

    As she began her new career as an Interior Decorator for Lark in the Morning, a high profile design firm downtown, she kept her senses open. She's been warned that a moment may come where her whole world turns upside down just because of one person. If that ever happens, then she should - take a bite, if she can...


    Brigs Murgtague, a 3000 year old vampire is seeking young vampires with the ability to hold souls, humans and vampire souls, within their bodies. He seeks a Vessel. He needs souls for himself, and searches through his covens for this one special vampire. His time is running out, after all. If he can find this one person, and they pass his Rite of Passage, then he will have all he needs to sustain for another 3000 years - that is, if the Vessel survives.

    Not every vampires wishes to be used like this.

    Rite of Passage: Every Sire of a coven creates their own Rite of Passage, or test for their new vampires. It's to prove they are worthy to hold their namesake, to live as their child of the night, and that they are capable of obeying their orders with no delay - with a cold, unfeeling heart.

    If a vampire has already created a youngling of their own, Sired a vampire, then they are void of the blood contract between their former Sire. They will then be exempt of this test and allowed to leave their Sire's coven to begin their own, if they wish. Or, they can stay under their Sire's coven as a Partner and help build it under his name. This is what many young vampires do if they do not wish to be ruled by another, or if their Sire is too cruel to live under.

    Age: (Vampire/Human
    Appearance: (Picture or Description)
    A bit about this Character:
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  2. ok so your chari is a night hunter which would be like a vampire. So basically you are ruled by a master or Sire and the only way to leave is to start a coven of their own. SO my chari would be the human that you have the blood lust towards. Before we were talking about them having coming meeting spots such as the rooftop of a movie theater?
  3. I've just edited the OOC. I was trying to finish up the information about the theater. It's all up now, with a bit more about my charrie, her Sire, and a notice for two NPC's that are her friends from another coven. I think that might help with the background a bit.

    Leona knows about this club, for a few of the nicer Night Hunters hang around there. But, when she meets your charrie, and they get to know each other more, she'll soon land herself a job their as their new interior decorator - someone who will research more about the place to help them reclaim the theatre's original look.

    I think we'll be able to really run from there and come up with a variety of problems for them both.
  4. Template

    Name: Leona See
    Age: (Vampire/Human) - She looks 19 - this is when she was turned. Vampire Age - 21
    Gender: Female

    Personality: Later, or either developed in the story

    A bit about this Character: She is an Interior Decorator, Textile Designer straight out of college. Even though she's dealing still with all the do's and don'ts of being a vampire, she's still determined to not let it stop her from pursuing her dream in working for Lark in the Morning, a very well known design firm in town.

    Her sire is Brigs Murgtague, and she's not happy about it. He's a very cut-throat coven leader, one no one wishes to cross. She's realized that he's noticed her potential in his coven and she doesn't want to be involved no more than she already is. Before he decides to test her in his Rite of Passage, she seeks to claim a human for herself. She's been taught well how to manage her thirst, but every now and then a blood lust settles on her that she just can't control. It happens every so often, mostly when she visits The Lyrics Nightclub with her friends from time to time. She hasn't figured it out yet, but her friends strongly encourages her to do so. Whoever is causing her blood lust to go crazy like that, might just be her ticket out of Murgtague's coven for good.

    Name: Brigs Murgtague
    Age: Looks 29 / Vampire age 3000
    Gender: Male



    A bit about this Character: He's dying and that pisses him off. After 3000 years, he still hasn't fulfilled what he wished to, so he seeks a Vessel to assist him in sustaining his immortality for another 3000 years.

    He's been in a battle for supremacy with Delvan for decades, but it seems as if this generation of younglings prefers Delvan's more relaxed approach to his militant one.

    Name: Mathiew Delvan
    Age: Looks 32 / Vampire age is 2605
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: He's not as strict as most vampires of his age, but he does maintain the rules of the old generations in order to avoid bad blood between clans, and detection by humans. He teaches his younglings to live life freely, but to respect all life, and death, to the fullest; to never take more than you should, and to never take the innocent - only those who deserve the type of death they can only provide.

    A bit about this Character: He's been against Brig's for quite some time, trying to get him to understand there's a better way for vampires to live that doesn't involve killing every human on earth. He knows the old fat is dying, and had called upon his coven members to assist him in recruiting the Murgtague coven members to their side - hoping to get as many younglings away from the man before he can find a Vessel within his numbers. Owner of F8Tech Software.

    Name: Anataha Redcorn (Annette)
    Age: Looks 16, Vampire Age - 20

    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: A bit of a sparky little firefly that can light of an entire room; that is, if its possible not set off the fire alarm.

    A bit about this Character:

    Sire: Mathiew Delvan. She's Naomi's Subordinate, and is under her care while she's under her tutelage. Is college friends with Leona.

    Name: Naomi Krain
    Age: 26 Vampire Years - 385
    Gender: Female

    Personality: She's a strict perfectionist with everything in her life: her appearance, clothing, the way she carries herself, even how she portrays being human. She tries to keep her dear friends in line, teaching them about the tricks to being a vampire that stays alive & out of trouble.

    A bit about this Character:

    Sire: Mathiew Delvan. She's one of his young officers, and personal secretary of his mega company, F8Tech Software. Is Annette's caretaker as the young vampires grows into her fangs. She's helping Leona out, trying to recruit her through befriending her and teaching her things that the few members of the Murgtague coven avoid teaching their younglings.
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  5. Name: Clark Wales
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    A Bit about the Character: Clark is a sucker for history and adventure. Soon after graduating he began working a movie theater nearby his home. It was something that he did part- time besides helping out around his old time friend Rick's Mechanic. if anything he does little jobs here and there for some money but honestly it was to keep him from getting out of trouble.
    Personality: Will show later on throughout the character
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  6. I'm hoping to have the IC up tonight with my intro.
  7. Where do we want to put this puppy - OneXOne?
  8. yeah sure onexone would be great
  9. awesome, trust me it's no rush since im enjoying my summer :D
  10. Love the added scene you did for Dustin! What do you see coming from him? He's an open NPC, mind you, so if you see him doing something that can enhance the story and bring more conflict to Leona, go for it!

    I think this little rivalry for the full time spot under Giesecke is going to get really dirty, and he'll start playing underhandedly (like he hadn't started already). Leona can play rough, but usually someone will end up dead, and she really doesn't want that to happen. But, she's learning in this next post that her Sire is behind her placement at Lark in the Morning and he'll do whatever he sees fit to make sure he gains her favor. She's not sure why he's going out of his way to please her; she's his youngling after all. He doesn't have to do anything for her. But, she'll eventually start to understand why.
  11. Hmm I see Dustin trying to manipulate is way to the top, trying to fid sources maybe even about you and your history to that jenny can find a better reason to give him the internship. I do see some conflict so I will try to sort out certain events in my head.
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