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  1. So, as you might have heard, there's going to be a new Power Rangers movie. It was announced not long ago that Elizabeth Banks would be playing the beloved 90s franchise's iconic villain, Rita Repulsa. A photo of her in costume was recently released in Entertainment Magazine showing the redesign for everyone's favorite space dumpster dwelling witchy woman.


    It's certainly... different.

    People have been quick to point out that the green costume probably hints at her involvement with the origin of the Green Ranger, which was an important part of the original show and presumably in this movie as well.

    I'm not sure how I feel about this new take on the Power Rangers. It seems doubtful that a series that was so quintessentially nineties in every way will translate well into a modern story. Most of what made the TV show such a hit back then would be way to cheesy and unbelievable for audiences nowadays, even kids that are the same age as the original demographic. Of course it could be a radically different and updated take on the characters, but by changing things too much they risk losing the spirit of the franchise and alienating the people who would watch it for nostalgia's sake.

    Whether you're a nineties kid or not, what are your thoughts on this movie? Will it be any good, or just a complete mess trying to cash in on the trend of rebooting and repackaging old properties?
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  2. I dislike when they change things from my childhood. It alters the memories and is often either a love or hate stance.
  3. She looks more villainous now, like mortal kombat girl ninja woman! XD Mileena? I dunno.
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  4. From someone who has not seen a single episode of the show...

    Old Rita: Scary old space witch lady.
    New Rita: Ooh, neat, boobs--WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FAAAAAAACE.
  5. It's like a mix between Divatox as a base


    A cup of Morgana

    And a dash of Mele and Scorpina
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  6. I was also getting a Mortal Kombat vibe from this.


    I'm super indifferent to the whole thing, but yeah, I wouldn't have guessed this was supposed to be Rita Repulsa unless they said something. I used to watch Power Rangers when I was a kid, so I imagine the only people who really give a shit are in the late 20s to early 30s demographic, and I honestly can't imagine getting excited for anything Power Rangers related again.

    Well, unless it was a Mortal Kombat meets Pacific Rim situation, then I'm on board.
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  7. As a fan of the original, i am so excited! I am hoping for a more mature theme tbh. Screw the kid friendly shit.
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  8. Coming from a HUGE MMPR fan, I'm a bit excited to see how this movie will turn out. I like Rita's new look. It makes her look more appealing and villainous than the original. The fact that she's wearing green also overshadows the Green Ranger saga a bit too. Hopefully her voice won't be extremely annoying like it was in the original. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.
  9. I like that they are trying out a new look, even if it'll turn all the fanboys against them. i.e.: "how dare they do anything but exactly how it was in the 90's?"

    She needs the hat though.

    No hat, no deal.

    That thing is just too fabulous.
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  10. The recipe for the super sentai genre is not a hard one to make work so it'll probably be okay. Just make a core group of trope-heavy people(maybe teens but not required), give them personalized armor/weapons/mechs, rainbow uniforms, and put them in an end of the world situation with the big bad who summons monsters. Splash in exposition and drama. Easy money, easy life.
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  11. Agreed. The lack of the hat is a goddamn crime and cardinal sin.
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  12. To be honest, it looks like Mortal Kombat's Mileena and Reptile had a daughter.
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  13. I'm not a fan so far, but it honestly depends on the direction they go with the movie. It could work, there's too little to say much on the Rita choice yet.

    *Checks the Cast List*
    *See's Tommy isn't in it*

    That's concerning though.
    Mainly because Tommy's basically been the unofficial Power Rangers mascot since practically the very start. He's continued to show a ton of passion towards Power Rangers to this day, and is the prime person to grab for a movie. Especially when based on the group he was introduced with. Issue is this, he also doesn't just jump on everything power rangers, he's been rather critical of only wanting to join projects that would do justice to the series. So the fact he's not there? Implies one of three possibilities for me.

    1) Cast list is still small, so maybe he just wasn't hired yet.
    2) They're looking for young people only, hence why he's being left out. This would make sense but it's still a let down.
    3) He's avoiding this project cause he see's it as trying too hard to do something that would hurt the franchise.
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  14. 4) he's actually secretly being cast as Zordon.
  15. Change is bad.
  16. Tommy's moves are too big for him to be a floating head.

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