Rising Rebellion

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  1. Lucas had spent all his life in one town. It was small with only a few homes, one store, one butcher, not much of livery since they didn't much visitors along with a small hotel that a saloon in the bottom. It was a quiet and calm town but he enjoyed it that way. He knew what to expect every day and things were going well. He was engaged to a beautiful girl that he adored. There weren't many girls either so that could be part of the reason why he was so happy with her. If he went out into the world, he might find someone else. But as it was, he didn't want to.

    But then, one day everything changed. He found a mysterious object that made no sense and brought it home. He lived on his own since his mom died giving birth to him and three years back his dad died from a wolf attack. So Lucas was on his own but he'd learnt to survive just fine on his own. Sure it was lonely at times but he didn't mind. He had the animals on his farm so he wasn't completely alone.

    A few days after he had found the strange thing, strangers came to town, saying they were searching for an egg. Lucas put two and two together to figure out that they meant the stone he'd found. However, the strangers gave him a bad feeling so he started to pack up, planning on heading into the forest to hide the egg until it was safe to get it again. But while he was out, his village was burnt to the ground. Angry at what had happened, he decided that he would get revenge for what they'd done. Even the girl he'd loved was dead. Furious, he spent the night so that the horse had time to rest before riding off the next morning.

    He didn't get too far before finding himself in unknown territory and feeling like something was watching him. The egg was tucked into his saddle bag so it wasn't like anything would know about it. And yet, he felt like he was being followed..... By what, he wasn't sure.
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  2. ( Sorry cv now and life got away from me)

    Alexandra walked slowly through the woods every day. She did not like to stray to far from the sea. She would return to the sea at every sunset or sometimes before. She like to make drift wood fires. She was a spy for the Rafe. The rebellion against the king and his men. she had been caught beyond them, but also killed those who caught her. She was a free spirit so she did not live with the rebellion. She also tended to work for thone who paid her toll.

    However on one of her walks. She decided to go a little further. something was telling her to do so. SHE kept walking till she saw someone running and went to hide. She quickly followed him to a small clearing where he stopped to breathe. she was intrigued by this man She smiled and watched him on his giant animal. Some of the Rafe rode them and other creatures. She stayed silent and watched him. Something different about him.then there was about other humams. She figured he would not harm her.

    Eventually Alex stepped from the shadows and looked at him gently. Alex gets his attention, nods to him and beckons for him to follow her. she said nothing and started to move quickly through the woods back for the sea. She ended her salt water and needed to speak to him
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