Rising of the Dead

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  1. Jay sat on top of her bed, hugging her knees. Her bag of supplies and her guns sat on the other side of the room. Her black hair covered her cat green eyes, blurred with tears. She was mumbling something to the effect of 'She's gone..' and just sat there. The surrounding area was cleared, she had made sure of that. She left all the lights on. If anyone else was here, and alive, they hopefully would know that was a safe place. The dead where only coming back around her town, but she'd heard reports that they where going elsewhere....and that they where starting to EAT humans..She shivered, her tears disapearing as she picked up her stuff and moved to the front door, sitting in the room, just watching the door.

    (from now on, I'll probably post in 1st person)
  2. -Abigale ran down the road as fast as she could, her dark blue tank top and acid wash jeans were splashed with fresh blood. A gun was in one hand while the other clutched onto the strap of her book bag tightly. She was out of bullets and was being chased by a mad cannibal, the only thing she could think to call them. Quickly she turned down a street and ducked behind the nearest house, her chest heaved with hard pants as she leaned back into the building. After catching her breath she dropped her bag onto the ground and shoved her gun into the opening, quickly she dug into the bag looking for another weapon. Panic came over her when she couldn't find it but relief replaced it once her hand touched the handle of her axe. Pulling it out she yanked her bag over her shoulder and ran for it hoping to another the flesh craving beast. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a house with lights on, it could only mean one of two things: One, that people were alive in there. Or Two, there could be zombies inside. She took the chance and ran across the street and practically slammed into the door when she opened it. Upon seeing Jay in front of the door she raised her axe in defense- Are you bit?!
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    I jumped up as the girl rushed in, her rifle in hand. "No! Need help??" I could see the fear in the girl's eyes and trained my gun at the door, finger on the trigger, ready to fire if anything came through the door. "I'm Jay, no scratches, bites, or anything." Hearing a couple on noises outside, I kicked an automatic gun over to the girl. It had a full round of ammo and the girl had an axe, hopefully she'd switch.
  4. -Her head tilts back hearing the ruffling of cannibal feet and slammed the door shut, quickly she locked the door and turned off the lights.- You shouldn't have these on. -she ignored the gun that had been kicked towards her, she didn't need it. Quietly she pressed her back into the wall and scoots over towards the window, she knelt down and peeked through the blinds to see how many were outside.- Damn it. -she whispered to herself seeing that a few had been attracted from her previous gun shots and her loud running, steal toed boots were a blessing and a curse in this new environment. Placing the blind back down she stood back up and stepped away from the window and towards the woman- Did you lock everything? Windows? Doors?
  5. I nodded. "Of course." motioning towards the door, I continued whispering. "that's the only way into the house. Upstairs I have an emergancy pack that can safely propell us from the roof if this place is ever broken into by him.." I said 'him' as if it where in the room with us, and it shouldn't know I mentioned it.
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    -Arched a 'brow not fond of what the woman may have meant from propelling, she rest the back of her axe on top of her shoulder- Him? You know one of the freaks outside? -she asked tilting her head towards the window where she saw them. With that question she tucked a brow lock of hair behind her ear and looked over the woman for a moment, not finding her much of a threat- I'm Abigale. -she didn't hold a hand out, she kept her hands on her book bag strap and the axe-
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    "No, they're his people, I think. 'Him' is much, much bigger. He wears a bag over his head, needles sticking out in all directions. He's about 6'10''. The difference is, he's human, or at least, his brain is. The virus mutated him instead of turning his body into the infected. I've run into him once, he took down my house, and some of my people...but he's definitely one to be avoided." She nodded her head, as if comfirming herself of it.
  8. -She gave a curt nod- Hope I don't run into him. -She muttered softly and walked across the room and turned, she dropped her bag onto the floor and leaned back into the wall watching the shadows through the window blinds- I thought this was like something from one of those movies... What did they call them? Walkers? -she shrugs sliding down the wall to sit on the floor and sighs- How long have you been in this house? -she gestured her axe around at the house- Usually these places have cannibals in them.
  9. "This house, only a few days. Before that, I lived in my house with my parents and my best friend. We had plenty of provisions, but they where, umm, destroyed. I guess that's the right word. I took as much as I could. Enough water and food to sustain 5 people for 10 weeks, enough ammo for the two automatics I have to destroy and armored tank, and a rifle with ammo. I've got two pistols, but not much ammo for them. Maybe two clips each." I realized that I probably had a lot more than some other survivors had. "My dad was in the military before all this. He had a lot." I pulled his knife from its sheath on my belt. "This was his. He gave it to me before he turned. I'll never forget leaving him." I stopped as my handheld radio buzzed. Switching it to the comm in my ear, I listened to the broadcast.
  10. -Her lips pursed a bit in suspicion upon hearing how much she had with her- That's a lot to carry... Who else is here? You couldn't have carried all of that by yourself. Oh! And by the way, all ammo is pretty much gone when I went to scavenge the near by stores. -She watched the girl listen to the broadcast, she hadn't listened to them for awhile now. Always figuring that the virus would spread no matter what.- What did it say? -She asked after waiting for the radio to stop so the woman could listen-
  11. "Something about another 'safe place'. People don't seem to understand nowhere is safe until the infected are eradicated. Oh, and I carried it by myself, but not all at once. I took a little at a time, what I needed, and ended up with all of this. Took only about two days to bring it over here." I shrugged. Nothing was permanent, so carrying what was necessary was required and what is wanted is optional. She started a mental map in her head, trying to find out how long they could stay here safely.
  12. -gave a slow nod in understanding and lightly tapped her finger to her chin- Hm... -her lips pursed in thought as she watched the shadow's of the dead stumble around outside- More are going to be coming soon. They seem to unconsciously group together, makes it harder to kill them. -opening her bag she shoved her axe away- How long do you think we have? A day or just the night?
  13. Thinking for a minute, I answered. "We have about 2 weeks, and that's when they'll start figuring we're in here."
  14. -glances back to the shadows and then at the woman- We don't have two weeks... There are maybe three out there at the moment. -she points the the window trying to keep her voice quiet- In a couple of days that number will sky rocket. I came from a town over and you couldn't breathe without one jumping into your face.
  15. I nodded my head in understanding. "Makes sense...." My voice dropped off as a noise from outside seemed to grow louder. I motioned for us to be completely silent. The noise outside paused, then moved around the house. It sounded almost like a low growl..
  16. She tensed and quietly reached into her bag for her spar gun, she checked to make sure rounds were in the gun and took the safety off. After a moment she quietly slid up the wall and held the gun towards the door, finger on the trigger and ready to shoot what may burst the door. Part of her could help wondering if this was the end.
  17. I heard a small knock on the back wall. Quietly, I turned, facing the back while you covered the front. The low growl started back up, then moved away. Not wanting to risk anything, I whispered. "I think we might have less time than either of us think..."
  18. She gave a quiet nod and took a slow breath before whispering "We're so fucked..." she backed up a bit as her heart pounded in her chest, so loud she could barely hear herself think.
  19. I started pacing the room quietly, thinking of the best escape. I reviewed our supplies, then continued thinking.
  20. She tilts her head back slightly making sure her eyes didn't leave the front of the house "What do you think it is?" she asked as quietly as she could "It sounds bigger than all the others I've seen."