Rising In The East, Rest To The West (Mature Rating)



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Summary Of The Story So Far
The confrontation at the tavern has escalated to extremes. Michio has been blasted out the top floor window of his room, while Branz, and Thedas are torn apart by the raw arcane magic of The Obelisk, Elritch. A master Spellsword of Kavochian renown. Setting the room ablaze with magical fire, to block entrance, he makes a demand of Fumino to give herself up under the notion that no one will come to her rescue, while Celina, and Rafeal remain outside the room in the hallway. Will Celina, and Rafeal manage to intervene, or will they turn to save themselves?

Back in Castle Town, Beal has returned to the castle to Darius who sets him to the task of interrogating a prisoner believed to have information on Ukyon assassins sent to Kavoch with undetermined orders.
"What are men?
Vessels of selfishness, and selflessness.

We are the darkest of grey, and the brightest of grey.
What we take, we give with our lives at the end our day."

Kawayama Michio, The Chaos of Man - 1541[/size]


Rumors always bode ill of war, famine, and suffering. The world spins on a delicate axis of good, and evil, with both grasping for control, only to clash against one another in an endless struggle of superiority. Often times one end of the pendulum swings higher than it's counter throwing the weight of the world off by mere fractions... only to return to the middle, and then counter swing in the opposite direction. Superiority for mere moments, only to return to equality. That is the natural flow of life. However these days grow darker still as the pendulum swings higher, and higher towards the direction of chaos. For it is man that is not bound by such a simple law of nature, and can ultimately bend, or break it.

Lord Genmadoro's sacred Daisho has been stolen from the imperial castle at Nobu, capital of Ukyo, the "Rising In the East." Legend tells a tale of war, and divine wrath spread to strangers who steal the weapons from he who was chosen by the Eastern Gods to rule. In the time of one year, should the weapons of the Emperor not be placed back at the Imperial Altar, Ukyo will march to war. This steady peace between lands is soon to be sundered, for if the legend comes to light... the enemies of Ukyo will lie at the feet of the righteous, and Ukyo will once again bath the world in war, blood, and evil until the Daisho is found.

As rumors spread between the eastern lands of Ukyo, and the Western Mega Continent of Kavoch, travelers, warriors, mercenaries, and minor kings, and lords all turn their eyes to the words being spread across their borders. To risk unleashing a war of untold suffering by using the weapon to control the legend, or to return it to it's resting place, and continue this time of peace between lands.

It is onto your hands to guide the world as it turns. Will you keep it balanced upon it's needle thin axis, or shove it into chaos?

This will be a blend of fantasy European, and Japanese history, and cultures. All of which will be custom named, and described with Europe, and Japan being foundations for the world, and out characters.

Posting expectations are one to two times per week.

Current Writers: 6/6

Jumi - Kawayama Michio, Darius Velarian
Fluffy - Celina Ferratus
Effort - Beal
TheNeverThere -Ludwig Helborg
Kitti - Fumino Teppei

-Character Bio Template-


Character Name: Their name.
Species: Human or other. If uncommon, please describe.
Race: Ukyon, or Kavochian


Distinguishing Marks:

Strengths: Such as speed, flexibility, strength, etc.
Weaknesses: You must have one weakness if your character has one or more strengths beyond normal.


Current Goal/Purpose:
Talents: Such as math, deciphering, etc.
Inabilities: You must have one inability.
Fears: You must have one fear.
General Personality: How to they act to the general public.
Inner Personality: How do they act once someone gets to know them.


Special Items: Items with special properties.
Items: Notable items they carry.
Weapons: Weapons they carry.
Abilities/Magic: Any special abilities the character might have. The GM reserves the right to judge whether powers become unbalanced, or too numerous.


Character Name: Kawayama Michio

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Race: Ukyon

Age: 29

Occupation: Mercenary


Height: 5'10

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing Marks: Bandages around his head covering his left eye which has a slash across it from up to down.

Strengths: Olympic level strength, and speed in comparison to the average person. Above average constitution, and stamina. (Not Superhuman)

Weaknesses: Michio has absolutely no fighting ability to fend off minor, to fatal poisons. He is very susceptible to them.


Current Goal/Purpose: The retrieval of lord Genmadoro's heirloom Daisho.

Aspirations: Cleansing himself of evil intent, returning home to the country of Ukyo, and avenging the death of his friend Yokokuro

Hobbies: Playing the Shamisen, dancing, and raising horses.

Likes: Music, rain, horses, forests, farming, and the various martial arts of the world.

Dislikes: Guns, those that do not keep promises, criminals, and users of black magic.

Talents: Gathering information via interrogation, adapting to avoid social taboos of cultures, diplomacy, and battle tactics.

Inabilities: Subtlety, lying, deviating from a promise.

Fears: Dieing with dishonor, drowning, and the arts, and practices of black magic.

General Personality: Quiet, and unassuming. He tends to observe the happenings of the world with silence, and disects events in order to determine the best course of action. When he does speak it's in a very calm voice, and is often only said once. He feels that if most don't take the time to listen to the world constantly, then there's no sense on wasting valuable time, and effort in order to get a point across.

Inner Personality: Having seen some of the worst events in his country, his inner personality is a culmination of the various shades of grey. He tends to speak more, and seems to be more at ease, as at this point the individual he's talking to has proven that they are a friend, and that they have some of the same ideals as him. At this point, Michio will often answer any questions, and ask them with more thought, and emotion behind them.


Special Items: None.

Items: His family heirloom Shamisen

Weapons: Katana


Lightning Blade: Michio's style of swordsmanship is derived around the drawing of the sword from it's scabbard. It teaches the use of full body movement, and on fluidity of the movement in order to create a projectile of wind as the blade is drawn from the scabbard, and swung in an outward slash. This projectile becomes an extension of the blade, and travels several yards before it dissipates. This ability is also usable once the sword is drawn, however the swordsman must move the sword in a series of motions in order to draw wind currents towards him, where he then levels his stance, and swings creating the projectile.

It should be noted that the projectile has no color, and simply creates a slight haze wherever it is as it travels.


Character Name: Darius Velarian, King of Kavoch

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Race: Kavochian

Age: 45

Occupation: Ruler of Kavoch


Height: 6'0

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing Marks: None

Strengths: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses.


Current Goal/Purpose: Claim the legendary Daisho of Ukyo, and use it's power to rule the known world.

Aspirations: Expanding his Kingdom, unifying the world under the religious teachings of the Cohn.

Hobbies: Participating in, and holding tournaments, hunting, waging war.

Likes: Relics of history, the teachings of Cohn, whores, and manipulating people for his gain.

Dislikes: Heroes, criminals, those that don't respect, and worship his right to rule, the people of Ukyo.

Talents: Barter, battle tactics, two handed swordsmanship, husbandry, and manipulation.

Inabilities: Forgetting a grudge, allowing serfs the ability to think for themselves, and letting someone disrespect his station.

Fears: Death, losing control of Kavoch, and witches.

General Personality: A model king, with absolute tone when speaking of matters, projecting his sense of importance. He talks as if his word is law, fact, and divine knowledge. Often he will direct others to respond to him, and expects silence when he doesn't address someone specifically. Darius' arrogance is astounding though well earned with his skills in combat, as he believes "might makes right."

Inner Personality: Though not much difference shows itself between his converstations with his staff, and closest subordinates, Darius's ambitious talk does grow, and with an already egotistical tone, projects his words to be the word of God himself. His words also take a slightly deadlier stinging sound to them as his words seem poison, and infect the mind of who he talks to.


Special Items: The Edge of Kings, a sword made of nearly indestructible stone that is rumored to cause cuts that never heal. It is also the symbol of the King of Kavoch

Items: A silver pocket watch, with the scroll of Cohn etched into it's surface.

Weapons: Edge of Kings (explained under special items.)


Nullification: Darius' mere presence is emits an invisible field of power that disrupts minor to medium strength magics. This ability is constantly in effect, and is uncontrollable allowing Darius no way to strengthen it, or wield it to specific effect, or purpose. It should be noted, that the first time this field encounters a new spell, or type of magic, it does not nullify it, but rather breaks it down during encounter. Depending on the strength of the spell, it may break the magic down completely in moments, or take several minutes to hours as it must learn to defend against it much like the immune system against an illness.


Character Name:
Celina Ferratus






The main way she makes money is hunting. People will pay a fair price for meat, even pelts. Celina does everything as humanely as possible and pays respects to the animals she hunts. Otherwise, she serves as a tracker or analyzer and depending on the circumstances, she'll assassinate.


5' 6"



Distinguishing Marks:
Celina's skin appears flawless, except for what appear to be claw marks along her back. They're hidden beneath her layers of clothing, but have made her back more sensitive.

Has incredible accuracy, allowing her to land a hit from afar; even headshots are successful when planned. She can rely on speed and flexibility to make herself untouchable during close combat.

Celina is solely dependent on her marksmanship when it comes to fighting and hunting. Should she get tangled in a wrestle, she's in for a world of hurt due to her fragile bone structure and lack of experience.


Current Goal/Purpose:
Following what she believes is righteous

To see what's beyond her homeland, learn where she truly belongs, complete a field guide of animals and plants

Traveling, going on nature walks, reading romance novels, caring for animals

Learning, meeting new people, cooking, hunting

Animal cruelty, pointless fights, pain

Adapting to harsh conditions, blending with her surroundings, getting what she needs via persuasion, identifying plant and animals

Tolerating pain beyond a simple cut, trusting people with villainous auras, hurting a child, lifting heavy objects

Prison, death, fire

General Personality:
A friendly young woman who doesn't judge people by their race or their age; everyone's the same in her eyes. Celina is wary of those she sees to be evil or immoral, though. In the kindest way possible, she'll decline their requests and go on her way. Many don't understand her because she is a hunter, however loves animals and despises cruelty. The fact is, she's familiar with the circle of life; herbivores must die to feed predators. For most situations, Celina can stay calm. Almost every time she's angry though, she sheds tears, as her emotions are strong, even sensitive. When tasked with something she knows she's not too capable of completing, she'll still do her damnedest.

Inner Personality:
Celina tries to come off as a tough, fearless woman but underneath that, she's fairly soft and sensitive. Not very many people are close enough to her to know this, since she's too embarrassed by her strong emotions and compassion. When she does get close with someone though, she opens her mind and feels no shame in sharing her feelings. They will also gain one of the most trustworthy allies in the world. Those she befriends can count on her to protect, aid, even risk her life.


Special Items:
Celina's bow [as seen in her pic], which she's named Feducia and her rifle which is named Spei.
She also has a Retriever named Amato. He helps her hunt, keeps her company and can be a potent ally on the battlefield.

Arrows and quiver, gunpowder, bullets, travel pack, change of clothing, jerky, canteen of water

Listed in 'Special Items'.

Celina doesn't depend on any kind of magic. At times though, she seems able to translate thoughts and feelings of animals.

Character Name: Ludwig von Helborg
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Kavochian
Age: 32
Occupation: Military Blacksmith/Soldier



The one with the hammer

Height: 6' 4"
Hair: None
Eyes: Charcoal Grey
Distinguishing Marks: Various burn scars from working in a forge.

Strengths: Blacksmith's strength and toughness
Weaknesses: Somewhat slow, as one might expect for a man of his size and build


Current Goal/Purpose: To create a weapon for King Darius that will surpass the Daisho of Ukyo. After all, a king can't possibly lead his men with a weapon from a foreign land
Aspirations: To become King Darius's personal blacksmith
Hobbies: Forging, arena fighting
Likes: Hammers, fire, metal, single combat (though he doesn't dislike wading into a horde)
Dislikes: The cold, mages (not magic users in general, but those who rely almost solely on magic to fight), foreign weapons, cowards, shields
Talents: Smithing, fighting with mauls/hammers, both one-handed, dual wielded, and two-handed styles
Inabilities: Can't swim
Fears: Midgets/dwarves/halflings. Everyone else is already short, so there's just something not right about these even tinier people.
General Personality: Ludwig seems to be calm, quiet, and focused, a rather stern fellow of sorts. However, his heart blazes with the fires of the forge when in battle.
Inner Personality: Just like in battle, Ludwig can be very boisterous, and when among friends he always has a fiery air about him. This side of him has also been known to come out when he takes to drinking.


Special Items: None
Items: Tome of Rites of Battle*, Plate armor
Weapons: Two-handed maul (in picture), two single-handed mauls
Abilities/Magic: Can heat the heads of his weapons to white-hot temperatures. Not only does this have obvious combat capabilities, but it also allows him to make field repairs to armor and weapons. Must be wielding/holding his weapon.

*: The Rites of Battle are various rites/speeches administered to soldiers, including, but not limited to: the Rites of Fervor (read to instill a fire in the hearts of men), the Rites of Victory (Read after a victory; This Rite is a recounting of the battle, and as such, changes each time, though certain strictures must be followed, and it is these strictures that are contained in the Tome), the Rites of the Champion (Read for a soldier nominated by the commanding officer. The soldier is one that the CO deems to have contributed the most during the battle, and is declared Chapmion of Kavoch. This title lasts until the end of the next battle. Nobility and ranked officers are not eligible), and most importantly, the Rites of the Fallen (read over the corpse of a fallen soldier). No official position is required to administer these rites, though the honor is usually given to a non-officer who is likely to survive numerous battles.

Character Name: Fumino Teppei
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Race: Ukyon
Age: 21
Occupation: Ex-thief, currently being forced to work as a vassal in punishment


Height: 5' 3"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Marks: Fleur-de-Lys between the index finger and thumb and a small scar over the bridge of her nose.

Strengths: Agile and fast
Weaknesses: Unimpressive upper body strength


Current Goal/Purpose: To regain freedom.
Aspirations: To be wealthy and pampered.
Hobbies: Archery
Likes: Luxurious clothes and soft blankets, jewels
Dislikes: Soldiers, plain food
Talents: A quick, analytical mind that can appraise an item's value, discover hidden entrances, and sometimes weaknesses
Inabilities: Not the least bit courageous in the face of adversity. She's not used to fighting head on and she won't stand up to a stronger enemy if she can avoid it; she would rather sneak away and kill him later in his sleep.
Fears: Dying penniless in a group home.
General Personality: Cold and unremarkable if she can help it, in a crowd, so that no one remembers her. If she's forced to deal with someone, she can be charismatic to talk her way out of confrontation.
Inner Personality: Capricious and mercurial, she tends to be kind to those who know her well but she isn't always very tame in what she says to them, either.


Special Items: A pouch at her waist that can hold an item almost as big as Fumino herself, but only one item at a time, no matter how large or small.
Items: Special pouch
Weapons: Dagger
Abilities/Magic: If Fumino holds her breath and clears her mind, she can become invisible until she has to breathe again.
So far I see some very intersting characters. Once Seiji, and Effort, can finish their bios, I'll get the introductory post up. I'll also be talking to those that have the desire for their characters to be helping Darius via PM to get a time line set up with them.
Raagh! I've got my character's personalities floating around in my head but I can't quite grasp the concept enough to put it into words! AARGH! So frustrating!

Character Name: Rafael Gregorios
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Kavochian
Age: 29
Occupation: Mage

Height: 6'0"
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Hazel
Distinguishing Marks: Burn scars on the inside of his hands and along his arms.

Strengths: Keen mind and physical dexterity; fleet of foot.
Weaknesses: 'Average' in all other physical attributes.


Current Goal/Purpose: A Mage of the First Ring, he is constantly trying to learn more and to increase his power. Increasing his power, however, takes greater precedence.
Aspirations: To become First Mage of the Ring of Magi.
Hobbies: Learning, languages, and foreign scripts.
Likes: History, Astronomy, the "Art" of War, and to a lesser extent: Women.
Dislikes: Barbarians, Riddles, Gambling, and to a lesser extent: Women.
Talents: Magical prowess, squad-based tactics, academic application.
Inabilities: While he is fully capable of defending himself against the average combatant with his staff, his martial prowess is severely limited.
Fears: Losing his ability to manipulate magic.

General Personality: Rafael is devil-may-care personified. He exudes an air of supreme confidence that easily crosses into arrogance, especially regarding academic knowledge as a whole and magic.
Inner Personality: Quite affable and severely loyal to those who he finds worth giving his heart to (in all meanings). He is very insecure in not knowing something on any given subject.


Special Items:
The Spear of A'Grunn - A spear 2 metres in length with a long, thin blade making up a quarter of it's length. The shaft is a dark wood, lined with runes and images of fell-beasts being slain. While acting as a mage's staff and a magical amplifier, it can still be used as a spear.

Items: Aside from standard adventuring items, Rafael carries with him his private journals and several magical tomes. He wears leather armour and furs, with strategic armour plates, all of magical purpose than actual armour (though it can serve the purpose).

Weapons: See 'Special Items'.

Rafael is a Mage of the First Ring, meaning, he is one of the more powerful magi of his order. The Ring of Magi consists of several tiers, from First to Third. The Third Ring are for pupils and disciples, and make up a vast majority of the magical users. Many don't even move up to the Second Ring, and if they do, many will stay there. First Ring magi are very powerful, or wise, or innovative, or old; usually, all four.

Rafael is a 'Force' user, meaning he doesn't focus on any single element such as Fire, Water, etc.. Rather, he conjures the raw energy that becomes those elements and casts that destructively instead. It is much more powerful, but at the same time, much more volatile and hard to control. Rafael has, on more than one occasion, harmed allies.

While a mage that focuses on combat and destructive magical properties, he can utilize the Force of magic in several other ways with varying effects. He can lift and manipulate objects by creating magical 'hands', and use the raw Force energy to stimulate healing in the body. This healing sees a dramatic decline in effectiveness proportionate to the wound.
I'll try and get my personality finished and a post up after I get back from my grandparent's today. Happy Easter, btw.
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-Character Bio Template-


Character Name: Beal
Gender: Male
Species: Consumed Human
Race: Kavochian
Age: 17
Occupation: Assassin/Slave/Hunter

Looks like this but cooler
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Deep red, about shoulder length and swept back
Eyes: Red
Distinguishing Marks: Horns, eyes, patches of black all over his body. His arms are blackened from the elbow down and his hands are clawed. Same with his feet.

Strengths: Titanic strength, great agility, strong senses and sensory abilities. Very tough and resistant against many magics and immune to unholy attacks.
Weaknesses: He weighs more than he looks and he will not float in water. Stabbing works better than slashing or concussive attacks. If caught off guard his hearing and sense of smell can be used against him. The Talisman. Sometimes will toy with his foe instead of killing them right away. Gets nauseated by holy stuff. Psychic assaults, telekinesis, and touch based magics seem to be the best option to use against him.


Current Goal/Purpose: Doing what he is commanded/Causing trouble for Darius
Aspirations: Separate Darius from the talisman
Hobbies: Staring at the wall. Watching people. Carves shapes out of the walls of his room/cell.
Likes: Killing Darius's servants. Making Darius mad. Putting fear in people. Meat. Crunchy things. Hunting. Testing his strength and stuff.
Dislikes: Darius. Confined spaces. Being ordered around.
Talents: Carving. Killing. Causing pain.
Inabilities: Can't completely resist the orders given through the talisman.
Fears: The human part of himself fears being extinguished.
General Personality: Malicious and cold. Talks with a quiet, menacing voice, like he hates everyone but he's cool about it.
Inner Personality: Pretty much the same. Talks a bit more, be it positive or negative depends on if he likes the person.


Special Items: Talisman kept by Darius, controls him and prevents him from attacking the holder.
Items: Sometimes will have shackles on his wrists, ankles, or neck.
Weapons: Hands, feet, head.
Abilities/Magic: Heightened senses. See body heat, superb night vision, electrical pulses in bodies, spectral vision. Detect magic in various ways. Feels around with his mind. Senses emotion and uses this to infer intent. Slow regenerative abilities.
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