Rising from the Rubble (Yet another apocalypse roleplay. With Mutants!)

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  1. 2020
    Four Years after the outbreak. The world as we know it is over, as M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction) came into play. It started with Russia and the U.S, sending a newly developed chemical bomb towards each other, trying to preserve the land and resources, while killing the inhabitants.
    Other nations soon followed, before they knew the outcome.

    If you had AB, A, or B positive blood types, you choked on the air you breathed, and died in minutes. If you had AB, A, or B negative blood types, your body changed. Regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity, your skin changed too a gray color, you and your limbs stretched, causing those infected to stand at atleast 7 foot tall. Your hair fell out, and your teeth turned into a sharp fangs.
    However, you didn't travel on two legs anymore, but instead like an animal traveling on all fours. You lost your eye sight, as skin grew over your eyes, and you relied on smell and hearing to find your prey. Your muscles become unnaturally strong, making you as fast as a dog on all fours, and as strong as an ox.

    You were the un-lucky ones if you had positive or negative type O blood. You were left unaffected by the bombs, and instead forced you to survive in a hellish Earth.

    The survivors only chance to survive in this grim world, is by sticking together, against the packs of Mutants.

    Any questions, interests, or anything else is welcome!
  2. Sounds interesting, I may be interested
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  3. Awesome! Hopefully we can get more interest :)
  4. If not, I'm always good with a 1X1 too :)
  5. I'm interested! If its still open?
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