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  1. Sylo was in his apartment. The 3 room space was small but it worked. Flying vehicles whizzed by just outside the window. It was early morning and rush hour. He watched the morning news reports as he geared up for the day. Knife, check. Pistol, check. Communicator, check. PDA, check.

    The news showed the gang borders as they changed and gangs fought over territory. He was concerned about the aggressive expansion of some newer gangs. Usually, they over expanded and fell apart but several seemed to be sticking around. He eyed his PDA, awaiting word from his comrades on what they would be doing that day.
  2. Poppy walked down the street, the moist morning air making her feel well. She was heading to the cafe where most of the active gang members hung out. Poppy opened the door to the old brick building and felt the warm regulated air swept to her body. The melody of piano music could be heard from the cafe. As Poppy walked in she saw Liz, one of the more active members, talking with a group of teenagers. Liz held a smartphone in her hand and the teenagers seemed to have grins on their faces, some were on the burst of laughing. Poppy walked over to leaned against the wall next to the bar counter where the group was at.

    Liz spook, "So we doing this or not?" she asked talking to the teenagers.

    They all agreed loud and obnoxiously.

    "Then we start on my go ok," Liz said doing something on her phone, she turned out to be calling Sylo.

    Then she spoke again only this time in a more fearful tone like if she was acting. "Oh my god Sylo, get your ass down here the whole place is being attacked by Satanal!" she yelled the other teenagers were yelling and making noises probably trying to fool him to coming here quickly, "Get down her-" she stopped appearing to have hung up the phone not giving chance for Sylo to say anything back.

    Liz laughed along with the teenagers. Poppy sighed in disappointment.
  3. Wvyrn sat in the tub, enjoying the warm water on his skin. When was the last time he felt warmth? Or enjoyed anything?

    The alarm booted the cyborg up from his sleep mode. Machines didn't sleep and couldn't dream. Thankfully, there were more than enough programs released to the public that allowed cyborgs like Wvyrn to simulate being in a human body again. His home, a small private garage, was nicely lit and split into two sections. His armory was where he stored his weapons and mech suits. His workshop was filled with everything he needed to make sure his cybernetic body remained well maintained.

    Wvyrn pulled the plug out of the back of his head and checked if he had any notifications. Several neighboring gangs were overstepping their boundaries. The cyborg retrieved his red energy sword and headed outside. All work and no play made this cyborg who he was.
  4. Sylos communicator lit up with a call from Liz. "Accept call." He said to the communicator. He flinched. His ear assaulted by screaming and stifled laughter. He couldn't reply before Liz hung up. "The hell?....Trace that call." He said to his machine. "Call traced to cafe on Main Way." Sylo was a little confused at first. After a few seconds he realized they were trying to prank him. They were probably trying to scare him and have him barge in and make a fool of himself. He decided he would turn the tables. But how? He left his apartment and walked to the bar.

    He formulated a plan on his way there. He didn't live too far away so it didn't take long to get there. He walked in casually, with his head down, hoping that Liz wouldn't notice him. He walked up behind her and set his pistol to stun. He put it next to her ear and fired it. The nonlethal bolt of electricity was absorbed by the bar. But it was still loud when discharged right next to someone. He hoped this would make her jump.
  5. Sylos was saved the trouble when a large explosion rocked the entire building and Wvyrn crashed through the wall. The cyborg's fall was softened as he landed on Sylos and Liz.

    "Good morning, Mr. Wright, Ms. Maxmra," greeted Wvyrn. "Sorry for the intrusion. Mr. Wright, would you be so kind as to update my database to include high powered explosive to the list of possible weaponry our rival gangs may possess. You do know how much I hate being caught off guard."

    He used his energy sword to deflect several incoming projectiles before getting up. "I must be getting back to work now. Please reserve a seat for me."
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