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    A small village located in the middle of dense woods, communication cut off from the rest of the world. There, the villagers live a happy life most of the time despite sometimes there is not enough food to sustain the villagers, so some of them attempt to leave this village to gather food on the outside then return, but due to the fact the village is cut off from the rest of the world by kilometers and kilometers of nature, no cellphone signal and no internet, they rarely make it - those who even leave barely ever make it back, and those who DO make it back always have some kind of disturbing tale to tell.. One of them said that as they left, the day seemed to pass by faster than usual and the night slower, and as he kept walking through the woods he could simply swear he was being stalked until, finally, he saw two red dots peeking out from behind a tree right besides him, so he ran back to the village. Another one says that, at night, one of the village's deserted houses has its lights on and he swears he can hear voices and laughter from the inside, yet noone else has seen or experienced that. The name of this village is Densin Village. The thing that most stands out in it besides its number of strange rumors is a mansion. Situated on top of a hill about one kilometer from Densin Village in such a way that all of its residents can see it, is a huge mansion. Recently, a strange family moved into said mansion - none of the villagers except for one had any contact with said family. This is how the story begins..

  2. Fuck. Ok, now it's official. The world has something against her. It wasn't supposed to end up like this. She wasn't supposed to end up in the woods. It was supposed to be a fun game, not a nightmare. Maybe playing hide and seek in the forest wasn't the best idea after all, well, maybe playing hide and seek wasn't a good idea. She's almost an adult for fuck's sake. She's going to kill her brother because of this. Oh yeah.

    Suddenly, Robin's thoughts were interrupted by a sound coming from the woods. She was almost panicking right now, it was getting late and dark. She could swear someone was watching her right now, she could feel eyes on her. Ok, she was totally freaking out by now. She started to run. Faster. Faster. Faster. They say that people become blind when in fear, well, they weren't wrong. Robin never saw the hole on the floor, and , maybe, if it weren't for the pile of leaves down there, she would have broken a lot more than just her right arm. Maybe even her life. But it didn't matter right now, because she knew she was doomed. The light is so far away. Her arm hurts. She's scared. She's tired. So she does the only thing that will give her at least a little bit of relief. She slept.

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  3. Robin had nightmares when she slept. They weren't nice nightmares. They were horrible. Most of them included a mansion and people with black eyes and red pupils. It felt vivid and real, but it wasn't detailed.

    Upon waking up, the first thing that Robin could feel was a strange texture beneath her, reminding her of gravel - it was probably gravel - , so she could deduce she was probably not in that hole anymore. However, it was still night. A bandage was also wrapped around her arm, and the sun was almost coming up. If she looked around, she'd notice she was right outside of a village, with a sign right besides her, old and with nearly completely rotten wood, that said 'Welcome to Densin Village!'.

    "..Who are you?" A voice that could easily belong to a young girl asked, somewhere that was not in Robin's line of sight when she woke up.
  4. Fuck. My head fucking hurts. Robin thought when her mind was clear enough to think. She looked around, trying to recognize where she was. She could feel her skin wet with sweat, her breathing was also rough. Nightmares. Robin tried to remember what the nightmares were about, but she could only remember flashs of it. Black eyes. Red pupils. Unconsciously, her body shivered in fear. She tried to use her arm to stand up, but a stabbing pain made her stop right away. Fuck. Her arm was broken. That's why the bandage was ther- wait what? Bandage? Who bandaged her?

    "...Who are you?" Said a...young voice? That made Robin fully wake up and attempt to move her arm once again. Bad move.

    "Fuck!" She bit her low lip, trying not to scream. "Who the hell are you? Where the fuck am I? Where the fuck are you?" Robin was starting to panic, she tried to control her breathing, but only in vain. She tried to turn herself towards de direction of the voice, but her arm hurt, her head hurt, her body hurt. She hurt. Instead, she opted to stay still where she was, trying to hide her fear. No one said she was good at it.
  5. That was the only question that came - the only question that was asked. Said girl was nowhere to be seen, as the sun was already rising.
    That was good. She felt like if she sun wasn't already rising, something horrible would happen to her. There was a clinic nearby, so she could use that to treat her arm, probably. A brown-haired man with a medical coat was sitting on a chair in front of said clinic, smoking a cigarette.
  6. Robin went to said clinic, her arm was killing her. She saw the man in the front and sighed relieved. A doctor. Awesome. She walked a bit more faster, wanting to get there as soon as possible.

    "Hey, you! Yeah, you!" She said when the man turned her head towards her. Approaching him, she showed her arm, trying not to move it too much. "Can you do somethin' 'bout this?"
  7. " Okay. I'll treat this. " He said, leading Robin inside. He sat her down on a regular clinic's chair that had a place she could rest her arm on, applied a little bit of sedative on her arm so she wouldn't feel any pain, then a few minutes later he already had her arm patched up.
    " Try not to use this arm too much. What brings you to this village?"
  8. Robin watched quietly as the doctor patched her arm up. She turned her eyes to him, then to the ceiling.

    "Uh... You see, I don't know either. I mean, I got lost in the woods, and then some strange shit started to happen. I know that it sounds crazy. But I could feel someone watching me... I don't know man, and then I fell into this hole, broke my arm, prepared to die, and when I woke up... I was here... And I heard the voice of a little girl, I guess... But there wasn't anybody there!" Suddenly, Robin paused. She stared at the doctor with big eyes. Her face screaming shock. "Shit. Doctor. I'm crazy, right? That must be it, right? AM I GOING CRAZY?"
  9. The doctor sighed, getting a cup of coffee, walking over to the window and looking outside. After a few moments of this he looked back at her.
    " We have an insane amount of people who say the same thing happened to them. The 'feeling I am being watched' part. Something bad usually happens after they feel watched, so no, I don't think you're crazy at all. I think something wrong is going on this village, that's all. "
  10. Robin didn't like this. She wanted to get out of here, she wanted to go home and beat the shit out of her little brother for forcing her to play hide and seek near the wood. Oh, that little brat was going to know what pain is.

    "So, how do I get out of here? I have a little bro that I gotta slap back at home. This village is freaking me out. No hard feelings."
  11. " The last five people who tried to leave town are over there. " He pointed at the patients.
    " Another thing. I'm not sure what happens here, but days are way shorter than nights, so be careful. " The sun was already past midday for some reason. People already got their children out of their schools.
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