Rise, Rapture, Rise -- 1950s | sci-fi | dystopia

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  1. A city beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, built solely for the self; free of government and religion. A place created only for the best examples of mankind: a utopia isolated from the corrupt and greedy parasites on the surface. A vision founded by Andrew Ryan, the bloody king of Rapture.

    However, in a city where one owns what one earns, there is bound to be those who fall short of earnings, overcome with greed of the successful. Such is mankind. Frank Fontaine, owner and producer of plasmids - a groundbreaking discovery which now allows the citizens to wield unimaginable abilities - has now fallen from his praise under accusations of a smuggling ring and other illegal activities in Rapture. On the other hand, a Sofia Lamb has been spreading a "Rapture Family" ideal, leading citizens from The Great Chain, the central ideal built by Ryan - the foundation of Rapture.

    Between the political powers of Ryan, Lamb, and Fontaine, spliced up citizens, and the tension of the social classes, civil war is around the corner. It's 1958, and you need to take a stand or die trying. The question is: what will you be fighting for?

    [align=center] ( WELCOME TO RAPTURE ) [/align]